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Native Gypsy of the Hidey Hole

Yesterday was most certainly 'the longest day'. Would have seemed like that even without that official moniker. So my errands yesterday. First couple stops I'm not, at this time, going to say exactly where I was. But here we go:

Stop #1 & 3 (yes, had to go back): One of the employees was saying to a customer they loved seeing LeBron cry. Dafuq? They went on and on how they loved that so much. Dafuq?!

Stop #2 I was NOT a happy camper to start with when I got here. [I will reveal, eventually, why.] Fortunately there was no basketball talk. The woman there though, who I think would have been a bitch no matter my demeanor, had an interesting lipstick situation going on. Remember the little pink lipsticks you'd get as a kid? The BRIGHT pink lipstick? She was wearing that. She also put it on with the competency of a 4 year old little girl too. Or maybe she'd been giving celebratory bj's in the office. No idea. But it was spread far from her lips and was quite garish.

Stop #4 No issues

On way to next stop I got 'grinch ring tone of dome'.

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Rocky is on a rampage today. She was telling me about ...[he went on for like 5 minutes, and her rampage was the garden variety Rocky sort so no need to rebroadcast that, without even expecting a response from me, when he finally finished this long slowly spit out soliloquy...]
I suppose you didn't look out to see I wasn't home?
Uh huh, let me tell you in a faster way why I'm fucking annoyed this morning [I got it out within 60 seconds] Did you even hear the ding dongs shooting off guns and fireworks when millionaires who bounce balls won a game?
I slept thru the game but I heard gunshots later when I went out looking for Black Jack.
So no, you didn't hear it immediately afterwards.
This was a few hours later.
Uh, those might not have been for the game you know.
I didn't hear any screams.
Unless the gun shots silenced them.

Stop #5 No issues

Stop #6 No issues

Stop #7 There was a woman directing her daughters to get at least 3 Plain Dealers each. "They're all gone." "Get the Beacon" "They're all gone." You need 6 of them?

Go to the alternative check out by the exit doors and the cashier is talking to another employee and as I get there with my cart, the cashier is saying "When they won I started shaking really bad." I had most of the stuff out of my cart by then, and they were more interested in discussing that than ringing items up. I interjected "You had some blood sugar problems or something?" "No! The Cavs won and it really affected me." "Hmmmm....yet you're back today at your job, so how did it affect your life?" The look on their face as they really pondered that and the dawning realization that it had NO impact on their life almost made me start to shake.

Stop #8 I was at the bank. After a 20 minute wait, as there was only one teller, and the line was getting longer and longer I finally get to the window. "How about that game last night?" was the greeting I got. "What game?" Cuz dafuq people should assume everyone knows and/or likes that. "The Cavs, they won the championship!" "That affects me how?" "LeBron is from Akron." "Uh huh, is everyone gonna get $2.16 deposited to their account?" "Well no." "Okay, then it doesn't affect me at all and I don't care." And I smiled oh so nicely.

I wanted to take a pix of the full moon last night. I saw the glow thru the trees and thought I could walk up to Columbia to take a pix. Oh no, blocked by trees there too. I had to go up to Marview. No, I didn't HAVE to; but I wanted a pix of the full moon dammit! By the time it'd be clear of my trees I'd have been in bed. So I went on a moon march.


Only snapped a couple photos, instead of the usual several dozen cuz, well, that's not a particularly good spot to be at 10pm. Took my couple pix, figured one would turn out and turned around and marched home. Yes, of course I was barefoot.


The raccoon quintuplets were back last night. I did not see their mother in the tree. So apparently that mother thinks my one locust tree is a raccoon baby sitter? It's not. Even if she paid me, which she doesn't obviously. I wanted to put some ammonia paper towels around both locust trees before it got dark but Piney (squirrel who lives in the pine tree) is in the raccoon babysitting locust tree still and the idiot squirrel brothers are being idiotic in the other. No ammonia tonight it seems. I'll let the dogs out around 9:10 or so.

Last night though--once in a full strawberry moon on the summer solstice!!--when I let the dogs out at bedtime, as I no longer saw the raccoon quintuplets in the tree then and had sent Poli out first to patrol the perimeter; Pan started to go after something!! She let out her 'I got something bark' and I heard the wild rose bush rustle from her going under it. Flashbacks of the possum encounter from a few months ago flashed before my eyes and I yelled "PANACEA COME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" and she DID!!!! Maybe she remembered the possum encounter too? I was very very happy (and surprised!) she came that quickly!! And that she even responded at all!

TODAY for unknown reasons, though I'm giving a side eye to Windsor, Gypsy Boots was downstairs. She wasn't upstairs this morning and I went looking for her. When I found her, we both were surprised. She didn't even hiss! She ran straight though instead of back upstairs and that took her to the basement. Windsor of course was following. She ended up in her original basement hidey hole. I gave her her breakfast there and checked back later and she had eaten most of it.

A bit ago I let the dogs out with the goal of "Get the kitty". You should see how they both look, but especially Pan, when I say "Get the kitty". Pan has a mission!!!! Poli follows along hoping coach Pan will put her in the game. I then put Windsor in a crate so he couldn't 'help' and I TRIED to get Gypsy out of the basement. That did not go very well. At all. She's back in her original hidey hole but VERY pissed off. I'll take her her bedtime meal, obviously, tonight. She missed out on mid-afternoon snack not being upstairs. HOPEFULLY she will decide to come back up on her own, though I know Windsor isn't gonna help with that. Windsor can be a dick.

I'm getting fed the fuck up still wearing my glasses!!! I think, knock on wood, I should be able to try contacts in a week or so. The eye doctor said at least a couple weeks when I went for a follow up. I'll wait for the Chinese sumac to finish dropping it's flowers. But eyes have NOT been as dry as they were, so that is good! I hate hate HATE fucking absolutely ABHOR wearing my glasses!!! I have to move them up or down so I can look at the camera screen directly when taking pix as I have 20/20 vision within like 18 inches and looking at stuff thru my glasses of course is possible, but it's not as 'clear' and 'crisp' as it is without them. When I sit out reading I put my glasses on my head. HATE WEARING GLASSES!!! Except of course sun glasses!

Oooo almost 9:10 time to let the dogs out. Okay out and back in. Windsor came up from the basement. Dick. Poor Gypsy. There's nothing you can do to 'change' a feral cat and she most certainly is. I know she's lived far far longer with me than outside though. She has a home, food, water, friends---aside from Windsor she has friends, and she hates me but I love her. Damn cat.

I'm wondering if there'll be a blimp spotting tomorrow. I dunno if Wingfoot Two is 'fixed' yet and/or if Wingfoot One is still in the area. Gotta find out from my fellow blimpologist. The basketball players get a parade in Cleveland so the blimp might fly over on their way there but they don't usually come this way on their route to Cleveland.

Thursday is a better blimp sighting opportunity as Akron is having a LeBronfest (I'm calling it that) downtown. Of course LeBron's foundation is paying for some of it with other sponsors, including Goodyear. Also Children's Hospital. Um, Children's Hospital has their hand out all the time wanting donations, especially at grocery store checkouts. But they have enough money to help fund things??

I saw that they're going to include kids involved with LeBron's foundation. I would give LeBron a MVP award for his work with Akron kids. He created the foundation to give back and he truly does. He's personally involved as much as time allows and I think he is one of the few famous types who has a foundation/charity/etc where they are hands on and don't just show up once or twice for a photo op and then use it as a hash tag. There's been hood kids involved in a couple different things they do with Akron school kids and it really made a huge difference in their lives. No snark when it comes to his foundation and his work with it.

BUT...there should be a blimp downtown for that. They could make a wide circle including North Hill. I better get that suggestion in now! :) No WAY I would even TRY to drive downtown Thursday. No way no how. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Listening for the scurrying of little raccoons climbing my alleged babysitting tree. None yet. Actually I think most times they climb up pretty stealth like. I only hear them once they start running around up there and goofing off. I checked today and of course Joyce's garage window is open. I bet ONE of those families of raccoons stays in there. I'm thinking perhaps the quintuplets, cuz I know the triplets when I was out the other day and heard them chattering on their way thru the yard, came from sort of behind me (I mean, the back of the side yard).

My yard is hard to describe at times. I do realize that. I'm at a dead end (literally and figuratively) and I have a double lot. I call the extra lot my side yard, cuz well, it IS my side yard. 2 (formerly 3) houses that front Dayton Place abut my side yard. Then I have a neighbor's back yard behind my yard (behind my house). Joyce doesn't abut my yard (Thank the Lord, Jack!) but she's next door to a house that does and Joyce's house backyard is basically THE dead end of Robinette. Okay, I'll make a map.


So the raccoons the other afternoon were coming from the area of the blue outline and where the X is next to 1. And I don't think my house is THAT crookedly placed on the property.

I first heard the pitter patter of little paws around 9:38pm. I'm not even going out tonight. I'm tired and I have extra cat duty with Gypsy in the basement. Need to cater her meals now. Poor girl. Least Windsor won't get up to her hidey hole.

I get the weirdest fucking songs stuck in my head. For the past few days I've had OMD's Native Daughters of the Golden West in my head. Haven't heard that song in years. Dafuq?! Listening now on youtube though. How/why that entered my mind I have no idea. Haha, might be tied to my very dark twisted subconscious. I have something that happened a few weeks ago to blog about. But not now as I'm off to bed.


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Jun. 22nd, 2016 04:17 am (UTC)
O, I see, they're pulling down more houses to make room for more raccoons.
Jun. 22nd, 2016 10:49 am (UTC)
LOL!!! Funny thought!! Where the houses once were though is just wide open vacant land. The one that abuts my yard creeper peeper bought that lot, fenced it in, and parks there. The one at the corner of Columbia and Dayton Place is just vacant, the one between creeper peeper and the corner, the house next to the one outlined in blue, use it for parking. The one across from me just was tore down last month and has grass growing in.
( 2 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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