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Weeding Raccoons

Amazingly I actually got some yard work done! And the chairs did NOT get put in the street for me to sit! I pulled/cut weeds in the back, starting with the path to the ghetto patio. Was trimming grass around the ghetto patio and wait, what's that sound? Oh fuck, raccoons!! Look at the phone and yep, it's 1:56pm. I have checked where they had been going last week every morning, afternoon, late afternoon, and early evening and they never returned after my ammonia and cayenne pepper fest. I know the ammonia dried on the paper towels but the cayenne pepper is still active and that wasn't washed away in the rain as it was in a sheltered area.

I go to the side yard and see one of the triplets. Go around to where they had been before and they were next to that spot. Sorry dudes, you gotta go. Get the ammonia and paper towels and stick one by where they were but, of course, left them a way to get away. One immediately leaves, then tries to go to another spot. Another paper towel. The other two leave now. Though these two were basically idiot raccoon siblings. No momma around. I asked where their mother was and they didn't answer. I have no idea how much human they understand but I told them if they went to the side I'd leave them alone as they had no where else to go that I knew of mid-day and I couldn't be cruel to 'em. They go off and I went back to weeding.

About an hour later I decide to see if they went to the apparent Alternative Tia Raccoon Respite Center and no! They weren't there!! So I have no idea where they went but they were NOT in my yard. So I put ammonia paper towels in that area too. And more cayenne pepper. You can never go overboard on cayenne pepper!!

Stopped weeding around 3:30, did some dishes, made dinner, and then thought I'd sit on the back steps and watch the birds. I am really dumb sometimes. For real. There's no back support when I sit on my steps. Now my back hurts. Didn't hurt all day; but about 10 minutes sitting without back support and it's like 'fuck this, let's cause PAIN!!' So I went to the swing. I think I need an outdoor pillow for that, as the back of the swing is tilted back---I hope I explained that right---so you can appropriately sit and RELAX. I need more support than that. Damn back.

There was a robin's nest, well still is, up in the locust tree. Amazing it survived that storm Thursday! The robins have flown the coop; but they keep flying back up there. Saw a fledgling return 'home' and when a sparrow went to sit on that branch a parental unit robin drove them off.

Oh, yesterday I saw ticketbastardmaster was trending on twitter which is how I basically get any news now If it's big enough to trend, I'll see it. So there was a class action suit and you were to check your account to see if you got a free pair of general admission tickets from them for shows to be listed later (of course). Some people got more than one pair. Logged into mine and there's 5 pairs there. Of course whatever concerts we went too Eddie paid for the tickets; but the account is in my name as I procure the tickets and he'd never read their emails anyway. We were trying to think who we saw between 2002-2013. Elton John; Neil Young; Crosby, Stills, & Nash; Paul Simon; and I have no friggin idea. Maybe I'll find the ticket stubs some day and we can figure it out. The free tickets are good thru 2020, so I'm sure there'll be something decent to see before then. Hopefully.

I REALLY hope there are not high winds tomorrow with any storm we get. Unsure whom to contact in the mother nature department about that.

Off to bed I go, after critter care of course. Have some errands to run in the morning and when I get home I'd like to continue weed pulling. Though I might divert my attention to the front yard. I'll decide when I go outside to start doing something somewhere. Of course if my back hurts I won't do much. I DO remember my physical therapy; but I canNOT remember to ensure I sit with back support.


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