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SPF Fuckoff

Yesterday was spent blissfully sitting in the street finishing my book. It was quite hot, though low humidity, and I was too enthralled to refill my water bottle. Oops! It was Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with a knife if you wondered what happened in the book. Uh huh.

So I have this weird skin rash on my face from the cell phone, which I think I've mentioned before but if not, well, here we are. I asked my doctor a few months ago how the fuck do I get rid of that, aside from using speakerphone most of the time, and she said to put hydra-cortisone cream on the spots then some moisturizer to seal it in in the morning and at night triple antibiotic ointment and again moisturizer to seal it in. It's WORKING! Slowly, but it's working.

When I was at the doctor last week someone denoted my face was still pale. I attributed that to reading while outside, though usually it's just my neck--hence, literacy neck. I didn't think of it again til last night when I noticed my face was DEFINITELY pale compared to my toasty chest, arms, legs, and dafuq?! I knew my face was getting sun while I read. Then it hit me. The moisturizer I put on my face is SPF 15. That HAS to be it because there's no other explanation for my face not getting darker. Now it's a little darker than my white literacy neck; but there's a difference between the rest of me. So FUCK THAT SPF SHIT!!!!!!! I'll just put that stuff on at bedtime on days I go out in the sun!!

People wonder if lower SPFs work. Well, I'm here to tell ya, unfortunately they do!

THEY had said it wouldn't rain again til Thursday. Now I'm seeing it might rain tomorrow afternoon, STRONG STORMS with HIGH WINDS. Oh dear fuck. I know the branches that are broke, yet still hanging on, will come down and I believe they will all, fortunately, come down in my yard; but I worry about MORE breaking. If a storm starts I'll vamoose out of this room into the bedroom as I do NOT want to watch that!

Today was awakened around 4:30am by chirp chirp chirp chirp. Went right back to sleep though. Woke up again around 6am which is a great time to get up but went back to sleep and got up around 7:45am. Definitely much better than 9:30!!! After I do housework, I believe I will do some yard work. Though yes, the inclination to sit in the sun is ALWAYS strong.

Yard works need to be done though. I'll get some sun that way, perhaps even on my back! My back is always neglected. I don't have a sun chair where I can lay on my stomach and I can vouch that putting down a towel and laying on a brick street is UNCOMFORTABLE because, yes, of course I tried that!!

A few errands tomorrow morning, then maybe it'll be sunny until these alleged storms hit. We got the message mother nature, Akron isn't water repellent! You proved your point, please move along!!


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