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Floatee Cum Gutters

Alas, I did NOT stay up til book done. I reasoned (that happens occasional) that I wanted to get up early today and that would monkey wrench that. I locked the book up in my vehicle. Yes, the pull is that strong. But OF COURSE I ended up getting up late anyway. Eye roll. I think it's a sparrow? I dunno, can't identify it as anything else, yet; but a little past 3:30am a sparrow was chirping. Not singing, chirping. Methinks it's a baby and wanted to be fed. Sounded like it was in my hawthorn tree next to my bedroom window in the side yard.

I don't really want to look out that window and potentially frighten parental birds and babies (yes, I admit I'm insane) so I'll wait a week, or however long, mr. google tells me that sparrows take to fledge (Unless I can identify it as something else but I'm pretty sure it's a sparrow) and then will look for the nest. Will have to find out if sparrows reuse nests. Robins never reuse their nests but mourning doves do and that's the extent of my reusing nest knowledge, thus far.

Got up at 9:30am. ARGH! Still feel like shit physically. When I was at the doctor this past week we learned my weight continues to go in the WRONG direction and I'm down to 91#. When you feel like shit you don't feel like eating. There was also a float trainee medical assistant who took me back. I wasn't rude at all but apparently I scared her with my swearing. Um? I don't even think I swore that much!! She received no sympathy from anyone about that and was just told that was me.

I've no idea where or even IF this medical assistant had any kind of training because she couldn't get the BP cuff fastened. Now yes I have a very small arm and she switched to the child's BP cuff but she couldn't get THAT fastened securely and even when she puffed it up it was sliding down my arm. I got it secure. Then instead of checking my heart rate with a watch, she put some meter on my finger. "What the fuck is this?" "It's how we check that now." "This is really heavy." (It was). She said my heart was beating when she took it off and said "Well that's a relief, I'd hate to be a zombie". No sense of humor. Anyway she said it was 103 and that that was high. Hmmmm.....

Then she said she had to go over my medical history. DAFUQ? That was painfully slow. Even asking if I ever smoked. Um, were all my records wiped out? No. Then this is redundant. THEN she said she had to go over all my meds. Um, cuz all but one is prescribed by [my doctor]? THAT was truly painful because she couldn't pronounce ANY of them. Not even Ulltram. She started to say Uliatramp. Yes, she was American. I corrected her on that and she said to please not do that, she'd get it. Then she pronounced Valium as Valeria. Oh dear lord. No, yes, of course some meds are almost impossible to pronounce; but basic sounding ones???

When the doctor came in I said DAFUQ? and she said 'she's just a float trainee and won't be here long'. I told her about the stupid thing on my finger and she had NO idea she was using that!!! She checked my heart rate herself and it was way lower than that finger thing said it was. The trainee was suppose to get a watch with a second hand but got that instead. Something inaccurate. SMDH

My doctor told me how she used the term "bingo wing" to someone and they hadn't heard of it either--just as she had never heard of it til I told her about it!! Dude, it's a really well known phrase!!! Then where I got my two kenalog shots in my right bicep the muscle has dimpled, as kenalog is wont to do, and she denoted that. I said I referred to those 2 dimples as bicep cum gutters. Had to, of course, explain cum gutters to her. I doubt she'll use that phrase to someone!!

Denoted last night at least ONE branch of the mulberry tree broke the other day. It's far too high to do anything about it. WHEN it falls though, it'll fall in MY yard, so I'm not worried about that. I think everything is still really soaked.

Alright, gotta take a bath and then since I feel like crap basically do naught. Well, finish my book (natch) and try to increase my food intake despite not having an appetite!


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Jun. 24th, 2016 06:15 am (UTC)
I never heard "bingo wing" either, but I know what you mean. Holy batflaps, Gramma! ;)

Not really back, sick again, but thought that was funny!
Jun. 27th, 2016 12:23 am (UTC)
I never heard of batflaps! :D Had you heard of cum gutters?

Aw, dammit, what spell needs to be said en masse to help you heal?? Sending you positive thoughts, love, and light! (((HUGS)))
Jun. 27th, 2016 12:33 am (UTC)
Thank you, sugar!

My immune system sucks ass, and I was around some delightful snot-nosed little darlings. Little kids love me for some reason, and there ya go.

Other than that, things are good at my house, worried about mama whose health is fine, because my father's health is not good, he's been in hospital with pulmonary edema the last 3 days. He's I. His early 70's, smoked since he was a teen, and is fucking lucky he never got mesothelioma because he worked with asbestos with NO protective gear at all during Vietnam era.

We know he's not going to make 80, or if he does it wil be a miracle. That doesn't bother me, but mama is a different story entirely, which is as it should be.
Jun. 27th, 2016 12:36 am (UTC)
That happens to me too, as my immune system is weak. Though according to dr. edward's theories, no matter my test results, medical records, etc it's mostly hypochondria. Insert eye roll.

Sending MORE positive thoughts, love, and light to include your parents too!!
Jun. 27th, 2016 12:39 am (UTC)
Thank you, love.

And I wouldn't trust dr Edward to treat a cockroach. Or your neighbors. Oh, wait, same thing! ;)
Jun. 27th, 2016 12:57 am (UTC)
HAHA!!! :D Yep, cockroaches!!
( 6 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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