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Be careful what you wish for....

Um, yeah, weather peeps were indeed right. Well wait, no, not exactly. We did NOT get any hail. Thank the Lord (Jack)!! It had gotten really dark, then some wind started, then some rain but no thunder or lightening. Okay, mild wind, some rain, Akron isn't water repellent for once. But wait, there's more!!! The rain suddenly became torrential and the wind picked up to I'd say around 40mph plus. Let me look online, since I no longer read the news. Oh yes, Akron got hit. Roads flooded--including the Central Interchange (3 highways converge there) and traffic had to be diverted, manhole covers displaced due to the amount of rain in such a short time, trees, limbs, debris in streets and yards.

Anyway, I was watching the storm from my window here. Actually was videotaping it. No, no film at 11 cuz I'd have to upload it and meh. But the trees were tangoing, doing the limbo, the twist, the mashed potato, and some good old fashioned moshing. I had to pull the curtain shut and leave the room cuz I couldn't watch anymore when I started to hear limbs breaking and cracking. Better to not watch destruction and just look at the aftermath.

Quite a few smaller locust tree branches are down. Including one of the bird's favorite, and mine, as I could take pix of them when they hung out on that. I think some of the female chinese sumac is down too. I'm sure there's more but that's all I could assess from the window here and from the back porch. The crow's clock out tree, a few yards behind me, has some big branches down. The back porch gutter downspout came off from the force of all the water. That's an easy fix. So much water came down so fast the gutters just started overflowing from the roof where they're hung at.

If we had gotten hail I think there would have been MORE tree damage and of course other damage. I thought it was gonna hail because all of a sudden during the storm the temperature dropped significantly.

Thank you mother nature for proving Akron isn't water repellent. One example is enough for the summer.


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