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Fourth year humidity

It did NOT rain last night. I'm sure it was rumbles of thunder I heard while blogging last night, as when I let Poli out to patrol the perimeter before the Panster was unleashed (no raccoons in the yard last night) I saw lightening flashing to the east, probably over Tallmadge. It DID rain this morning though. From the radar it looked like a long line of strong storms came through an hour or so before I woke up. I could totally sleep thru a storm, but knowing how Akron is water repellent, I bet we just got some steady rain and no 'storm'.

Currently the sun is out and they say it's 70 degrees with the humidity at 87%. Humidity can fuck the fuckity fuck right off! The air is so thick I think it could be cut.

In the past 5 minutes I've had to get up 3 times because Windsor is making Gypsy scream. He was just at the top of the steps. SMDH

Since everything is wet, I will only do some raccoon prevention outside today. I know where I sprinkled the chili powder it'll still be there as it was a protected area. I'll place more ammonia paper towels around.


That was typed this morning. Now it's 12:30pm. For the FOURTH year in a row I'm sick as fuck mid-June. Fourth fucking year in a row. Every joint aches, I break out sweating (hey I'm sweating!!), my legs and arms feel like they're in cement, throat feels like there's an ice pick picking away, and I'm tired tired tired. So, alas, Tiafest will have to be on hold. So there's some schadenfreude for some people this weekend.

Who the fuck can basically know when they'll get sick in advance? Every March, mid- towards the end it's time for kenalog shot #1. Then early, mid- May it's time for kenalog shot #2. Mid June I'll get sick and the previous 3 years I've been rx'd antibiotics. September it'll be time for kenalog shot #3. Then late October is kenalog shot #4. December is strep throat and/or pneumonia time. These are things I can apparently add to my calendar cuz they'll happen year after year.

The sun is out currently. Think I will go assess the sun situation, as in, are there clouds approaching? Could I have an hour or so of sunshine? Cuz the way I feel sitting is about the only thing I can accomplish. No better place to sit than in the sun!

Checked and no, no momma and triplet raccoons around anywhere. Did put out more ammonia paper towels and will be on the listen between 2:30-3pm as that's apparently their travel time for whatever reason. Makes zero sense why she's leaving wherever mid-afternoon.

Ah, they say rain and a heavy thunderstorm starting in 25 minutes. So that probably means hours of sun? I'll go find out.


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Jun. 16th, 2016 10:31 pm (UTC)
The air is so thick I think it could be cut.

There's a vintage ad in that!

Or a sign, anyway.
Jun. 17th, 2016 11:20 am (UTC)
Eek! I cannot even imagine!! This is from 2003 so I dunno if they're still making it or not; but it is nice to see a family run business in operation thru generations http://thevillager.com/villager_22/pastandpresent.html

I'm still ruminating on wine like that. I'm thinking the wine version of Guinness beer, which I classify as a chewy beer. Though somewhere I have a bread recipe with Guinness that is actually quite good.
Jun. 18th, 2016 12:40 am (UTC)
LOLOL—the Guinness of wines! Probably something like that; the closest I ever had was when I was a freshman in college back in 1980, I was going out with a Jewish guy who poured me some cherry "Kijafa"—like cherry Heering, I figure.

Now, having been a non-drinker for 27 years, I'm hopelessly out of the loop! The strangest thing was about a month ago, I had this "beer" taste in my mouth for a few weeks, and I have no idea why! It was the way beer tasted when I was a kid—this crappy Rheingold or Carling Black Label taste, like when I was a kid and my dad would let me sip it. (Just had a Proustian moment there!)
( 3 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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