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Raccoon VA

I really gotta stop listening to weather forecasts. I didn't go out to do yard work in the overcast cuz it kept saying it was gonna start raining soon and there was indeed a huge storm headed directly this way. Oh wait, Akron is water repellent now, so it went to the south of us. Then it got humider and humider, so I wouldn't do anything outside in THAT. Fuck humidity!! Right now I hear rumbles of thunder, don't think it's raining though. Have AC on in here and a fan so that cuts out noise---though not Persephone when she's barking for hours.

Went out this morning and momma raccoon and her 3 kids weren't anywhere they had been yesterday afternoon. Whew sigh of relief! Don't sigh so quickly there!! Since we got no rain I went out to water around 3pm. I'm going to water the seeds in front of my fence and I hear something--same place as yesterday. Oh for fuck's sake, momma raccoon and her 3 kids were just arriving. Now why in the fuck for the 2nd day in a row she's come to Tia's Raccoon Respite Center I have no clue. Cuz I do NOT have a Raccoon Respite Center!! Gee, should I claim I'm a wild life rehabber like someone else does? I mean, who would ever think of going to that person's state wildlife rehabilitation website, seeing the list of the rehabbers, and finding out that was yet another lie. Huh.

Anyway, I had to be a little more inhospitable today. I soaked some paper towels in ammonia and put them in that area but ENSURED there was an ammonia free way of escape. Momma left to go elsewhere--she definitely must not think I'm a threat to her chirruns. I went to the area she had went to, telling her again, I was sorry she couldn't hang out here and I didn't want them all to have to leave STAT as I knew it was mid-day; but it's gotta stop cuz every day it goes on, the greater the chances of Pan finding them and none of us wanted that (well except for Pan).

Went back out a little before 8:30pm and they were gone so I sprayed cooking spray then LIBERALLY poured cayenne pepper on top of that. More paper towels with ammonia too. If the area is clear of raccoons tomorrow morning, I shall IGNORE the weather forecast if it says RAIN to not only do yard work but to REALLY REALLY soaked that area in ammonia and MORE cayenne pepper.

Phone call with Edward:

If you're ever on the computer could you look up the VA for me?
I'm so sorry to hear your google is broke
I did try your friend mr. google but it didn't work
How the fuck did google NOT find the VA for you?
I asked it a question
FFS and I suppose I'm supposed to ask this question?
I need to know if they'll help with medical coverage when I get laid off
Is THAT how you put it?
Pretty much
Easiest way to find the answer is to just CALL the VA and ask them directly!
Can you look them up?
I'm sorry to hear your google is broke, just put in Veteran's Administration go to their site, find contact, phone them
Will they cover my medical?
I'm sorry sir, this is not the VA


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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