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Jun. 14th, 2016

Right now, 9:35pm, I'm listening to the scampering of little raccoons in one of the locust trees. There's 3 and somewhere is a big huge honkin' momma.

Two of 'em 'oh hai!'


All three are in this pix.


Let's see, let's go to the start of the day. I got about 3 hours sleep so makes me totally functional all day. No it does not. I wanted to go to Klein's and Giant Eagle. Saw Giant Eagle had what I was gonna get on sale starting Thursday so I ixnayed that and realized I had to go to vmac to get Baby more extra gravy cans of food (helps with her dental issue while she's on a couple rounds of antibiotics before dental treatment).

Go to Klein's and gosh, the RX I dropped off YESTERDAY at 12:30pm saying I'd be in today to pick up WAS NOT FILLED YET. I think it's really fair to say they fuck up about 75% of my stuff. Yes, they do always apologize and admit they made a mistake---they really apologized with the fuck up over my Singulair last fall; but if I really thought about it, and I try not to, I'd go somewhere else. Though my choices are slim. I don't want a chain pharmacy as all of them require the store nazi cards and fuck that for a RX! I refuse to do mail order. Now I do like Klein's; but almost every time there's something. Today it was basically "what's your definition of tomorrow?" That's happened before and I was told I was expected til noon. Um, no. Today I wasn't expected at any particular time.

So I had to stand and wait and that got my back hurting. They do have chairs but there was a woman sitting there who was basically PigPen from Peanuts except it wasn't dirt, it was cigarette smoke surrounding her. About a 10' radius all around her smelled like an ashtray. Then when she went out to smoke---GOOD LORD!! It's been 5 minutes I need another cigarette!!!---the seating area still reeked.

Got the RX, went to vmac and that, fortunately, was uneventful. Jackalopes were out driving today though. Under the speed limit was the memo a lot of drivers had received today. Fuck y'all I'm passing your slow asses was the memo I received today (issued by me).

I learned that it is NOT the Pharmacy Board, as my doctor's office claimed, that has a law saying they have to do urine tests. Nope, they emailed me back and said it wasn't them, I should call the Medical Board and they helpfully gave me their #. I call the Medical Board and ask if it's a law and spoke to a very nice lady there. She found me in the Ohio Administrative Code (I had asked mr. google if there was a such a law and came up empty, there's a reason for that) that is up to PHYSICIAN'S DISCRETION to do that. It is NOT legally required and the suggested tests for use via PHYSICIAN'S DISCRETION are blood---hey I always have that!! urine ----I cannot pee on command! and hair--the fuck someone's cutting my hair.

So I was basically DAFUQ?!?! And lady said the majority of doctor's offices were doing it without a law to protect themselves legally. Okay, I can understand that; but why the fuck do they do it when you go to pick up a RX and are then TRAPPED? If she could have said it, I'm really sure she would have said DAFUQ?!?! She said it should be done when you go for an office visit, she'd never heard of that before!! I told her how you're trapped, or according to the pharmacy board law---that my doctor's office was allegedly quoting---you can't get your RX for 6 months. Her response to that? WHAT?!?!?! They can't do that!!! You can't cut off someone's prescription like that, some people would go into severe withdrawal! Well, that's what apparently [name of the place my doctor is at, as I know she doesn't make the rules] says the pharmacy board law states. She was more riled up than me yesterday. I said I was gonna send a pithy letter to the place my doctor is at---well the head honchos, who are apparently doctors who I hope don't have patients---to inform them that there IS no law so why lie about that? Why do that when people go in to get a RX? Why inconvenience people like that? And that they shouldn't cut prescriptions off for people as it could cause harm. I'll give the OAC too so they could perhaps peruse that. They don't even test for a therapeutic dose, as I read the list. I got another WHAT?!?!? for that. I want the ding dongs that head that place to tell me why FLAT OUT LYING to patients is a good thing and why not BE HONEST?!

I won't go to Akron General anymore after that respiratory therapist lied to me, then the ombudsman blew me off (pun intended). Once there's a breach of trust, that's not good. I know my doctor didn't come up with this plan to lie to people that it's a state law by the pharmacy board. She might think there IS a state law---I learned there's 3 states that do require it. Ohio is not one of them. But FFS! Throw the pharmacy board under the bus!!!

Anyway, done with that, I sat outside in the sun for 2 SOLID HOURS!!! YES YES YES YES!!! Then it sounded like a person was climbing over the fence from the side yard into the front yard. I couldn't see from the street as the mock orange bush is, well, bushy. Go to the driveway side and get to the front steps and oh what do we have here? The 3 aforementioned raccoons and a HUGE honkin' momma. Now why/how they were out in the day I have no clue. The momma didn't appear sick, so I'm thinking they had to evacuate wherever they had been previously FAST. She's still nursing too. I told her she could be there today as it was mid-afternoon and this wasn't obviously a planned trip; but she couldn't come back in the morning. I've sprinkled cayenne pepper flakes all around to deter that.

After that incident I sat in the sun another 45 minutes or so. I really really NEED the sun! It recharges me, or something.

Ah, 10:09pm and I hear the raccoons still scampering up and down the trees and now they're chattering to themselves. I don't believe Pan is going out tonight--well she's not. I'm not fighting a momma raccoon again--we did that a few years ago! And the memory of the recent possum incident remains!

Dinner of champions tonight. Spaghetti squash, salad, and a pint of chunky monkey (non-dairy) and yes I ate the whole pint. Wanted stuffed peppers but my back hurt too much to stand for that.

So the company that is sending Eddie's and his fellow worker's jobs to Mexico to save money has enough money to help sponsor the Cleveland Art Museum Centennial. They also have enough money to fly the Mexican workers up here, pay for their stay, food, and provide them each with a translator because everyone has to train their replacement!! Why no! Who would ever think that would bother the worker who's losing his job? Not that fucked up place!! I'm sure the big wigs there will get huge bonuses for unemploying so many workers in the states.

When I was at the vet yesterday the doctor said they were having 'a day' yesterday and I said I was too. He had looked up if it was a full moon but it's full until June 20!! FUCK!!! Think it's gonna be one of those weeks!

Alright...10:17pm and I still hear them scampering. No, I would not even take Pan out on a leash as I'd probably end up with a dislocated arm or broken bones from her in her 'I MUST GET IT AND NOT LOVE IT NOR SQUEEZE NOR CALL IT GEORGE' mode. If there's an intruder in the yard she WILL find it and get it. I can't fault her for that. That's instinct and it's also protecting her property.

I'd say I'll try again tomorrow; but right now I no hope of succeeding at anything I try tomorrow. Bad attitude, but oh well! I'm tired, so I'll try SLEEPING BETTER.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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