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Boondoggle Monday

Get up (duh, obviously), and have the plan of going to pick a RX, dropping it off at Klein's, getting gas, then getting back home by 12:30 (leaving around 11:45) to eat, then sit in the sun for a few hours before Mithras' appointment. Oh HELL NO! The Ohio Pharmacy Board has a law that if you get a RX for a controlled substance you have to have a random urine sample cuz apparently we're drug addicts? (I get tramadol). I fucking drank a liter and a half of water and it took over AN HOUR before I could trickle out barely enough to the line.

During that wait I found on their website the form to file a complaint. Form meant to complain about a dr. or pharmacist; but I filled it out against THEM. There was someone else trapped in the office with me and they had an appointment to take their son to. Well they had to pee or they couldn't get their RX for 6 months, cuz we're drug addicts. She had to reschedule her son's appointment and was going to be charged a fee for that. I put that in my complaint and also asked if they got a share of the profits from the drug tests. And do they even test you for the drug you get? Oh hell no!! They don't look for a therapeutic dose AT ALL! You're tested for alcohol, heroin, cocaine, meth, pot, etc. Cuz we're DRUG ADDICTS! The Ohio Pharmacy Board can fuck the fuckity fuck right off with the Ohio EPA!

I got home a little after 1:30 cursing those fucks at the pharmacy board. That's about as well thought out as the idiotic law that you have to register to buy pseudophendrine. Cuz you're going to make meth. Right. Never mind that that doesn't stop meth makers from getting it. It only inconveniences people who abide by the law.

Got an hour out in the sun and oh would not have a few more hours been blissful. Suppose to be partly cloudy tomorrow. I hope not.

Typing this real quick before I go give the carrier a quick cleaning and take Baby (Mithras' nickname and what I call her mostly) to her appointment. I'm sure there'll be a wait there, the rate my day is going. Will get home around 5 (earliest) and will do some dishes, eat and maybe I'll do more dishes, depends how my back feels. Okay, saving this now and will update more later.

Alrightie. Got to the vet early and they weren't running late!! YEAH!! It was just as I thought, plaque buildup. He flicked off the plaque on one side of her back teeth but on the other side he did NOT as he saw one of the teeth had a hole in it. Someone, since passed, had that. Can't remember who. I think Mewtonne. Dr. said that happens, as yes, I've seen it before, so I know first hand. She's on Clindamyacin for 4 weeks before she can get those teeth removed, cuz yeah, let's have another expense. But furbabies first always. She was LOVING it at the vet as she was getting all loved up. I should have had the doctor give her the first dose, it's once a day, as she's NOT gonna take that well!

Got home and did not feel like doing a lot of dishes or chopping stuff for my planned dinner (thanks ohio pharmacy board, all that standing and water drinking made my back hurt and stomach feel bleah) so I had an easy to fix salad. Yeah, that'll gain me weight! HAH! Sent that pharmacy board a pithy message. While at the doctor's office I filled out their complaint form, this time I sent 'em an email. Dumb fucks. Yet kook gets hard core controlled substances from pill mills and hey, no problem there! (Yes, there's a problem there).

Tomorrow I gotta go pick up aforementioned RX and a couple other sitting there waiting for me. Run into Giant Eagle for a couple things and um, I think I'll be good. I got 2 free product coupons from Daiya. I am thinking of trying one of their cheesecakes, as 7 Grains has them on sale for $5.89 and the coupon is valued up to $5.99. I love the Daiya cheddar slices and the swiss slices too. The shreds and block cheese is fucking nasty!! I read on their site that the slices have a couple different ingredients than the shreds and blocks. But their cheesecakes would be using different faux cheese than the shreds and blocks so ?? 7 Grains doesn't appear to have the chocolate cheesecake, just new york, strawberry, or key lime. I'd probably get the new york but the strawberry sounds good. Undecided on that though, obviously. Maybe I'll just make my own cheesecake as I have plenty of tofu here. Yeah, better to be safe than sorry. See, decisions made whilst blogging!

On my daily search of Ohio Link for 'End of Watch' the last book in the Mr. Mercedes trilogy by Stephen King, Mt. Union College finally got it in (it was released last week) but it's local use only, of course. I looked today before I went to the vet on the off chance Kent State got it. I looked up the ending when I was at vmac last week, but I WANT TO READ IT NOW! I only read the last 1/2 of the last chapter and the epilogue at vmac. That, believe it or not, has curbed my I WANT TO READ IT NOW! by quite a bit. I WANT TO READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I was waiting to pee, cuz who can pee on command? I was talking to someone there and they said it was obvious I hadn't gained any weight and I denoted I was spending lunch time waiting to pee. True facts. They did denote I looked much more relaxed (despite the pee on command pressure) than previously and yes, I most certainly am. That was ridiculous and I don't care if I'm blamed for anything that goes wrong. I know that wasn't my doing, as things have been undone apparently. I don't care. That particular confab is this upcoming weekend. I'm celebrating freedom by having my own Tiafest! No, I have no idea what that entails, yet. I know Eddie gave back his vacation day that he had previously taken off for Friday so he's working that day; but we did mention going somewhere Saturday. Egads NO! Nowhere NEAR that! I would actually like to meet a few people and see some again; but there's quite a few I never even want to think about again, let alone see. If we don't go anywhere Saturday or Eddie works OT, I'm gonna take myself to somewhere I haven't been too, yet, with my 'new' camera (that I've had like almost 3 years now). Nice quiet day with my camera at a place I know well that doesn't really ever change much. If the weather is nice Sunday, I'll go to another similar location. And dairy allergy be damned. If go where I'm thinkering of Saturday and the Krispy Kreme light is on? FUCK YES. I'll take extra benadryl with me, as my dairy allergy puts my sinuses into overdrive.

Wingfoot One is at the base. I need to find out if they're outside or inside cuz I could go there too. They say there's no plans for them to fly together. Um, you have Wingfoot One AND Two there, and there's an unwritten law they MUST fly together! My fellow blimpologist and I have come up with a few blimp laws.

First flight off base must go over Goodyear Headquarters.
When two blimps are together they must do tandem flights.

And well that's pretty much it so far. Oh yeah, and this one: You must take us for a ride. That's a good law. Wingfoot Two is going to be christened sometime next month. I didn't go to Wingfoot One's cuz I didn't really know anyone to go camp outside a Goodyear store all night to get a wristband. They were free, you got 2 of them, but it was first come first serve. There were people camping out. There are many blimpologists!! This time I DO know peoples and I WILL be going.

Alright, definitely gonna try again tomorrow, as I usually do.



( 2 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )
Jun. 14th, 2016 01:42 pm (UTC)
I could lend you my bladder. All i need to do is walk past a bathroom and it's time to pee ... again!

Is there a possible cemetery crawl in your future?
Jun. 14th, 2016 01:47 pm (UTC)
I usually pee a lot; but being a natural contrarian if I'm TOLD to pee, my bladder says 'oh no fuck you I won't do what you tell me!!!'.

Hmmmm....quite possibly! :D Though I'd walk. I think crawling would be too hard on my knees and hands! ;)
( 2 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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