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Screams of a Gypsy

Yesterday my day was book ended by Gypsy screams. Gypsy being my Gypsy Boots named after, well Gypsy Boots who was probably the first well known vegetarian in the public eye. Was awakened by Gypsy screaming, which went on about 20 minutes. I didn't yell at her, nor Windsor. Windsor gets within 6' of her and she just starts screaming. I gotta get that on video (well audio) cuz it really is screaming. Windsor doesn't even touch her, he gets within 6' and SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I think Windsor does that just to get her goat; but other times he legitimately wants to be upstairs. She will only scream with Windsor.

Got in bed last night, was almost asleep, Gypsy screams. I didn't yell. It stopped, almost to sleep. She screamed. I yelled "GYPSY!!!!!!!!!" She stopped.

Did finally get caught up on vintage ads stuff today---yeah!! Didn't get caught up on dishes---boo!! But there's always tomorrow to try again.

For over 3 hours now I've been listening to Persephone bark. Oh not solid 3 hours, but she barks for a good 15 minutes, then it gets quiet for up to 3 minutes. You think, is the nightmare over? Oh hell no! She starts again. I have an actual headache, which is rare for me. My head feels like it's in a vice. My jaw is aching too. No, no I did not phone Edward. He'd claim he couldn't hear her. I think he might be asleep as it's dark over there. I have plans for Edward. Ricky Gervais bird noise hidden throughout his house. Set to go off at random times. Oh hell yes!! I've called him before after like 2 hours of this and he claims he can't hear her, no one else is complaining--they don't know his # (yet), he can't hear her, blah blah blah. Hammie doesn't really bark. Persephone just fucking runs her mouth and won't shut up. She doesn't even 'know' the neighbors apparently. You know how dogs will learn their neighbors and stop barking at them after a few days? Nope, not her. I've yelled out her name a few times and that shuts her up for a few minutes.

Amazed I got my vintage ads stuff done with that racket going on. I tried having the window shut in here but that did no good--aside from making it stuffy. I mean, yes, dogs bark; but after an HOUR of barking, um??? And thanks to his employer wanting to pocket more cash than they already have by sending their jobs to cheap labor in Mexico, Edward will soon be home all the time.

I had the opportunity to show Edward the other day how i'm all treed in. Since he could never understand how I couldn't see like the blimp approaching, but could hear it, as from last year. He now has seen I'm all treed in with a couple little windows to see out of.

Harleys left this morning. I thought it'd be quiet after that. HAHAHA! Well it was until Persephone came out around 6:30pm.

Mithras has a vet appointment tomorrow, cuz OF COURSE, she needs her teeth cleaned. She's 11. I know the doctor will assess and she'll be on Clindacure for the next 2-4 weeks before surgery. THAT will not be fun giving to her. That stuff is nasty tasting and I know she'll fight it. No swelling in the gums and I didn't smell bad breath, but I saw the plaque build up and she's been eating slower than normal. Still has a good appetite, good hydration, color, etc.

Oh, I think Persephone finally went in!! It's been quiet for 10 minutes and I see a light on over there now. YEAH!!!! Though of course it's almost time for me to get ready for bed and retire to the bedroom, so ??

I'll try again tomorrow.



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