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Saturday Evening....

I've had some other instances of actually sweating today, so yeah!!! Just a little, not enough to be even 1/4 working normal, but hey, 10% is better than 0%!!!!

Went to water the seeds in the driveway and some had started sprouting already!!! With no water! Must be the marigold seeds cuz those suckers are TOUGH! But yes, of course they got watered. Then I did actually clear about a 3' long section in front of the fence and planted seeds, then picked up the weeds and debris. Hopefully tomorrow I can work down the fence a little further. I stopped where the randomly growing butterfly bush is. Will just, obviously, weed around that. Then there's one other small section in front of the fence I can plant seeds. Other than that, I just need to weed and trim grass as I have other plants/flowers already there.

Discovered walking back that my special random red rose bush is FILLED with buds. Yes I took pix, they'll eventually get posted. Hard to notice with the honeysuckle and mock orange taking over the whole front yard with wisteria wrapping it's way through it all. I use to actually have a front yard you could see! HAH! I do want to carve out an area; but um, hello, sweat glands? Can you please start working more??? Things to do here....

The honeysuckle is getting ready to bloom. Sweet sweet scents should be happening soon!! The wisteria is blooming. Some of the mock orange is blooming. I noticed I'm gonna have to get on the front porch roof and trim some of the wisteria again. We have this talk every year where I ask it to please not climb up the gutters or I'll have to trim it back and it never listens to me. I do feel bad trimming plants. My rationale for when I cut back the honeysuckle and mock orange is that it will help them. How, I have no idea. I don't subscribe to the cut back theory, but I do need to find some of my front yard--that's not an acceptable excuse for trimming there, so I'll say it's to help the plants. I know the honeysuckle is hardy as fuck---it spreads and spreads; and it seems the mock orange is hardy too.

It has STILL not rained. All the rain has gone to the west of us and some of it looks like damn good storms. Rain avoids Akron. Even mother nature knows this place is to be avoided. Except, of course, for the Goodyear BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tree pollen is HIGH. My locust trees have YET to flower; but the elderberry is starting to. I finally learned what this one tree in my back yard is and that mother fucker is going DOWN. I wanted to cut it down a few years ago but a neighbor said they liked it as it shaded their garage. Fine by me. But now I know it's a female Chinese Sumac and that bitch is GOING DOWN. FUCK CHINESE SUMAC!!! And yes FUCK CHINA!!!! And no, I don't abhor it cuz it's Chinese. It's a horrible tree and two houses down is a male Chinese Sumac that is nearing it's end and that tree is horrible! They're known as 'tree of heaven' but they're really trees from hell! In the fall it drops I dunno what, some kind of junk and it just coats everything. The spring pollen is horrible. I HATE THEM!! I am not alone in that feeling either!!

I see looking out the back window my wild rose bush has started to bloom. Will have to hack my way over (I'm half joking, I think) to get some pix. Soooo frustrating to not be able to DO anything!!! Grrrrrr....last summer was my back, then the year before I had strep throat bad, then shingles, and I'll be DAMNED something stops me this summer!! Dr. Livingstone, I presume, is probably living in my side yard. Nah, the dogs would have found him!! Unless they have and he's a dog lover and they don't wanna narc him out? Hmmmm.....will find out soon enough!!

This antibiotic eye ointment is really bugging me today cuz it's goopy, duh; but I think tree pollen is adhering to it. I CAN see much better though out of my left eye. I think I might make a sacrificial eye ball to hang above my bed for the night goblin or whatever likes to cut my eye. I'm not joking. I didn't rub anything in my eye to cause this, it's precise cuts, not random, not jagged. Night goblin is the best working theory we have.


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