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Yep, had a fanfucktastic day Tuesday and then we went downhill from there. Yesterday when I woke up I felt heat sick. Um what?! I didn't work long in the driveway, it was fully shaded; the most I was in the sun was 10 minutes with BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I was drinking plenty of water, gatorade, and juice. Also ate 3 meals and a couple snacks. It wasn't like 90+ degrees either so, dafuq?!

Had a gatorade and fuck that went to plant seeds in the planters in the driveway and started to continue clearing/cleaning some of it up and I felt REALLY fucking sick. NOT ACCEPTABLE! Aside from needing to do things outside in the yard and jungle, I need to be able to SIT IN THE SUN!! Did I mention I got a horrible burn last month? My birthday weekend, I got a horrible sun burn. I called the doctor to see if a medication could be causing sun sensitivity and she looked at all of them and nope. Dafuq?! I had the type of sun burn a ginger would get being on a beach for a few hours without sun screen. BAD!

Anyway, I called the doctor's office---not the call center, fuck the call center---and talk to someone there relaying I was in the midst of heat sickness despite there being no cumulative days of high heat; not being in the sun long; staying hydrated; etc They had an appointment like 20 minutes away. ZOOM!!

Telling the doctor about it, I realized I hadn't been sweating either, and whereas I don't get soaked in sweat, I WILL perspire. I haven't in a few weeks. Also have had a dry mouth--not Sahara dry, just a nagging dryness. Then of course I was feeling heat sick and nauseous. Urine test came back fine. I got blood drawn. Then she looked at my meds again. She asked if perhaps any had changed manufacturers recently? YES!!!! I just went back to generic nexium April 1st and had been on the brand name nexium from October to March.

Was I on generic nexium last summer before October? Hmmm....I think I was actually. Could I check with Klein's? Absolutely. Could that be it? If the blood work is normal, that will be public enemy #1 until proven otherwise. Even if the blood work shows something, it will be a public enemy. I can be a VERY special snowflake when it comes to generic meds. Generic steroid shots have zero effect on me---it's like I got a shot of nothing; generic zyrtec does nothing for me---it's like taking a flavorless Pez; generic benadryl (except the Dollar General 100ct for $4 pink allergy pills which are EXACTLY the same as benadryl with their active and inactive ingredients) do nothing for me; um yeah, I can have issues with generics. So I'm stopping the generic nexium.

Stop at Klein's on way home. Was I on generic nexium last July and August? I got heat sick both those months and ended up in the ER in August. Yes I was. Get home and ask mr. google about generic nexium. The main ingredient is slightly different; then the inactive ingredients, most are different. I couldn't find any hits on it causing issues body temperature regulation; but it can cause a host of problems, as of course, any med can.

Then TODAY, I had planned on going to the Kent State Library and picking up a couple books I had requested from Ohio Link, then stopping at Krieger's and Giant Eagle. Well, um, I woke up and it felt like something was in my left eye. I also couldn't see clearly out of it. Dafuq? It wasn't swollen, nor red, not matted shut, LOOKED fine. But when I take my glasses off I have 20/20 vision within about 18" or so. My left eye was just blurred. Wait, hold on, this happened before! I look for the RX bottle and in March 2015 I got prescribed antibiotic ointment by the eye doctor because....drum roll...I had a cut on my left eye's cornea!!!

Same symptoms, and happened same way---I woke up with it. Some fairy or night goblin must like to occasionally come and cut my eye? I dunno. I have no other explanation. In March 2015 the doctor was impressed with how perfect the cut was across my cornea and she said if I had rubbed a piece of grit or even an eye lash it would have been jagged. I also remembered I got in right away and she said that was good as an infection was forming and it would have got bad fast if I hadn't started treatment right away. So I called right when they opened today. She doesn't usually work on Thursdays; BUT fortunately for me, she was working a few hours this Thursday and whereas she was fully booked, they squeezed me in at 10:20.

Got there before 10. The 10am appointment didn't show up, so I got back first. And....drum roll....this time I have TWO cuts across my left eye's cornea!!! Perfectly cut, no jagged edges. I said if this happens again next year and it's three cuts I'm gonna start either wearing an eye guard to bed or setting up a night vision camera in my bedroom to try to capture who/whatever is doing this!!! Fortunately, I have 1/2 a tube of the antibiotic ointment left from last year and it's still good. I just had to get some gel drops.

Antibiotic ointment 3 times a day thru Sunday, then 1/2 hour to 1 hour later put in the gel drops (in both eyes) and in between I can use systane as needed. Monday & Tuesday twice a day, then Wednesday & Thursday once a day. I have a follow up next week. Unfuckingbelievable. Cuts on my left cornea! Not just once; but twice now.

Left there and went to the Kent State library. Got a parking meter with 42 minutes left on it! YEAH!!! Then the aforementioned 2 stores and home. Yes, I feel heat sick still too but the nausea comes and goes. Bonus eye cuts!!!

Still weigh 95#. I'm TRYING!!! Though of course now feeling heat sick I don't wanna eat!!

Found out why I probably got that rib cage dysfunction back the other day. I sat on Eddie's picnic table for about 20 minutes or so. Of course picnic tables have no back support; but I did keep good posture. Well apparently, because of my spine/disc issues I'm gonna need to have back support because that can/will cause a rib cage dysfunction. DAFUQ?! I sat up straight! "Unsupported". So, I walk unsupported. That's different. So sitting without back support, coughing, sneezing, BREATHING (probably not breathing), could possibly lead to a rib cage dysfunction. Fuck-a-doodle-do.

I did suggest euthanasia at the doctor yesterday but she laughed and said "no".


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May. 26th, 2016 11:31 pm (UTC)
yeah, mama is the same way about generics. she cannot take them at all.

she takes ritalin, for narcolepsy. they put her on a generic (fucking insurance company that insists on generics) and the bottle comes with a warning label...CAN CAUSE DROWSINESS. can anyone else see a problem with this? bueller? beuller? (yeah, i show my age...)

she MUST take name brand. the end. the insurance company argues. her doctor...who has several degrees and actually LECTURES around the country!!...bless his heart, he calls and speaks to a supervisor's supervisor. "does your pill counter who COUNTERACTED MY DIRECT ORDERS ON NO GENERICS have the same degrees i have? has s/he spoken to my patient at all, much less seen her for years? no? THEN HOW THE FUCK DOES S/HE KNOW WHAT MY PATIENT NEEDS??? you're putting a note on the file that NO generics are to be used, right now? that's very good of you, thank you."

balls, that doctor has them. he's also a really nice guy, he used his own personal airline miles to get my son and i to see my grandmother the spring before she passed away. GT had been wanting to see us, but we couldn't afford the trip. he made it happen, she passed away less than a month later. he's a GOOD MAN.
May. 27th, 2016 11:50 pm (UTC)
i can have some generics just fine....generic singulair, topomax, and valium work fine with me.....

hell, you remember the bullshit i had with silverscript and my albuterol pills....same thing---insurance companies are NOT your doctor, they don't have your records, know you, your history, let you have a say, etc....you're just someone they have to 'process' as cheaply as possible!!

that's awesome he did that!!! definitely a GOOD MAN!!!!!

my blood work was 'normal'....i asked how long before this generic nexium gets out of my system and at least a week....FUCK! i couldn't even be up front 2 minutes today.....i just wanted to take some pix....WAH!!!!!!!! perfect fucking sitting in street weather and here i am unable to fucking sweat!! i ALMOST felt like my back wanted to break out in sweat today....i mean technically normally it would have, but of course nope.....NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! then i saw this generic nexium was made in india at a plant the fda had had issues with....um, hello??

if i can, i fucking best, return to MY normal, after this bullshit i will never EVER take any kind of nexium again....nope....fuck it.....no no no.....
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