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"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called..." PRINCE DYING!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I could not be more shocked that seeing David Bowie had passed. Wrong! I was reading the New York Post, went back to the front page, I had just been on a few minutes before and there was the headline. WHAT?!?! NO!!! Went to Dlisted, and at that time MK just had the header and the words "I just..." linking to an article. Went to the bunker. Yep. But No. I mean. No no no no NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, I got 6 phone calls from good friends ensuring I knew the news. Unfortunately yes. My phone is off now, to stave off more calls, cuz I just can't. I'm not sure how I'm typing as my hands are still shaking and I'm still crying. IDGAF if some people don't understand, there are millions who DO!

As with David Bowie, Prince has a major impact on my life. His lyrics profoundly affected me from '78 thru high school in '87 and beyond. But growing up with no real 'parents', I learned about life from music, tv shows and books. I learned a lot from Prince songs. And no, not just the sexual aspects, though I'd label a lot of them sensual. Though um, yeah, there's some straight up explicit songs. Who else but Prince could have a song G-Spot? In many of his songs there was an undercurrent of spirituality that could speak to you, if you listened, no matter your individual beliefs. Messages of positivity, being yourself, all people are the same no matter their race/sex/nationality, and there's no shame in enjoying yourself. Like Bowie, BE YOURSELF, DO NOT CONFORM. Messages rang thru loud and clear.

"Don't need no segregation, don't need no race." "No child is bad from the beginning, they only imitate their atmosphere." From Sexuality, which I couldn't embed, as I don't know Chinese, but you can watch the original video here. (If you get a screen in the video with a countdown, it'll play after the countdown)

I always felt his musical genius was overlooked. It's like he was just judged on Purple Rain and 1999. MTV use to show the videos from Controversy, and that raised a stink since he was in thigh high boots, bikini underwear and a trench coat. Controversy and Sexuality were shown quite oft. Little Red Corvette was being shown on MTV when they interrupted to report about the Challenger explosion. I was home from school, watching MTV, had that cranked, and they cut in. I remember the damnest things. He could play any instrument. How many people can do that?

So many musical styles. Like Bowie. He never said Bowie was an influence but it was obvious, especially with his early stage performances. Like Bowie he didn't conform; he was ambiguous with sexuality; and he'd call the industry out for problems (as Bowie called out MTV for not playing black artists). People thought Prince was weird when he had a symbol for a name; but they never really got the point. Perhaps as someone who will do things to make people think---which thinking about that now, I might picked that up from reading about Prince in the early 80s---I 'got' what he was doing. Same with 'slave' on his face.

His zealotry removing videos from youtube was weird, I admit. But he was one of the first artists, like Bowie; to have his own site that promoted exclusive content in the 1990s. He was aware of future trends. His views towards social media I'm beginning to agree with. Always ahead of the curve. Light years ahead actually. Didn't like cell phones either. I'm beginning to agree with that too.

There's no way I could name ONE favorite Prince song. Ballad of Dorothy Parker, Something in Water Does Not Compute, Annie Christian, Letitgo, Irrestible Bitch, Come, Emancipation, Automatic, DMSR, Temptation, America, I could go on. It should be obvious, 'hits' aren't among my favorites. The only song I dislike, and there's only one, is Purple Rain. Yeah, really.

He was inducted in the Rock Hall in 2004. Prior to this, there was a list of the 100 greatest guitarist in Rolling Stone and he wasn't on it. Nice FU by him here and he didn't overpower the song and George Harrison always wanted guitar solos in songs. George's son was thoroughly enjoying it.

I do not have a guitar, but I am weeping. I wish u heaven Prince. Rest in Purple.


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Apr. 21st, 2016 10:37 pm (UTC)
My heart is broken! FUCK!! You are the first person I thought of when I heard..FUCK!
Apr. 21st, 2016 10:43 pm (UTC)
Re: FUCK!!
FUCK!! is the word I keep repeating, cuz I mean, this CANNOT BE, can it? FUCK!! It is! FUCK!! Why? FUCK!!

I'm very touched so many people have thought of me today. It might have been rude to turn off my phone; but I couldn't talk really--shock, tears streaming down my face, hands shaking. I'm getting emails from friends saying they're thinking of me.

You were a fan too. There are MILLIONS of us today who are heartbroken. We're all the same, as Prince always said. Though today we are united in grief. FUCK!!
Apr. 22nd, 2016 12:42 am (UTC)
Miss Tia wrote:

Who else but Prince could have a song G-Spot?

Well, actually Frank Zappa had one called G-Spot Tornado in the 80s, but it was an instrumental.

If there's a heaven, let's hope Prince and Frank are jamming now.

Apr. 22nd, 2016 07:08 pm (UTC)
For a "rock star" to be a Rock Star they must be able to evoke the "Footloose Response" from the Older Generation and the Mainstream Culture. Prince provided me with that and more as an outsider teenager in the Bible-belted, bigoted South Carolina of the 1980's.

RIP Prince.
( 4 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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