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Thursday I felt fine, recovering from strep throat just fine. Went to bed and had plans to get going early Friday morning as in poor people parlance it was 'food stamp day'. Had my list made out, shopping route planned, etc. Woke up at 1:14am feeling like I was being stabbed in the right side of my rib cage. Lasted a minute or so, then went away. Went back to sleep and about an hour later, woke up again feeling like I was being stabbed but this time it was the left side of my rib cage. That went on the rest of the night, happening on different sides. Got very little sleep. No fucking clue what the fuck it was, especially since it just came and went.

Called doctor's office in the morning and got an appointment for early afternoon. I felt so awful I didn't drink coffee. Get there and she checks me out and said I had costochondritis. Inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs and breastbone. I can't pronounce that, so I said I'd call it Costa Concordia; but she didn't know what that was!! Even after I told her, it didn't ring any bells. So yes, I'm ship stuck on rocks; but I'm a captain who'll go down with the ship as I know maritime law!! How did I get this? Apparently laughing. I haven't coughed much at all---since I'm now paranoid about ribs popping out; but I've been laughing recently---but not excessively---while watching Beavis & Butthead episodes and compiling some 'phone calls with Edward' from my blogs. I said it's unacceptable I can't laugh or cough without some kind of fucking rib cage dysfunction and she agreed and said I should get a rib cage transplant (she has a sense of humor) or when she gets her magic wand out of the shop she'll fix it. So I have to curtail laughing for a week or two to let this heal. FFS.

I did go to stores yesterday, as I wanted to beat the snow that they were warning us about, yes in April. Went after the doctor. Really wish my Giant Eagle would get the big sized tubs of the dairy-free Silk yogurt, but it seems just the horrible hipster filled market district GE's have it. Shan't ever return there! The dairy manager at mine keeps trying to order it, which is much appreciated. The small cups of it he gets in sell out quickly---and no, I don't buy them all!! I only get the strawberry and blueberry. I have a couple vanilla too. They have pineapple and black cherry and I haven't gotten them. Blueberry is my favorite. Fucking awesome and dairy free!!!! My doctor is impressed I have remained dairy free this long. Well considering how it affects my sinuses? Um yeah.

Got some Gardein 'fish' fillets to try. They have the BEST vegan burgers. So I have high hopes for the 'fish'. Think I'll try them tonight with some roasted potatoes and green beans. I try to avoid imitation meat but sometimes it's nice to have on hand for something easy to fix. And since I quit dairy, to ensure I continue pissing off my troll, I continue every month, to get a treat with my food stamps. Ben & Jerry's have dairy free Chunky Monkey now. That's my new monthly treat. I wish it was more banana-y flavored, but I relish every spoonful. My doctor said I should eat more than 1 pint of that a month, since she wants me to gain 20#. I weigh 100# now. I do eat the whole pint in one sitting, even after I eat dinner.

Two things in Giant Eagle yesterday. I have never seen so many people in wheelchairs in a store at once. After I saw 2, I started counted and I didn't go thru the whole store, just a few aisles to get the things on my list; but I counted 15. There was no special bus/van outside or in the parking lot. Most of the handicapped parking was empty too. I was telling Eddie this today and he thought perhaps their bus went elsewhere for awhile. That probably was it. And it was wheelchairs, not mobility scooters, as I know with their proliferation nowadays some people consider them interchangeable. One lady politely asked me if I'd grab her a bag of spinach too in the frozen aisle when I was grabbing some and I happily did that and asked if she needed assistance with anything else in the frozen vegetable aisle. Yes, I am recalling that rude ass behemoth on the mobility scooter in vmac a few years ago saying I was thin I could grab her hash browns.

Second thing was over the intercom someone paged "Ron Howard line two, Ron Howard line two". A minute or so later, they paged that again. I was in the check out lane and the guy in front of me turned around and said "Never knew Opie shopped here!" Nor did I!! So yeah, Opie shops at the Howe Avenue Giant Eagle. Can you imagine the teasing they probably got as a kid?

There was something else, well more than that, so other things I was gonna write about but my mind is still muddled from lack of sleep. I'll just post some photos from this morning. These were TAKEN THIS MORNING. APRIL 9TH!! DAFUQ?!?!?!?


Previously blooming cherry bushes.


Another robin trying to find a worm, probably thinking DAFUQ?!


And tonight it's to get down to 15, FIFTEEN DEGREES! DAFUQ!!!

Oh, the 'new' blimp is gonna be called Wingfoot Two (Wanna bet ours that we get next year will be called Wingfoot Three?) and it won't fly again til at least the end of April due to FAA paperwork. I've yet to see it close up. It was out one day last week and a fellow blimpologist alerted me that they were rolling it out of the hanger and I went to Goodyear's HQ but they didn't fly over. I saw it in the distance though, so my little black heart got some joy. I tweeted them asking when they were gonna fly over HQ and they replied saying they'd get there soon, the weather had been holding them back. Now the FAA. I do think it should be a Goodyear Blimp LAW that their first flight must ALWAYS be over HQ!!! Third time's a charm, I have faith the NEXT TIME I'm alerted that the blimp is gonna fly they WILL go over HQ!!!!


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Apr. 10th, 2016 12:07 am (UTC)
once you get the costochronditis, (which my spellcheck wants to be "contortionists") it becomes a chronic thing that flares up every once in a while and it hurts like a muthafucker.

sorry about the blimp failure, i know that brightens your day. and HUZZAH for people who remember that politeness goes a VERY long way in people wanting to help.

you're getting TOO damn thin, sugar! i know that dairy is not good for your particular system, but you need to find something that puts some weight on you. and that's ALL the fussing you're getting from me, cause i know what it's like to have people getting on you about weight. :D

here's hoping the late snow doesn't do too much damage on your gardening!
Apr. 10th, 2016 03:09 am (UTC)
i wasn't getting email notifications---at all, meaning not a LJ issue---all fucking day! DAFUQ?! thunderbird is fucking weird sometimes and obviously i didn't think about checking my email til i went to shut it down!

OH SHIT!!! i have no doubt my doctor knows that but didn't want to tell me that yesterday!! i know i'm prone to pneumonia, which i haven't gotten (yet) this winter--though ribs popping out makes up for it i guess? this costa concordia (contortionists is good too!!) is annoying as fuck!! i seem to be getting strep AT LEAST once a year now, so let's add to that!! aside from kenalog weakening my immune system, i saw that those prolia shots weaken immune systems too! and----at least this costa concordia contortionism isn't as bad pleurisy!! THAT is the worst!

the blimp will fly soon!!! since they're officially named now, i think they'll go over HQ next time they fly!! I WILL BE THERE!!! :D

yeah, imagine that, politeness.....doesn't cost anything but for some people it's unobtainable! i have no idea how that lady would have gotten anything above her arm's reach, as she was quite crippled---i'm thinking osteoporosis with how she was hunched....some of the people in wheelchairs had someone with them, she should have too.....

my weight isn't helped that i need dental issues fixed but can't get that done cuz i'm poor and medicare doesn't cover dental (or vision)----and since i get 'extra help' with my medicare premiums and co-pays i couldn't, even if i wanted too, get a medicare plan that covered dental and vision.....so i'm expected to shell out $122 (from $735 a month) to get a medicaid card, what they call a 'spend down' and what i call 'totally fucked'.....and that causes stress and what do i do when i'm stressed? I DON'T EAT! thanks vivian.....

i need to make baked goods and gobble them up as they don't last longer than 2 days tops....i might bake cookies tomorrow....my doctor said of all the patients she has i'm the one who has the healthiest diet and yet i need to eat junk food, which to me is baby carrots....but she means REAL junk food....i can eat A LOT too, but i guess when you're eating vegetables a lot of that doesn't stick to you....i gotta conquer dishes tomorrow (i did naught today) and maybe tomorrow i'll bake some bread and make vegetable soup....that sounds good.....fresh bread from the oven....nom nom nom....i found a great recipe and i have the bread machine make the dough, then i make the loaves, let 'em rise and then bake! yeah, that sounds like a plan.....i have some vegetable stock in the fridge from another recipe and i have veggies (duh) and i'll toss in some barley for the hell of it.....

thursday, before the costa concordia attacked me, when i got in bed i was making daily menus so i would just automatically make whatever----no matter what, including stress.....last year i had put on 10# with my liberal usage of butter.....then more weight, think i got up to like 116#.....then i cut out dairy and down i went....and of course it's less than 100# as i had my clothes on....maybe i'll start blogging what i eat every day :D or at least jot it down so i can keep track.....topomax and high metabolism doesn't help....

i looked online about the garden situation.....some 'expert' proclaimed things will be fine and things will grow back.....i dunno....i saw my wild rose bush pretty withered friday when filling the bird feeders and that was BEFORE this snow and that would've finished it off.....and the cherry bushes already blossomed, so uh?? those baby cherries are DOA....i dunno about the lilies....the clematis might be okay, i hope.....it's fucking ridiculous!!
Apr. 10th, 2016 09:23 pm (UTC)
get the pneumonia vaccine if you can. yes, i know how you feel about those things, but it's a 5 year shot and it DOES help. (yes, i get one, too.) your doc may not have told you about costrochonditis being a "prone to" thing because this is the first time you've had it. i get it mostly where the ribs meet the breastbone, THAT is a "fuck me" moment entirely.

the lilies and clematis are bulbs and tubers respectively, so even if they aren't great THIS year, next year they'll come back. the wild rose will come back too, throw a little miracle grow its way!

and yes, get carbs into yourself because they tend to last longer especially with someone like you who has high metabolism. i know you eat well when you can eat (fuck vivian for making you nervous like that, no matter who she is/was) but good carbs like barley in soup will help.

i'm being thankful that i did not break my ENTIRE fingernail off last night...there was a SPIDER in my BED and i was trying to kill it, popped the damn acrylic ENTIRELY off my nail. shadow learned some new people words. ;) the natural nail mostly stayed intact, so that was good, i just lost length, no bruising or anything this morning. just i LOATHE looking at my hand like that, LOL!!!
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:21 am (UTC)
that's exactly where i have it---where ribs meet breastbone, that's where the most pain is....it was doing better til late afternoon yesterday and then today it's horrible....i did NOT do anything yesterday!!! i did some dishes today cuz i HAD too but i only did what i needed and then stopped....fucking annoying AS FUCK!! she probably didn't tell me that i might become prone to this cuz she knows i would have got pissed off! :D

i haven't had pneumonia yet--actually i didn't get it this past winter, yeah!! just have the new trick of ribs popping out of place due to coughing, i get strep a lot, and now THIS!! i'm okay with the tetanus vaccine but i am far too leery of the others---including pneumonia....it doesn't help one iota when stores push push PUSH them....at least my doctor doesn't push...eddie says his doctor pushes even after he says 'no'.....

i have seen---since the snow is gone, the clematis is looking okay....the wild rose bush is not....the cherry bush is okay looking and cherry wise, this was it's 'off year' anyway---every other year it has lots of cherries! i won't do miracle grow due to toads......my deformed toads from last year had to have been exposed to some chemicals before their mom laid eggs.....

'vivian' is 'birth' mother.....but fuck calling her that, cuz well fuck her!! haven't made soup yet due to feeling blah and pain today.....still want some!!!

you would HATE HATE HATE to see my fingernails!!! and my one thumb nail i actually peel parts of it off! :D my doctor saw that and i said it was self-cannabilization and she said "only you"....yeah, probably.....you tried to kill a spider BARE HANDED?!?!??! BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very brave!!!!!! for some reason i think spiders are a spirit animal of mine, since there's more than usual amounts around me, so i don't kill them, i move them elsewhere----with posterboard to keep as much distance as possible! :D
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:29 am (UTC)
i had a handkerchief in my hand! :D i hit the headboard with that fingernail, that's how i popped it off. but it (left index finger) doesn't hurt, so that's ok.

vaccines to me? yeah, i get them because it's better than getting sick. but i know how you feel about them, so no pushing there.

let's see...bone meal can help your plants, same thing with composted manure. and those won't hurt your toads. i know you're sweet on them. :)

i respect spiders and what they do in the environment. seriously. but they got no place inside my house NOR in my fucking BED.

...and yes, my little sweet-as-sugar self is just as foulmouthed in person as i am when i email/comment. *G*
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:40 am (UTC)
oh i know you get vaccines.....i have other friends who get them.....i'm just a freak.....and no, i don't think they cause autism.....

compost will work!! i can clean out my garage gutters---good compost in there! :D we're a nature friendly yard, yeah....toads, praying mantises, birds, butterflies, crows, squirrels.....gutter compost is $0 a price i can afford! :D

yeah, a bug in the bed? um no.....GTFO!!!

i wish there were more swear words....i feel like i've run out....at times cunt doesn't pack the same punch it use too.....
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:43 am (UTC)
i'll give you a new one...

CUMGUZZLING GUTTERSLUT! wanna know how i know that one? my fucking DAUGHTER calls me that on occasion, not as a swear but as an endearment. fucking twatasaurus that she is...
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:46 am (UTC)
that makes me think of 'goo guzzling grannies' a porno a friend had in the '90s....it was goo guzzling grannies volume SEVEN.....very creative porno name and yes, they were indeed grannies......

twatasaurus is good!!! earlier today i thought of crotch barnacle......that amused me....
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:47 am (UTC)
there's also the sorta tame "hosebeast". :D
Apr. 11th, 2016 01:55 pm (UTC)
HAHA! Sorry but i have to laugh. For once you got more snow than i did. Less than an inch here,and it was melted off by mid morning. My old hometown, south of me, had between 8-10 inches!

Me thinks the answer for your problematic ribs is amputation! That should take care of the problem ;-)

Never had a wheelchair day in GE. I always get blocked by them in Walmart. Why must they always park in the middle of the aisle and block all forward motion?
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:07 am (UTC)
i really don't think i need ribs....they don't appear necessary....i'm all for amputation of ribs!! :D i was doing okay the other day then started to ache last evening and then today FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

that was just DAFUQ?! the other morning with that snow and now it's gone and hopefully it'll be the last of it!!

i have to admit i don't recall seeing wheelchairs in walmart....mobility scooters but not wheelchairs....i swear most of those mobility scooters are remote controlled by satan and/or the people feel they have special privileges.....such as parking in the middle of the aisle and do NOT expect them to move!!! oh hell no!!
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:31 am (UTC)
i use one of those things, and i try my best to be polite about it. unless some dumbass is not watching where *I* am, then i don't feel bad about running over toes.

and when i'm sitting, i'm on the right level to ass-watch. them cowboy butts drive me nuts!! *snickering*
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:43 am (UTC)
i did say MOST!! :D i know you would be polite and considerate of others and you WOULD be polite if asking someone for help reaching for something!!! hell, people with CARTS barely pay attention to other shoppers!

i have no idea what a cowboy butt is and am somewhat frightened to google that.....i've never heard of a cowboy butt before....
Apr. 13th, 2016 12:44 am (UTC)
any kind of country-raised boy has muscles. rodeo riders have EXTRA good ass muscles, because riding like that is a workout.

and i'm RIGHT on the level to see some of those fine asses walking away...

hi, my name is cat and i'm a bit of a perv...
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