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trainable hawk treat convention

today i learned what a hawk sounds like....pretty sure it's a cooper's hawk, though he looks sort of red tailish to me....i was on the back steps filling the bird feeders and suet holders and heard this 'bird' which i thought sort of sounded like a red headed woodpecker....i try to find it in the trees and hawk!! i didn't take any pix, i wanted to get the sound on video....i wasn't balanced well as i was straddling a bird feeder, bag of seed and suet holders....after they flew in front of me off towards the south east, another hawk that had to have been in eddie's maple tree went that way....the north hill crow crew: land of misfit toys' patrol was obviously at lunch.....

whereas i don't wanna see the hawks picking off the birds in my yard---yes that is nature i know----i would love to see both hawks together!! i have no idea what that 'call' meant but i'm gonna assume it was something along the lines of 'the woman is filling the things that will attract our lunch'.....

aside from convention duties which is like 9 weeks away--give or take a few days....EEK!!!!!! let's set that aside for a moment....anyway, i wanna try to work out crow calls, or at least a couple this summer.....when they patrol they give distinctive calls to other patrols....then of course if it's just a couple of them hanging out they'll use different calls....and then there's clueless crow who called out trying to find his crew....yeah, weird thing to do, i don't care....nature is awesome and more people should pay attention to it.....

THEY are now calling for 2-4" of snow friday thru saturday....uh WHAT?! we had about an inch this past saturday....the toads are wise and haven't come out yet....they're still hunkered in their hibernation holes....when they come out it is truly spring for me....

well, convention wise i am getting our dinner contract signed this week.....i need to start making table center pieces cuz i want to do something fun---i should be able to have some creative fun here!! plus i gotta rustle up goody bag items, and closer to the date assemble them as i know several people are sending me things for them and i have already received things for them....attendees list....email some people to coordinate things.....flight arrivals for pick up....um yeah.....we'll set that aside for now....and yes, i'll post pix after the convention....

oreo---i did not name him, tammy's kids did and then i inherited him when they moved to cali years ago and they didn't try to find him, Chocolate (RIP), or skittles--their mom, a home....anyway, oreo has trained me for a new trick....he has no interest in canned food, never has had any interest in it....some cats are like that.....he's quite content with the purina one dry food and will partake of cat treats....but a few weeks ago he came upstairs---VERY RARE for him----when i opened the bathroom door for the 'leftover' clean up after gypsy and baby ate...he had no interest in that at all....i offered him some of his mom's meow mix and nope....he started downstairs, then looked for me to follow.....i thought i had forgot the water dish in the sink or something when i fill it up before bed but no it was on the floor where it should be and was filled.....he then got close to where i keep the cat treats.....ah.....i give him some and he was quite content....checked the food dish while he ate those and it was over 1/2 full....fine he wanted a treat, since he never gets canned food that's fine....

the next night he did it again----came upstairs and then led me downstairs.....now he has me trained so he doesn't even have to come upstairs!!! he knows after i open the bathroom door i'll come back downstairs to give him some cat treats....yes, i'm trainable...

and right now i'm ready for bed....which yes, i shall be doing my new trick oreo trained me to do....cold and rainy tomorrow so a good day to continue catching up on emails and the like and fuck, i gotta do my vintage ads event calendar too...i think i'll post my list of suggested by community member ideas, ideas from the 'hat', and i'll let members help determine contest themes....they should always have a say---that also lets me procrastinate a few more days!

procrastination level: EXPERT!! though i do seem to get done what needs to be done on time....


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Apr. 7th, 2016 04:00 am (UTC)
We've got some red-tailed hawks in my neighborhood, including a pair I probably told you about—dubbed Christo and Dora, for the Christodora House, which is where they first built a nest.
Apr. 9th, 2016 07:03 pm (UTC)
Yes! I do remember that! You think that's a red tail hawk in the video? It sort of looks like one. I couldn't find a call online that matched that though. It's a Cooper's or a Red Tail.

The pair swooped thru this morning real quick!
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