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Strepping Depressor Cock Fight Daughters

Last evening it sort of suddenly seemed I had a whole walnut in the back of my throat. I looked and my right tonsil was basically walnut sized, even touching the back of my throat. Throat didn't hurt though and other than a mild headache, which I admit is rare for me especially since I have done zero tech phone calls with Edward, I had no other symptoms associated with walnut throat. I figured I'd see how it was this morning and if it was the same, or worse, I'd call to see a doctor today.

Of course it was the same this morning and for once I got someone decent at the stupid 'call center' my doctor's health care provider system switched to (that's a whole other blog entry) and whereas I said I would see any doctor in the office, my doctor had an appointment available at 10:15 today. Hooray!! So off I go and thing named Rocky stops me. Now, I had my camera with me but I foresaw no need to turn it on to record the conversation and I couldn't stop long as I had to get to my appointment. Lesson learned!

She starts by saying "If anything happens to my two daughters or Kitty's [her twin sister] two daughters..." "Wait, I'm sorry to interrupt you, you said your daughters?!" "Yeah honey, I have two daughters and Kitty has two daughters." As I told Eddie later, in all my years here never ever ONCE has she mentioned DAUGHTERS!!! She has about 100 brothers, 100 uncles and about 2 dozens dads; but DAUGHTERS?!?!?!?!? Eddie asked me if the two daughters they each had were twins too and I said that was an excellent question but I was speechless about the DAUGHTERS part and unable to think, but if it comes up again I'll ask!!!

Then she launches in saying the guy across the street---though the front of that house faces Tallmadge---was arrested the evening before for beating up one of the neighborhood elderly drunks and left him bleeding in the driveway for 2 hours until, of course, Rocky found him and called the police. Now that guy has lived there quite a few years and whereas I've only waved or nodded to him driving past, I've never seen, known, or heard of him causing problems. That doesn't mean anything though, of course, and as we know people can put on public personas to mask their 'real' selves for quite some time. Rocky said he was on drugs and attacked the guy and the paddy wagon came and got him. Hold on, let me check the police reports.

Found it. As usual, Rocky takes some truths and then makes her own narrative. Though, I'll give her points for not stretching it that far (if you know of her stretches what she's saying compared to what's here, yeah, that's not far at all). Okay, this is public record but I'm not copying the names. Happened between 7-7:30pm last evening. No mention of him being on drugs. The place is a rooming house. I'm leaving the names out, here's the statement by a witness in the house:

[witness] was sitting in the dining room when [arrestee] and [victim] started to argue. [witness] stated [victim] was bad mouthing [arrestee]'s parents and that's why they began to argue. He stated [arrestee] and [victim] went into the kitchen where he could hear the commotion between [them]. [witness] stated [victim] kept talking about [arrestee]'s parents so [arrestee] took care of it.

Officer's narrative with names changed to same as I did above:

Officers were dispatched to listed location reference a fight. [victim] met officers just outside the back door of the home and began telling us what happened. [victim] stated he was hit and assaulted by [arrestee]. He stated [arrestee] forced his head into the kitchen wall causing him to bleed.
Officers found [arrestee] sitting in the dining room of the home with [witness]. [arrestee] stated he was just sitting at the dining room table talking to [witness] when [victim] came home. He stated [victim] began running his mouth at him because [victim] couldn't cook his dinner right away. [arrestee] stated [victim] started talking badly about his parents. [victim] continued to speak poorly of [arrestee]'s parents and the argument moved into the kitchen. [arrestee] stated they started pushing each other and that he may have pushed [victim] into the wall.
[victim] further stated that there was never any pushing in the kitchen. He stated [arrestee] grabbed him from behind and wrapped his arms around him. [arrestee] then shoved his head into the kitchen wall. [victim] stated he then went outside to call police and waited for us to arrive. Officers observed a cut on [victim]'s forehead. The cut was bleeding but had mostly dried blood around hit [sic]. [victim] also had bruising on the top of his left hand and redness around both ears. [arrestee] stated he was never hit by [victim] and that he did not have any injuries. [victim] was treated and released by Med unit 7 while on scene. Due to the statements that were given and the evidence observed, [arrestee] was arrested for the listed office. [victim] was transported to the station where he signed the complaint for assault. After leaving the station, [victim] was transported to Akron City Hospital upon request. [arrestee] was transferred to Summit County Jail.

That's the actual police report. If you wanna see names unredacted, it's public record and took me about 20 seconds to find. If you live around here you know exactly where it is and if you don't, then uh?? Anyway, back to her DAUGHTERS, now since this happened they're in fear for their DAUGHTERS. Both of them were out and are now scared for their DAUGHTERS. I think they'll be okay Rocky, um, I gotta get going to the doctor. DAUGHTERS?!?! Yeah, I'm still stuck on that.

Get to the doctor and get taken back and due to my description---walnut in throat, the doctor wanted the tech to do a strep culture. I haven't had one of those done in years. She has the culture swab and uses a tongue depressor to try to reach the back of my throat. She said "Your tongue keeps wanting to curve around the depressor." I started to laugh and said "Just like a bike, it remembers some things." Took a few minutes for our laughing to subside. Then I called the depressor a really sad looking cock. Somehow she got a swab culture. And whoopee!!! My results were positive!! Oh wait, that's not the right result for this test. I even have DOX or STFU. That's, obviously, just some of my prescriptions showing.


So I'm on amoxicillin. I got that RX printed so there'd be no kerfluffle at Klein's. It was actually cheaper there than had I gone to Giant Eagle, since GE isn't doing free antibiotics anymore and they're $4, which is still a good price; but I got 'em cheaper. I'm only contagious for 24 hours from when I started the amoxicillin. Wait, did I word that right? Basically I won't be contagious tomorrow after high noon.

I started to feel sort of achy this afternoon but I'm not too worried about that since I just started antibiotics. I made a list of things to do today and did, um, I think like only one of them. Better than none? I probably should go get ready for bed. Surprised Pan has started her bedtime herding bark yet. Oh, I hear a whine, I think she's warming up!!



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Mar. 31st, 2016 04:29 am (UTC)
Kind of crazy, huh? I had a bout of gastroenteritis on the weekend, and I worked Monday but around midnight Monday it was back with a vengeance and I had to go to the ER to get it checked.

They told me not to take immodium and to just let the infection run its course, but I really couldn't do that, so I got some over-the-counter immodium and told my clients the following day I needed to take a day off; I never do that!

I'm fine now, and my roommate so far hasn't gotten it, but after a couple of days of the BRAT diet—bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast—that was recommended, I want to Eat All The Things!
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