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Dumpster finch calendar....

Not much accomplished yesterday, though my back is better. I'll check that off as an accomplishment. Saw 2 gold finches, first ones this year, out back and of course I haven't put out finch food. The finch socks I had last year got rips in them so I need to go get another one today, or a cheap finch tube feeder. I have like a 20# bag of finch food. Damn cold yesterday and seems that way today too though tomorrow they say it'll be 65.

I heard a really noisy truck yesterday afternoon and it sounded like it was around here somewhere doing something but Poli didn't bark so I didn't think it was on Robinette. Then I heard and felt a THUD and went to look. Lo and behold it was across the street at the condemned house and they were putting a dumpster in the narrow driveway. Went out and asked if they were going to remove the siding, as that often happens with houses before they tear them down; but no, they were going to throw out everything INSIDE the house. WHAT?! I explained the situation to the guy and he yelled to his partner who had already started tossing stuff into the dumpster to NOT throw out photographs and jewelry.

Got inside and contacted one of her sons to let them know. It really made me feel sick to have to tell him that. He had been here the other day and was coming back this Friday with a truck to get things. They'll probably finish tossing stuff out today. I have no idea how long the dumpster will be there. The guy I talked told me where they'd leave the photos and jewelry. At least they're doing that.

Must send some emails today and I suppose in one instance make a call. My enthusiasm for such endeavors is non-existent. Have to call our convention hotel though to ensure I can still see our banquet room Saturday. I'm okay NOT seeing it in person; but the lady in catering did make a good point that it would/could be helpful if I saw it and then could imagine how it'll be set up. Though, no matter what's it like, I have seen photos, it'll have to do. It seems a-okay for our purposes. I guess I'm more interested in seeing the small room off the main room where our buffay and bar would be set up. THAT I really want to see. They'd have us go table by table to the buffay but of course not the bar, so I can imagine that might be crowded. Well, I'll hopefully see it Saturday and of course take photos that I won't post here.

Have my calendar sitting here to work on Vintage Ads' events/contests. I think I'll post some of the things I've thought of and previous feedback suggestions today. That way I can procrastinate, natch, and get more community input. I do prefer to get community input for Vintage Ads, as it's a community in the truest sense. Not to mention why the hell am I in charge of anything?

Best go start my day. Been up since 4am, so we'll see how much productivity can be wrought from just 4 hours sleep. I'll accept that challenge. I guess. Don't really have a choice.


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