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Ever see someone sum up exactly what you've thought and been unable to properly articulate? Isn't that awesome? Though I suppose some people might not like someone saying what they wanted to say and getting the credit for it, who cares? It's said, that's all that matters. Unless it's the secret word and you could win $100; but wait, Groucho has sadly passed away, so that's not gonna happen. So applaud, say "bravo" and then nothing will change, cuz duh, that would never happen! But isn't it awesome to know others are aware of the truth?

Sadly, far too often in society, the truth is discounted, diminished, and viewed with scorn. The truth is dealt with long handled tongs while lies are lapped up and people rub against liar's ankles like cats wanting milk. "More lies, more lies, please give us more." Look at the fervent followers of any presidential candidate. No questioning, they'll accept anything. When faced with facts and truth, well just like cats who are frightened, backs are arched, hair is flared and HISSSSSSS. Blood is drawn as they scratch those who dare speak truths and give facts.

It's not just politics, it seems in general society likes to live in a cocoon of falsehoods. Reality is harsh. You have to DEAL with reality. But with lies? Why you can ignore truths in front of you and create your own narrative.

How long can such things last? Usually quite awhile; but time, TIME, always bares out the truth and true character of people. Then people's false illusions come crashing down and reality charges in at a startling pace. Understandably people are confused, scared, unsure what's going on. When the dust settles though, the general thought will be, "What was I thinking?" "How could I have fell for that?"

People shouldn't feel bad. Like with Scientology, many many brilliant people have been entrapped and ensnared by them. Anyone can get caught up in mind games, frauds, false realities. In many ways with people living false realities they are trying to escape pain or troubles in their own life. Going 'elsewhere' to escape is understandable in a way. You can only escape for so long though, reality is always there waiting for you.

Be careful whom you follow, where you escape to, etc. The motto 'DOX or STFU' is a good one to have, especially for political candidates. If your intuition is giving you a gentle tap about someone or something, listen to it. If it's trying to break down the door to you, REALLY listen to it. Never stifle your intuition. If something doesn't seem 'right', it's probably not.

Yes, I've ignored my intuition to my own regret before. Now I listen to it always. Still doesn't pick up on everything though. I try to remain in reality. Though my reality pretty much excludes the 2016 election. I suppose that's my false reality narrative? I view it more as avoiding toxicity. One 'bonus' of PTSD is I try to avoid anxiety provoking situations. Toxic situations will always induce anxiety whether you have PTSD or not.


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Mar. 29th, 2016 03:07 pm (UTC)
Vote for Clarence! He will make all your dreams come true.
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