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Back you go | Go forward, move ahead

Here's something that transpired a few weeks ago when I was out and about and didn't write about it til now---duh, obviously. I was at Klein's waiting for my prescriptions and a lady behind me had gotten a bunch of Easter cards and she dropped some, so I picked them up for her.

She thanked me, then she said: "It's such a blessed time"
"What is?"
"Well Easter, the time our Lord arose".
"No ma'am, the Lord arose December 30."
She looks at me REALLY weird and says "That's not when Easter is nor even his birthday which is the 25th of December."
"His birthday, which I consider the day he arose, is December 30th."
"Jesus Christ?"
I give her a DAFUQ?! look and say "NO!!! Jack Lord!! THE Lord!"

Now if you believe in someone coming back to life, that's your absolute right to; but not everyone will have the same as you. Which seems to be something many people don't realize---or have forgotten? I don't ever recall the assumption of others having the same beliefs as a kid and that was in IOWA. This seems to be a recent thing in the past 20 years or so where apparently everyone assumes everyone else is a Christian? And yes, obviously this would be the radical evangelicals.

Shame I didn't encounter any today, I could have asked who returned from the dead today. They would have said Jesus, of course, and I would have said, no this year, let's have someone new, come on. No one else has risen from the dead in 2000+ years?

Did pretty much naught today. Beautiful day out but my back was fucked up so I didn't want to make it worse as that could lead to permanent damage, like bad permanent damage. Sat on the bench in my driveway then went up to Giant Eagle figuring it wouldn't be crowded and it wasn't!

Got the pains in the ass to leave and now I just have a pain in my back. That's GOOD, as the physical therapist said if you have to have pain you want it in your back and NOT in your legs and extremities, such as when my calves were going numb last year. If the pain is just in my back, that is good and much preferred. Too bad I can't sleep on my stomach, cuz that would help; but I can't. It took some doing but I trained myself to sleep on my left side instead of my right. That was hard to do. But sleeping on my side is totally different than stomach and I don't even like laying on my stomach for long---though I will for my back.

I'm pretty whacked on muscle relaxers today and golly gee I'm typing in complete sentences, what's up with that? Tomorrow it's suppose to be 20+ degrees colder, wait 20+ colder, so it should've been -20 degrees colder probably? Dunno, blame Kent State math on that. Hopefully I'll be able to stand at the sink and do some dishes and I have 2 bananas I need to bake into something. Have a carton of vegetable broth I opened last night and just used 1/2 cup so I think I'll use the rest of that and make soup. Dump soup. Broth, some carrots, corn, spinach, barley, whatever else. Probably shouldn't do banana baking AND soup. Especially if I do dishes. Yeah, I'll make soup Tuesday. Don't want to over do it with my back. Damn thing.

Have to expand my Vintage Ads' community calendar, as that only goes thru April. I'll schedule stuff thru the end of the year so that's just DONE.

Oh, I have a new rule. Now, an old rule I learned via 'someone' (I no longer name them due to how tragically things ended) and, of course vivian the 'original', but 'someone' verified it for me; that I need to avoid women born on April 12.

But I have a new rule, since I had someone verify it: I need to avoid women with the initials N.B. I can't remember how many years ago, 5? maybe even 6? someone with the initials N.B. not only was a time suck, they were a confusing time suck with changing stories, impossible time lines, and when called out on some of their stories---cuz they didn't expect me to follow up on some of their bullshit? They came up with MORE impossible time line stories. I'm not gonna get into the details of what all was going on; but basically their bullshit was unnecessary and they made something simple 100 times more complicated.

Now, once again, and this verifies it for me, there is someone with the initials N.B. who has been a huge time suck, with changing stories, impossible stories, and when called out on some of their stories---cuz they didn't expect me to remember their previous stories? They came up with MORE impossible time line stories. She's probably still emailing me but alas, I blocked her email address. Yeah, passive aggressive IDGAF. If she catches on and uses another email, I'll delete without reading. Done. In this instance there's essentially one person over me in this situation she could whinge too; but I'd tell them I'm not reading one more changing vague story and demands for information on other people. Nope nope nope.

I'm sure to be truly scientific I should have 3 examples; but no way I'm taking that chance!!! And if I ever encountered a woman with the initials N.B. born on April 12?!?! I'd run until my asthma choked me.

The most recent N.B. just made me sit here and think "Why do people think I'm stupid?" "She doesn't realize I remember her prior emails? That I have those emails?" And I did send her a final email, remaining as cordial as possible; but letting her know I was done. I don't think people realize when I say I am done, I AM DONE.

Like with facebook. I still get people asking when I'm gonna start a new facebook. I'm not!!! I'm done with it!!! D-O-N-E! I permanently deleted it and that's that. I'm gonna delete my dreamwidth blog once I transfer entries over to here. I'm gonna have to sit here with my LJ calendar in a minimized window and my DW calendar in a minimized window and compare entry #s on dates. Then if there's one on DW and not on LJ just copy it to here. DW has no way to export your journal. Insert eye roll.

When you're done with something, just close the door behind you. Brick it over if you think you'll be tempted. If you're done with something though, why go back? Why not go forward? Even with people. (Don't brick people over though, duh, obviously). If people are toxic or it's a bad situation, leave. If there was any positives, think of them and as for the negatives, along with the positives, thank them. Definitely not for them to know, cuz toxic people wouldn't 'get' that. But within yourself, in writing, etc thank them. Yes, even for any pain, stress, anxiety, etc they caused you. Cuz you know what? You, YOU came through it realizing what some people do---more than likely subconsciously---and you have the insight to know that, and you know, as an affirmation, how not to be. It's like a free 'check yourself'. Of course any stress, pain, etc isn't 'free'; but you can reflect upon the situation knowing how to handle/not handle things and yeah, thanks are due for such a lesson. Lessons can be painful; but if you learn, can move forward, then ultimately that is good and you should be thankful for that too.

So many people remain in almost a stasis of turmoil of their own making and it's sad. If you're removed from such a situation, and I think most people have encountered at least one person like this; you can clearly see what is happening, what they're doing, etc. THEY can't. Others who get pulled into the vortex can't see it either. We've all been pulled into such vortexes. Isn't it amazing to get out? It's truly something to be thankful for. Lesson learned, thank you, I wish you the best, close the door. Done. Move forward with what you've learned. Or at least try to move forward.

Sometimes the path is stalled and that's fine too. One can even fall backwards. It's okay. As long as you pick yourself up and try again to go forward. That's what matters.

And I shall try again tomorrow.


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Mar. 28th, 2016 02:22 am (UTC)
I wished a few people Happy Zombie Jesus Day today; fortunately, NYC is liberal enough that I can say that to most people without getting punched!
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