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this is what i just sent via the email form on cvs/caremark's site--as silverscript is under their auspices....and for my email addy i used my fuckyou@misstia.com one....i use that one when i really care......and um yeah, i have a new RX plan starting next month that covers everything.....

cut/paste starting now:

(that is a real email address, i use it for 'special' places, you're very special to me)

Your RX plan (SilverScript which is under your auspices) is one of the worst prescription drug plan experiences I have ever had. I was told in the fall that my albuterol pills were covered for 2016. The beginning of January I'm told that the 8mg albuterol pills aren't covered, but 4mg are. My Dr. rewrites the RX for 2 4mg. Beginning of February I'm told that albuterol pills aren't covered AT ALL and never were. And gee, I could talk to a pharmacist and they could tell me what to take. Your pharmacists are not my doctor. They say they'll fax an exception to my doctor. My doctor doesn't get it. I call again and got a woman arguing with me that it was received and my doctor had it (my doctor didn't get it). She said she'd fax it again (I found out later she didn't). So I call AGAIN with a different fax #. Again, the office didn't get it. A guy in the exceptions office gives me a # for my Dr's office to call. They still tried to fax a form and admitted to my doctor's office that their faxes often don't arrive at places (if this happens a lot, um perhaps you should look into this?? Or you probably don't care). They do it over the phone and my Dr's office calls me to say what happened and that CVS/Caremark told her it'd be about 72 hours.

One hour later I got an automated call demanding my member ID# (Cuz we all have that handy while doing dishes), and other info. The computer voice said it was rejected but I couldn't hear why. I thought there'd be an option to press to talk to someone but no, I had to phone in. So I do, find out that apparently I'm suppose to be a guinea pig trying 2 other drugs before you'll approve my albuterol pills. Where's MY say in this?? I have severe allergies and allergy induced asthma and spring is the worst for me; yet right now you want me to be a guinea pig to satisfy what, your sadism??

I've been on albuterol pills since 2011 and THEY WORK FOR ME. Why in the world would I stop taking something that works to satisfy some corporate entity that is NOT my doctor, that does NOT have my medical records in front of them, and that in no way shape or form puts my health in their consideration at all, only THEIR bottom line and that's $$$$$$$$.

You flat out lied to me saying the pills were covered. I'd say in a way it was fraud. Do you get money for everyone you sign up? Make some money off me?? Hope it gets taken away cuz I called another plan to switch to that will COVER MY ALBUTEROL PILLS!! You need to realize that you are dealing with REAL PEOPLE, that you are NOT their doctors, and that people HAVE the right to have a say in their medical care and NOT listen to some 'computer' or soulless corporation who wants to endanger their health to line their pockets with more cash to impress their trophy spouses. May you some day be in the position of the thousands you have undoubtedly harmed playing doctor with their health.


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Mar. 8th, 2016 02:11 am (UTC)
works for me.

i had to have my medications preapproved. it takes roughly "48-72 hours" to get the specialty pharmacy to tell me where they're sending it. it's ridiculous.

my insurance has not changed. my medications have not changed. it is quite ridiculous, and i'm still waiting for that phone call (my appointment and the timeline started a week ago today)...and i do not have a place to call to find out.

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