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watching like 3 episodes of the twilight zone in a row right before bed can lead to some bizarre weird ass sort of scary dreams.....found that the site where i watch south park, american dad, it crowd, etc has the twilight zone....i think this site has everything....seems like it....and no, it's not fucking hulu, fuck that shit.....fuck commercials, fuck pop ups, fuck paying a site.....now yes if you have hulu and like it, that's fine for you.....i don't like that shit, nor could i afford it....i'll take my off shore website site for $800 alex thankyouverymuch.....

frightening sites out in the world today and no, not a twilight zone induced nightmare.....turned onto graham road from the side street that goes along side that horribly designed plaza after stopping at pet supplies plus, and the 2nd house on the left had a banner on their fence "DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016"....jaw dropped, i even pointed....had to have looked like donald sutherland at the end of invasion of the body snatchers....the car next to me honked and i thought i was drifting in their lane, but i wasn't....i look over and they had the same face as me....we closed our jaws and gave each other "DAFUQ?!" looks.....

in front yard of a house on bailey was a cruz sign.....i saw no hillary signs and yeah, those would scare me too....i've never liked her....but she at least has SOME tact over trump who'll lie his face off, bully people, and oh wait....well, i guess the press covers up better for her? i dunno....but trump is a fucking joke....cruz is an extremist christian wack-a-doodle....and we're all fucked....

i'll be back that way next week, i'll take my camera and get a pix of that trump banner, cuz DAFUQ?!?!? the cruz sign was just a regular yard sign.....

klein's tried to get silverscript to cover my upcoming purchase of kenalog, as did my doctor and oh hell no, according to them i don't need it....uh huh.....now the last rx plan i had wouldn't cover it either....same bullshit---i didn't need it.....my dr. can't get kenalog ordered into the office anymore, only a generic steroid for shots and for some bizarre reason that has no effect on me, cuz i guess medically i'm a special snowflake? dunno....without kenalog i'd end up in the ER with a multitude of breathing issues....and gosh, that would only cost thousands and thousands of dollars....but silverscript doesn't cover medical just prescriptions so they don't give a shit about that....ER visits are very expensive.....when i had to go in august i think the bill was like around $8000 all total....

still no word on my albuterol pills, but i'm sure i'll be changing rx plans next week....maybe they'll cover my kenalog? THAT would be awesome!! one bottle will last me all year---for all my shots.....my dr. said one of her patients who couldn't take the generic steroid either (least i'm not the only one) got their rx plan to cover it.....

alright....almost time to take my bedtime pills and yeah, i should know better, but yep....i'm gonna go watch a few twilight zone episodes....though of course i could just watch the neighborhood but it's dark out now and not many peoples are out even during the day yet as it's still cold....few more weeks though and the misfit toys will be coming out to play...and yes, the non-misfit toys too, as not everyone around here is a misfit toy....


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Mar. 4th, 2016 11:01 pm (UTC)
mama takes ritalin for narcolepsy and for ADD.

the mail order prescription place insisted that she get the generic. which has a side effect of making her incredibly SLEEPY. *slow blink*

she finally had to have her doctor send them a nastygram on his official stationery and tell them that he wrote her scrip AS WRITTEN for Reasons, and since he's got a few degrees AND actually lectures, he knows a HELLA lot more than someone who counts pills as directed by a pencil pusher.

she got her brand name drug. ;)

the reason generics don't work the same as brand name drugs is because of the fillers used. they're inert for most people, but for a few special snowflakes, they just don't work at all.
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