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procrastination post.....

i need to be updating the convention website.....we haz faqs now....some people, not regular site peoples, thought it was a 'convention' convention with like day long meetings....oh hell no! we're all just getting together from all over the world to meet in person with one big group shindig......said shindig i think i got sort of sorted today.....but that's not getting added to the site....yet....just the faqs for now....and my mailing address for stuff for goody bags...gotta have goody bags....thinking of table centerpieces too.....have a couple wacky ideas....they said we could do whatever we wanted as long as it wasn't glitter.....that's more than fair and totally understandable about glitter.....i'm thinking one table at least has to have a dildo centerpiece....i'm not joking....it makes sense if you know the group.....of course a dildo would have to be procured.....oooo clay demo dildo!!! yes, free form thinking while blogging.....yep.....problem solved.....if you're from the site and you read this please do NOT post this there!!!

here's some schadenfreude for y'all....all the saliva glands on one side of my face were swollen as fuck last month.....not just swollen, infected....had half chipmunk face....now i just have my regularly scheduled sinusitis swelling one cheek.....no idea how the fuck that saliva gland issue happened though, nor did the doctor....yes, they laughed....

my rx plan, silverscript, is fucking me around with my albuturol pills....they said they were covered....but oh no, after they were filled in january i got a letter saying that was a courtesy fill, blah blah blah....i phone 'em saying "what the fuck?" and the lady, who was very nice, said for some reason they wouldn't cover my 8mg pills but they'd cover 4mg ones could my doctor rewrite the RX for 2 4mg pills? yep she will and she did....beginning of february i get them filled with a letter saying that was a courtesy fill, blah blah blah....i phone 'em saying "what the fuck?" and the lady, who was not very nice, said they weren't covered AT ALL, and she'd send me to the pharmacy and they'd tell me what i could take that was covered....NO!!! 1) there is no other option for albuterol pills and 2) they aren't my doctor!.....so i got sent to the exception department for them to send my dr. a form to fill out to try to get them to cover it....well gosh....after numerous calls to silverscript, my dr's office has YET to receive that fax.....i finally talked to a guy in that department yesterday and he gave me a # for my dr's office to call......

one of the women in the exception department was really rude saying i should get another med, um no, there's nothing else, and they had faxed it 3 times, my dr. should have it, blah blah blah and "ma'am? they don't have it, it went to narnia or the black hole with missing socks, can you please send it again?" she went on and on and apparently she'd get a cattle prod in the ass if she sent it again.....i told her i was ready to switch rx plans and "you can't do that until the fall" "au contraire, i can switch whenever i want, check my account....not to mention y'all LIED to me about your coverage"....so yeah, i think next week i'll be switching plans.....of course the plan i found doesn't cover nexium but they have a free program so i can get that free.....there is no free program for albuterol pills.....obviously.....FUCK SILVERSCRIPT!!!!!

the weather is nuts...no wonder my one cheek is swollen.....we had a 60 degree temp change yesterday....

edward is done with amazon!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they pissed him off......no more amazon calls!!!! of course there are plenty of other computer based reasons for him to call me; but the amazon ones were pretty frustrating....

i'm woefully behind on correspondence.....never been a strong suite of mine but i've gotten worse with it...though of course i've been terribly depressed and then i was pretty sick last month.....i can always try again tomorrow.....

oh, here's a couple scary thoughts.....i'm working on a book....actually 2 of them....one is a compilation of things that people have asked for for several years now and the other is information i've gathered for years and yeah, people have asked for that too.....i wouldn't do either on my own accord cuz effort and yeah, effort and whereas one is basically just taking stuff from another site i need to add background and go thru my postings to give context, what was happening that day, etc and the other will involve dragging my ass downtown to offices to look stuff up though that can be fun at times and hey, most people in city offices know me---that's good and bad....i am doing sketches for something else on my own though.....and, fingers crossed in a couple months i might get a sort of 'win'.....i'll sadistically, in a way, enjoy it; but how/why it came to be will never give me any enjoyment.....shan't say a word publicly about that (i'll email my sr. detective ;) until i have it framed in my hand....

best get to updating the website.....should update this more than with death notices but fuck, this year is like the year of death! in one of my metaphysical books it talked about how the end of the world wasn't 2012 (duh) it was really prophesied for 2016....you know what? i believe it.....you know what else? i welcome it....we're fucked.....we don't deserve to be here anymore....and nope, i'm quite happy today...that's not depression talking either....that's lifting thanks to more daylight and the thought of the newest BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taking flight soon and knowing the toads will be out sometime next month.....

no matter when the world ends or if it continues, we should always treat each day as our potential last as we are never guaranteed a tomorrow.....


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Mar. 3rd, 2016 01:42 am (UTC)

This is the year of FUCK, as evidenced by my losing half a filling on the way back from a dr appt on Monday. Seriously. Then having to listen to Christian Porno* music while getting filled today.

I even got mama to say FUCK in an email, which autocorrected to CHUCK which was even funnier.

What's Christian Porno music? Whatever the hell that was playing that had the phrase "come, Jesus, come" over and over again. I mean, good gods. The SERVICE there is top notch. The cleaning is gentle, the staff are all nice, but holy hells, the radio station!
Mar. 4th, 2016 01:35 am (UTC)
never had a filling; but i'm happy you can get to a dentist to get it fixed STAT!!! i gotta try to find a place to get my dental issues handled free......yeah, i'm fucked....HAH!!! oh wait, i mean CHUCKED ;)

okay, i would have laughed with "come jesus come"....and isn't every one a christian in bed at time or another with "oh god oh god" ? ;-) south park did an episode where cartman started a christian rock band and he reworded songs, and some of them were like 'i wanna get down on my knees and feel your salvation all over my face'....

Mar. 4th, 2016 03:49 am (UTC)
As I have told many a man, hearing "OH GOD" in the dark does NOT make one a deity. ;)

I still got find an orthodontist. Freeing in need of braces at my advanced years... Actually I needed them all along, but my younger brother got them because his teeth weren't PRETTY, and mine look good from the front. :/. Damn dicksplash. (brother, or father, either one works)
Mar. 4th, 2016 01:02 am (UTC)
I'm thinking your script approval fell down the rabbit hole, or is that the well? Better send down the basket ;-)
Mar. 4th, 2016 01:03 am (UTC)
oh i didn't think about that!!! best get the hose out!! :D
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