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moondog tix procured.....

yep, presale day....last year i waited til the next day for the q arena pre-sale cuz no good seats were available but i had to get our tix today cuz not only is there a q arena pre-sale tomorrow, there's also a livenation and rock hall pre-sale...dafuq?! as always, i was prepared....hitting refresh over and over starting at 9:58am....had eddie's credit card ready, my seating references jotted down.....we're in the 3rd row....best i could do....eddie was happy with that....some ding dong is selling front center for $250 each on a resale site i just found, uh??? the radio station gives away front row the day before the show.....some heinous fuckery most foul going on there methinks.....

first time there...

they always do a great show....

of course no john fogarty, so it's not credence clearwater revival, it's credence clearwater 'revisted'.....not the same...but the last time they played the moondog people loved it....i really didn't....but i'm not most people....

when the doobies played a couple years ago they didn't do quite a few of their hits....cuz well, no michael mcdonald....we'll get those songs this year...first time there....


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Jan. 28th, 2016 10:38 pm (UTC)
Good lineup!
Now i patiently wait for the videos.
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