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No fireworks but a lump.....

FFS, I started writing up a post with some pix from the summer I had uploaded last month and had the entry private. Dingbat me FORGOT that LJ won't automatically save an entry that you've already saved, so when I didn't save it, and went to another site I lost it. I doubt if that made sense.

Didn't hear the fireworks downtown last night. I know they had them, as they said at midnight. They did away with the 9pm ones, which they've have for families with chirruns, and just had them at midnight. I can always hear them over the fan and noise machine but nope, not last night. Was in bed reading the New York Times on tablet. Realized it was 12:30pm and uh, no fireworks!! Guess the last administration left 'em with a few sparklers? NO!! They get a sponsor to pay for that! The city would never pay for that, they got travel to pay for!!

I'll work on recreating my post tomorrow! Ah, yes, I'll try again tomorrow! Been up since 5am today, as I had convention duties to do. I'm tired.

Gotta call the vet early tomorrow to get Pan an appointment Monday morning. She's got a lump on her chest. Since she's eating/acting/etc okay and this took a bit to grow, there's no urgency to get in tomorrow. I know they'll be very busy tomorrow for the few hours they're open and true emergencies can take the appointments (knocking on wood Pan is still fine tomorrow!). It's rare for me to see her laying on her back, but today---obviously---I did and yep, about the size of a small egg. I felt it and she didn't even flinch and she is a VERY whiny bitch. When they trim her toe nails it sounds like she's being disemboweled. I know her being quiet and not flinching doesn't make it a 'safe' lump; but it did make me a feel a bit better.

It moves a little bit, isn't rock hard, I think it might be a lipoma. Knock on wood that that is what it is or something else totally benign!!!! There's 2 other very small ones a little above that one. Doesn't seem like a cyst. I'll get her to the doctor Monday. Damn dog.

Gotta start a new book tonight. I still have some library books. Jackie Collins or Dickens. Hmmmm.....I'm leaning towards Dickens. I'll just grab one on the way to bed. I mean they're literary so similar eh?

Tired tired tired.....was up late last night, so definitely going to bed early tonight.

Oh and Happy New Year!!


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Jan. 2nd, 2016 05:47 pm (UTC)
There should be a mash-up of Collins and Dickens, like "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies": perhaps "Our Mutual Friend and Her Boyfriend and Their Lover," "Little Dorrit Does Dallas," "A Tail With Two Husbands."
Jan. 3rd, 2016 02:27 am (UTC)
Christmas Wives
Oliver Swinger
Great O's Expected

um, I could have fun with those titles....HAH!! I started Tale of Two Cities last night :)
Jan. 2nd, 2016 11:07 pm (UTC)
i got informed that once dogs get older, they start developing lumps and bumps.

shadow has a cyst on her back that she got biopsied the last vet visit. it's a nothing that we're keeping an eye on. hopefully the same thing with pan's lump!

...for that matter, *I* have a lump on my hip, just a fatty "thing" that's been hanging about for a few years now.

shadow says she feels pan's pain, and that her mama was horrible and scheduled a groomer appointment for tuesday. they're going to take away her fur and her stink! ;)
Jan. 3rd, 2016 02:32 am (UTC)
got an appointment monday at 3:50pm---first available with our regular doctor....yeah, since she's acting FINE and she didn't even flinch when i touched it, i am thinking positively....though this is MY dog and she IS a high maintenance bitch, with her chronic skin issues!! and yeah, she did just turn 8......

thank shadow for her empathy!! pan appreciates it!! i'd love to take pan to a groomer but she'd be a PAIN and too difficult for anyone to manage---she'd wiggle, she'd scream, she'd pee, she'd splash said pee.....i leave the room now when her NAILS get trimmed!! they've never ONCE nicked the quick either!!! one time they accidentally nicked poli's quick and she didn't flinch!! she kept being a wiggle butt 'i'm getting my nails trimmed look at me i'm getting my nails trimmed' being a spazz.....they saw the blood and stopped it and it didn't phase her!! poli is my tank truck!!! pan is my delicate bone china!!
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