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Christmas Eve

the cookie in my icon looks good!!! i haven't tried sugar cookies with the earth balance sticks but i'm sure they'll be a-okay!! i have bananas to make banana bread with though first.....i also can't imagine frosting cookies.....haven't done that in a long time....hmmmm.....i'll do that....next year! :)

up most of the night coughing.....no buffay today as no appetite.....also very tired, as i've been up late, getting up early to work on things....i made a video yesterday to post this AM in the bunker and the audio portion took me piecing it together as i couldn't get through the whole thing in one go....also some idiot wrote some tongue twisters---yes, i am the idiot.....it's a bunker based vid, so it'd probably be a 'what'? i can post it here---not tonight---and give some references to things.....i posted a christmas kernal here (and i should have made a post explaining why) as it's also a google doc....in case it got removed from google docs i know it'd be able to remain here....

despite being tired as fuck, feeling like crap, i went to giant eagle and bj's today.....i only had one lime left and i am a LIME WHORE now apparently---seriously, i am.....and yes, NEEDED MORE LIMES so i didn't have to go to a store saturday as THAT is almost as bad as black friday!!! giant eagle was crowded but not that bad....bj's was almost empty!

not getting up early tomorrow---watch me wake up early anyway.......i DO have the new stephen king book, right here next to me....haven't even cracked it open.....i dunno if i will start it tonight as i'm spacey--more than usual.....

favorite christmas tune time though!! and off to bed i'm going before 10:30pm tonight---cuz i'm OLD!!


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