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Have a cool yule....

...when i'm done with my projects, i do indeed have lots to update....i even will have video of a phone call with HP whilst dealing with edward's lap top from hell....i am never touching that thing again.....well wait, that's not true....i will with the sledgehammer....amazingly he was going to CALL ME again yesterday from his cell phone while he dealt with TWC but fortunately fate decided to give me a break and he couldn't find it.....yeah, he had to deal with TWC too cuz that POS laptop couldn't connect to the internet the day after the call I recorded friday night---which is a doozy....i need to upload it and then screen it to ensure i did fully cover the microphone if/when any passwords were said and if not, beep them out.....i will most certainly not beep out my barrage of curse words....i somewhat lost my usually calm demeanor...HAH!

....i have a huge huge project i'm working on and i couldn't even finish the FIRST DRAFT yesterday....in no thanks to that fucking laptop will it get it done in time---which is tomorrow morning....then i have another huge project for thursday morning----a very small part is done, 90% of the work will be done tomorrow and involves me using a program i've never used....FUN!!!!!! and inter sped with this i have convention duties which got delayed last week due that laptop short circuiting me and some other projects....need to go to the neighbors as i'm cat sitting for a few days....i did say i couldn't stay long today as i'm working on a project....

AT LEAST eddie is doing me a favor today!!! kent state finally got the new stephen king book in and i admit, when i went to kriegers and vmac yesterday morning to get some rations for the week i seriously debated going to the ksu library but 1) the book showed it was still 'in process' 2) it would have added an hour to my trip and 3) i really don't have an hour to spare ....i mentioned it to eddie when i dropped off a couple cara cara oranges to him as i got a bag and wouldn't be able to eat them all and he said if it got put on the shelf, as i knew it would be sometime during the day, he had to go to kent (yesterday) and he'd pick it up for me.....i said i'd check when i got home if they had put it out and let him know....nope, they hadn't, so i called and left him a message on his answering machine....he did say he'd have his cell with him....a couple hours later, i looked and yep, it was on the shelf....called his cell----it was turned off.....insert eye roll....but that was when it was a GOOD THING....cuz it was when he couldn't find it and that saved me from getting called when he talked to TWC!!!

so when i did talk to him later i told him it was on the shelf but i had put a request on it....he said he'd pick it up for me today....i said i'd call the library and ensure he could do that, since i had requested it.....called 'em and got his library account reactivated, they removed my hold on the book and since it was on the 1st floor with new releases, the guy said he was gonna walk over and get the book off the shelf after we got off the phone and put it on the hold shelf in eddie's name.....YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! called eddie back and told him this and also made it clear to NOT give me the book til Christmas Eve as i would drop everything to read it.....true.....very true.....well, i might be able to put it next to the bed to read once i got there, BUT i'd end up staying up all night reading it!!! that won't help with my productivity the next 2 days!!!! so i'll start it Christmas Eve and probably finish it on Christmas :)

and i got 4 hours sleep and i gotta get to work....it is RAINING....cuz it's winter.....and ohio......


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Dec. 22nd, 2015 08:34 pm (UTC)
usual calm demeanor my ass, i have TALKED to your profane self on the phone! *giggling*
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