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eddie got a tablet like mine.....this is a step up from the tablet from hell he had....it really was a tablet from hell....no it wasn't an apple product....this was a no brand one with a bastardized version of android....it was FROM HELL....it took me 30 minutes just to get it connected to his wifi because it kept saying it couldn't find a network---despite that i was sitting right next to his modem and router and i had to reset the fucking thing before it decided to find the grinch network---then of course it decided that his gmail password wasn't correct, even though i had reset it on my pc the day before.....i told him that was it, he could figure out the gmail situation as i got him connected to his network, but i was done, he should take my sledge hammer to it.....his brother gary got it free---probably someone trying to get rid of it!!! he tried to have someone at work put music on it and they had it for over a week and they couldn't put music on it in anyway shape or form and THEY told him it was from hell!!! fortunately he had it in his pocket and sat on it and cracked the screen.....so now he's got a real one and for some reason, like when he got another laptop he's forgotten basic things.....

when he got another laptop he asked me if i was gonna install google on it....yes, he did.....i explained that's a website, it's anywhere you can get online....but no, apparently it's a program i installed last time....um, no.....he's topped that.....yes, he did....and the second is actually pretty fucking funny....

he was thinkering of picking one up at bj's (ultimately i ordered it for him off amazon) and i said if he did that he could log in with his gmail and there was a guide to help him along with the set up, i felt confident he could do the basic set up on it (yeah, i know, but i think he could have) and then i could add some music in a day or two.....he's used the play store before---but this time he'd have the FULL store (the one from hell only had like half the things in it, i mean, they didn't have candy crush, dafuq?!).....but wait....then i get this, which starts as a valid question.....

i have to put in the password for my wifi right?
yes, put it in and there'll be a box asking if you want it to remember it, just hit yes and it'll always connect to your wifi at home
[are you ready for this??]
once i log into my wifi then the tablet will know all my passwords right?
at first? no, think about it, when i was over with my tablet and i got on your wifi, i had no access to your passwords
but that was you, this would be MY tablet and ME so it should know them right?
once you set it up, it will know them; but when you first get it out of the box and it's brand new no
but it'd still be mine and it should know them right away when i log into the wifi when i first sign on so i don't have to set it up
no and i'm really at a loss for words here, this is 100 times worse than when you asked if i was gonna install google on your laptop....

no, i could NOT continue that conversation......no way no how....nope.....

but alas, he topped that.....i set it up saturday after it arrived and called him to let him know he could pick it up on his way home from the park with his dogs.....i was telling him i'd show him a few things since it wasn't a tablet from hell and he could do more with it.....he mentioned youtube and i said yes, i put the youtube app on his home screen....then:

when you go to youtube it'll be the mobile version, so you'll have to take a few minutes to figure out where what is
why is it the mobile version? [that is a valid question]
i dunno, i think you should be able to get the full version via firefox on the tablet but if you go to youtube via firefox you still get the mobile version
what's the difference?
you'll notice that the site is more condensed to fit on a narrow, smaller screen, that's the easiest way to describe it
does it being mobile mean i can go to another city and get it?
[i could not even laugh, i was and i think still am, quite shocked] you could go to siberia and get youtube
is that the mobile version?
um, let me know when you get here


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