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well today was a waste....i coughed a bit yesterday and that hurt then and i'll get to the EW part of that in a bit, but today i didn't cough at all but FUCK do my ribs hurt...so no project work....well not pen to paper work....nor typing....but lots of thinkering....that might count? yeah, that probably does....maybe....i dunno...

eddie took persephone to the vet saturday morning....oh, check this out---yes, i'm gonna bebop and ramble and not one fuck is given----so eddie hadn't replied to my email friday when i told him that he had a 9:30am appointment at the vet so i of course left him a message on his answering machine but i figured i'd watch for his headlights in his driveway and then open the stairway window and yell over when he went to open his garage door---yeah, yelling at 11pm, i get to be disruptive every once in awhile and i DARE someone to say something cuz the ones next door to me would hear my mouth the most and they best not EVER say a fucking word to me...i know she wouldn't but HE best not and i don't think he would cuz he knows (yes, that'll be in a summer round up post).....so i'm in my bath room figuring i had time to brush my teeth before i had to start looking for his head lights and i look out the bathroom window and over in the new neighbor's yard---they live next door to the condemned house and they're NOT misfits....not everyone around here is a misfit toy....

anyway, i see something moving next to their side porch but the lighting was bad there as the street light was lighting the street (duh) and i could see it looked white but it didn't move like a possum and if it was a cat it was injured cuz it was not moving like cat....it was moving like an anteater.....i go out with the camera but it was really cold and the cold air made my ribs hurt so no decent pix but it was A SKUNK!!!! really fascinating to watch.....they moved along their side yard covering like every inch....if there wasn't a car in the condemned house's driveway (his co-worker parks there so they can car pool) i would have went up on the condemned house's porch to watch the skunk from a safer distance.....the car blocked that view though.....moved just like an ant eater....the guy and neighbor came home and the guy gets out of my neighbor's car and says "why are you trying to take pix of my car?" "uh, dafuq? there's a skunk there dude" "where?" "he just went UNDER your car, look" and he looked and freaked out and i told him to chill out before we all got sprayed.....the skunk worked his way out of from under the car going back towards a huge pile of leaves in that driveway and that guy got in his car and PEELED OUT....cuz i mean SKUNK.....i wonder how he deals with spiders??

my neighbor and me watched the skunk the best we could---it was really dark back there....we think the skunk burrowed into the pile of leaves....i walked back a bit and couldn't see him at all....but i heard the leaves rustling.....i've always known there's been skunks around here cuz i've smelled them....but i've never seen one before....so that was fascinating....my neighbor was telling me about one of the squirrels he saw and i said that had to be one of the idiot squirrel brothers----dubbed that because well, they're idiot squirrel brothers.....no, that's not PC, but i've never been PC....i think it was like 15 years or so i was at the vet and i was calling whoever i had taken in a fucktard and someone in the waiting room got all uppity with me saying that wasn't politically correct and how dare i and i said fuck being politically correct and how dare they try to stop my freedom of speech while probably flying an american flag....one of the vet workers put a stop to anything else being said by injecting "tia's not politically correct and that's how we love her".....now PC is worse than ever.....don't like what someone says, don't listen....being politically correct is fucktarded.....

where was i? no clue....oh yeah...skunk watching....of COURSE edward was late getting home from work....cuz yeah, of course....so i called him when he finally got home to ensure he knew he had that appointment and he said he had tried to phone me to tell me he saw the email---cuz hitting reply was too difficult? since he didn't have his cell phone he didn't remember my phone # correctly.....i can't say ANYTHING about that, because i have NO IDEA what eddie's cell phone # is....i know his home #....but not his cell #.....so i DO understand that.....he had my old cell # memorized cuz i had that # for like 15 years....but thanks to creeper peeper and some middle aged bored cunts i had to get it changed last year....

the vet found 2 MORE puncture wounds on persephone in the same area....so she had 3 puncture wounds....they didn't want to stitch them because of the risk they might seal in infection even though they flushed them out....they said they'd heal on their own though.....she has an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory and pain pills....he got her chicken nuggets from burger king after the vet and she didn't want to eat them until he hand fed her them.....then sunday she would only eat chicken he grilled for her (george foreman grill)....she prefers to stay in her crate still---the door is always open on it.....poor girl....

the woman who's dog attacked persephone had said she'd pay the bill if she had to go to the vet but now she's not answering the door.....that doesn't surprise me sadly.....

so saturday i made some cookies and banana bread....now yes, i used butter because i HAVE butter and that's expensive so i thought i should use it.....the cookie recipe had 1/2 cup butter....i had TWO cookies yesterday (recipe made 15 total) thinking the butter would be distributed enough throughout it wouldn't affect my dairy allergy that bad.....oh fuck no of course not!!! about 10 minutes later my nose started running and that's fine, i can deal with that.....but then a short bit later, COUGHING....oh fuck fuck fuck FUCK......

i put my hand over the area my 2 ribs are popped out while coughing and i could FEEL them moving around and that was just EW! it also felt like they were gonna come thru my skin cuz i was coughing so hard.....FUCK!!!! no more cookies with butter.....of course eddie doesn't use butter....i'm giving my remaining 2 boxes of 4 sticks each to neighbors.....land of lakes---expensive! though i got it on sale at bj's with a coupon....but still....no, i'm GIVING it freely....

i'll get some earth balance sticks to try in baking.....i DO like the earth balance spread.....and i have crisco for other baking.....i'll stock up on nutritional yeast too so i can make faux cheese sauce....

oh get this....a couple weeks ago i went into the bank to make a deposit and i was telling the teller i had been on google maps the night before and saw they were still listed by their old name so i made a suggested edit to google maps with their new name and their hours had been way way wrong and i corrected them in my edit too.....the teller then was telling me how their branch had been trying to deal with google for the past year (they got bought by another back last october) to get their listing on google maps changed to their new name and the hours changed and google did nothing......they said they faxed, mailed, but they never did the suggest an edit on the google maps....i said, well let's see if they'll accept that as they have to approve the edits submitted....lo and behold google maps DID update the bank info on google maps with my submitted suggested edit and today in the mail i got a thank you note from the bank!! i thought that was very nice of them!!

no snow yet....thank goodness.....gotta get jt (eddie's son) over here to clean out the gutters and pile up the right kind of salt for the back porch roof.....yes, plan b for that this year instead of heated gutters....honestly the idea of heated gutters sort of scares of me.....electrical things have ALWAYS made me nervous....but that REALLY makes me nervous....yeah, i know the heat tape is water/weather proof....it'd be installed by an electrician....but but....i have a very very extreme fear of electrical things---and this has always been, even before eddie's house fire....

i HOPE i can get my singular filled wednesday.....i got it filled on the 28 last month and insurance usually lets you get it filled 3 days before that date.....i run out on saturday....i don't like to go without singular....i'll be DAMNED if i go out this weekend baring a furbaby emergency---giving everyone a side eye......NOT SAFE!!!! TOTAL FUCKING LUNATICS RACING TO STORES!!!! You do NOT need cheap crap made by child labor in china to give to some relative you probably don't really like anyway to somehow validate yourself!!! And yeah, merry fucking christmas cuz baby jesus and christianity is the religion of peace while we demand you say our greeting no matter your beliefs and our religion will make laws based on it and gosh aren't muslims all terrorists and those sharia laws based on religion are terrible.....uh huh......

if you're an evangelical christian, go live in the middle east.....seriously....you taint the MAJORITY of christians worldwide with your extremism....same with the extremist muslims....go live in the middle east.....i heard syria's nice.....yeah....there ya go.....go set up camp and force your beliefs on the islamic state.....good luck.....no i don't mean that.....i rescind that totally.....no 'good luck' for y'all!!!

gotta take eddie to pick up his car tomorrow down the street a bit....he's getting a remote start installed.....he checked with the huyndai fucks and they SAID it didn't void any of his warranties but i still bet they'd claim it did when push came to shove.....then i'm coming straight back home....have to fill bird feeders tomorrow.....and must work on my projects!!! i've decided to delay publishing the one---i was gonna serialize it.....nah, i'll just publish it a day or 2 before christmas but i still want to finish it soon.....the other 2 projects i DO need to get done soon.....

people are reserving their hotel rooms for our convention next summer....yeah, we'll be in cleveland a month before the RNC.....everything should be nice and spiffy.....

i gotta try to figure out what the fuck i can eat at a chinese buffay.....i do want to go back to that one at dinner....i know i can have shrimp sushi or basically any kind of sushi.....hot and sour soup should be okay....hmmmm....fucking bad dairy allergy.....FFS! i read that allergies might go away as you age, not GET WORSE!!! oh wait, i'm not normal....okay, that makes sense then.....

talking longer than 30 minutes really hurts too....i talked to eddie about 20 minutes saturday, then a bit later another friend called me and we talked about a half hour and ow!! yeah, that hurt...

i can't cross stitch with my ribs like this---too much right arm movement....but i hope in a couple weeks i can a bit cuz i'd like to whip up a quick ornament for my new neighbors....sure i could buy 'em one, but i'd like to make 'em one.....i made 'em a housewarming gift for their housewarming party....cross stitching is one thing i will say i can do half way decent....

think i'll go to bed early and try to get up early.....and try again tomorrow!


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Nov. 24th, 2015 02:26 am (UTC)
Allergies are just weird
sabotabby wrote just yesterday that her chocolate allergy manifested itself just last year.

And I was never allergic to penicillin as a kid, but about ten years ago I broke out in a rash from ampicillin (a member of the -cillin family, meaning a doctor will never prescribe any of them for me, using an alternative antibiotic instead.)

Allergies are just weird.
Dec. 11th, 2015 12:31 am (UTC)
Re: Allergies are just weird
allergies are VERY weird!! i never had ANY allergies til i moved ohio and i lived in a horribly polluted city----i mean to the point it's a huge cancer cluster area, the sky was often black with soot, the soot coated the grass, etc.....get to ohio---no such pollutions and i have seasonal allergies...dafuq??

and my dairy allergy just went into high gear recently....annoying!! i've send tried the earth balance sticks in baking and you'd never know it wasn't butter so YEAH!!!
Nov. 24th, 2015 09:52 pm (UTC)
holy hell, woman, imagine being in your 50's and finding that you're allergic to a HELLA amount of "normal" food. celery. who the fuck is allergic to celery?? me. *eyeroll*

*internet hugs never hurt* :D and i would throw a fit if i couldn't have butter. BUT if you use chicken broth when you make mashed potatoes, it gives them a good flavor.
Dec. 11th, 2015 12:35 am (UTC)
i have slathered butter on EVERYTHING forever....(i've also been lax on replying but i'm buried in stuff and hey now, let's give tia a few more things to do cuz hey why not?!) .....the earth balance spread is good and i've since tried the sticks in baking and you'd never know it wasn't butter!!!

i rarely make mashed potatoes.....i have issues with chicken broth---why is 99.99% of them ladened with ONION?? why can't you just find CHICKEN broth??? ya know?? i know i know rhetorical question...but still....

nope internet hugs never hurt! ((hugs))
Dec. 11th, 2015 12:39 am (UTC)
because onion tastes good?

and make your own chicken broth, silly wench! :D

i know you've been hella busy. i got my shopping done, i just gotta MAIL shit now. one box to each of my kids, a box to the SIL et al, and cards.

i can deal with that. oh, and figuring out WTF happened with one of the things i ordered online, i got an email promising my tracking number...with no tracking number. egads.

and fold clothes on saturday while the cleaning lady cleans. egads again.

hoping you're feeling better!!
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