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today had to have been shitty parking day....got my RXs from the doctor's office---parking was fine there....then i went to klein's and that's a small difficult parking lot to begin with, but someone parked half way out in the spot right in front of the doors so you could barely get around the store and then some jack ass there was taking up 3 parking spots with his truck.....parallel parking and he just parked straight across....had to park behind the building blocking the alley, cuz well fuck it, that's why....went in and NO ONE WAS IN THERE....aside from the workers....they had to have been next door at the medical supply side....dropped 'em off and said i was going to kriegers....i told 'em about the parking, one lady went out and said it looked like a demo derby had been there...good description!!!

go to kriegers and dafuq is going on??? more make your own parking!! another demo derby? i have no idea what was going on with parking today at places....shopped there, then back to kleins to get my prescriptions---parking lot still a mess---then i had to stop at the bank and yep....make your own parking again....north akron savings people's bank's lot is really straight forward...but oh hell no....not today....i went in and a cashier was actually looking out the window at the parking and said when the security guy (off duty APD) got back from lunch they were going to have him out there since people were having issues today....i told her it was ALL OVER!!! we mused as to what could be causing it and had no idea....i mean it's really windy today so people parked as if the wind blew their vehicles? nah....but people are really fucking dumb so that was a maybe.....

it's only EDWARD i can't hear on the phone....he called me when i was leaving today and i have to practically stick the phone in my ear canal and i STILL can't hear him....i know goddamn well he's not talking 'normal' on purpose.....ONLY HIM.....anyway....hyundai is really fucking him over....yeah, so now i have to deal with them....i need his VIN # now though....mother fuckers fucking with my peoples.....this mofo at the dealer claimed he fully explained ALL the warranties to eddie and FILMED IT as proof and eddie says NO and that there is no fucking way he'd have agreed to this one warranty had he explained it fully and eddie can be an edward, but i KNOW him and i know damn well he would NOT have agreed this one as it's bullshit and this guy said he can't cancel it and it's "just $500" and eddie said he wanted to see the film as proof and gee, the guy has to "look for it"....uh huh....and then of course eddie's bumper started to fall off a few weeks after getting it and one of his many warranties didn't cover THAT either....brand fucking new car.....2015 model....12 miles on it.....oh no we don't cover that...you gotta go to a body shop....oh you fucks.....yeah, they're fucked.....they fucked over the wrong person.....do NOT mess with my peoples!!!! and yes, eddie got a new car and i was NOT involved with it AT ALL!!!! gold star for him there....he actually researched cars....i was busy at that time planning an event for an author in cleveland and finished a big cross stitch project for aforementioned author.....so eddie knew i was busy---and for once didn't add to it!!

spoke with the hotel manager and they sent me the agreement for our conference.....i'm sending that back in the morning and they should have our special page up to make reservations with our special code---i picked something special that amuses us all greatly---hopefully tomorrow....yeah it's not til next summer but people are excited already!!

no, i honestly don't know why/how i'm in charge of a conference with people coming from all over the US and overseas....oh wait...yeah, i volunteered....yeah, that's how that happened.....it'll be fine....i did most of my work with my conference proposal.....gotta confirm our group dinner reservation---if we go over 100 people we will have a problem, that space only has a max. occupancy of 100 people, so i'll ask about that----make a page for info, etc and work with some others on having welcome goodie bags, need a particular hard to find liquor for a toast, and yeah, it'll be fine....even with me in charge....hah! yeah, they know me too.....i know i know, surprising to me too.....i found my peoples on the internets!!!

i told edward he was pet sitting for me those dates and he said he'd take my dogs walking....NO!!!! dude NO!!!!!! he could take poli around the neighborhood if she's recovered; but pan no way no how NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!! he refuses to let it sink in that pan is deathly allergic to bees and he said "but i can give her the shot" yes but then you STILL have 20 minutes to get her to the vet or SHE WILL DIE "oh i guess i won't walk pan" yeah could you NOT please cuz i don't want to be up in cleveland for 4 days worried if my dog is gonna die or not.....i mean of COURSE he wouldn't want to hurt my dogs....but pan cannot be walked due to BEES!!!! poli has an ACL injury and needs surgery but needs to loose 3 more pounds first.....ALMOST there.....at least he won't fuck with the cats....oh fuck....they can only have their hard food due to martha's IBS...(though don't tell martha, if she's downstairs i will sneak some different food to gypsy)...fuck, i can see him giving them 'treats'....FFS.....i should just fucking pay to board poli & pan at the vet and then tell eddie if he gives the cats treats i will KNOW as martha's IBS will flare up and he will PAY for her depo shot and take her to the vet for it! he makes the easiest things so difficult....i mean if he told me not to do whatever with his pets when i watch them i WOULD....i've just put a note in my tablet to remind me before the conference to hide poli and pan's collars and leashes....HAH!!!! oh wait.....there we go....i put in another note to remind me to go hide his extra leashes and collars!!! is this normal??? no...no it's not....

i don't have a normal life....yeah, i know this....real fucking understatement eh?

think i'll make our conference site tomorrow....shouldn't take long....html is one of the few useful things i've learned....along with shorthand....course i taught myself html....learned shorthand in high school....need to find some ads for tomorrow friday the 13th vintage ads special event and our weekend events.....since that's my community, i should participate....though it does well on it's own....

best get ready for bed...yeah....start now.....then it takes a few hours cuz i bebop around....i'd call edward on the way home to email me his vin # but that could be painful....then he'd turn into a chatty cathy probably....think i'm gonna have too...i could have went over there to get it but i would have to have dealt with the alarm and his house is probably colder than outside...and it's cold out!! i'll email HIM and then call him telling him to reply to that with his VIN # cuz he'd mess up my email addy.....he rarely checks his email....i'll have to tell him to hit 'reply'.....this isn't normal....fuck....someone the other night said my life was like a bunch of SNL skits....

yeah, i've got a draft post covering a couple summer things....and yes, if you saw it on facebook before i deleted my FB, of course i'll cover the fuckwit on the rock and how could i ever leave out me losing my temper? i disappointed the neighbors last year and didn't lose my temper...but i made up for it this year....and i snapped after july 21st, my usually 'snap' date....but everyone knew it was coming this year and they were surprised i lasted as long as i did as it was INTOLERABLE.....

definitely live in a parallel universe.....somewhere i'm having a 'normal' life....but i think i'd find that rather boring....maybe? dunno....probably....i shouldn't think about it....


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