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new layout.....

if you aren't reading this on your LJ friend's page, yes, i changed my layout....was thinkering about it and finally decided i best do it today as i'm gonna be quite busy and best to do it NOW....

i have 2 semi quick 'ops' to do, one should just take about a day....the other maybe a couple....then i gotta contact someone in LA about another potential op....and um, yeah, there's gonna be a convention in cleveland next june....gotta get our convention page set up with the hotel so people can start reserving rooms--the hotel sets that up after i sign a convention group rate block agreement (that doesn't cost anything), double check with the place that i arranged for our group dinner, and put together a website with all the info and have a page where people can find others to share a hotel room with to share the cost....the website shouldn't take long....

but i'll be on convention duty until after the event to address anyone's questions/concerns/etc as i'm the person for cleveland and i organized the proposal and volunteered....should be about 75-100....might get a few people from overseas....should be a good time!! (ETA: someone is coming from Norway!! YEAH!!!)

and then of course i have my xmas writing project that i want to start serializing december 1st...um...haven't started it---writing it down that is....

alright...need to set some things up for a couple ops, start our convention webpage, and whatever else i can juggle around....

gotta go up and get a couple RXs from the doctor tomorrow, then take 'em to klein's and wait for them to fill 'em....my dr's office can't electronically send tramadol refills so i have to pick it up in person....i'm also one of those weirdos who won't drive on friday the 13th....so unless it's a furbaby emergency i'm not going anywhere....

have some draft entries here i'll eventually finish....

but hey, new layout eh?? and i haven't missed facebook one bit!! surprising!! very very nice to have it out of my life...should have deleted it when i first thought of it last january!!!


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Nov. 11th, 2015 10:44 pm (UTC)
tramadol is a "sheduled" drug...means it has a risk of addiction/abuse, so they won't let doctors call it in any longer. i feel for you, i have 3 drugs of that class (tramadol, lunesta for sleep, soma for muscle pain/spasms) that i have to hand-carry from the dr's office to the pharmacy.

at least my doctor will write for 3 months at a time, some doctors won't, and i FEEL for those patients.

today was running about for me, too. including the pharmacy (who have NOT unscrewed my records from NINE months ago about a medication i am no longer taking) and new computer glasses (i can SEE!!!!), and a dirt devil stick vac to clean up messes where the damn piggies throw their hay about LOL.

and sheets washing, so i can have clean sheets tonight. that's always a big plus in my life!
Nov. 11th, 2015 11:19 pm (UTC)
actually i asked klein's (my pharmacy) about that once and THEY will except it via doctor's offices electronically....my dr. has said when she tries to send it electronically her system prevents her---it's her office that won't let her...so i think SOME offices CAN send it that way....she HAS to write it with no refills....she writes it 3 X day though and it's RARE i take it that often....so it lasts me a couple months....

okay i'd be pissed if they couldn't fucking straighten that out!! DAFUQ?!?!?

i have an eye exam saturday.....my glasses--which i hate wearing but have to wear a lot this time of year cuz eyes are so dry don't fit anymore (too stretched) and they can't be bent back anymore.....need a new pair.....might get a pair of RX sun glasses too....well at least see how much they are....since i have to wear glasses so much during the winter....

OMFG, here's an edwardism for you...he was trying to tell me i could NOT get glasses how my eye dr. said i could a couple years ago---mind you she SAID I COULD....she said if i wanted, i could get bifocals with NO prescription in the bifocal part because basically when i wear my glasses i just take them off when i read something or do cross stitch......i didn't want that as i'd find it confusing.....edward said you can't get glasses like that and that the bottom half of bifocals need to be a magnifier lens and i just need reading glasses....um, dude, i can see perfect without glasses provided it's not further than a foot or so away....oh no, edward the eye doctor said i need reading glasses....i asked him what TRI FOCALS were then and he said 3 kinds of magnifying glasses....he wears bifocals by the way.....he also TAKES THEM OFF TO READ......

i gotta get to your LJ to see your pix of the piggies---woefully behind, i apologize!!!

seriously, getting into a freshly made bed is one of life's simple pleasures!!
Nov. 11th, 2015 11:26 pm (UTC)
edward just needs a pool noodle upside the head every time he tries to talk. *eyeroll*

i'm nearsighted, with astigmatism and wee little baby cataracts. (that is a direct quote from my eye doctor, who is a hoot.) i need a prism for distance. i do NOT need a prism for computer, and i take my glasses entirely off to read a book or use the tablet. so, yeah. just my LENSES for the distance? two hundred and sixty dollars. i got the cheapest frames i could find for the computer glasses and at lenscrafters they're dong the 40% off the lenses if you buy the frames...it was still two sixteen because i have to have the really thin lens for really fucked eyes LOL

the piggies are WONDERFUL. and they're NOT loud babies...no squealing, just little chirpy noises! they scared the hell out of al the other night because they were JUMPING. yeah, they do that, dear. normal behavior. *eyeroll*
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