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wedding report....

saturday i went to a wedding and reception with eddie....it was one of his brother's step daughter's wedding...we both got spiffed up.....yeah, this is spiffed up for both of us....behind us is eddie's new car....and that was at the church, that really didn't look like a church---well in a traditional sense....


the bride had her father and gary (step father) walk her down the aisle together which was very nice....her mom passed away a couple years ago....wasn't a long wedding, nor 'churchy' if you know what i mean....they had someone sing a couple songs and they had an excellent voice....eddie was playing photographer....i took his memory card when he dropped me at home and you'll denote i have none of his pix of the wedding here....i did take his camera from him to try to video the singer during her second song and i discovered that his camera---we have the same model--won't stay focused, of course his photos always have had an issue being focused even before he got this one.....later when i told him this, he said he thought he got the focus fucked up when he took a tumble down a muddy slope with the camera in the spring....um, alrightie then (he had focus issues before that though....)...

after the wedding and we were out in the lobby if i had a dollar for every time someone said to me or i over heard "tia's not in shorts or wearing a bandana" i would have had a lot of dollars.....

i had eddie take a pix of me proving i was in a church and survived! and yeah, not fully in focus....

PB070400 copy

when the bride and groom were leaving i took the camera from him to ensure there was at least ONE in focus pix of them on his camera (and having seen his memory card this is the only one so yeah, his camera DOES have real focus issues from the fall---oh he said the camera got full of mud too! FFS!!!---but it IS capable of taking in focus photos, if not in the hands of eddie...)....she's wearing a vera wang dress....


at the reception i was, of course, at a table with eddie, but also with his other 2 brothers.....gary and his girlfriend and pete with his wife....i discovered that a lot of eddie's 'edwarness' is hereditary.....pete's wife was trying to video the bride and groom enter and pete started asking her a question that was totally not wedding related....she rolled her eyes and said "every time i try to video" and i said ME TOO ME TOO watch some of my concert vids on youtube and you get eddie asking me weird ass shit sometimes!!! then she was trying to explain how a website worked to him and he did NOT 'get it' at all and ME TOO ME TOO!!!

they had an open bar at the reception....zero drink limit....only one kind of beer and about a dozen kinds of hard liquor.....i just drank water....our table was filled with bar drinks....eddie was getting two at a time....his brother gary had a flask of jack daniels honey and he was topping off a glass of straight jack with that....not a SHOT of jack, he had them pour a glass of straight jack.....

the matron of honor had a 3 page speech...there were 6 best men and each of them gave a speech, thankfully short....as the food was out and waiting for us...the next to last best man was REALLY REALLY drunk--they had done shots after the wedding photos---and he kept going on and on and it was really funny cuz he kept saying "let's have a toast" again and again and eddie kept egging him on....the dj tried to get him to pass the mic but he kept going "let me speak man, this is my boy's big day" and eddie "LET HIM SPEAK!!!".....

after the bridal party went thru the buffay our table was next....really good food....the potatoes were awesome....there was also asparagus (fresh not canned) and chicken, sausage and peppers, and roast beef....salads and rolls were on the table.....of course cake...and cupcakes...and a table with lots of candy to make up candy bags to take home.....

eddie and i left around 8:30.....snuck out when everyone went out on the dance floor....


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Nov. 11th, 2015 02:10 am (UTC)
You both scrub up exceedingly well!! You look really lovely in these photos xxx
Nov. 11th, 2015 11:26 pm (UTC)
why thank you! :)
Nov. 12th, 2015 01:19 am (UTC)
You both look great when "spiffed up". :)

And I can only hope he wasn't the only one photographing that wedding. LOL
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