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friday thru monday......

let's see friday was my valium dr. appointment in the dreaded garfield hts.....edward had the day off so he took me...now what could have been an hour round trip had to turn into a tour cuz i mean, gee, i had to then find a buffay to go too.....insert eye roll....i was looking online thursday for one up there and i was on the phone with a friend and i had to pause her as i was gonna crack up and i didn't want her to think i was laughing at her....now, i'm a dark twisted soul (and water is wet) so this made me laugh because it's sadistic as fuck....in garfield hts there's a polish food place named Sophie's Choice Cafe.....and yes, sophie was polish....i mean, DAFUQ?! i would have loved to have gone there, even though they were in garfield hts, but no, of course edward wouldn't want to go cuz they aren't a BUFFAY.....i seriously must go there sometime!!!

get to the valium doctor, they had candy out, he picks up a pack of smarties, unrolls the wrapper and puts them all in his mouth at once....dude...."that's how you're suppose to eat them"....well, they have FLAVORS...."no they don't" ....YES THEY DO!...and the dr. called me back and he had heard that and i said he's one of the reasons i need valium....i then told him about the keyboard/control panel phone call....no, my dosage wasn't increased....but he gave eddie a side eye thru the door....

got out of there early and the buffay was 15 minutes away and opened at 11...it was 10:30....yeah, let's make it an all day field trip....never fear though!! eddie's GPS is either a piece of shit or he can't read it properly ---or a combo of both....cuz he took the wrong highway....we end up getting there at 11...i made edward NOT change the radio station when billy joel came on....i torture right back...unfortunately i found a fantastic buffay and now he wants to go up there at least twice a month now....now i'll go for dinner and once more for lunch....but no....i'm fed up with years of buffays.....anyway....if you're in NE Ohio it's Kumo AKA Hong Kong Buffayet at 1975 Snow Rd. in i dunno...parma? middleburg hts? figure it out....but for lunch it was $6.99 and if you like sushi they had over a dozen different kinds out, the largest dessert selection i'd ever seen in a chinese buffay, the grill to get stuff cooked, a WIDE variety of chinese dishes out, american food....all fresh, hot, excellent service and why the fuck did i find that?!?!? GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then we leave and i think YEAH!!! HOME!!!! he wanted to wander to the hallmark next door to see if they had grinch stuff out...NO! dude i'm not doing a 3 hour tour!!! then there was a giant eagle in the plaza "i need to go to giant eagle" uh huh you can go to the one by us when you drop me off at home cuz you'd be a pokey puppy in there as it's not like ours and they'd have different stuff and i will seriously just leave you here.....he then realized i have a key to his car....we went home....i do NOT like shopping with edward....he actually can make the pokey puppy seem fast....i just like to go in, get what i need, get out....i will dilly dally a bit in a thrift store....but 97% of the time get me out fast!!! and i think that one there was a market district store and that just attracts hipsters and i would have had to have punched one of 'em or something....i did remind eddie that he found hipsters annoying too and "oh yeah, they stand there drinking their beer in the produce department discussing fruit like it's gold or something getting in everyone's way" BINGO!!!

that reminds me, i gotta upload my america videos from may.....memorial day weekend.....2nd row center....always a fantastic show....moondog we were in the front row.....cuz we're seat snobs apparently....not apparently, we are....

today martha thought it'd be a GREAT day for a IBS flare up....she got a depo shot in sept. for it....so off to the vet we went cuz gee, i had just been there saturday....she got her depo shot and discussing it with the dr. no more canned food....she'd only get a wee bit but some flavors would upset her IBS, etc and no one needs canned food to take medicine, so we're gonna go cold turkey with the canned food, but i'm gonna give them their REGULAR food in their special spots in the bathroom (uh treat? like eating dinner on a tv tray?) and the dr. said i could moisten it too....i will feel bad, but they told not too---i still will...but i know i can be strict about it as i have been very strict with poli's diet....hopefully with only the hard food as her diet that will keep it under control...

went to check out and discovered that even though it was just saturday Mabuse was ready to come home!!! so whereas i grumbled about taking martha in today, i obviously would have went anyway as i could have never left Mabuse there knowing she was ready to come home....i've had kitties cremated before but i've never had a tin this small before...it's 2 1/2 x 4....but she was a teeny kitty with a huge presence and she is now home....


today was discombobulated....i got stuff i gotta get done outside...and i think this week is 'it' weather wise....after a couple errands tomorrow i gotta get to work outside...and of course my back has decided it's a great time to start bugging me....you'd think my 3 months of PT this summer would have lasted? yes i do my home exercises...if the remaining trees could drop their leaves that would be great cuz i gotta get eddie's son over to clean my gutters out....then i'm gonna get like 200# of the right kind of salt for the back porch roof and put the ladder up against it and yeah, do without heated gutters this winter....also gonna bring a bucket of that salt up into this room cuz i could toss it out onto the back porch roof from the one window here.....might get a roof shovel too...gotta look at them at home depot first and talk to someone there about the reach, etc....

then i got some things i gotta work on and finish in the next day or two....have to complete a convention proposal and have a couple calls out and emails and should have that done probably wednesday at the latest....yeah a convention....no, not for the land of misfit toys, but gee, we could have one i suppose....i could at least give tours....when we were coming back friday eddie turned onto dayton place from dayton and i pointed out the 2 houses on either side and how in the one a guy was brutally murdered (unsolved, though the APD think it was drug related) and the other one a refugee hung themselves from a tree in the front yard....then i was telling eddie about the houses on dayton place and he's like "damn you've told me this all before but now i know what house is what and it's like this place had an indian curse or something" ....he might be onto something....indians DID live here several hundred years ago....i told him sometime i'll do that for robinette and he said "damn i dunno"....i mean i've told him the stuff, he's SEEN stuff thru the years visiting me, especially across the street....he does know about his street too....we might have an indian curse...that might explain that yard a couple up from me....you couldn't PAY ME to go in that yard ever again!! that was downright scary!!

and.....i have a couple 'ops' i gotta get done in the next week or 2 and i have a christmas writing project....i also want to change my LJ layout but can't decide between like 4 of them....getting it down to 4 selections is pretty good though.....should have worked on my xmas writing project last month....i started it though and i DO know how it ends....so uh that might count for something? nah....i'm sure it doesn't....

have gotten some emails saying i HAVE to come back to facebook---these are from peoples not FB....um, no, i don't....i don't miss it one iota.....i thought i'd miss it a little bit, but not one teeny bit AT ALL.....it's actually really really nice....i would highly recommend people delete their FB too!!

oops....i gotta get ready for bed....i'll post a couple summer greatest hits tomorrow if i have time....i have warned everyone no more vet trips this week!!! yes of course i'd go if i had too.....


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Nov. 3rd, 2015 09:31 pm (UTC)
yeah, i am not about the buffet restaurants, either. :/ although there is one that i don't mind too much because they have japanese food, too, and probably 20+ types of sushi. that's pretty nifty.

gahhh pets, and i gotta change out the cage for the piggies shortly. but they're sleeping. :/

tired and cranky and probably hungry too. fun, fun, fun.
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