May 17th, 2021

cat--black with lavender background

It's coming...

...I see more and more cottonwood fluffs floating around. This morning my voice was coming and going. I'm starting to feel overwhelmingly tired, but I don't have sore joints, nor the little man ice picking away in my throat yet. Almost tho! Last year it hit me May 22. It first started to happen mid-June, but has gotten progressively sooner. I hate this. My Dr. said to message her when I feel "cottonwoody" and she'll send in a RX for antibiotics. I hope she's in this week.

In case you're new here, I have an atypical allergic reaction to cottonwood that mimics mono. Yeah, really. Started about 8 or so years ago, maybe 10. Just know it's been too many. First happened and my Dr said she was 99.99999% sure I had mono, she'd never seen me so sick looking. Test was negative. She Rx'd antibiotics, started to get better in 3 days. Next year, same time of year, same thing. Test for strep, negative. Uh? Antibiotics, again, improvement. 3rd year she asks me to wait to see if I get better on my own. I got worse and worse. 4th year, okay, WTF is going on here?!?! Oh look cottonwood is floating around and I'm allergic to that. I have the highest possible reactions to it when she did an allergen blood test, all my allergies, I have the highest possible reactions according to the test. I hate the cottonwood tho. Exactly like mono.

Gotta get AC in bedroom window tomorrow cuz it'll be in the 80s. Planted some seeds in front of fence, need to finish that. Pixie was over at Eddie's all afternoon playing with Hades, Chessy, and Rat Dog. Hammy played a bit. Persephone is on lockdown due to a leg injury. Hades, Chessy, and Rat Dog are the most playful tho. Pixie was a very good girl. Should put up dining room screens too. Get some more seeds planted before cottonwood fuckery starts.

Need to plant in garden but some of it might get buggered a bit the next couple days. Some work needs done below my yard and my yard is the easiest way to access it.

Also need to get fans out/ready for 'the girls'. Pan, Poli, and Pixie will each have a wind tunnel. The freezer has doggy ice cream, oh I bet Pixie has never had that!!!

Have so much to do; but trying to do what really needs done before essentially my now annual mono-like cottonwood allergy hits. Fuck-a-doodle-do!