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Unsociable Social Worker

Went to Giant Eagle today. Get in the cashier's lane and there was just one lady checking out in front of me. She was wearing a lanyard that had SOCIAL WORKER in all caps and very bold. Her last item was a $100 'Happy Dining' gift card. It wouldn't scan. Cashier even put in the numbers manually. She quickly went back to the gift card area and got another as perhaps that one was 'wonky'. That one didn't work either. Cashier gets CSM and gosh, GE no longer carries those. So instead of paying for her other things, and then going to get a different card, she says "I'll go see what else looks good". Then took off, by this time, 2 other people were in line behind me, and all my items (excluding cat litter) were on the conveyor belt.

She took so long the cashier was getting the CSM to come over to void her entire order so the even more people in line could check out. Social, I mean SOCIAL WORKER, returned EXACTLY before it got voided. She was huffy about that. Knowing cashiers can't say anything, I said "You knew there was people in line, and you go take your time, that's inconsiderate to shoppers and cashiers." "But I was here first!" I just blurted out "KAREN ALERT!!" and people started to laugh. She was not amused. Her long stalked prey of a gift card scanned and she was leaving, I tossed another barb at her "You're a really unsociable social worker, couldn't even say sorry or excuse me". No response. She works for Summa. I've encountered a social worker there, it might be a requirement for hiring them: are you an unsociable person? Can you pass this 'Am I a Karen?' quiz on Buzzfeed? GREAT! You're now a SOCIAL WORKER!!!

We JUST had thunderstorm, more lightening than thunder tho. I'd have been inclined to go take some pix or video; but alas my internets went out and for some reason AT&T, even tho I have unlimited data on my phone, throttles it while you're inside and your home wifi is down. Uh?? Couldn't get a website to load to see if there was an outage in the area. I think there temporarily was, as when I called Rectum (that's how Spectrum is in my phone) there was a 45 minute hold time.

Windsor IS going to the vet tomorrow. Have to get up early, as it's an 8:30 appointment. Not his regular doctor; but they're all good. That little dick decided to FINALLY go downstairs immediately AFTER I got off the phone with the vet!! He went down to the basement and I put out fresh fancy feast hard food for him. He had a few bites. I think he might have some back arthritis as he hasn't washed his back half. I denoted he hadn't been yowling since he's been upstairs; but right now back in the basement I hear him yowling. I have no idea why.

He's not gonna be happy tomorrow, as he gets really stressed going to the vet; but if he has arthritis then we can start him on pain meds for it. He's having what is called a "Geriatric Visit", same price as regular visit, but you can discuss geriatric concerns. If you saw Windsor he doesn't look 17.

Took Pan to Eddie's today, noticed her one hand was sorta very very slightly turned inward. Remembered on our walk home that she has some kind of polyp (not right word) between her toes. Dr. found it a few years back. Only solution for that is toe removal, and even then when she was in good health, he said if it didn't bug her there's no need for such a drastic step. It didn't bug her then. She couldn't have surgery now.

Pixie was pleased cuz after I got Pan home I took her over to Eddie's. She's just happy to see him; but she had other dogs to play with and try to get to chase her. She was happy.

I REALLY hope this storm will cool things down. I'd like to give my bedroom AC a break, it's been going 24/7. If I turn it off when it's in the 90s, without my trees, it gets up to the high 70s in there before noon.

Few didn't, but I liked the movie Xanadu and the soundtrack is awesome! RIP Olivia Newton-John. I thought Grease was 'okay'; much preferred Xanadu. Have some of her 45s.

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Too damn hot

Still no rain. Hot. Humid as fuck. Meteorologist's pay should be dock if they're incorrect even 50% of the time, since they average to be wrong 90% of the time.

I sat outside for a few hours today, in the shade and with gatorade, while Pixie was out. If I'm not outside with her she'll either just sit at the backdoor, or will get into something she shouldn't. She mostly stayed in the shade, and obviously had a full water dish. Due to bees, not to mention her age, Pan only comes out for potty breaks and then after I get dinner in the oven or started on the stove, they've been getting doggy ice cream on that outside break.

I'm not gonna get Pixie a playmate until after Pan passes, and I don't want to rush that AT ALL!! But I don't want to get another dog now and cause Pan stress. I could probably let the boopities be downstairs during the day now; but again, that would agitate Pan. Hecate is leery of her, plus I think 1/3 of her size, so he'd be able to get away on his own. Seriously think he's grown the past couple months.

Poor Hecate is stretched out in front of the 2 floor fans, they also have a tower fan.

Too damn hot to even think to type. Maybe it'll rain eventually, soon, and cool off a bit. 'twould be nice.
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quote--carry on

Rain rain come this way

THEY keep saying we're getting thunderstorms. Allegedly there were to be thunderstorms this morning. It hasn't rained all day. Weather people, the only people who can be wrong in their job 75% of the time and still keep their job.

Can hear fireworks downtown. The baseball team often has fireworks. I first thought it was thunder but alas no. More alleged rain in the next few days. Probably not a drop.

Windsor has been staying upstairs all during the day instead of going downstairs. Weird, but that's fine. He'd usually hang out in the basement as it's cooler. He's hydrated, eating fine, so that's good. He looks a little 'punky' though; but that could be heat and humidity. He is 17 after all. I think the boopities like having their big brother/dad figure upstairs with them. Obviously if I think something is medically amiss I'll call the vet about it.

Supposed to be almost 100 again tomorrow. Humidity is also very high. Hopefully next summer I have central air. Oh indeed I'd have the house very cold! Due to the size of my bedroom and that it faces the setting sun, I'd probably still have to have an AC unit in there. My ideal bedroom temp for sleeping is 55. In the summer I'm fine if it's 64, tho I'd prefer colder. I like lots of blankets and I use flannel sheets year round.

Hopefully subflooring prices have dropped, as once my kitchen is done, my contractor will put down subflooring right before I get lino in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Then I dunno how many days I'll have to go without my tub, but when the bathroom flooring and some drywall work is done, everything in there has to come out. Vanity, toilet, and yes, the 300# cast iron tub. I'll sand the outside and repaint it while it's out. I have a 1/2 bath in the basement. Should only be a couple days. I dunno how long it'll take to do the drywall in here, might be a few days. The price of subflooring DOUBLED from last year a few months ago. No, I don't blame Russia, I blame corporate greed, same as with the gas prices. Oil companies had record profits, to me that proves corporate greed. Fuckers.

I'm gonna have my contractor widen the dining room/kitchen doorway from 28" to 36" so I can get a real sized fridge. My back and side doors are 28". Front is 36" but alas that doorway is 28". Appliances aren't shrinking, tho I have a non-full sized fridge right now and it makes me have to go to the grocery store more often as it lacks the space I'm used too. That's fine, Howe Ave Giant Eagle is open and that's my preferred store.

You know you shop somewhere a lot when you pick up pop for a friend and the cashier says "You never buy pop". No, no I do not. Reflecting upon my variety of trolls tho, reminded me of the one who attacked me for getting food stamps (they got them too). I think Monday, foodstamp day, I'll get a Mexican Coke just for them. :D That'll hit the spot on a really hot day.

Now for bedtime routines. Brush teeth to get Beelzebub or Hecate out of bathroom sink, wash face, apply skin case, feed cats, feed dogs, set out dog treats and Pixie gets an extra (tho I started putting an extra in Pan's food dish as she eats slow), let dogs out, repeatedly call Pan inside, put dogs to bed, open upstairs door and exclaim "Boopity time", then Hecate runs to the banister and I lean over it to say "nighty night" to Pan, Pixie, and still Poli; then Windsor, Hecate, and Beelzebub. Hecate gets loved on, told he's my favorite, then will grab me with his paw when I try to go upstairs to bed for more pets. Strong little bugger, no claws, just a 'hey mom, pet me more'. THEN I love on Windsor, and finally go to bed. Beelzebub likes to be loved on while I'm in the bathroom and he's in the sink, he'll stretch out for my arm. Hell, even in the tub today he was trying to reach me from the sink. Too far dude. When I was putting on skin care tho he was grabbing at me; but he had to wait til I washed my hands, at the tub.

I started reading a book, yes, one I haven't read before, and have been staying up late.

And I hear the skunk family in my backyard. I'll go out before the dogs. There's a mom and 3 chirruns. They squeak at each other. Little skunks are adorable, but can still spray you. Skunks are fascinating to watch, from a safe distance. Pixie would be the one who'd get sprayed, as she flies off the back stairs. Pan is slower now, especially at night, as she can only see out of one eye. I turn on the back porch light and help her down. I want ZERO skunk sprays for my dogs!! I've been woken up in the middle of the night, cuz one will have sprayed in the side yard and my bedroom AC is in the window facing that way. It just chokes you. I have Febreeze by the AC for when that happens, so I can go back to sleep hopefully soon after that.
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me 80s

One drip at a time...

Trying to blog daily...not succeeding, but doing better than I hey, there's that.

The locust trees are having their revenge for being cut down a few years ago by sending up 'sucker' trees all over. I cleared a lot on July 4th, now it looks like I did nothing. Gonna have my contractor deal with it. When it stops raining he's gonna spray certain areas with a weed killer (checked, safe around dogs after it dries), then come back and clear it out. He knows I have certain plants that I want protected.

Speaking of protected plants, this year was the most flowers ever on my Bela Lugosi lily! I also found out there's a Nosferatu lily, so I have to get that one. I wonder if there's a Dr. Caligari lily, no, dammit, no Dr. Mabuse lily either :( A quick search didn't find any other interesting flowers named after similar peoples or characters. Will research that more later.

I've always wanted to grow deadly nightshade, cuz yeah, it's deadly. Would like to grow hemlock too. Cuz that's just something I would do and have wanted to do.

Been on a real 80s music kick lately. Um, well, more than usual, cuz in my mind it's always 1983 for some reason and I'm 24, not 14 like I was that year. As Prince said, time is a man made concept. So it can be whatever time you want it to be.

Disappointed the red tinsel of my HAIL SATAN on the side of my porch facing the street lattice is fading. I don't like to repeat 'holiday' messages; but HAIL SATAN just seems like a message to keep. I'll redo it with red LED lights (not cuz of the environment but cuz they're brighter) and then use silver tinsel. My FUCK 2020 was with silver tinsel and that lasted until I took it off. Should put something on a front facing lattice, maybe a big EVIL.

I can clearly see the back of a house from my seat here and I walked Pixie to get house number a few weeks ago. House will eventually be tore down. Then I'll be facing a Catholic parking lot. Thinking of making an upside cross, with LED lights, to face that way. Hey, believe what you want; but the Catholic church killed the culture and history of advanced peoples in South America, abused children, just hoards billions, and fuck 'em and 'mother Teresa' too. She was nothing but a church money launderer who let people die in agony cuz "suffering brings you closer to christ", yet she'd get real medical treatment. Saint, my ass, saint of torture. Look on youtube for "Hell's Angel" with Christopher Hitchens or read his book "Missionary Position". Hitchens passed far too soon.

Still weird that when Jenny Bigwood and I would bebop around downtown on Saturdays we would usually, on our way back, turn on a faucet behind St. Mary's church (it's been demolished, cuz the church needed the $ to pay off abused kids, and you couldn't expect them to part with Vatican cash?) and we'd always chant "They must pay for their crimes one drip at a time". Yet, at that time we knew NOTHING about Catholic church abuses. We even questioned why we'd always say that. They put a lock on the one faucet; but we found another.

To live in a time without cameras everywhere, CCTV, doorbell cams, security cams, etc. We truly didn't know we were living more freely than we would when we got older. Hell, are their even down towns to bebop around now? Would parents dare send their chirruns out for hours and a few miles away now? Hell no! Jenny and I sometimes walked quite a few miles to go to Pizza Slut on Camanche Ave. Took about 90 minutes to get there, or longer if we stopped to talk to people, which we'd usually. Can't do block math in my head for that one; but we would ride our bikes to the north end of town, mind you this is back in Iowa, not Ohio. We'd go up to 23rd Avenue North, so that was 31 blocks we rode our bikes, one way. And our blocks had alley ways, bigger than a lot of blocks are now.
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Flying Witch

Hello Troll,

yes, hello Troll. Let's get some things straight. Unfortunately you're still my neighbor. I have witnessed things and have had personal interactions with you. That's not "stalking" as you claim. It's unfortunately having you still in the neighborhood. There are things you told me that I would not even relay to other neighbors as those are things for you to relay, not I. I would never name your children here either. There are boundaries I won't cross.

You don't know much about boundaries, or honesty, or not taking advantage of people, and is that all your fault? No, it's not all your fault. You're a product of your upbringing and seem trapped within it. It's on you to now free yourself from that trap.

The day you leave this neighborhood will be a fantastic one. In my opinion, I feel, that you lie to and manipulate people to do things for you that they normally wouldn't do. That's based upon what I've seen. See how that works?? Of course you don't see that. Still will have a celebratory drink when you leave.

Reminds me when a neighbor went to the prosecutor cuz I dared to expose their fake cancer lies, and they were informed about...wait for it....freedom of speech. As long as I witnessed it or it was told to me, it's fair game, with aforementioned exceptions that I set as boundaries for myself.

Legally there's so much more I could write about you; but am choosing not to. At this time.

As I said before I've dealt with trolls before. Some petty little gnat ones, ones who pretended to be my friend to my face then turn around and troll me, trolls threatening to kill me (I helpfully gave them my address, alas they were in Russia), up to trolls hacking into my computer (shout out to Vipre for 5 days of 8 hour tech support fixing that one!) Been there, done that with trolls.

I learned from the previous neighbor now referred to as "someone", you remember, you invaded a neighbor's pool I let them put on that property where "someone's" house was. I was always steps ahead of her, knowing how she'd react and taking preemptive moves. In this case, you might win a round tho, as I left out some preemptive moves. Really tho, this isn't a game, and there are no winners.

Special one finger salute to your buddy who didn't know who Hitler was. I'm gonna get a Jason icon and write about her some day.

But for now...I've done what I've done and am prepared for any/all consequences. My conscience is clear. I did the right thing, something no one in my life did for me. Henceforth why they're no longer in my life.
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Crescent Moon


...I had SDR to talk to right now. However, having typed that, I know what she'd say in this situation. I guess just hearing it from her would make things feel better? I dunno.

...Cat a happy birthday wherever her spirit is roaming.

...that some people would understand my true motives and intentions. Instead they'll assume and nothing, including the truth, will change their minds. So be it. I can live with the choices I've made because they were the right ones to make.
cat--black with lavender background


Tried to take Pixie for a walk the other night, yes, after dark. Eddie gave me a simple harness to use, so that means it's really complicated for me to use, seriously. We got half way down Dayton Place, a little past formerly known on here as "Kook" now using real name of Joyce Smith Birr's. And Pixie sat in the middle of the street, looking straight down, and started to growl. I saw nothing; but I'll never second guess a dog's intuition, we turned and walked home.

Joyce appears to have moved, tho still has the house. Saw guys in hazmat suits and full on respirators coming out a couple weeks ago. Buh bye racist!! I stopped talking to her when she called 911 on 2 black kids just walking down her street, cuz "they're black". It's a PUBLIC STREET! FFS. And she was the only 'christian' in the neighborhood. Rrriiiiggghhhtttt. Go off with your sexist pig husband, who once yelled out their attic (bedroom) window at me in my own backyard that I shouldn't be wearing a bikini top cuz it'd affect men. I told him he was a sexist pig. Told him off several times for such things.

Since I'm just getting back into blogging, or trying to, last year after 8 years of zero contact, formerly known here as "Miss Ellie" but real name is Charlotte Clark emailed me at my old email. The subject was "If you were a betting woman.." then opened to her bitching about a neighbor's "raw garbage" blowing into her yard. Aside from that we all cook our garbage, right?? You stopped talking to someone cuz they refused to lie to the police for you, then 8 years later email THAT?! I replied along the lines that I thought I'd blocked her email, don't worry, I had now; and it's been 8 years cuz I wouldn't lie to the police and here you are still bitching about neighbors. I told her I sincerely hoped she some day found peace in her life cuz it seemed like same old same old to me. DAFUQ?!?! No how you doing, nothing, just bitching about the neighbors. SMDH

Pan hasn't really wanted to play with her ball the past few days, hope it's just the weather. She's a PITA to medicate; but I got a meloxicam in her and will get a pain pill in her at bedtime. Her right eye lid is basically fully covering her eye now. When you can see her eye it's milky looking; but not due to goop. Think it's safe to say she's 100% blind in that eye now.

Didn't say allergy pollen was high today but damn did it seem like it.

Wanna clarify about writing about the 'recall', I don't particularly GAF about certain people professionally; but it might affect them that way. As long as I tell the truth, it's something I witnessed or was said to me, I can legally write about it. I saw/heard some disturbing things. Manipulation, hypocrisy, and did anyone notice that I was right there? Oh no, I'm just a quiet little lump, who observes everything around her, something I learned to do at a very early age.

Learning that early tho was obviously for survival. Always be on alert, observe, have sarcasm ready, etc. So hey! Thanks abusive childhood!! HAH!

As the Prince lyric goes: "Don't abuse children or else they turn out like me".
quote--carry on

blah blah blah

There's a lot I could write about right going on currently; but I shan't, for now.

Instead I'll travel back in pre-covid times (2019) when I had a job interview at a law firm and they asked me about taking part in the Mayoral recall in 2009. Did I regret it? They didn't like my answer but it was/is the truth: yes and equally no. They wanted me to expand upon that but I told them I had only discussed my experience in detail with one individual (SDR). They wondered if I'd ever write about it, and I said, yes, I would when it felt right. They pointed out it was the 10th year anniversary; but I said it didn't feel right. They kept trying to get me to say something about it, but I wouldn't be drawn. They were rather irritated about that.

When I do write about it, there's gonna be some ruffled feathers. I just have to reach a point of truly not giving a fuck about that, then I'll write about it. I still give a slight bit of a fuck about some of the people who'll I'll be writing about, not personally; but professionally.

So for now, the only individual who knows it all, is SDR, and she's no longer alive. So no one living knows, uh, duh, aside from me.

I've been trying to mow my grass for quite a days now. It's been hot as fuck out. Rained last night, might try it today, just set the wheels higher. I personally like to cut it as short as possible, let it burn out. I'm soooo not used to having so much grass!