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SDR's Birthday Today

As I mentioned previously, my doctor was a bit concerned I was still upset over SDR's passing, as it was now September and she passed in May. Aside from there is no time limit on grief and everyone grieves differently, she was one of the two people who were closest to me in my life. The quote is attributed to Al Capone "It's better to have four quarters than 100 pennies." I have (had) two 50 cent pieces.

I, obviously, don't have a biological family (well um, biologically speaking, yes I do) but in other ways, HELL NO! They knew my mother wasn't right in the head, both sides of the family, and none of them did anything to help me as a child. So I have friends; but then I've had two people who've been the closest to me, Eddie and SDR.

SDR knew me better in some ways than Eddie. She was a vastly loyal, trustworthy, the most intelligent woman I knew, empathetic, and yes on the flip side, had a wicked sense of humor, would debate you on any topic if given the chance, and seriously, we would talk for hours, average call time 4 to 5 hours, usually longer.

Actually I'm gonna send this link to my doctor, maybe she'll understand better. You can't lose someone who's that close to you and just pop up smiling within a week. SDR always worried about me if something happened to Eddie. It never came up if something happened to her.

Wherever SDR is now, I hope she feels the love being sent to her from so many people. I don't think her kids realized how many friends she had. But I know from our conversations she wouldn't tell some of them everything for a variety of reasons. I could totally relate to that. There's just some people you're willing to be more open too and she was one of those people for me.

I will always miss her; but am so thankfully for the many years of friendship we did have.
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Other: Alien

Census taker showed up while I was outside today, no I hadn't mailed it in. He gave me a list of races, I choose "other", then he asked what my other was and I said "alien". He looked up at me and said "Do you want me to put that?" "Yes, please, I've never felt I've belonged or human, so definitely alien." He did put it down. So the alien in Akron, Ohio 44310 is me! I'm sure there'll be plenty others saying that too.

FINALLY got kenalog shot(s) today. It's split into 2 doses & I get half in each upper arm. Kenalog can cause dimpling and doing it this way might even out the skin dimpling. Method to the madness, sometimes. The dimpling isn't permanent, at least it hasn't been for me, apparently for some Kenalog users it can be. I've been getting these shots for almost 30 years and I sometimes get a good sized almost pit on my arm, but it goes back to 'normal'. Awaiting my "PRAISE KENALOG" moment, when my ears pop.

My knees are killing me. No mixture of pain meds will touch it, both of them. No idea wtf. Had them under control them someone took an invisible baseball bat to the front and back of 'em the other day. Only relief I get is via heat, tho I'm to keep icing them. Got Xrays and now need a MRI. Don't have time for this shit, which I've told them; but I don't think knees have ears. My doctor, before I could say it "No, amputation isn't an option." As I'm always asking if I need a particular body part or not. Sinuses, do I need them? Adrenal glands, do I need them? Ribs, do I need them?

Have to get up early as fuck tomorrow to take Skittles to the vet to spend part of the day or the day there. I think she has another urinary tract infection. There IS something wrong with her, that's what I think it is, or maybe she has another anal gland issue starting. At 17 1/2 it could be anything. But she did eat her canned food offerings and cat crack tonight; but she wasn't herself--yelling. She also looks punky, back hair looks mohawky. So starting week with Melon, her daughter at vet, ending the week with Skittles at the vet. HOPEFULLY it is just an urinary tract infection or anal gland issue, I mean, I don't want to have any issues; but the other options aren't very good at her age.

OfferUp and LetGo merged and that's fine and dandy and all; but it sucks my saved from LetGo went 'poof'. Have to change my location constantly on OfferUp to find things I need which I didn't have to on LetGo. Believe awnings for windows and side door are taken care of, waiting to hear back if a particular day is good for pickup. My contractor is gonna paint them to match my roof. Eventually all the trim will match the roof, cuz why not?? Well, except the trim that I painted last summer. Crazy painted trim remains!

I dunno what I'll get done with Skittles not home tomorrow. I'm always anxious (HAH! more than normal) when one of the furbabies aren't home. Might be a great opportunity to turn away from the desk for a bit and go deal with the area around her hidey hole so it won't upset her, as it would if she was home. Her hidey hole is where the bottom drawer used to be in a built into the wall. Pulled it out and use it to partially block it, so she has a hidey hole, as cats like them. There's another drawer (in it's proper place), then a cabinet above it with a couple shelves. But yeah, turning to look, I could do some work over there tomorrow. And my knees are just gonna have to have a seat somewhere else cuz they aren't gonna stop me. Kenalog should help them a bit too, kenalog is just great! Except um, my immune system might be just a wee bit compromised now. WORTH IT! And it's not like there's any virus or anything I have to worry about in the world, right? Oh wait...oh well, whatever, never mind.

Gotta go to bed, plus post this while computer still cooperating. Of course I'm still on old one. Hell yeah. Have had to restart it 3 times today. Wouldn't have actually after the first scrolling issue but where I volunteer I had to update something online so um yeah. The new 'bitey' computer has left such a scar the resident who first came in to see me today asked if I had had knee surgery! Oh, I make resident doctors give me shots.

Apparently resident doctors don't want to learn how to give injections nowadays. I make them, after they check with their supervisor, my doctor (probably trying to get out of it!!) My doctor did one arm and the resident did the other arm. He did a great job, which I told him. My doctor said if he had done a bad job I would have told him. Indeed. Then the resident had to leave for the rest of my appointment cuz I wanted to discuss SDR and I knew that would make me cry and THAT disturbed my doctor!! She'd never seen me cry in the 16 years I've been seeing her. That made me laugh. See, maybe I am an alien after all.

One of the last times I saw Mackenzie was shortly after SDR passed and she practically begged me not to cry because she couldn't process seeing me cry. She had to process a few tears. She did however give me good advice, she said I was a strong bitch and I'd be okay. She's right and I think of that advice often.

Still find it weird if I cry it'll disturb people, well some people. I mean, Eddie's seen me cry when we've been burying pets, or after his house fire, we all were crying, even some of the fire fighters had tears about his furbabies. But I guess to others in their minds I'm devoid of that ability or depth of feeling? Dunno. Wait, ALIEN!
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Just the way it goes...

Operation find desk has taken much longer than thought. For reasons I will not know until Thursday, my kenalog shot is basically almost a month past it's due date & I should have gotten it Aug 7-Aug 15. I'm at space cadet level 10, possibly 11, cuz I'm feeling an extra push off the cliff (I could segue into the Young Ones "Oh Cliff" poem but shan't & just stick with Spinal Tap) with allergy symptoms. I'm unfunctionable, airplane ear in mostly right ear that will not pop, I have according to testing, the severest responses to my allergens and only kenalog conquers 80% of them. GIVE ME MY KENALOG!!!

I had to go thru pretty much all the papers on the desk as some couldn't be tossed, so that took extra time. The top of the desk is cleared tho, but I need to deal with the dusty cord mating corner and also haul out old monitor, I might just take the screen out of window above side door, put trash can under it and drop it thru there. That sounds too easy. I hear carnival music. Fuck it, I'm doing it. It's 30#, monitors weren't light weight back in the day. My oldie PC is about 30# too. The new bitey one that has left a keloid scar, doesn't weigh much at all. The oldie has to be lugged downstairs when the time comes cuz a friend has to put the Q drive that was added in a case so it's an external drive. As a 'just in case' I've already backed up the Q drive. ALWAYS back up and back up the back ups!! I also do not do 'clouds', don't trust 'em.

Once I finish with desk & finish this room, I'm gonna clear the front porch & have my contractor take out the living room ceiling, cuz I just physically can't. Poli can go over to Eddie's but besides Pan more than likely going after Eddie's cat Maybe (who was Mithras' AKA Baby sister) she has her deathly bee allergy that Edward CANNOT FULLY COMPREHEND. "She can just stay out back." DUDE! BEES!!! "Well she can be on the porch, there's bug spray." Um, it takes ONE STING and you have 20 minutes to get her to the vet or she dies. "Are you sure?" YES!!!!! I'm thinking it might be best to take them both to my vet who has boarding for like 2 nights. Poli doesn't like to be without Pan & Pan's option at Eddie's is an upstairs bedroom by herself. SMDH Yeah that'd be the best option for my sanity cuz I'd worry constantly & Poli wouldn't be happy, nor Pan. At least at the vet's boarding they'd be together. I should call them to see if they're actually doing that cuz of that virus that is adding a heaping layer of shit to this year.

3" of plaster and then the lath boards 94 years old. Fucking dusty dirty mess. Will help the electricians tho! I think the dining room ceiling is okay, I'll have him check it. The kitchen just needs the lath boards removed.

Uh, yeah, the disturbing Spike emails will be posted and since I got some harassment, you should KNOW not to push me cuz it backfires on y'all, I've got on my list to write about what lead to the disturbing Spike emails, oh yes, that event. You can't poke me with a stick. I mean you can, but it doesn't work out how you think. I don't take kindly to that. And really four years later? You got a google alert set or something? Dafuq?? FFS It's actually sad, if only the pokers really understood what they were doing, as I know they're basically in a cult, yeah, you are. Go rabble about that now.

Learned there's big parties at Kent State, hundreds of students at them. FFS we're gonna have to wear masks forever. Hoping my order of 3 different Cubs cloth masks comes soon, but the MLB is being slow. I'd wear them in the winter. Fun to wear around here; but there ARE other Cubs fans in the area, so maybe I'll encounter others.

I jinxed this computer last post, 2 days later. Then I had such a hard time getting it started I actually got the option to start in safe mode with networking, pressing the right button doesn't work now. So I did that, only thing with that is no sound. Then last night the power flickered for like just a second but off it went. FUCK!!!!!!! Restarted and it was normal. MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept firefox closed after I used it but that made no difference, I had to restart it a bit ago when I added another Morrissey song to my play list and it was scrolling scrolling scrolling. Back acting normal; yep, jinxed it.

Melon went to the doctor today. Her ear is infected again and her nose is congested. We have ear meds at home and she got an antibiotic shot. She gets rechecked in 3 weeks. She got groomed a bit too.

Alright, I could honestly go to sleep like over an hour ago, thanks allergies. Is it Thursday morning yet?? Counting down the hours til I can get shot up, think it might take a bit longer to take effect. I just know when my ear pops I always yell "PRAISE KENALOG" and IDGAF where I'm at. It's usually around here tho.

Not gonna jinx computer anymore & I'm tired anyway.
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On hold blatherings...

...sadly there was one fatality in the crash on Rte 8 yesterday. Northbound was opened to one lane at some point late in the afternoon; but repairs had to be made to part of road due to fire damage. On my way to VMAC yesterday I went down Gorge Blvd and saw the convergence of EPA and other officials trying to contain the fuel that entered the river via a storm sewer. And yes, the river was on fire, there were pictures of it on Fox 8, it came thru the storm sewer on fire.

My 'quick trip' to VMAC and Giant Eagle turned into a 3 hour cruise. So 'operation find desk' didn't start yesterday as I didn't get home til 5-ish.

Alas it is raining today, great day for such an operation once I take a bath & get dressed. Have face masks for dust. I make no illusions to potential for dust under the desk, I mean, that probably contributes to the breeding of the cords. I have my very first computer monitor on my desk. Yes, really. From the mid-90s. Yes, that's going in the trash. I cannot foresee myself throwing out my oldie but goodie PC. Not for at least 20+ years. I accept that I am strange.

I'm jinxing it; but my oldie but a goodie is cooperating. Yep, totally jinxed it. If it scrolls out of control I'll just open winamp, yes I still use that, I like it, it works, why not? and play music.

This is the first rain storm without my trees and it's nice to be stress free about a tree coming down on my house or my neighbor's garage or even their house; but I still almost yelled out back "Hold on trees" as I've done that for YEARS it's now just habit. There's no trees left to hold on, not in my yard anyway. Well technically up front by the striped fence my American Hawthorne and Japanese Crabapple BARELY survived, they were severely pruned. But they are not more than 1 and 1/2 stories tall and would cause really zero damage where they are. Now the 4 story and 4 & 1/2 to 5 story locust trees? Oh yes indeed would they cause major damage if they came down in a storm. The tallest one had rot in the trunk. When they cut that section it split open and what the fuck is that?? "It's all rotted, it would have came down soon." Oh fuck. So I got them cut in time.

Now I need to get my ass in gear to start operation clear desk!!! I think this might be a 2 day job. There's stuff all over and the cords alone will take who knows how long to unknot from their breeding program.
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Please hold...

Gotta hold off on planned blogs, as I need to clean the desk area, disturb the mating cords from their natural habitat, and make room the biting 'new' computer I dislike as this one now only last a few hours without needing to be restarted. At least with the new one I have a sound bar with sub woofer, so that'll be nice.

When I let the dogs out this morning there was a life flight hovering overhead. That is never a good thing. By the time I filled their water dish, got back upstairs, it was still hovering for another 15 minutes or so. I looked online and saw there was an accident between a vehicle and a tanker truck and there was such a large fire the smoke could be seen downtown. I've seen nothing about the conditions of the drivers/passengers. Another life flight hovered a bit, then went to land on Rte 8 too.

Both north and southbound lanes of Rte 8 were closed. Apparently southbound is now reopened but northbound will be closed until this evening for accident investigation and to assure the road is safe to drive one after that inferno. The fuel/fire went into a storm sewer and set part of the Cuyahoga River on fire. Hazmat and the EPA are on the way to investigate/help with river clean up. The neighborhood closest to the accident was evacuated and some businesses were too.

Then the news helicopters started to circle like vultures. Let me check again if there's any word on the people involved. Fox 8, which was updated 11 minutes ago said that Akron Police has not given any info on the status of the people involved. I did learn more from Fox 8 tho, previously I had looked at News 5. The car ended up under the tanker, that's horrible to think about.

Okay, the news helicopters have started to circle again. I dunno why. Oh wait, 12 o'clock news. They'd wanna be 'live on the scene'. I truly hope no one was killed in the crash, cuz that really makes them more vulture like. It's just disrespectful.

Okay, I need to take a bath and then go get some tubs, those storage tubs, and some cat food and wait for it, rations for myself! Storage tubs will aide and abet in being able to put things I want to keep in, rather than just making a pile of those things elsewhere. I really don't have anything to put things in/on, yet! Plus, the tubs will keep things dust free when dry wall work is done. This room needs where there were roof leaks redone. The bathroom needs some drywalling done and the living room and kitchen ceilings need replaced. Fortunately for me the guy who did my yard does those things too!! Plus he does plumbing. I have a licensed electrician company that will rewire my house, cuz duh, not only is that the law, I'm extremely paranoid of electrical things. Oh, I'm getting a new furnace and central air too. Plus some furniture! I'm excited!!! It'll be the only good thing of 2020.

Yep, news helicopters still circling. Vultures. Fucking vultures. I truly hope those involved in the crash somehow got out of their vehicles in time.

ETA: I got a message from another Dr. today telling me my Dr. is off this week, which would explain why I wasn't getting my kenalog shot this week. They said I shouldn't be taking the lasix and should wait to discuss with my Dr. next week. HAH! I replied thanking them for their reply; but that I had already taken a lasix (I really had) and would continue to take them as my right ear WAS getting better. I have 'em, I'm taking 'em. I wasn't gonna lie and say "okay I won't".
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Scrolling forever yells....

Old computer might be ready to give up the ghost. What it does is it will scroll to the bottom of whatever page I am on. I am unable to scroll up. The mouse basically is useless. I cannot even select 'restart' or 'shut down'. I just have to unplug it, then plug it back in (duh). Yes, I've tried plugging in the mouse again, doesn't do anything.

I was at Eddie's this afternoon and came home to have it on the bottom of a page. Unplugged it but didn't get the proper sequence of 'dying computer' screens I get. So I knew it would scroll to the bottom as soon as I opened firefox, which it did. Had to go thru this 3 times before I got the right start scenario.

During all of this Skittles is YELLING for her evening's first serving of canned food. Every single day we go thru this. I don't think I blogged about her butt blowing up. Basically, I think back in January or February, she had an abscessed anal gland that burst (butt blew up). I had no idea what was going with her rear end, it was a Saturday evening (of course), so I took her to the emergency vet. Then had to take her to my vet cuz I couldn't medicate her and she got an antibiotic injection. So I felt bad for her, I mean, her rear end was a raw nasty mess, and gave her canned food. Prior to this she never got canned food, as she lives in this room by herself, well with me while I'm in here most of the day.

Now she's ADDICTED. She also must get THREE servings and one of them MUST be Friskies Lil Soups AKA Cat Crack or she'll yell and yell and yell. She gets a serving, with Melon and Windsor, when I start my dinner. Then when my dinner is finished she will get her second serving and her cat crack. Sometimes she yells for more. She won't STFU. She's 17 and a half years old and drives me mad, every fucking evening we do this. Yes, I'll yell back. She doesn't shut up. One time I was talking to Eddie on the phone, via speaker, and she interjected with a yell and I asked her "want to go live at Eddie's?" Eddie said "you can come over here Skittles". She looked confused and went to her hidey hole for awhile and was QUIET.

To not aggravate my dying computer I no longer watch youtube on it, as that seems to cause it to have issues. So I watch youtube on my phone with a bluetooth speaker. Typing that out makes me release how adverse I am to that 'new' computer. If SDR was still alive I could maybe figure out the issue with it and why I dislike it so much. I have no issue with Windows 10, it's just THAT computer, and the feelings were there even before it bit me.

I have no idea why my kenalog shot was scheduled so late, but damn do I need it NOW. Have to make it to the 3rd, which is almost a month later than it should have been. I cannot get my right ear to pop and I'm at space cadet level 5, I couldn't even think of the city of New Orleans this afternoon. I've had zero dairy, so I know this is all ragweed. Dairy will also give me airplane ear (tho not make me a space cadet).

I think my dinner is done. Hopefully the computer will cooperate and I can blog about what I didn't start to talk about last night. PLEASE cooperate!! Like that helps?? Who knows!!

I need to clean my desk off, starting tomorrow to make room for sound bar, big monitor, etc. I also have a clusterfuck of cords under the desk. Some of them seriously must have mated because the number of cords down there makes zero sense. I tried to follow a cord for a speaker and ended up with a huge knot of cords. I thought it best to leave that knot in it's natural habitat and not disturb it.

Dinner!! Trying different vegan burritos. Hopefully they're both good. If not, I'll just eat more ginger snaps for dessert.
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Looks familiar....

I was gonna try the LJ app, but I read the reviews, so I think I'll just save myself that headache. I tried to just post via a browser on my cell phone; but alas, I couldn't get photos to load to it. So I'm on my 'from my dead cold hands', no wait, I guess it should be 'from it's dead cold motherboard' computer. I've had to restart it 3 times today. Suddenly the cursor will go wild & that's my cue to just unplug it as I can't even hit 'restart'. FUN!! I like challenges.

Back to the LJ App, while in the Google play store tho looking at the app I noticed something.

Um, that one icon looks familiar, let me look closer.

Screenshot_20200823-203421_Google Play Store

Yep, it's me. I'm sorta glad it was my co-winner's ad featured, it's sorta ominous with that grin.

Screenshot_20200823-203451_Google Play Store

I left my phone in my cart today at Giant Eagle. I was 2 vehicles away from the cart corral. An employee was getting carts and had picked up my phone. I said that was my phone and he said he had to see me unlock it. Well, I have no code on it cuz that would annoy me. "It's our policy that the customer unlock the phone." Dude, I DO NOT HAVE A CODE. I also KNEW it was in the cart. If you hit the home button you'll see a beautiful photo of the Chicago skyline, swipe it & then you'll see my theme is crescent moons and in the upper left corner is an owl. He just stared at me, then started to say about the code. I cut him off, saying give me my damn phone, grabbed it & went to my car.

NOT EVERYONE HAS A CODE ON THEIR PHONE!! I'd be ready to break the thing after doing it twice (max).

Here's the beautiful photo of the Chicago skyline. Follow Barry Butler on twitter for pretty much daily Chicago shots. This one tho is my absolute favorite and I'd like to get a print of it.


I'm gonna charge my laptop & upload pix of my yard via that computer (anything to avoid the newer one that bit me, I have quite a scar from it!). I now have grass growing and a fortress of solitude in the corner, uh, it's a gazebo. My 5' long swing seat swing got a broken leg with the tree's being cut, but it's propped up with bricks. I love that swing as you can basically lay down on it & take a nap. That's in the gazebo, and a couple tables, one for a foot stool, one for speaker/phone/fluids/food.

Poliahu's arthritis in her knees was really bad last week so I took her into the vet and she got a pain injection and now daily meloxicam which has made a world of difference and thankfully she can get her meds daily. On the other paw, Panacea fights and spits out her arthritis med, even when it's in a snausage. So we choose our battles, if she's acting okay, running around, etc I won't fight to give her medication. If she is moving stiffly, damn straight, we'll have a battle of wills that I'll win. Pan currently is identifying as a pony I think, as she has started to eat the straw that was put down with the grass seed. She didn't try to eat it when it was first put down, so ??? No idea.

We've hardly gotten any rain. I'm done struggling with the hose dragging it across the street. This kinkless hose has more kinks than the Marquis de Sade. I'll see if I can get water service across the street for next year. No idea where they'd put the meter tho. Dunno why I couldn't get water service. My other hose is now in the side yard with the sprinkler so I can water the grass seed.

Without the trees the house gets hot as fuck. The first morning with them all gone I walked in here and DAMN!!! It was so bright and so hot already. I'm getting awnings made for the 2 windows in this room (back room), then an awning made that'll cover my side bedroom window and the little room at the end of the hall window (they're right next to each other, it makes sense), and an awning over my side door. The side door has nothing to do with the trees, I just would like one cuz when it rains hard it comes in around the storm door.

I don't get a kenalog shot until September 3. Too far away! Need it now. Should have got it a couple weeks ago but I think she was already booked when we made this appointment back in June. I can get it every 90 days and 90 days is UP. They also limit how many patients can come inside and if you have a fever you have to leave. Uh, cuz leaving a doctor's office if you have a fever makes sense?? I annoyed one temperature taker in May, she swiped the thermometer on the person's forehead before me, then barely touched it with an alcohol pad. She was just gonna use it on me. I told her she needed to clean it better than that. The front desk people were stifling laughter; but really?? You wipe that thing DOWN!!! I told my doctor about it and she was gonna investigate (ie: watch the tapes from the front door). Next time I went, in June, someone else was there and they did a good job of cleaning it. CONCEPT!!!

I should call the cemetery where SDR was going to be interred to see if that's happened & there's a headstone yet. Maybe when I see that it'll seem real? I dunno. Part of me will always ALWAYS be expecting a call or email from her. She always worried about me if something happened Eddie. Never considered something happening to her. I have more to ruminate on this; but it'll have to wait, as I'm trying to get my sleep back on some sort of orderly tract.

Incoming Grass...

Apparently LJ has some app now? I think I'll check that out & see if it'll let me upload some pix of my WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO IT?!?!? yard. Total apocalypse. I just look at it and FUCK!!! While I'm still on my oldie but goodie computer I don't want to upload pix on it. I did look at pix & viewed some blimp videos on it last night & this morning (I have to keep it on) the cursor started scrolling out of control. So I had to restart it with everything crossed. It obviously started & not even in safe mode. So thank you for one more day, at least!!

I was in safe mode for a few days last week, after I got a blue screen of death I somehow maneuvered around that and got it into safe mode with networking. Then my dumb ass turned it off one night!!! I restarted it, scared to death; but it didn't give me a blue screen and whereas I had to do more of a manual startup it took me to my regular set up, not safe mode.

Used the yard as the back drop for a video yesterday telling someone, essentially 'good bye'. Oh they're still alive, but I don't need their toxicity in my life. I made it a video so nothing was misconstrued. Good visual for what our relationship devolved too. Trying to get things out of my system so it's just out, gone, and I can move on. Speaking of such things...

I have long thought of posting the Spike emails, from now 4 years ago. I haven't read them since that night, they were so disturbing. As a tribute to SDR who I called at 10:45pm the night I received them, I am finally going to post them. Tho not right now cuz I have to get bathed and dressed as they're coming to rototill my yard and put down grass seed, yeah, I have zero grass, not one blade. All I want is a blade of grass, just one blade of grass...

For about a week I had a total mud pit. Reminded me of '92 Lollypopooza at Blossom, Ministry. When the crowd broke thru the fence at Ministry's first note and rushed the stage. It had rained that day and the pavilion became a mud pit. I was in the pavilion with a friend. I went with the crowd and it was the best pit ever. Total chaos, security lost all control as someone yelled "Rip the bands off" meaning rip off the wrist bands people in the pit had. So security had no idea who belonged there or not. Then security started to get attacked. They retreated by middle of Ministry's second song. I was totally covered in mud, bruised from head to toe, couldn't hear for 3 days; but FUCK was that awesome!!!!

I'm writing about Ministry while listening to Harry Nilsson, um, some might find that odd; but it's par for my course.
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