Remembering SDR 1 Year Later

A year ago today I lost one of my closest friends, known online as Senior Detective Rice (SDR) & the pain is almost as sharp. I swear tho she had a role in sending me Pixie Rice. Today walking home with Pixie after a walk, a 7 yr old Nepalese girl said Pixie was an angel. Why? She said "she was sent to you." I held my tears, barely. I asked sent by who & she said "another angel". Then she petted Pixie, and ran off to play.

When we walked past her & her friends a couple houses from home, the kids came to pet Pixie & that same girl told them Pixie was an angel. One boy said some dogs are devils, but she wasn't. The things kids know!!! People underestimate their wisdom.

SDR didn't know if there was an afterlife or not when we talked about it years ago, she said she'd find out when she passed. She just hoped if there was an afterlife there was dogs and chocolate.

I will always expect a call from SDR and I always want to send her an email about things going on. She was the smartest woman I've ever known and will ever know. And I will always miss her, terribly.

Here's Pixie Rice basking in the sun today. She likes laying on the remains of a 5 story locust tree. That's her 'base' outside.

Pixie Rice

Introducing Pixie Rice!!!

Pixie Rice has been here since April 23 (and all these pics are from that date except the first one)! I've got videos, but figure it'll take even longer to get around to posting if I try to add them! So I'll start with the basics! I had wanted a puppy, 2-3 month range, but no rescues had any. I had decided, beforehand, I would name them Pixie Rice, the Rice for SDR who often went by Rice as it was part of her name. I was looking at the Humane Society and there was a 'Pixie' listed.

She was 10 months old, had been found with minor right arm and leg injuries, had all her shots and was spayed. Thinking it was serendipity, I sent in an app and they called for me to go meet her. Very shy at first and very sweet. I took this picture then. I then had to take Poli and Pan up there to see how they would react, never mind that Poli would have no idea what was going on (Poli is fine at home, she gets confused elsewhere, even places she's known all her life, like Eddie's house and the vet).


So I take the 2 hooligans up two days later and Pan did show her teeth, as I expected; but didn't go to nip her, plus she's not at nimble as she use to be. They saw no issues so I just had to finish paperwork. Poli had no idea there was another dog present until we were in the car on the way home. Pan rode up front. Pixie was obviously in awe of Poli's tongue.


Windsor and Melon when Pixie charged in. Windsor was very brave and went up to Pixie, they sniffed, then Pixie went to chase him. The cats have been upstairs since. I have a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and the cat door has been made smaller, as Pixie could fit thru it. My vet said to bring Pixie up harnessed on the leash to interact with Windsor and Melon. I think Melon will just hide; but I gotta make sure she doesn't chase her, especially since she's 100% deaf now. I'm gonna put lattice in front of the dining room window seat and saw in 'cat holes' so they have some peace. Pixie can stretch.


Out in her new yard.


Wiped out from getting a home.


Pixie has learned Pan is top dog. She also destroys things. Both day beds, tho one is still in use, the other was a total loss. I have replacements; but not until she settles down. I got her chew toys, but she still goes for what she shouldn't chew. It's sorta funny, she does something wrong and she runs to Pan to either get next to her or ON her. Pan is looking like "I ain't helping you".

She's a VERY fast learner. I made her stop running after the ball when I throw it to Pan, as that's 'Pan time', plus Pan's ball. She's never even tried to pick up Pan's ball in the yard. She has her own smaller ball. She's 40# and the Dr. didn't think she'd get much bigger. She's STRONG tho. And she has a BARK. I had only heard some little yips when she was trying to get Poli to play downstairs; but someone knocked on the door, which I didn't hear, I just heard a dog BARK. WHOA!!! Poli was at the bottom of the steps waiting for me, as she always does, she probably barked once, but Pixie drowned her out. She's only barked twice, and that was when people knocked. Someone knocked when I was in the kitchen and she didn't bark and this was before I knew she WOULD bark. Other 2 times I was upstairs.

She LOVES chewing on sticks and belly rubs. She's patrolled the perimeter with Poli, so she's learned that important job. She's been over to Eddie's a few times to play with the dogs. Once I get the yard sorted and garden figured out, we'll start going for walks. She knows sit, stay, and has quick recall. More pix of Pixie and video to follow, eventually!
Prince Symbol

Prince 2021...

...I still "just can't" with his death, so I just file it elsewhere until the anniversary comes around or vault releases are announced. No, I haven't bought any. A friend gave me one for Christmas, I think it was Sign O' the Times? I haven't listened to it. I dunno if I can. Yeah, I'm weird, but that's an understatement.

And of all the days, it snowed today.


It was beautiful out this morning. This is my neighbor's Dogwood tree.


This is my Japanese Crabapple tree, that I JUST learned this year has the absolute most amazing scent (it got drowned out by the lilacs that are gone).


I couldn't convey what Prince meant to me, even if the words existed.
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Melon's Sweet 16th

Melon turns 16 today!! She's Skittles' last surviving chirrun (Skittles had chirruns before I had her, then I got her spayed & kept her inside). Melon has a sinus issue, where one side of her nasal cavity is deteriorating due to chronic sinus infections, a separate inner ear issue in her left ear, and has recently gone totally deaf as she's lost hearing in her right ear due to age related hearing loss.

We're adapting to her hearing loss. Windsor hears me get up and they usually sleep together, so that probably wakes her. As soon as I get out of the bedroom I start flicking the living room ceiling light on and off for about a minute. If she doesn't come up, I'll do a few things and try it again, usually works the first time. Afternoon and bedtime she automatically comes up for canned food (dry food is always out upstairs for her and Windsor). If she's asleep and I start to pet her I always make sure to smile at her when she wakes up startled. So we're adapting. She still is sometimes scratching away at her right ear, the Dr said it's cuz she knows she can't hear and it's like 'hey what's going on here'.

She has a grooming appointment next week. She can't fully bathe due to severe back arthritis. She's got pain meds for that.

She decided to conquer the carrier today, since she's in it so often. She's always a sweet cat, except when she has cat nip, then she's a mean drunk.


RIP Maybe Baby

Eddie's last cat, Maybe Baby, passed away in her sleep early Sunday. She was 16. Her name was Maybe because one of the neighbor kids had found her here as a kitten, brought her to me; but I had just taken in Mithras (I'm 99.9999% certain Mithras & Maybe were from the same litter, same beautiful green eyes, same sweet disposition, both preferred to be carried places, and both found within days of each other, same age) so didn't want to really take in another. Eddie said "Maybe" he'd take her. Hence her name.

Maybe survived Eddie's house fire, and was the last of those survivors to pass. She was the queen of the house over there. She was still demanding treats on Friday, when I was over with Poli. When she was outside she would get close to the house but then would want to be carried into the house and placed on the banister where Eddie has a treat bowl. Then she'd sit and wait for a treat. Only Eddie or I could pick her up from outside, she wouldn't let anyone else. I guess that was smart, not going with 'strangers'.

Eddie is obviously upset. It's also close to the 9th anniversary of his house fire when he lost his dog Luci-fur, and cats Layla, Grape Juice, and Loaner. Maybe did have lasting trauma from that, she was scared of hoses in action or water pouring. I'll never forget going into his burned out place with water pouring down from the 2nd floor place, floor boards iffy in some spots, looking for Maybe and Black Jack. The firefighters had looked, furniture was moved out, they really looked thoroughly several times. Eddie took the basement that had 2 feet of water in it and rising, and he knew the dresser down there didn't have a back, which the firefighters wouldn't have known. He pulled it out and there were Maybe and Black Jack. Black Jack took off thru the back door, then Eddie was yelling for me; but I couldn't hear him thru the water pouring down. A fire marshal flashed their light and I turned and he was holding Maybe Baby. She was obviously scared, but didn't even have breathing problems, nor did Black Jack.

I went to Walmart today to print some photos of Maybe that Eddie had taken and got frames. When I handed them to him today after thanking me he said "Now I don't have to worry about trying to print photos and crying."

Rest in Peace Maybe Baby. You're with the rest of your Cherry Street family now.


Poliahu, Ceilings no more, and Blah to infinity

Poliahu turned 12 on January 29. I have video of giving her 13 snausages (one to grow on) but I'm on my PC, not the app, and I didn't upload it to youtube. Uh, yeah, I should've done that. Just thinking of that now. Here she is after after gobbling them.


This was also after going over to Eddie's, who she shares a birthday with. Over there she had 3 big Bill Jack treats, a cupcake, and a piece of shrimp. He got his 3 dogs and the 2 he dog sits to 'sing' Poli happy birthday. Got that on video on my phone too. Well, it's there to get uploaded, eventually. Poli gets confused out of 'home' now. When I walked her over to Eddie's she kept wanting to walk up the steps of other houses on Robinette. She's never done that before. She's always gone directly to Eddie's. Actually just 2 weeks prior going over there she went right there. Hmmmm....

Poli, and Pan, have been going to Eddie's house since before he lived there. They'd visit the couple who lived there, the man had dementia but loved dogs and enjoyed having visits by them. Then when Poli gets into the house now over there she's like disoriented. She doesn't walk into walls or anything like that, she just wanders around, will eventually find Eddie to struggle to jump up on him, and she doesn't hear well there---that I can understand as music AND the tv is playing at the same time. Over here she has silence (INCREDIBLY difficult to believe I know; but if I'm listening to something it's upstairs, not downstairs, it's rare for me to take a speaker downstairs). She always responds when I call her here. She's never disoriented here and still patrols the perimeter of the yard--the job she gave herself, she does it very well and patrols the entire perimeter. I know her night vision isn't as good as it was, which I discussed with the Dr, as she waits on the back porch for Pan to come outside at night time then stays within a few feet of her. Pan eats slow.

A couple weeks ago all my 1st floor ceilings were FINALLY removed!! Pan & Poli went over to Eddie's. I was upstairs with the cats. Dusty and dirty as fuck. 95 years of dust and dirt being unleashed. They found a bird's nest in the dining room ceiling. It was a really old one; but as my contractor said "only at Tia's". Yep.

The coming down of the living room ceiling, yes, they had tarps on the floor. I was happy no windows were broke, as I like my original 1926 windows!


The aftermath. Well I do have another pic after it's cleaned up; but this'll suffice for now. The living room is gonna be painted turquoise (a shade to match a light fixture I found. I needed a new one, was looking in a store, saw this one and "THAT'S IT!" and I'm content with my choice) and the ceiling a complimentary not too dark purple ("the sky was all purple, there was people running everywhere..."---I might paint that lyric onto the ceiling). Ceilings aren't going to be redone until other work is done where having the ceilings down REALLY helps!


Dining room after. There's gonna be a window, as there once was, where that fucking built in AC is straight back. Mofos took out a window to put in an AC and plywood around it. Uh?? Was like that when I moved in. Window going back in. Dining room is gonna be a medium lime green with a glossy black ceiling. I'm keeping that light fixture as it's from the 50s or 60s. The wall with the kitchen door I'm gonna paint black stripes. My contractor just shakes his head when I tell him these things. I did say I'd do the stripes, as working with masking tape is a PITA. Think I'm gonna have the kitchen bright white, dunno. Leaning towards that. Upstairs will be pastels and dammit, I'm having my Wizard of Oz bathroom. Have figured out how to make stuff for it. It's not even one of my favorite movies, I just had a thought of having a Wizard of Oz bathroom years ago and it's remained with me. Dammit, I'm doing it.


Contractor is coming tomorrow to clean out and paint basement. And....he's bringing my stove!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I've only had a toaster over the past year +. I went to VMAC today and was gonna go to Giant Eagle to get more stove top cookable food but VMAC was insane. There were only 3 registers with people and lines to those registers went thru the women's clothing. I'm looking for a checkout, and there's a CSM and the assistant manager standing there, amongst people standing in lines discussing buying lottery tickets. I tell them "Why don't you stop talking about lottery tickets and open some more fucking registers?" the assistant manager got uppity and said "I don't like your language" Ah, wrong response to me. "I don't like how you fucking MISmanage. You want me to take your pic & tweet it to Walmart saying you were talking about forming an union?" Gosh, 3 registers opened almost immediately with ASSt manager working one. Yeah, VMAC AKA Walmart goes into meltdown mode if employees say the word union.

After I left there I went home and that was probably good cuz who knows what is wrong with my car now. Something simple or something expensive. Neighbor going to look at it tomorrow morning. Thank goodness we have a mechanic in the neighborhood! I need to post the texts from the LA Motors guy, who texted asking if I was single, then when I didn't reply kept texting me. I finally told him off after like 6+ weeks of his texts. As my contractor said "How many other women is he texting?" True. I think I said that to him. I need to re-d/l the LJ app I guess, I removed it cuz you couldn't access your video library and I'm still stubborn using my old cracked face phone which has a very limited memory. I have nothing against the new one; but I still have to frequently use this as a flashlight, so I don't want to drop the new one, I think it boils down to that.

Um....guess that's it for now. I have another post to post right after this. Not a good one.
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Easily amused most fun in 2020 AKA don't do this

My WTF happened to my yard pix are on my laptop, as I had to get them off my phone cuz the phone doesn't have much memory and the small sized sd card I added is full of music, PRIORITIES!! I have a new phone sitting here with more memory and a 200 times larger sd card but um, yeah, I'll get to that soon enough. So for now, I'll post about probably the most enjoyable time I had this year, aside from going to the Pittsburgh airport in March, that'll be a different post cuz those pix are also on my laptop & I'm on my PC right now.

I'm easily amused, that's a given. One night I was driving around Akron with Mackenzie, just driving and talking cuz she didn't want to go back for awhile to where she was staying. We go thru downtown and start heading west on Maple. I ask her if I had ever shown her and her siblings as kids LeBron James' high school and no, we had just gone by his house out past Fairlawn. Really? I never showed you that high school? No. She wanted to know what was so special about his school. Insert devilish grin. Oh, I'll show you.

Let me make clear, don't do this. This is really fucking stupid to do. This is incredibly reckless to do. Do NOT do this! Hi! I'm really fucking stupid and incredibly reckless. The streets were dry, my brakes were in good working order (both vital). It was around 11pm. Now, Mackenzie has unfortunately 'lived' too much in her life due to addiction. So I didn't expect much of a reaction from her.

I made her put her seat belt on. We stop on Maple at the X, basically by the Crosby intersection (you should lock your car doors if they don't auto lock cuz it's not safe around there) to wait for the light on W Market to turn green. It is also imperative that you blast the Beastie Boys' Sabotage, don't question it, it's just a must. When the light turns green on W Market you put the gas pedal to the floor. If your car has get up and go you should hit the top of the hill at around 85mph and catch air. Mackenzie "WHAT THE FUCK TIA?!?!?!" After I bounced down and started to slow down to stop at the bottom of the hill, she said she wasn't expecting me to do anything like that, actually had a moment of fear at the top of the hill cuz she couldn't see anymore road, and could we do it again? So we did.

As I said I'm easily amused. Sadly, that was probably her most sober fun.

Again, don't do this! It's fucking stupid and reckless. Who the hell would put a high school on a hill like tho? And oh yeah, LeBron James did go to that high school.


Even at night with the street lights it looks like the road just stops.


Right up top is where you catch air. I jiggled a brake line loose the second time I landed, which ultimately was good cuz I learned that the mofo's at LA Motors attached it with a zip tie instead of a $1.50 clamp and once it got loose it was rubbing against the tire. So this was a 'good thing' (also stupid and reckless--and fun ;) cuz it would've came loose eventually and then rubbed a hole in the line and I'd be w/o brakes, while driving. Also, no longer going to LA Motors.


This was after SDR passed. I can hear laughing and perhaps regaling me with something similar she'd done.
look like fuck this


My 1st floor ceilings are supposed to be removed Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. Not gonna happen. I have to clear everything out cuz it's going to be an epic mess with 95 year old plaster, dirt, lathe boards, etc. Alas I have severe chest congestion today & could do diddly squat. I feel tomorrow will be the same. Bonus, I recently had that virus you might of heard of in the media.

I'll pay my contractor tho, he's done so much work for me outside, and I trust him totally. I need to post the yard/tree photos so the utter what the fuckness can be shown. My contractor also got me a new stove for Christmas!! He's bringing it when he does the ceilings. It's a commercial model and even without model number, looking online, these run around $1200. It's brand new, never been used. He had a customer selling it very cheaply & he traded labor for the cost. I'm really excited!! I've only had a toaster oven the past year or so.

Bonus fuckery, Skittles. Took her to vet Thurs morning she got shot of cerenia (anti-nausea med) & fluids (just to make her feel better) and she was 💯 Skittles Thurs evening!! Today she's much much quieter. Something going on with her intestines. Dr said I could bring her in Saturday to get another cerenia injection but even if I felt like it, there's like 8"+ of snow in the driveway and street. Poli has appointment Mon so I'll see if I can take her then.