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RIP Minnow

Minnow passed away yesterday. He had a sudden illness and there was nothing to do except ensure he went peacefully and painlessly. Minnow is by his buddy Mortimore now. His sister Melon is definitely missing him today.

These pics are from a prior vet visit. Minnow had anxiety issues and didn't like his photo taken, even at home. When he was at the vet, he liked to be covered with a calming towel, because then he wasn't there. He was a very handsome good boy.




What do we have here???

Oh just THREE BLIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They brought Wingfoot Three out of the hangar this morning. No triplet flying yet. But this was still a glorious, and historic sight. There's never been 3 such model blimps together before in the USA until today! I was getting ready to leave about 9:15 and my regular hood kid started calling for me. I took her with me. We had a field trip a week or so ago, all 5 of 'em. Will post, um, sometime, cuz I gotta do a few things then hood kids are waiting for me.



Wingfoot Two is back!!!!!!

Yesterday morning Goodyear Blimp tweeted that Wingfoot Two would be arriving home around 2:30pm. So I got there a little past 1:30pm. Lest you laugh at that, there were people already there. Wingfoot Two arrived around 2:10pm. My batteries were dying when they were landing, as you can tell. But I got them arriving, hovering over us, and flying backwards.

Quick battery change and they're attaching her to the mast. I find that interesting.

Then the pilots came over to the fence, and there were a lot of people there for them to talk to. We learned they're gonna play musical blimps, with Wingfoot Three going to California, Wingfoot Two going to Florida, and we keep Wingfoot One. We also learned the California crew were flying home [commercially] Thursday and coming back Monday and there possibly might be a THREE BLIMP FLIGHT TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wingfoot Three will be brought out Monday, there will THREE BLIMPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes I will go out there Monday. For the triple flight I'll go to Goodyear's Headquarters to be assured photos. They said that Goodyear was going to have a helicopter or plane taking photos of the triple flight for promotional purposes.

Wingfoot Two is the closest they've ever had a blimp to the observation area. There will be a hood kid field trip out there soon, as they want to see the blimps on the ground.


Cherry on top of an awesome day, getting retweeted by the Goodyear Blimp! Nope, it doesn't take much!



Yes Please!!

Yesterday Wingfoot One ssssssllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy went over my front yard. They were low enough I could hear the propellers too! Wingfoot Two is now in Indianapolis. CLOSER!!



One of these lights up the sky and brightens your day. The other is the sun.

Wingfoot One over the dead end of Robinette, flying quite low. And yeah, I noticed it looks like the sun is giving the finger. Probably upset cuz the blimp outshines it!


Wingfoot 3 is still in the hanger after test flights. They might be getting their lights put on. And......WINGFOOT 2 IS ON IT'S ON WAY BACK!!!!!!!!!

THREE BLIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THERE WILL BE THREE BLIMPS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wingfoot 2 is coming back for maintenance as their inflatable hangar isn't apparently doing the trick out there in California.

Fireworks in the Street...

It was still hotter than hell July 4th but eventually became tolerable later in the evening. Watched one of the hood kids learn to ride a bike, then with parental unit permission, we walked around the neighborhood to see fireworks. We could see Fairlawn's way off in the distance. Then we got to the corner of Tallmadge and Dayton. Just had my phone with me, as I didn't bother going inside to get my camera, or even put on shoes. Did make the kids put on shoes though.

We got up there and watched their show for awhile. They set off A LOT of fireworks. A cop car came alone, slowed down but didn't stop, and told them to not set off fireworks in the street and to clean up the mess in the street. The guy said "okay", the cops kept going, and they swept all the debris down the storm sewer. After the cops turned the corner, the middle of the street show continued.

Last night the kid's mom had bought them some fireworks and they asked if they could set them off in my front yard. Sure. They had their own July 5th fireworks show. Without even telling them to, they waited til they were totally cooled, then picked up all the debris and threw it away. What kind of kids do that?! THESE kids!!

Much cooler today, FINALLY!
Yesterday I was about ready to get in tub and saw on twitter that the new blimp had taken off for their maiden flight. Texted my blimp friend, who had checked yesterday and it was still in the hanger; and he rushed out there. I took a quick bath, then hit every red light, or I'd have caught it over headquarters. Instead I waited at the blimp base in Suffield for 90 minutes and yes, IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here she comes! They didn't land, they hovered and showed off their new toy!



Didn't snag a pix of them waving; but one of the crew was waving out the open window on the door. Door is surrounded by red. And no, not officially is it Wingfoot 3; so it doesn't say that on the gondola yet.


It has a German registration until it passes FAA tests, as a German company made her.


THIS is absolute total bliss for a blimpologist, hovering for over 5 minutes. I didn't record it all. Almost though.

And off she went to continue testing. Thank you for giving my little black heart some joy!!


They can't fly around my house yet. They are restricted by FAA to between the base and basically Akron-Canton airport. They have to remain in the SE area for testing. I don't know how/why the FAA determined that flight path. Wingfoot One will be back around July 4! TWO BLIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hood Kid Post!

There's pix, but no faces. I know legally I CAN show faces, but even with a parental unit's permission I don't feel right about it. Exception was Tammy's kids, I did post pix of them years ago, with her and Rob's permission. But not too often. Since all 4 of those kids are adults if/when I find vintage hood kid pix, I'll have no problem posting 'em. I'm just weird that way. But we have hands showing here today and that's fine.

Anyway, my main hood kids are all siblings. There are others but aren't here every day, nor all day, as the others are sometimes. That's fine. I can go in as needed and they can amuse themselves.

English is their second language. We sometimes have communication problems but we figure it out by trying other words or looking up definitions on Mr. Google. I absolutely love some of their phrases. Instead of saying early, they say fast. "Wake up fast" threw me the first time I heard it but they explained it. Should we say early? No, fast is great. We can be sitting outside my house and I'll tell them I'm going in for the day. "You're going home?" I am home. "But you are going home?" Yes, I'm going home. They call day care 'free school'. Why do you call it that? "Cuz it's like school." But it's not free and school where you learn is actually free. "No it's free cuz we don't have to do stuff at times like at school." Oh like every day in school you have a certain class at a certain time? "Yeah". That actually makes sense calling it free school.

At the end of Ramadan there was Eid for 3 days. One of the older ones explained it was sort of like our Christmas and they got candy and presents. But one piped in they had to get up really fast to be at praying by 7am. That is really fast. The youngest one took video of the praying to show me. He was running around the Mosque videoing stuff to show me, while everyone is praying. There was some other little ones running around too; but they were quiet while running around. None of their others had a parental unit's phone in their hand that I saw. That was very sweet of him of to do that.

Then they visit friend and family's houses during the 3 days. On the day they got visitors the kids brought the visitor's kids down to my house. I seriously had over a dozen kids down here. I got a table from the backyard so we could play cards and I said I had to clean it and they all, even the littlest ones, piped in immediately "I wanna help!!" You want to help clean? "YES!" Okay. They didn't do any superficial wipes either, they were all scrubbing really hard. We had a translation problem as I tried to tell them plastic furniture gets discolored over time; but we got thru that with Mr. Google. Then two of them picked up all the paper towels and put them in the trash. I did not ask them too, they did it automatically. I always think when the kids do things like that, that that isn't 'normal' for kids. It's amazingly awesome but how many kids do you know who would be like that?? I've been around a lot of hood kids and have never encountered such politeness, willingness to help, and as my next door said about them one day "respect".

More kids ended up coming down and one of them got a blanket from home and we spread it out in the driveway to play cards on. There were kids out riding bikes in the street and running around my new front yard too [I'm gonna call my expansion pack my front yard].

One night they were enthralled with the moon and how it seemed to be following them. This has continued to fascinate them every night they're out and the moon is showing. They really don't require anything flashy, shiny, or expensive. Jupiter was visible for a bit, so we learned about that planet via Mr. Google.

They are sincerely so grateful for anything. Even when we planted seeds in flower pots. They check their seeds growth every day. Telling them they could play cards outside at my house if I wasn't home or outside was also met with many thank yous. We keep the cards in a plastic bag in case it rains. They also have side walk chalk and bubbles available to them outside my house. I hope being content with nature, and simple pastimes remains with them.

So here's the current table by my house. The bigger one is across the street now. This is a day it was sprinkling but one of the kids and I were playing rummy, which we only play when we're alone together as no one else likes it, so I improvised a ghetto patio umbrella. An old umbrella of mine that needs replaced as it has a couple tears in it; but it worked perfectly for this.


Ghetto ingenuity!


One day I found a few dozen bottles of fingernail polish someone gave me last year. We know I sure ain't gonna use it [I chew my fingernails, yes, horrible habit, probably anxiety based. Choose you're battles, I'm fine with it.] So the one who is here the most and reminds me of Mackenzie at that age--probably cuz we're sort of same and that'll bond ya, you should see her eyes flash when she gets irked! She's quick witted too-- and I checked them all and all but 3 were 'gunky'. Her older sister got the remaining and was most most grateful. My little one and I then decided to use some of the gunky nail polish to paint on the house. We did hearts and flowers. Then later two others came down and they added to it. They all had to repeat the caveat they would never put fingernail polish on anyone else's house.


Yesterday we made slime. Well they did, I did not. Was going to buy white glue but vmac had colored glue on clearance for $5 a gallon. Uh, yes please! And yes, the mess was all cleaned up.

P6232624 copy






They were LOVING the glitter!! We made 2 batches and have loads of glue and borax left to make lots more over the summer. Have just a bit of glitter left. Gonna need more glitter. LOTS more glitter!!

I got storage containers so they can keep their slime as long as it'll keep. I have to wash the bowls so we can reuse them. I might just wash them outside, lest my sink be forever filled with glitter.

Next weekend we are putting hand prints on the house, like one hood kid did 10 years ago when he was four. They already know they canNOT put paint in anyway on anyone else's house, just mine. Why? Cuz it's just paint, it's something kids will always remember, and it's fun! But 99.9999% of other people like their houses to have one color with window trim another color and zero hand prints, or fingernail polish as that is the societal norm. I am the .0001% and certainly not within a societal norm!

And if I get a wooden fence for my front yard, depends if wood or chain link is cheaper, I'll let 'em paint on that too! After I do a base coat in lavender.

Kids today were outside playing with their slime. They wanted to make more next Saturday; but when I said it was hand prints or slime, they picked hand prints. I'm gonna coordinate with another parental unit for the treasure hunt on another Saturday.

RIP Mortimore

Mortimore joined his family members who previously passed today. He was 14. He was buried by his friend Gypsy Boots. The day I finally got Gypsy inside after her initial freak out, he immediately went up to her, laid next to her, and started washing her head. They remained friends til her passing.

He was a very vocal, to the end, beautiful golden boy. Golden in ways more than just color.



Land of Misfit Toys Expansion Pack...

This short video also gives a pretty good 'before' image.

So yeah, "someone's" property is now mine. It'll get all fenced in in a couple months after those trees are cut down. Next year it'll be the 'Land of Misfit Toys' Garden'. HUGE honkin' garden! I will transplant back some of "someone's" plants I rescued before the house was tore down and there'll be flowers planted too. For all the peoples who have passed around here. The kids who grew up there will always be welcome on the property. This year, I told the current hood kids they can play soccer there, or build a club house, or whatever. I hauled over a bigger table, a bench, and a couple chairs for kid card playing, etc.

Yesterday I borrowed Eddie's mower to mow my new yard. It wasn't that high; but it was thick grass and hard work. There's still ruts in the yard from ding dongs driving thru it too. My next door neighbor came home while I was doing that and when I finished he said he was proud of me for getting thru that. I slammed a gatorade and then started to cut back what we call poor man's bamboo. I dunno the real name. I know it's invasive and apparently you need to kill it with either gasoline or something only a contractor can get. I'm not putting gas on the stems.

Yesterday after I cut back half of the poor man's bamboo along the back fence.


I trimmed on the right side and behind the shed too. Shed belongs to the house next door. I cat sit for them. Yes, that is a hood kid. No, no name here, not even her doll's. She's only included here in the pics because her head is turned.


That stuff was about 6-7 feet deep.


And it got taller the further along it went for some reason, probably cuz of the tree branches.


So last evening the kids and I were playing a card game one of the older boys picked, and had to teach me. I don't know the game's name, it has a name in another language though. There was 6 of us playing. The older boy suddenly said he would come help me with the yard tomorrow. I wasn't saying anything about the yard, nor had I, was trying to follow the game. I said that was nice of him but he didn't need to do that. "I insist I help". Okay then, if you insist. We agreed 11am and on the dot he was here. He took out the majority of remaining of bamboo [let's just call it that, we know it's not; but it's better than typing poor man's bamboo over and over] himself. I was then cutting it down to 3' lengths and bundling it. In a little over an hour it was pretty much all cleared! He's an excellent worker!!

It was hot this morning, so I said I'd get him something from Dairy Queen. No, he didn't want anything, he just wanted to help me for helping me. I thanked him for that, and yes, he was totally sincere; but I insisted I get him something cuz I was getting something. He got a hot fudge sundae. I got one too, though I really hadn't planned on it.

Here's the cleared back part of new yard thanks to awesome excellent worker kid! There are huge honkin' bundles of bamboo in front of my house for trash pick up Monday. I also cut some lower tree branches later this afternoon. Those are what's on the ground in this pix.


From the other end.


And the 'kids zone'. Well also mine too. My next door neighbor also wants to sit back there. Fine with me.


And I will do another post with hood kid stuff, soon. This is the first free evening I've had all week. I am taking tomorrow off also to 'adult'. I had to apologize to my constant regular, who reminds me of Mackenzie at that age, for having to do adult things because I don't like to be an adult. Sometimes though, you have to be an adult. Booooo being an adult!!
...learned from an adult neighbor, not Edward, how heroin is sold and used. The adult neighbor had never used it; but knew how it worked. No hood kids were around at this time, as obvious that kind of discussion would not transpire then.

...learned with the hood kids that gackles will kill birds, decapitate them, and eat the head. Why were we learning this? Cuz one found a headless sparrow body. And the robins I had in a nest up front all had been decapitated. We, wrongly, blamed the raccoons. We discovered it was the gackles when we saw sparrows and a robin dive bombing a gackle across the street in the vacant lot. The grass was tall so we didn't know why, then I saw it had a baby sparrow in front of it. The kids chased the gackle off. The baby sparrow was dead; but still had a head. All deceased birds were given an appropriate burial across the street. Then we asked Mr. Google about what in the world was happening, and learned that. I don't get why the head though.

...learned from Edward, yeah I know, that you're not suppose to drive with a neck brace. I was about the 4th car back from the first light by Save-A-Lot and the light turned green. I don't even think I had taken my foot off the break yet and I see a car behind me approaching when I looked in the rearview, the driver wearing a neck brace and he was not slowing down. Impact. MY neck bore the brunt of it. When I got of my car to look at my back bumper and he had gotten out, he no longer had the neck brace off. I thought that very weird; but didn't question it. My car was fine, his license plate was mangled. I said no harm no foul and I had muscle relaxers for my neck. Away we went and I saw him put the neck brace back on. Uh?? Was telling Eddie about that and he said that you aren't suppose to drive with a neck brace because you can't turn your neck to see. That makes sense!! He had a temporary handicapped parking placard too. Eddie said I should have called the police; but there really wasn't a need. The way he's driving he's gonna cause another wreck like the one that probably put him IN the neck brace!!

...soooo summer projects, aside from what I want to do at home personally, which I'm not listing here; the hood kids have given me a list. They want to put hand prints on my house cuz they saw the hand prints on there already and I told them they were from a [then] little boy. Fine, we'll do hand prints on the house. One wants to make slime. Another wants to learn more magic tricks. There's a request for more math, is that even legal for kids to do over the summer?? They have seeds planted in pots already and check on their progress every day. They want to learn about more flowers around here. I'm suppose to watch Peppa [sic?] Pig with them. And there's lots more and amazingly they're simple and nothing fancy, expensive, or 'shiny'. Hood kids keep it real!!

We had a squirt gun fight earlier in the week. We need more squirt guns as not everyone had one.

WINGFOOT ONE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Hasn't flown around here yet; but we have had "BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" refresher drills.

Kids can't remember Eddie's name so they call him "popsicle" as he hands them out, one per day. They also like to play with his dogs.

Edward got another cell phone today and whereas I had plans to go to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, that was scuppered to deal with his ignorance. Because he cannot READ THE DIRECTIONS ON THE SCREEN!!! My jaw is still aching from the TMJ flare up that caused me. Of course he said I could have went to the park; but how could I knowing I had to deal with his fucking POS cell phone and his inability to ever learn anything?? Then I get thru the set up screens and called the activation number and it wouldn't work!!! You're on your own, I'm done. Call them on the number in the pamphlet. He goes home, then calls me like 20 minutes later cuz he couldn't find the phone number for the new phone--which was in a text message on the POS. They needed the phone #, so he calls and asks me:

Where's my phone number at?
Where's that?
Where it says messages?
Got it. [click]

Then hours later I was over there and he said it wasn't activated earlier cuz they needed more info--it's some tracfone fuckery, cuz you know going to the ATT store would be too easy. But it was working now. But then, get this, he starts:

They said I could change my [new cell] number.
Okay, but why? It's really easy to remember.
I want it to be my home number.
You want to forward your home number to the cell phone?
No, I want the cell phone to have my home number so when someone calls my house it'll ring at both places.
I'm pretty sure you can't do that. You can forward it though but I'm not teaching you call forwarding.
No, I want my cell to have my home number and have my home number still ring.
For fuck's sake.
They told me I could change my number!
That's totally different than having a cell and landline with the same number.
I don't see why it can't be the same.
They're different kinds of networks for starters.
It makes sense to me.
Of course it does.
Why did they tell me I could change my number?
Cuz you can change your CELL PHONE number!!
I want it to be my home #.
No, it cannot be; but feel free to call the cell phone place and tell them this or whoever you have for your home phone.


Just a pix...

...of my sled.


Land of Misfit Toys Dispatches...

New neighbor reported they saw 2 grown men sit inside a refrigerator box for hours one afternoon. They were not drinking alcohol. They were just sitting in the box facing each other and talking and she found it rather disturbing. My response to this report was to burst out laughing. That didn't really help. I did stop laughing, eventually, and inform them they were in the Land of Misfit Toys and 2 grown men sitting in a refrigerator box was just par for the course around here. I really wish I had seen that!

I think I committed child abuse. Really. Though I'll blame the kids cuz they started it. For almost an hour I helped kids with addition and subtraction. I know, I feel guilty as hell. Math?! I dunno what I was thinking.


May 4th, Kent State

Who Killed Allison? by Barry Levine, her boyfriend, in who's arms she died.


National Puppy Day

When I went to pick a puppeh out of Poliahu's mommy's litter at the foster mom's house. Poli fell asleep in my arms, so um, yeah, she sort of picked me. I got her 3 weeks later.


Panacea's pix online from the rescue that snagged my attention.


What a wee little bugger Poli was!


Pan out with Poli for the 1st time.


Poli's probably thinking 'what IS she doing?' Pan herded her into the raspberry bushes.


Poli looking cute.


Now it's Poli who outruns Pan. But those little ears up in the air! Awwwwwww....


Photographic proof that Pan IS capable of sharing a toy. A stick is a toy to a dog. Pan will rarely share a toy with Poli, and Poli is fine with that. The few moments she gets with the toy she prances around with it "I got the toy I got the toy". Then Pan takes it back.


Groundhog Day

Whether or not my finger sees its' shadow, it's still 12 more months of me not giving a fuck.


Gonna be a good day...

Been up since 4am and yet I think today is gonna be a good day. Hmmm....guess we'll see eh?

SS Tooth Decay ER Announcement

On my way to get Minnow and Melon from the vet today the emergency broadcast system cut in. Never had that happen before. 1/4" of ICE?!?! I hope they finish my car early tomorrow! I gotta go get more lickable treats for the dental patients. Yes, I was driving. It was raining, actually almost 60 today, then down to like 10 tomorrow night! WEEE!!

This is Melon's mouth. Yellow with X's are what they took out. Pink are what were already missing. The lower back X had a deep tract line under it and she has a mass the doctor felt. She got x-rays before surgery to see if it was a tumor or not. The doctor is now very sure it's not a tumor and is just a root abscess. They inserted antibiotics into that tooth hole's crevasse, she got an antibiotic injection, AND she's still on oral antibiotics. She gets 3 days of pain meds too.


Poor Minnow. He has like 2 little teeth on his lower front center left now. Blue highlight they extracted, green were already gone. The doctor had to take the drill to some of his teeth to get them out. He had some bleeding issues, very minor. They have some kind of packing--a powder--they used before I took them home. He got a pain shot that'll last 2 days. I cannot medicate him in any way, shape, or form.


I have 10 lickable treats, but will need to get more tomorrow. Did NOT want to stop on the way home with them to get more. Once I got home I didn't want to leave them. Once I get my car back tomorrow, no matter the weather conditions I will go get them more. Just go up to Giant Eagle, as that's closer to Walmart. Will cost more, but closer.

I'm exhausted, and have to get up early to get my car around the corner at 8. Least I can just throw on today's clothes for that! Fingers crossed it's done early!! Yeah, I always hope!! And shall try again tomorrow!

ETA: 1/12 almost 7am

I'm a dingbat and didn't consider going to Vmac BEFORE dropping my car off! DUH!!!!!!!!! Gonna finish this cup of coffee, throw on yesterday's clothes, let the dogs out real quick, and away I shall go, then drop my car off around the corner.

Melon's pain pill did NOT dissolve as easily as they said it would. Then when I went to get it out of the syringe--they said put it in a syringe, run it under hot water [I did for 20 minutes] then fill with warm water, and it'd be dissolved, Melon got just water!---the pill went down the sink! FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK. When I get back from VMAC/car drop off I'll take another pill and put it in a bowl and REALLY let it dissolve and mash it up really good. Think it's more important she get pain meds today and tomorrow at least.

Gosh, I hope I don't stand out at Vmac being unbathed and in yesterday's clothes.

In birthdays today...

....Panacea turned 10!!! Didn't go out and give her 10 treats cuz it's cold as fuck out. She got a new squeaky ball though for inside, and both got filled bones. Pan got the bigger one, since it's her birthday in addition to Christmas.

Poliahu will be 9 next month. Damn. Where does the time go?


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Spare some change?

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