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[sticky post] I'll give a few FUQs

Frequently Unasked Questions:

Since this is a sticky post (will always be on top), I'll be a considerate bitch and put it behind a cut.Collapse )

A H3N2 Spring Break

Spring break officially ends tonight. Ah, the grandiose plans I had to do homework, do some spring cleaning, and a couple days out and about. How.dare.I?! I got the absolute worst case of the flu of my life. Starting to cough a bit last Sunday so went and got Robitussin and OJ. Woke up Monday and wanted to die. Seriously. I have never ever ached all over like that before in my life---not even after the bestest mosh pit ever during Ministry at Lollipopooza '93. Plus I had a fever, my head hurt, it was hard to breath, coughing, watering eyes, I felt like I had run a marathon, and I hurt so much I seriously wanted to cry--but that would have HURT MORE.

Definitely don't fear the reaper, and side note, when I babysat around 1982 the people had a reel to reel player and all of BOC's stuff, plus REO Speedwagon, and Zepplin. I still want a reel to reel player.

I finally crawled out of bed Monday, started a bath, let the dogs out, fed them, filled one insulated thermoses with OJ, another with water, took some tylenol and robitussin, to no avail, and didn't die in the tub. Just went back to bed, but had a moment of clarity to send a message to my doctor asking if I could get some Tamiflu and listed my symptoms. Got up Tuesday and she had replied saying she'd sent the RX in and to start it STAT. Eddie got it for me. I swear that stuff saved my ass cuz I started to feel somewhat better in a couple days. I wanted to stave off secondary complications cuz I have a weakened immune system.

Messaging with my doctor Friday, she thinks I got nailed with the H3N2 virus that is widespread in the area, again, right now. How I bypassed it before I don't know but I'm glad about that!! I no longer ache all over but get fatigued very quick, I'm still congested and have chest congestion, my throat is still sore, still coughing, and apparently it'll take another week or so to get over this. I couldn't handle any school work til Thursday and that was just listening to a lecture. That wiped me out.

I MIGHT be able to get all the school work I wanted to get done before class on Tuesday. Have a couple more chapters to read in Legal Research, then have to transcribe that class' notes; then I wanted to start researching for my big legal brief due in that class. On April 17th. Damn you flu from fucking hell!!

I guess AT LEAST it's better, if I HAD to get this and I see no reason WHY I had to, I got it during spring break than a school week cuz I would have had to miss 2 days of classes and I do not like missing class, whether it's excused or not and I know these would have been.

It's suppose to be snowing outside right now, I don't see any. Yet Tuesday is suppose to be almost 70. Alrightie then!

One more prescription, possibly one other--depends if it'll be a difficult to transfer one or not---and I am DONE with Klein's!!! They did their final fuck up and an irrevocable breach of trust. D-O-N-E. I'll stop in Tuesday to get the one RX. Then have Giant Eagle transfer everything else; THEN have everything except my valium switched to mail order and I'll just use Giant Eagle for something written that day, ie: Tamiflu, etc and the aforementioned valium, as they can't send 3 month supplies of that in the mail.

More detail on Klein's fuck up in another post, as this has tired me and it's time to get ready for bed. Been sleeping 10-12 hours straight and usually this would piss me off; but I'm not letting it now, as obviously my body needs to evict the fucking H3N2 flu. I have never ever been this sick with anything and I never EVER want to be this sick again. Just fucking kill me, don't torture me! And that old adage, what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger...um, yeah. Didn't need this fortification though, thanks.

National Puppy Day

When I went to pick a puppeh out of Poliahu's mommy's litter at the foster mom's house. Poli fell asleep in my arms, so um, yeah, she sort of picked me. I got her 3 weeks later.


Panacea's pix online from the rescue that snagged my attention.


What a wee little bugger Poli was!


Pan out with Poli for the 1st time.


Poli's probably thinking 'what IS she doing?' Pan herded her into the raspberry bushes.


Poli looking cute.


Now it's Poli who outruns Pan. But those little ears up in the air! Awwwwwww....


Photographic proof that Pan IS capable of sharing a toy. A stick is a toy to a dog. Pan will rarely share a toy with Poli, and Poli is fine with that. The few moments she gets with the toy she prances around with it "I got the toy I got the toy". Then Pan takes it back.


Straight A Night Goblin

Let's see...schadenfreude first. I'm sick and feel like shit for starters. Had to miss classes yesterday due to feeling so shit like. Then BONUS! The night goblin paid me a visit and carved a rainbow shaped cut on my left cornea. The night goblin is a leprechaun? Decorating for St. Patrick's Day? Just leave a pot of gold please. Had to drop off prescriptions from my regular doctor then go out and see my eye doctor, then get an antibiotic ointment rx filled too. Hard to do diddly when you have one functioning eye. It's like there's no lens in the left side of my glasses. My eyes haven't been particularly dry lately either, so?? Night goblin, definitely the fucking little night goblin.

Haven't read 2 chapters in Labor and need to do that tomorrow, plus listen to the lectures, as I have a learning module due Wednesday. Missed the handout and explanation of an assignment in legal research and writing yesterday; but hopefully can go to the library Sunday to start that, as it was posted online and be close to finishing it. We're learning how to find codes, case law, etc in books instead of just online. That's due Wednesday too. This upcoming Tuesday's class is optional but she'll be in the library to answer questions we might have. I'm sure I'll have questions! Best to go Sunday if I can, as it'll be easier to park closer to the library than Monday. And not as busy.

Got my midterms graded and my midterm class grades. A's on my midterm exams and A's in my classes. Have a perfect score, so far, in Labor and Employment Law.

If your auto insurance keeps jacking up rates every renewal and tries to keep claiming "the cost of doing business in Ohio is increasing" tell 'em to fuck off! HAD Progressive insurance, but they jacked up my renewal $8 a month. Uh, haven't they paid to have a sports field called Progressive Field somewhere?? They have money to burn. I have a clean driving record. Called Huntington, my bank, as they offer insurance as a broker. Gave them my info, they have my car loan, so they had my car details. The guy said he'd call me back in like 30 minutes; but it was only about 2. He said with my driving record they had no problem finding me a cheaper insurance company. It's a 1 year policy, instead of 6 months, and it's even better coverage. AND....it's $15 less a month!! YEAH!!!!!!! Obviously not Progressive. It's a company that doesn't have a sports field named after them, and I don't even think they really advertise--not that I would be in a situation to see ads.

THEY had said we were to get up to 6 inches of snow over last night. So Eddie kindly came over and tossed salt on my back porch roof as I was incapable of that. That precautionary measure definitely prevented the first inch of snow from adhering. We only got 2 inches max. But we might get more soon, and it's going to remain cold, so I wanted to ensure the roof stayed as clear as possible. Damn flat roof!

And now we have fucking daylight savings time to fuck up our sleep. Can we STOP 'falling back'?? Stop playing games with the time thinking it saves energy? It's stupid and annoying and it takes people time to adjust.

I've been watching British real crime shows on youtube the past 2 days. About all I'm capable of doing. I'm NOT a patient patient!!! Will set my PC clock ahead tomorrow during the day, as that's the one I see most often, plus my watch, cuz bugger DST!! Alright, one more British real crime show before I go to bed.

There was more I was gonna post but it'll have to wait.

Getting caught up....

Today would've been Nina Simone's 85th birthday.

Finished my labor learning module this morning, due at 5pm today. Midterm is posted but I don't know if it's a 'one shot' test, so I didn't want to click 'continue' on it this evening. Will wait to do that after I get my learning module graded and go over my notes. I know it's open note/book, but still. It's good to be prepared and to actually KNOW these things. There's a section for my litigation test that I know is going to be 'one shot', so I will be 'prepared' for that one. Such as having transcribed notes up on my pc, be doing midterm on my laptop, have the book and handouts out, and have had overfed the cats, dogs, and hope that Eddie doesn't leave his dogs out barking for a long time. Not to mention having the phone off. Around here though, one never knows what'll happen. Just makes it more challenging!!

Ran errands today as I went to meet with my professor to get a better grasp on the part of briefs where you use a case to interpret a statute for the rule. Took the brief that we had to have done this past Sunday to go over. I understand it better now. My legal writing midterm is still sitting here all printed up though. Figure I'll catch up on everything [fuck you bank card number thief] before I start that. Should be caught up by tomorrow class time. Then midterm fun and joy can begin!!

Had to get a prescription filled, and while that was being done I went to vmac, then I went to the hipster Giant Eagle to see if cheese guy was there, and he was. Got his email addy, as I can't get into an email I once had to retrieve it. Figured I'd do my GE shopping in there but fuck, that store is nuts. It's not set up logically at all. Who would know that tuna fish is in the aisle with Asian food?! Weird. Got a huge thing of Jason brand body wash, citrus scent, for $4 though. Regular $16. Somehow I found the clearance carts, cuz they were on the way to the checkouts probably.

Believe I have enough rations thru midterms. Know the cats do, might have to get a bag of dog food. Will stop at BJ's on way to school tomorrow. Rations for everyone!! Well the critters ALWAYS have rations. Somehow the cats have gotten me to give them 4-5 cans a day instead of 3. Uh??? Windsor and Mortimore lead that endeavor. Windsor silently, then Mortimore yowling. I WILL give them a can if Mortimore yowls, as he's elderly, and will not shut the fuck up. Windsor is just being a dick.

Going to transcribe class notes this evening for legal writing and also litigation. Will start to read the appropriate chapter for litigation. Need to read for legal writing; but for litigation I KNOW we are getting an assignment tomorrow--probably due this Sunday, in the midst of midterms. So I want that read first.

Need to start a couple quick cross stitch projects too. Um yeah. Signed up for a couple reddit gift exchanges. Books, bookmarks, and colors. Making something for colors, and for bookmarks. I could probably look thru my books more quickly if I had them in one spot. I know there's a pattern that suits my purpose in one, but where is that? No idea. Will find. Figured I'd make a couple things, especially the bookmark. I'll get something else to include with the color exchange. Will think of that later though, no wait, got it. Well don't have it, but know what I'll get.

In unsurprising news, for my info on the color exchange, my favorite color is lavender. I have to repaint the window trim this spring. Think I'm gonna get the color made for Prince, instead of mint green. But I'm also thinking of doing pink. I might get little cans of pastel paints and paint every window trim a different color. Then I don't have to make a decision. That's a good decision there. I'll do that. Prince purple, and then in pastel: pink, orange, yellow, blue [like my striped fence], green, and toss in something weird as fuck--like day glo orange--cuz why not??

Now to transcribe my shorthand.

ACK! Midterms!

I think I forgot to mention the thief tipped the bar $100, so that charge ended up being $436. Nice eh?

Still a bit behind in my homework. Finishing answers for my labor class learning module--that's due tomorrow at 5pm. Just have a few more to answer then I'll type them in. I write them out, do it by hand, then type them in and submit it. Easier for me that way. Need to read a chapter for legal writing and litigation each also, THEN I'll be caught up.

Got legal writing midterm this morning online and oh dear Jack Lord. I'm meeting with the professor tomorrow to go over the most recent case brief, as I'm having a slight difficulty in doing the 'rule' section when we have a statute tossed in with the court case and a fact pattern. I can brief a-okay with just a court case. I do alright with a court case and a fact pattern. But toss in a statute? Um, little help please?

So the midterm has TWO statutes and TWO court cases with one fact pattern. ACK ACK ACK!!! That's the entire midterm, worth 35% of our grade. I currently have a 93.3333% in there. I don't want that to go down.

My sample complaint I had to do for litigation, in which I thought I included too much, is going to be used as the class example because I did "...an excellent job!" Did one assignment correctly!! Think we do an answer this week, on top of our midterms. ::headdesk::

Allergies are bugging me today, but I'm getting a kenalog shot March 8, so they'll fuck off then. Plus when it gets cold in a day or two, they'll recede. Today though? Think I'm at level 5 space cadet and now is NOT the time for this tomfoolery. Same with that fuckwit bank card number thief Robert Peters.

Tomorrow I'll get my labor midterm and Thursday I'll get my litigation midterm. ACK! I'll run my errands tomorrow on the way home from Kent after meeting with my professor. Get that out of the way.

Best answer my last couple questions for labor, take my bath, load up my book bag, and head off to the wild blue yonder of Kent State. Well, it's grey out day. And warm. There's also an ice warning out for tomorrow. Cuz it's Ohio and Mother Nature is seriously menopausal. Actually not just Ohio, all over the northeast coast is unseasonably warm today.
...so yesterday I'm at the stop sign at the end of Robinette waiting to make a right on Tallmadge to go to school. It was a little before 3 and traffic was heavy. If a vehicle is within about 30 feet or so, I'm not pulling out in front of them. That's just basic driving common sense, right? Sitting there, waiting for a wider gap, as cars whiz by, the woman of the couple who moved into Wendy's house [with a Carrot Head intermission] was behind me in a SUV. She was able to see the traffic. Sometimes you sit there awhile, especially if you want to turn left.

It wasn't even long enough for ME to start to get annoyed when this ding dong starts honking her horn. Um?? Now, had I hadn't had to go to school I would have loved to have gotten out of the car and asked her if she was back to using drugs and so whacked out she couldn't see the traffic or if the meth just had her so itchy she HAD to keep moving; but alas, I had classes, so she got the finger from inside the car. Another horn honk and she got the finger outside the window and I put the car in reverse. Ah, quiet. Took about another dozen cars before I could make a right too.

Yet gosh, those fucktards made TRAFFIC STUDIES before they made us the 'fuck you' section of Tallmadge and took away our 4 lanes. Fuck their stupid ass probably friend of friend enriching themselves traffic study!

Ah yes, the aforementioned potential drug use. When they--her and her boyfriend--moved in, they made a BIG DEAL telling Eddie and I about their addictions, how long they were off, what about drug dealing around here [so they could shop close to home?], and both Eddie and I said when they went back across the street "Why would you tell strangers that stuff?!" Oh wait, cuz this is the Land of Misfit Toys!!

When I came home from class last night there was a car at the end of Robinette waiting to make a turn either way, unable to see if they had a left turn signal on or not; but they didn't have a right one on. Because the street is so narrow, they had to go before I could turn onto the street. Traffic opened up in both lanes and I'm sitting in the turn lane. Uh, dafuq?? I blast my horn and la ti da, the mother fucker PUT DOWN HIS CELL PHONE and made a left turn! He had been on his fucking phone texting or online or something. You don't sit at a stop sign and fucking do that!!!

I know that car, though can't right now place it; but if I see them driving around while I'm wandering around on foot, I'll make them pull over and then tell them to not fucking play on their phone at a stop sign again. As a public service. I'm nice that way.

Excited for next Friday cuz I'll be taking Mackenzie AND her older sister Dayle to Kent State. As I use to do like 10+ years ago. Though it'll be snowy maybe I can get 'em to reenact this pix. And that is the bell the students rung on May 4th to get people to the protest. Provided it wasn't close to May 4th I always let them ring it. It's LOUD!


Back to trying to figuring out a legal opinion that's all about the definition of the word 'willful' that I have to write a brief on. Then I have another opinion to brief that's about the intentional infliction of emotional distress and I have to apply it to a scenario we were given.

Think I have my school work schedule figured out now, hey 4th week of classes, takes some time. I need to figure out a Mackenzie schedule and probably a Dayle schedule too, either with Mackenzie or alone, so she's not left out. Need to throw a snowball or something over at Celeste's house. No, she'd probably text me "Something hit my house". I'll send a virtual one over.

At the end of the day, I don't think it's difficult to return to the Land of Misfit Toys. "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."

Homework posting break....

....so today I stayed home--no classes on Wednesday, but Wednesdays have become the day I seem to take Mackenzie to where she needs to go. Couldn't happen today as I have too much school work to do. We'll 'run the streets' a bit Friday.

Had to finish a graded 'learning module' for my 100% online labor class that was due today, covering 3 chapters. Would've been done with it a few days ago but got bogged down in other school work and I also applied too much analysis to one question in the module and the word definitions. So much so, I couldn't figure the question out. So I went to see the professor before class yesterday--I have her for my 2 classes at Kent's main campus too. Explained my question and she saw my point, and also said I was analyzing like an attorney. I shan't bore you with legal definitions and analysis.

Anyway, overnight we got about 6" of snow and I saw this morning I had about a 1" ice dam on the back porch roof, cuz y'all know the bitch--ice dam destroys pantry, roof gets replaced--as does pantry, they fail to say ice dams will continue, FUCK THEM! Since I got young grasshopper Mackenzie back to Ohio, I thought it best to deal with it myself instead of paying someone--plus I'll know when I'll show up. If we get another big blast of snow, say during midterms, I might pay someone provided I arrange an EXACT time---3 out of 4 midterms will be take home. Then I'm not half listening for someone. Honestly, at the end of the day, it's usually easier for me to do it. I know exactly what to do, how to do it, I know when I'll be there, and money stays in the bank.

Finished my learning module, started my bath, then bundled up to play 'clear the roof and curse a certain construction company'. Eddie came over at that time with his snow blower to clear the driveway, so I didn't have to shovel, as I was gonna have to do that too. He knew I had school work to do. I know he also likes to be able to 'play' with his snowblower. Had him hold the step ladder I have set up at the other end of the back porch to ensure the down spout is clear. It gets wobbly. I could move the extension ladder against the back porch and move it to the other end, but it's a pain plus I have the ladder set up perfect. So wobbly step ladder it is!

Have worked on laundry, did dishes, and am trying to finish my reading for Family Law--Monday class--tonight and the review questions that were assigned. Have to do a legal case for that class; but I will get to that tomorrow morning. Have to read chapters in Legal Research and in Civil Procedure as there's going to be an assignment in each of those classes given tomorrow. The Civil Procedure one she said is easy and is due Friday, yes, the next day. Legal Research is a legal brief and that is due Sunday. I have a legal brief due on Monday for my labor class, of which I haven't even looked at the case yet. Typical.

Was going to go grocery shopping tomorrow, drop off perishables and then go to school; but think I'll go grocery shopping Friday so I can try to get chapters read tomorrow before class and get that out of the way. I'm going out Friday anyway with Mackenzie, so I can just stop at stores then.

HI Senior Detective Rice!!!!! Spring break is the last week of March, I'd be happy to travel over yonder to see ya!! Yes yes, I'll get to emails! I know you understand. Is it surprising I'm a conscientiousness and studious student? I did not misspell conscientiousness and that is sort of scary. Had to check that spellcheck was working-it is!

Back to Family Law I go. I have to things to say about this class; but that's for another blog entry on another day and um, well, the end of next week looks free, so I'll jot that down in my calendar. Then we go into midterms the last 2 weeks of February and nope. No way no how. Will let Mackenzie know that Friday. Maybe Eddie can pinch hit for me if she has a pressing errand. Yes, I'm the responsible adult in her life. No, no I don't like either of those words: responsible or adult. Combined, together, with me?! Surprised I haven't spontaneously combusted!!

Gimme 3 steps...

Can't you see?

The Marshall Tucker Band opening for....


Got tickets!! WAHOO!!!!!!! Oh I mean, YEEHAW!!!! SKYNYRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEBIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, yes I am old enough to remember the plane crash.

No Moondog tix cuz WMJI isn't having it this year and they waited til last week to say so. Dinks. Tried to get Elton John tix but they sold out apparently to every scalper in the area it seems. Well fuck that. There was plenty of reasonably priced Skynyrd tickets left, and it's their last tour too. We're not front row--duh--but we're in the front section of the pavilion. SKYNYRD!!!!!!!!!!!

Groundhog Day

Whether or not my finger sees its' shadow, it's still 12 more months of me not giving a fuck.

I got up at 4am Sunday to go get MACKENZIE at the Cleveland Airport. She'd been trying to get back to Ohio for almost a month; but I didn't know that until late Thursday night, as Eddie saw something from her mom on facebook. When I got back from school I messaged Tammy, asked her to have Mackenzie call me. She called me Friday at noon and within hours her plane ticket, ride to airport--amtrak, was all sorted. I got her on a red eye Saturday.

She's probably the only the person in the world I'd do anything for, yes over Edward. I've known her since she was a little kid--an original 'hood kid'. If you've read here for years and years, then you'd remember Tammy, Rob, and their 4 kids living a couple houses down. I love all 4 of their kids, but Mackenzie and I have always seemed to have a special bond. It must be our love of eating cookie dough.

Got her, then we went to go to surprise her sister, brother & Dad, and then her mom. I did indeed leave an apology note and gift card at that wrong address. Her dad's heart got an impromptu stress test! The best though is her sister's boyfriend. Someone is pounding on the door, waking you up, you ask who is it and you get giggling chicks saying "package for Dayle" and then "Oh, okay". We both were losing it in that hallway. Akin to drunken college antics, but more likely sleep deprivation as she'd been traveling for about 24 hours.

Went around today, as I didn't have classes, to try to get her DL switched and residency established. Have to go back to one place Friday because they closed today at noon. Dafuq??

Had my first Monday class this week at Kent's Trumball campus. Took 76 to 5 instead of the turnpike--which I'll only take if it's sleeting or snowing. Rte 5 is one of those roads that really keeps you on your toes. 2 lanes, rural in a lot of areas, so you need to watch for deer, there's no real area to pull over in most spots so if someone crossed the line you're sort of screwed too. Not to mention if it was slippery, you'd end up in a ditch, against a tree, or in a pond. DID go thru Center of the World. A city. Though, what if it IS the center of the world??

Kent Trumball campus has a whopping 4 building. Where I take classes is officially named the "Classroom Building". How much did they pay a think tank to come up with THAT name?? I walked in and I felt like I was walking into a high school. Just needed lockers in the hall. Even the desks were like school. I didn't take my book to class, but apparently I should have. 4 people had this professor before and knew to have their book. I kept looking online for this class, for information, a syllabus, etc and nada. Had they sent out something 'bring your book to class' I could have. 2 other students had theirs on order. Since 3 of us---only 7 in class--didn't have our books we got out early. Massive amount of work for that class that I would've loved to start um, last week? Even reading chapter 1 didn't prepare me for this. Ugh.

Not feeling well AT ALL. Been too much on the go go go. Need to either run a couple errands tomorrow after class, or run them Friday morning when I take Mackenzie on her errands. Then I AM IN for the weekend. Phone off, homework, homework, homework. Will start with Monday's class work, then I'll have 3 days of notes to transcribe for 2 classes, then reading for my other 3. And I'll stay warm and hydrated.

What's up with people dying from the flu?? Dafuq. 100 years after the Spanish Flu epidemic. The flu can fluck off. Think I have cold? Dunno. Might be the flu, thought of seeing the doctor for tamiflu, but it was too late before I thought of that---IF I have the flu. Have to start it within 24-36 hours. KNOW I have a rib cage dysfunction cuz I felt it pop out of place today when I twisted myself to get Minnow out from under an exam room chair at the vet, cuz the tech didn't understand me saying to put Minnow under the towel after he weighed him. He put him on the floor. Under the towel, on the floor, sound the same, right? Nope. Minnow likes to be under a towel and plays hide and go fuck yourself. They even put him under a towel after his dental surgery so he 'wasn't there'. Both Minnow and Melon's mouths are healing very nicely.

Now to watch a short something on youtube before bed. The past month or so I've gotten into watching mountaineering videos. No, I have absolutely no idea. No interest in ever doing such a thing. I think Mt. Everest, at this point, is sort of almost a tourist attraction--though obviously a deadly one. I watch mountaineering videos about climbers on other mountains, legendary climbers, unfathomable situations that some people survive, and I'm watching, transfixed, thinking in the back of my head 'how did I get fascinated with this?' No idea!

Oh, Mackenzie and I went to Luigi's today for lunch and it was AWESOME!! It's amazing what you can get when you don't go to a buffay! Delicious bread---I opened a butter packet and it was EMPTY. Mackenzie said that had to be good luck and I should keep it, so I have that. Whoever opened a thing of butter at a restaurant and got nada? She got a pizza and I got a sub. We both got salad but she got cheese on hers and it was like cheese mountain.

Hmmm....should go somewhere different for lunch Friday, but damn, I could go back there again! Nah, will figure some other place out. Ah, already got it! I think. I'm off to youtube and mountaineering before bed.

Gonna be a good day...

Been up since 4am and yet I think today is gonna be a good day. Hmmm....guess we'll see eh?

Reading, 'riting, rah rah rah

Have a huge list of things to do, but school work first. Have Family Law for the 1st time Monday. Professor hasn't posted anything online but I've read chapter one today which was 48 pages. Submitted my first learning module for Labor & Employment law today--it was due this upcoming Wednesday. Read chapter 2 of Legal Writing and Research and need to read chapter 2 of Litigation. Then have to type up my shorthand lecture notes. Also have to do some Bar Association stuff.

Not to mention reply to comments, emails, etc. And thus ends my 5 minute LJ break!

Ice school concert

So we did NOT get 6-10" of snow, praise Jack Lord for that!! We got about 5" I think. Got my car back around noon. Hadn't taken a bath yet, but was about too. Ran around the corner and got my car first. Then went out to a couple places. Going to Target it started to rain. Leaving Target it was still raining but getting colder rapidly. By the time I got across the street to Giant Eagle it was SLEETING. Parking lot was slippery. Just wanted to grab bananas but ended up with a basket full of stuff, as that's how those things work.

Walking out of Giant Eagle the sleet was coming down harder and it HURT. Car was starting to get ice covered. Drove the actual speed limit home, and even a bit below--I have a penchance for speed, but not with sleet! By the time I crossed Rte. 8 I was going 20 in a 35. When I got to my neighbors to cat sit, as I just pulled in their driveway, the sleet felt like little knives stabbing you. Their steps were ice covered. Everything was getting ice covered quite quickly. I kept my car running, lest it started to ice up more.

We got between 1/4-1/2" of ice in total. Then the snow. Eddie was snowblowerman the next day and finally got to play with his snow blower and was doing everyone's driveway and walkways. We got about 2 more inches yesterday.

I have my reading done for my 2 in-class classes this week and for my online class. Need to listen to the online class' lectures tomorrow and we get an assignment for that class posted tomorrow at 5pm, due next Wednesday at 5pm. Which I'll start probably tomorrow. My Family Law professor hasn't posted anything online, so I am assuming they'll just give out info Monday in class. I'm going to read chapter one prior to class though.

In my 2 classes today we just went over the syllabuses and introductions. Got out early of the second class if we were in the 1st one--same professor.

After Thursday's classes, I'll type up my shorthand notes over the weekend and do the following week's reading. I might do 'fuck all' a lot of times and do have the PhD in procrastination, but I try to stay on top of school work the best I can.

Got tickets to see Steely Dan this summer! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blossom pavilion seats. I could listen to this song on repeat for days on end---and I have before!

Doobie Brothers' appear to be the openers. Listen to the music we shall!

SS Tooth Decay ER Announcement

On my way to get Minnow and Melon from the vet today the emergency broadcast system cut in. Never had that happen before. 1/4" of ICE?!?! I hope they finish my car early tomorrow! I gotta go get more lickable treats for the dental patients. Yes, I was driving. It was raining, actually almost 60 today, then down to like 10 tomorrow night! WEEE!!

This is Melon's mouth. Yellow with X's are what they took out. Pink are what were already missing. The lower back X had a deep tract line under it and she has a mass the doctor felt. She got x-rays before surgery to see if it was a tumor or not. The doctor is now very sure it's not a tumor and is just a root abscess. They inserted antibiotics into that tooth hole's crevasse, she got an antibiotic injection, AND she's still on oral antibiotics. She gets 3 days of pain meds too.


Poor Minnow. He has like 2 little teeth on his lower front center left now. Blue highlight they extracted, green were already gone. The doctor had to take the drill to some of his teeth to get them out. He had some bleeding issues, very minor. They have some kind of packing--a powder--they used before I took them home. He got a pain shot that'll last 2 days. I cannot medicate him in any way, shape, or form.


I have 10 lickable treats, but will need to get more tomorrow. Did NOT want to stop on the way home with them to get more. Once I got home I didn't want to leave them. Once I get my car back tomorrow, no matter the weather conditions I will go get them more. Just go up to Giant Eagle, as that's closer to Walmart. Will cost more, but closer.

I'm exhausted, and have to get up early to get my car around the corner at 8. Least I can just throw on today's clothes for that! Fingers crossed it's done early!! Yeah, I always hope!! And shall try again tomorrow!

ETA: 1/12 almost 7am

I'm a dingbat and didn't consider going to Vmac BEFORE dropping my car off! DUH!!!!!!!!! Gonna finish this cup of coffee, throw on yesterday's clothes, let the dogs out real quick, and away I shall go, then drop my car off around the corner.

Melon's pain pill did NOT dissolve as easily as they said it would. Then when I went to get it out of the syringe--they said put it in a syringe, run it under hot water [I did for 20 minutes] then fill with warm water, and it'd be dissolved, Melon got just water!---the pill went down the sink! FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK. When I get back from VMAC/car drop off I'll take another pill and put it in a bowl and REALLY let it dissolve and mash it up really good. Think it's more important she get pain meds today and tomorrow at least.

Gosh, I hope I don't stand out at Vmac being unbathed and in yesterday's clothes.

Back to school I go!!

All system are go, so I'll post it now: I'm going back to school!! Getting my Post-Baccalaureate Paralegal Certificate at Kent State. Like I'd go to any other school?

Classes start this upcoming Tuesday. I'm taking 12 hours. 6 at Kent campus, 3 at Kent's Trumball campus, and one online class. Why Kent Trumball campus? Basically because I didn't want to take Estate and Probate Law and was more interested in Family Law which was only offered at the Trumball campus this semester. That class is just once a week, so the 2 hour [round trip] drive won't be that bad.

Aside from the aforementioned Family Law, I'm taking: Legal Writing and Research; Principles and Practice of Litigation; and Labor and Employment Law.

Wonderfully, a state agency is paying for my tuition, parking pass, and my books!! Isn't that fantastic?!

YEAH!!! I'm excited to start school!!

Too many stops, Wendy's burnt

I've been places today. Lots of places.

Valium Dr. in Garfield Hts at 9:40am
Stow Vmac
Dollar General
Stopped at mechanics to check that I can still get my car worked on Friday--yes, they saved me a spot
Drop off at home of perishables
Giant Eagle

Got perishables and pertinent things out of car, rest can wait til tomorrow cuz the driveway is an ice rink; but tomorrow is suppose to be 60. Running the streets wasn't done though.

Took Minnow and Melon to spend the night at the vet so they can get dental surgery tomorrow. They were put in a big cage together for the night, of course tomorrow they'll have to be separated after surgery. The surgery release forms now have a 'do not resuscitate' thing you have to decide about. Uh??

Oh, let me call Eddie and see what he checked when Hades got fixed. He said he didn't get that. Well, they told me they've been doing that for at least the last 6 months. No, they didn't ask him, he didn't have that. Uh huh. So, he didn't pay attention. I'm sooooooooo not shocked!!

Tomorrow before I pick up Minnow and Melon--they are siblings, spawn of Skittles [I didn't name Skittles, she was Tammy's cat. I did name Minnow and Melon.]--I'm gonna stop at Klein's and pick up my filled Valium RX, then go to Home Depot, before I pick up the kitties.

When I got off Rte. 8 at Graham Road to go to Stow VMAC after the Dr. this morning, I saw a fire department pick up truck. I thought they were at the Speedway maybe testing pumps or something. Then I saw yellow tape. Then I saw Wendy's. WHAT.THE.FUCK.?! More pix from where I snagged this one. No cause of fire known yet.


One automatically 'thinks' a grease fire, but that place is totaled. How/why could that spread that fast?? At least no one was injured. Eddie suspects McDonald's across the street hired someone. He also suggested maybe Taco Bell around the corner. He obviously was joking. I agree with his theories.

I didn't want to go to so many places today but THEY are saying we might get up to a foot of snow Friday overnight, after up to a 1/4" of ice. I had planned to go out and about this weekend, but oh hell no!! I have things to do inside and shall work on them tomorrow to keep me busy til my two [well Skittles' technically, but I've been their acting 'mom' since they've been 2 months old and Skittles wants nothing to do with any other kitty, so she stays in here, puter room].

Friday I just have to take my car around the corner at 8am. If it's raining, it won't be sleet then, so that's fine to walk home in. It's suppose to start sleeting mid-afternoon Friday. I already alerted Eddie if that is the case I'll have him drive me around the corner to get my car. Not walking down there in sleet! Oh hell no!!

Totally exhausted. Hope my ice rink driveway melts early tomorrow so I can clean out my car, and also haul stuff out of my house up to the street cuz I'm having a large pick up Tuesday. It'll probably get buried in the snow!! Too bad, still happening. If need be, I'll put a marker of some kind on top 'stuff to throw out BELOW'.

Lots to do tomorrow, cuz I've done fuck all for too many days--I do that really well! :D Have JT on call in case we DO get that much snow cuz I sure ain't clearing the back porch roof of snow!! Also have things to do. I'll make another post for that! :D

In birthdays today...

....Panacea turned 10!!! Didn't go out and give her 10 treats cuz it's cold as fuck out. She got a new squeaky ball though for inside, and both got filled bones. Pan got the bigger one, since it's her birthday in addition to Christmas.

Poliahu will be 9 next month. Damn. Where does the time go?

Christmas Wrappings...

....as many in the comments of this video say, it's not really Christmas til they see this fan made video of the Waitresses song. I concur totally with that.

For Senior Detective Rice...

...special dedication. She'll get it.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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