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Monday night at bedtime, let the dogs out, duh, and both CHARGE!!! to the mulberry tree. Of course I didn't have my cell phone on me, so therefore no flashlight and had to run upstairs to get it. I saw no eyes reflecting back to me up in the tree but both dogs were at the base of the tree looking up. I had no doubt SOMETHING was up there and assumed it was a possum.

Last night when I let them out, I had my phone on me and both CHARGED!!! to a locust tree and I heard little claws scampering up and then from the neighbor's garage light I saw the silhouette of two toddler raccoons. DAFUQ?! It's March 21! They scampered ALL the way to the very very top of the locust tree, so I don't think they've been out much and/or had much training from their mom yet, as going that high is totally unnecessary and is sort of dangerous as it was windy. Fortunately Pan could not find mom in the yard, though she made a thorough search while Poli was on sentry duty at the bottom of the locust tree hopping around "I got something to do! I got something to do! Coach put me in!"

Fucking great, now I gotta deal with raccoons already. I suppose the Joyce Birr Dayton Place Habitat is their 'home', as raccoons have been living in her garage for years now. She so kindly puts straw in there for them and the garage is filled with years of straw and raccoon shit. And the city does jack shit about it because ??? Who the fuck knows why. But gee, somewhere I have imaginary tall grass in my fenced in yard. That shit happens again, the department head is coming out and we're going to walk the neighborhood as I explain unequal enforcement and yes, Joyce's will be the highlight. She has real tall grass, the food out 24/7, dead car rotting in driveway, aforementioned garage, raccoon shit covered awning---it use to be white but now is basically black with so much raccoon shit, and that's okay because ???? I'm not the only person around here with raccoon damage, as many on Dayton Place have it too. We've ALL complained about this for years, actually there's 20+ years of the SAME COMPLAINTS against her. Clue phone?? Not being answered by anyone.

Have lots of things to do around the house and not much motivation. Ugh. Did get a few things done yesterday. Will try to do better today. Have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. The sharp pain isn't as sharp but I'm going anyway, cuz I think it was/is a rib cage malfunction. Yes, a different one than the one last week. This one is on my right side. Still hurts, but not as sharp.

Panacea is having her high maintenance bitch skin issues. She's on yeast pills and pred, plus ear drops and neurotin for her arthritis. Yes, the med that made Eddie hallucinate and suicidal. Apparently it doesn't have that side effect in dogs. She has limited arthritis med options due to being on pred. Her arthritis isn't that bad, but she a little difficulty getting up in the car seat.

Minnow should be getting his dental probably next month. Damn cat. Well at least they're with me and not Tammy, cuz they get medical assistance. Mind you, they wouldn't purposely harm them, but going to the vet wouldn't be a priority. Like when Oreo was theirs and was hit by a car. Oreo survived without medical assistance. Yes, I was pissed about that then. Ah, but but cigarettes! SMDH

Alright, best go start my day. Clothes should be done in the washer and I can start my bath, gotta feed the dogs, do dishes, change a cat box, then work in the bedroom. I have cat food bags as trash bags. I always save cat and dog food bags when empty. They make the best trash bags---plus it's bonus usage!!! Save the cat litter bags too! All those bags are sturdy!!

First Day of Spring...

...vintage postcard from 1912.


Also Panacea's and Poliahu's anniversary. Got both on March 20, but Poli one year later than Pan. They shall get extra treats.

Rain is expected today and there is a 'special weather statement' that we might get soft hail [is that an oxymoron?] in the midst of thunderstorm due to cold air pockets. Um, okie doke then!

Projectile weather bust....

MORE Skittles' projectile vomit. FFS! She's on a roll today!! I was sitting here writing notes on things I have to do, etc and glurp glurp DO NOT DO IT THERE DAMMIT glurp moving to the left glurp SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit Skittles!! Dafuq is your malfunction today? Glurp glurp glurp SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!!

So no white out conditions earlier, of course not; BUT now we have a severe weather warning about a 'squall' [I've lived in Ohio over half my life now and I will never EVER get use to the word 'squall'] that is intense and could cause white out conditions. The earlier statement didn't call it a 'squall', who the fuck calls snow a SQUALL?!?!? What is their malfunction??

It is snowing. Things are being nicely coated and it looks pretty. It is regularly SNOW not a damn 'squall'. If I EVER start using the word 'squall', hit me with the sledgehammer please. Seriously. If I ever want a flu shot, check me into the psych ward. Same as if I ever believe in a deity.

SDR mentioned in an email today something about a "normal life". What the hell is that?? Sounds interesting. And Skittles is starting to glurp again.

That reminds me, I need to go check dinner. I'm losing my appetite.

Oooo Special Weather Statement

Special Weather Statement
Special Weather Statement in effect until 3:30 PM EDT. Source: U.S. National Weather Service


At 212 PM EDT, a band of heavy snow was moving across northern Ohio.
This area of heavy snow is moving east 25 to 30 mph. The snow band
is quickly producing an inch or two of accumulation across the

Locations impacted include...
Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Lorain, Mansfield, Medina,
Wooster, Sandusky, Ashland, Norwalk, Fremont, and Ravenna.

Visibilities will drop quickly to less than a half of a mile in this
area of heavy snow.

Conditions can deteriorate rapidly in winter weather situations. Be
prepared for snow or ice covered roads. Slow down and allow extra
time when traveling.

I'll take my camera down with me to the kitchen and look out the back door on and off to see if we have a white out. No, I can directly see outside from my kitchen. My kitchen window has lace patterned contact paper, plus plastic over it, and my back door has plastic over the screen door. Pantry door stays shut, plus window has plastic over it. Can see a bit thru the plastic in the dining room but might as well walk onto back porch or look out side door.

Projectile thoughts....

Nothing like trying to reply to something and Skittles goes on a projectile vomiting spree. Once, twice, three times is 'normal'. Rather breaks up your concentration. Damn cat. But that's 'normal' for her.

I keep thinking about something, which probably isn't good nor healthy. The main thought is: what was the purpose/reason for me to encounter another individual like this? They're not the type who would 'learn' anything, so the lesson would be on me. So??? The only answer I keep getting is that I should write about them, as I've done for others; but that honestly would do no good in the long run. Well, I suppose it would add to their already extensive google returns.

I know, if you don't know who/what I'm talking about, that is a befuddling statement. SDR, what do you think?

Ah, starting to snow. They say perhaps an inch, then rain Sunday.

No banana cake yesterday. Need to go do dishes and make that today. Need to work on a few things about the house too. Perhaps I can have an epiphany while doing dishes about what I'm thinking of.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a conscience. Though, I see those without one and no, that's fine. Perhaps if mine wasn't so overactive? I tend to think too much to begin with, then add an ethical dilemma and SCRAMBLED BRAINS!

Rib cage bank

Who can get a rib cage dysfunction walking up their steps? Me. I wasn't even carrying anything. No, it makes zero sense; but when I was almost to the landing, RIB CAGE DYSFUNCTION!!! At least it's the one in my arm pit area and I can stretch my arm over my head to help it go back to it's home and it eases the pain too. Haven't been coughing, nor sneezing. Sitting with back against chair back. No fucking clue. So I guess that's just par for my course.

Old bank account is now CLOSED!!! YES!!!!! My new bank account is a little buggered. No ATM card, no checks yet. I called today and whereas I had been told the ATM card had been sent, no, no it was not sent. No, no checks have been ordered. Um?? I'd swear I was talking to an elderly Edward, though I felt a sense of compassion for this man's confusion. Thinking about it now though, I can also feel a sense of empathy for this man's supervisor! It came down to I'd have to talk to one particular person who wasn't in today. That's fine, I have their email, I'll send them one so the message is there.

For the first time since I started using gmail accounts, something went to spam. It was the auto reply, out of office, for this person. I think I look at the spam folder once a month and nothing is ever there. I looked today around 6pm and there was the auto reply with the phone # for a person who COULD help, from 8-5. Dammit!! If I get up early tomorrow I might just call that person, as I have no doubt the person who was off a week would have things to go through and it might be a day or two or three before they get back to me.

I DID make bread today!! My thermometer decided to stop working, so I had no idea the water temperature. Turned out okay though. Since my rib cage dysfunction had just happened before I started the bread [I use the bread machine on dough, then roll it out, rise, then bake], I did NOT make tofu ricotta. Didn't want to stand too much. I guess that means I'll have to make bread AGAIN! Oh dear! No clue about how to ghetto rig a thermometer. I'll figure something out.

Banana cake definitely has to be made tomorrow, as I have very ripe bananas. Banana cake with chocolate frosting. What's with all these recipes for banana cake and cream cheese frosting? CHOCOLATE!!!! Thankyouverymuch. I'll try banana pudding another time I get bananas.

Need to stop typing and stretch my arm. Actually if I keep my left arm over my head it doesn't hurt at all. My 'normal' is not normal.

I'll try again tomorrow.

They upped our inches!

Now they say in their warning that we might get up to 7" overnight.

I actually went out and dealt with the back porch roof a bit a few hours ago. An ice dam was forming. I also thought it would probably be double the work for me to explain to Edward how to clear the snow, then where to put the calcium chloride. That shit ain't cheap and a little goes a long way. I also keep the bag on the back porch, sealed and covered, to protect it from moisture.

That fucking 1.5 hour phone call today. JFC. I'm more mad at myself for staying on that long! I converted the file to a MP3 to try to figure where to edit it. I admit I was cracking up listening to the first 10 minutes. 'When I go here it does this. No wait, it worked okay that time.' Also within the first 10 minutes I do indeed threaten to come over with the sledgehammer. And the long ass PAUSES. Everything is also an "icon". Open a new tab +, that's an icon. Bookmark bar shortcuts [technically those are icons] icon. He STILL had problems with the START BUTTON!!! "The boxed button?"

I think the camera was OFF at the point towards the end, while I was in the tub--it was on for a bit there--when I told him to go his desktop and he asks, "How do I get to that? What is that?"

For reasons I have no clue for:

There is no system restore point on his computer. That's not HIS fault. There should be a system restore point from updates. No, I wasn't going to figure that out but it might have solved the problem today.

The mousepad doesn't work right in firefox. ONLY in firefox. Ah, I can hear some now saying 'Did he try Chrome?' NO! That would entail walking him thru downloading that, then immediately he'd want his stuff from firefox, and wouldn't understand it's for testing purposes only. Yes, we updated firefox and also flash. Checked the mousepad settings too. And of course tried turning it off and on again.

He actually said he'd bring it over to me to fix. Uh, I've only said I wouldn't touch that thing again a million times. He brings it over, HAMMER TIME!!! I will not learn his version of windows. Then he mentioned getting a new one with his tax return. I will type up a statement, get it notarized, that I AM NOT TECH SUPPORT FOR IT!!! For any of it. NOTHING. Yes, I know Windows 10, quite well. Actually I have it sort of looking like XP. Not teaching him Windows 10 nor setting it up for him [which is what he would want]. Hell, he still has problems with facebook!! Yet somehow started a twitter on his own.

SMDH. No, no ricotta made in advance today, nor actually anything made. Dishes are done though, so I've got what I need for bread making. I wish my blender hadn't upped and died on me, it would be really handy to have. My little ninja chopper will suffice, just gotta do smaller quantities.

I'll try again tomorrow!

Now we have a WARNING!


Including the cities of Medina, Akron, and Ravenna
1253 PM EDT Tue Mar 14 2017


The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a Winter
Storm Warning for heavy snow which is in effect until 8 PM EDT
Wednesday. The Winter Weather Advisory is no longer in effect.

* Accumulations/Timing...1 to 3 inches of additional snow through
early this evening with an additional 2 to locally 5 inches of
snow tonight into Wednesday. The heaviest snow will be across
the northernmost portions of the counties and will vary
depending on where lake effect bands are most persistent.

* Impacts...Difficult driving conditions with reduced visibility
and snow covered roads.

* Winds...Northwest 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph

/cut paste

Oh dear, should I clear off my car and rush to the store to buy water, bread, and TP? Wait, I have water from the tap, a loaf of bread and yeast to make bread, and enough TP for the year. Alrightie then. Critters have rations, as they always have them. So we're set. Eddie's on board to salt the gutter tomorrow and back porch, so I'm set there too!!

Crow family just few to the clock out tree. I'm assuming they're a family because it was 3 of them and usually families will stick together during the day. The chirruns stay with the parents for a few years, and help with their younger siblings, before they find their mate. Even then, the family bond remains.

No squirrel sightings yet. I see one I'll go give them a PB sandwich. Yes, I have several prepared.

Snow/Phone call with Edward....

...was going to get in tub, around 11. Grinch ring tone of doom. Got off phone around 12:30. I actually turned my camera on, to ghetto record. I'll have to edit some of it and you can hear it for yourselves!!

The only 'plus' from that is Eddie will salt my gutter tomorrow if needed.

No massive snow this morning. It's getting colder out though and the wind is picking up a bit. Still sort of spitting snow.

Now it's 1pm and far too late to make bread. Dammit!! Will forage for lunch, then fiddle in kitchen. Might make my tofu ricotta today, though I'm not sure how much I'll need for a 8x8 pan of lasagna. Want to use leftover tofu and try a banana pudding recipe I found.

'Blizzard' Tuesday....

Pix from last night, yes I did my camera down. The light snow we were getting almost felt like soft sleet, if that makes sense.

Approaching snow sky color. No flash, no tomfoolery. Natural pix.


This is how much snow we had then.


Also had my cell with me, this was taken with that. Weird ass animal tracks across the driveway. Mr. google told me later they were possum tracks.


Mail lady's foot prints. No more than a couple inches, right?


A bench mark for snow levels.


The back porch roof has snow on it, natch. But from this window the gutter looks 'open'! I did put calcium chloride ON the roof yesterday but I focused more on the gutter. I think I just open the window in here over the back porch and get some 'special salt' on the roof that way as I do NOT feel like climbing a ladder today!!

Real feel is 2 right now. And it's sort of spitting snow.

Ooooo, we have a SPECIAL WEATHER ALERT!! cut/paste


At 915 AM EDT, an area of moderate to heavy snow was located along a
line extending from near Chardon to near Brunswick to near West
Salem. Movement was slow to the east at 15 mph. Snow will continue
to slowly move eastward and could bring a quick inch to inch and a
half of accumulation through 11 AM EDT to some areas. Winds in
excess of 30 mph are possible with this area of snow and
visibilities could be as low as a half mile in some locations.

Locations impacted include...
Cleveland, Akron, Medina, Wooster, Ashland, Painesville, Willowick,
Chardon, Fairport Harbor, Parma, Lakewood, Cuyahoga Falls, Euclid,
Mentor, Cleveland Heights, Strongsville, Brunswick, North Royalton,
Kent and Barberton.

/cut paste and here's are updated Advisory cut/paste


* Accumulations/Timing...1 to 3 inches of additional snow through
this afternoon with an additional 2 to 4 inches of snow this
evening into Wednesday as lake-effect snow develops. Locally
higher amounts will be possible where lake-effect snow bands

/cut paste Okay this involves math. Say we have 2 inches now. Add 1 to 3, then 2 to 4. WHY DO THEY MAKE US DO MATH?!?!?!? Okay, highest total is 9. The least they could do is give us the lowest/highest totals. Some of us went to Kent State!

Will take pix/video if we get that heavy snow before 11!
...well little past 5pm and not a flake yet, of course besides the one typing this. Now they say tomorrow we'll be getting lake effect snow and might end up with a total 10". I am debating pre-salting my back porch roof. Isn't that what people have to do? No? Really?!?! YES THAT STILL IRKS MY IRE!!! Don't fucking replace someone's back porch roof, totally gut and redo their pantry and FAIL to mention that ice dams will still form!!! As I've said, had I been told BEFORE discussions could have taken place re: putting the roof at a steeper pitch or even REMOVING the pantry! Fuck you J Russell. Seriously, FUCK YOU. Especially with my chimney leak from hell FIXED and it was what I thought all along!! Grrrrrr.......

I am thinking I should pre-salt though. Think I have a virus of some kind and am currently running a fever, so fucking great having to climb ladders to put out the back porch roof special snowflake salt [not rock salt]. I'll probably feel worse tomorrow. Okay, I'll go put on rain coat, plastic gloves, and pre-salt. It feels really cold today too.

Alright, 25 minutes later and I have pre-salted. Slammed my knee on the ladder when I had to move it, so wow, bonus! And no flakes yet. I want J Russell's tongues to burn with calcium chloride until they learn to communicate better!! I know, I'm so nice. HAH!

Okay, I'm gonna ice my knee. They are saying snow starting in 43 minutes. So around 6:32? We'll see if they are right.

Update 8:56pm: There is just the lightest coat of snow on roofs and cars. You can't even SEE it snowing, if it even is, at this point.

Update 9:25pm: You can see it snowing now; but it's a very light snow.

Update 10:40pm: Still light snow, but ground has a dusting now. The sky is getting brighter, approaching 'snow sky' shade--which is um, not quite sure how to describe that. It's obviously still dark out--duh--but it's brighter and snow skies are sometimes pink hued. Quite beautiful actually. Not there yet though. Might take some pix when I let the dogs out [yes, I let the dogs out, it was me]. Will take with cell phone, don't feel like hauling camera around at bedtime.


...had to go up to Giant Eagle and then Klein's. Took my camera with me as I figured since I wasn't getting anything perishable, not to mention it'd be fine for like 10 minutes, I'd take some pix and videos of the North Hill Crow Crew at 'work' and the Chapel Hill Gull Group. There was a gathering of the Crow Crew by the dumpsters of Friendly's with the Gull Group trying to drive them off. Crow Crew stood firm, actually they were sitting. Anyway, I park at the end of the Giant Eagle parking lot, turn on my camera and get 'BATTERY EMPTY'. DAFUQ?!?! I got zero low battery warning last night when I was taking moon pictures!! Those 4 rechargeable batteries, once I find a Sharpie, are getting side eyes drawn on them. Phone camera is not good for distance. Tried to zoom, but I could see it was pixelating. Typical. So I went up to Klein's.

Let it be said, that on this day, absolutely nothing went wrong with my Klein's prescription, payment, NOTHING!!

While leftovers heat up, after which I'm gonna do dishes and then maybe start bread. Bread will be today or tomorrow. Tomorrow seems more likely. Anyway, here's pix from my fridge I took Saturday. Why the fuck not?

Door top shelf. Not shown, since it was my cell camera, is the 'butter' compartment which has a tub of spreadable Earth Balance. I could drink that Vanilla Chai Bolthouse Farms all day, all night, whole town.


Middle shelf. The limitations of cell phone cameras. Anyway. Jack Daniels jalepeno mustard, spicy brown mustard, horseradish, parmesan cheese---yes, I thought I could have a bit of it and it wouldn't bug my dairy allergy, HAH! Gotta give that to Eddie. Stick Earth Balance, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and in front of the EB boxes is Mouse's last bottle of compound insulin. I am a total sap and have never thrown it away. It's from 2005, when she passed. Also Raspberry Honey Mustard which I am using for pretzels. This stuff is AWESOME. Got it on clearance. .79 a jar and there were 3 jars and yep, I got 'em all!



Then peanut butter, salad dressing, small Bolthouse juice, grape juice--saw that in the store and thought 'damn, that sounds really good', jar of raspberry preserves, and blueberry jelly.

No pix of bottom shelf but there's a jug of maple syrup, ketchup, yellow mustard, and 2 half gallons of Chocolate Silk Soy milk.

Top shelf of fridge is rather bare. Tofu, spaghetti sauce, and salsa. Plus little container with baking soda and vanilla.


Deli drawer has Daiya 'cheese' slices. Yes, I have eggs. Container of baking yeast, lentil salad, Tofurky sausage, peppers, 'outside' apples [for squirrels and birds], and some Jackfruit thing that looked interesting.


Figure I'll have some of this with lasagna.


Looked interesting. Think I'll have it over couscous.


Bottom shelf. Celery, salad, cara cara oranges, apples for me, 2 bottles of some alcohol root beer Wendy gave me, and a bottle of Cheerwine the succubus brought me years ago. I find that product amusing, hence it's home in the fridge.


Not pictured in crisper drawers: more salad, carrots, lemons, limes, jalepenos, zucchinis, mushrooms, and cucumbers.

Believe it when I see it...

....they are giving us a weather advisory for 5pm tonight thru 8pm Wednesday saying 4-7 inches of snow. Uh huh.

Yes, I'm a luna-tic...

Knew it was the full moon tonight. Saw it rising and it was at my eye level. It's really cold out and I figured I'd have to walk up to Columbia or further, so I did the smart thing and drove. Good thing, as it was dead on aligned with York. Of course parking at the dead end of York was filled, so I parked at the corner of York and Patterson and walked a few houses down on the dead end of York. And right beyond the dead end of York is Rte 8.


Nah, not full moon fever. Though I did wake up sweating this morning. Hmmmm...


Lack of light report...

7:08am STILL dark out!!

Continued DST shit.....

....so yesterday at 6am it was getting light out....now it's a 6:45am and it's still pitch black out....uh, what?? just like in the fall, when they 'adjusted' when we changed clocks--during bush 2, though i don't blame him for this---now in the fall there's several weeks of darker mornings, when kids go to school in the dark...just like they'll be doing now....this saves daylight how?

seriously, this shit has to STOP....the EU has done studies showing the bad effects of DST---loss of productivity, increase in accidents, etc....stop.this.shit. stop trying to manipulating things that are man-made....what's next, adding another day to the calendar? surprised they haven't done that....or adding 2 days to february....

aw, i'm gonna be a happy camper today, eh? i actually got like 7 hours of straight sleep....i think waking up in the pitch dark at 5:45am started my day off annoyed....

while i'm bitching, sites that add 'turn off your adblocker to continue' amuse me to no end....no, fuck you, i will not....fuck your ads, i can read/watch whatever elsewhere....not to mention there's scripts that block a lot of those 'turn off your adblocker' blocks....dumb fucks...no, i don't want to see pop up ads, nor flashing ads, nor COMMERCIALS....nope....been there done that, not going back....

i won't even use an app that has ads....obviously i don't use many apps....twitter app has ads, so i don't use it, just on PC where there's no ads...same with pinterest....i don't have many apps on my phone or tablet and that's okay by me....

if i have to further decrease computer time, that's okay by me too....there's better things to do....

Fuck this DST shit!

No idea daylight savings time was tonight until just a wee bit ago. FUCK I hate this manipulation of people's sleep. STOP THIS SHIT!!! Stick with summer time year round and fucking deal with it. Time is a man made concept as it is, so why go further and proclaim you're adapting a man made concept to further 'control' it? You made it, you already control it! Oh wait, no, you're just further controlling people.

I think aliens would be better, and obviously smarter, than to try to manipulate time, and people, like this.

If you were aware I think DST is stupid as fuck and it should be eradicated!! I want to see it gone in my lifetime. I saw the Chicago Cubs win the worlds series, so I HAVE seen the impossible done!! And I want a Goodyear BLIMP!!!!! ride. No, no pony, but a garden gnome would be nice to help with weed pulling.
Got in tub around 8am. Got a phone call, a nice one, oh I gotta write something down, I have a meeting next week, hold on. Okay, meeting denoted. Got off phone and though my glasses were off, as I was in the tub, I could see out the window over Melon's head a big bird floating in circles. Then the sounds. Cooper's hawk. Of all the times to circle right next door! No, didn't get out of the tub. Blimp, oh hell yes! In the midst of my quick bath, at 8:33am--I looked at the time--my ears 'popped'. Like when you have airplane ear and then they pop. 22 1/2 hours after my kenalog shot it fully kicked in. That's my time to loudly exclaim PRAISE KENALOG!!!!!!!!!!! Melon gave me a "Bitch please" look. Gypsy was on a shelf right next to me and despite being totally feral, she didn't even move. Now if I had started to say "Get in cahoots..." she'd have flown. Gypsy Boots is named after Gypsy Boots. One of his chants was "Get in cahoots with Gypsy Boots." He was one of the first vegetarians on tv.

Mail arrived and no, no ATM card. I had considered driving to the closest branch which would have been a haul but finally decided fuck that. The sun was out, high winds were arriving, I just wanted to run my errands. I have a bill I have to pay in cash Friday and it appears I'll have to go to a branch Friday because I called after I got the mail to ask when my ATM card had been sent and THEY HAD NOT SENT IT YET!! Uh?!?!? Oh they were sending it today, I'll have it in 7-10 days. Yes, that is annoying BUT the guy I talked to immediately said they made a mistake! Concept!! I know a bank cunt who might wanna learn a few things from there. No, wait, too late for her.

Left around 9:45ish and they had said the winds would pick up around 10am and damned if they didn't. On rare occasions they are correct. Let's see, I went to Klein's first and got a big bag of drugs. No, not as exciting as some people might think. Then I was going down State Rd and there's a Woman's Health Center, which I believe I have mentioned before, as there is A MAN sometimes out front protesting with placards with bible verses. How christian of him. He needs to read Matthew 7:1 Judge not lest ye be judged. So I see two woman in bright pink vest out today. Back of the vests said "Women's Health Escorts" cuz, yeah, that judgmental prick was out there. No red light, never one when you need them, but I yelled out "THANK YOU ESCORTS!!" They replied with thanks and I gave the prick the finger.

Went in to Pet Supplies + to see if they had more clearance canned cat food and YES!! Krieger's was next. Got several items of troll food. :D Pix tomorrow, hopefully. Then vmac, where once again the healthy food sections are fortresses of solitude. Giant eagle was next stop.

Approaching from north, going south. Cross Howe Avenue onto Home Avenue and giant eagle is on the left at the light. The truck in front of me swerves sharply to the left. DAFUQ?! OH SHIT! SHOPPING CART!!! I had to do the same. Then I saw another cart further up in the other lane. Park in the lot and I FINALLY got a pix of a license plate I've wanted to get the past few years. Pix tomorrow, have to put card in computer, too much exertion at this point, and also have to remove their plate #, though um, that might be pointless. Still will though.

Go in and tell the cashier at the pharmacy exit about the carts in Home Avenue. That wind ain't playing today. Nope. Someone went to get them. I think they ended up down there because people waiting for buses will take their carts to the bus stop, then leave them there. Not usually a problem but when you have 50mph+ wind gusts? Problem. Leave there and last stop BJ's.

I seriously almost became airborne in the parking lot trying to walk towards the store. I felt like I was in the Kent State student plaza, that shall forever be a wind tunnel no matter how many times they try to change it through the years, as one time oh about....OH DEAR JACK LORD....28 years ago. No. That cannot be right. Fuck. Dammit. Really? It was just 1983 yesterday. Um, maybe I did some Kent State math. Yes, that has to be it. Anywind, in 1988 at Kent State there were high winds and some of us became almost airborne in the student plaza. Yeah, that was just a few years ago.

Who would think going into a store would be difficult? Isn't it an American right that a glorious golden glow comes from a store's entry way, birds spread ribbons, a red carpet is rolled out, master card and visa symbols dance in our heads, as we go towards our consumer destiny? Well that right was hard won today. Against the wind, don't really care for that Bob Seger song, nor walking against the wind. Was in the check out with my 2 items and the guy behind me was saying he was being blown sideways coming in. I said I felt I was almost airborne and he looked at me and said "How did you get in? I'm 3 times your size." I guess a fierce determination to get liquid benadryl and eye drops?

Get home, unload, then stand in the driveway and give the trees a pep talk as they bowed lower and lower. Bow don't break please!! Way too late to even think of making bread as it was almost 1pm. Puttered around in a semi-tired but not really daze but did get some things done. I needed some assistance with my voicemail. Instead of going to the ATT store, which is usually a waste of time, I thought I would call them because, hold tight Senior Detective Rice, mr. google failed me. I know. Bastard.

First person kept saying if I had an iphone they could help me. Well I don't have one, I have a galaxy. If it was a iphone though, I could help you. Well, I'm not getting an iphone, I'm happy with my galaxy. [WTF is it with att pushing iphones??] So she goes to transfer me to apparently non-iphone support. Yep, got hung up on.

Call back and get a guy who TOTALLY understood the problem. YES!!! Alas, he didn't have the authorization to do what needed to be done and he was going to transfer me BUT he read back my # and assured me that he would call me back if we got disconnected. Next thing I hear is best described in this manner: remember the CB faze in the 1970s? Imagine a guy with his brand new CB in the 1970s and he's so excited to 'breaker breaker' so he puts his mouth directly up against the mouth piece AND TALKS REALLY LOUD BECAUSE HE SO EXCITED AND ALSO WANTS TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN HEAR HIM SAY BREAKER BREAKER. That's who I got. So he answers "[CB GUY] ATT CELL TOWER REPAIR!!" Pardon me I didn't catch that, "[CB GUY] ATT CELL TOWER REPAIR!!" Oh I'm sorry I was getting transferred to someone who could help me with my phone not a cell tower. "I CAN HELP WITH A PHONE TOO!!"

Over 30 minutes of CB GUY. I think I recorded a bit of him. Not on my camera, as I have been bad and not been having extra sets of batteries charged, but I recorded a bit on another cell phone. Will see how that turned out tomorrow. Ultimately it came down to me having to do a hard reset and no, I wasn't going to that then as I needed to save stuff and then I also wanted to get off the phone as my house was shaking with the wind and the trees were bowing VERY low.

Go downstairs and Poli barks. Just her one bark if someone is around. She doesn't usually do that if I'm downstairs though. So I went out the side door and the guy who bought Vaughn's house was there and so was a pick up truck with a roofing company name. Just 2 guys, family business. Was talking to the home owner, asked him about the roofing guys, and he said he used them on all his properties. One of the guys was finishing there, couple lost shingles, and I asked for a card or if not I'd take a pix with my cell phone of their truck. Did I have a problem? [the jokes right themselves!] I mention the leak from hell that no one can seem to find outside but I was gonna get on the top roof that I did not want to do, but FUCK IT, to seek and destroy.

Guy asked if he could look at it. Sure!! They come over and despite extremely high winds that were trying to blow over the ladder he needed to get off the roof--he was holding onto the chimney a bit when the big wind gusts came through.

Does the leak go drip drip drip?
Found it! 2 pinholes in the flashing on this side [the side closest to my computer chair window]
OMFG!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!

So since I have no ATM card and no way to get cash without a field trip, I'm in cash limbo. I said I had roofing repair supplies and a bank card. He said he'd use my supplies and I could go put $20 of gas in their truck. Oh fuck yes!!! He also recaulked around the chimney cap, as he said the caulk used would only last a few years and heating companies don't really know that. That makes sense.

I put $30 in their gas tank and hugged them!! I FUCKING KNEW IT WAS THE FLASHING!!!! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!! I truly believe it's fixed. He knew how it dripped, he fucking FOUND it outside and no one else could! SWEET VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was gonna change my sheets and decided not too cuz I know tonight's sleep will be fuckered too----a worthwhile side effect of kenlog, PRAISE IT!! They are washed though, so hey, half way there.

Talking to Edward tonight I was trying to tell him about the ATT CB GUY and started off just as I did above about the CB craze in the 70s and did they have that in Ohio too? He starts going on about in the 70s there's no way he could have got CDs for all his albums cuz they were really expensive when they first came out. Dude, I said CBs, as in breaker breaker. Yeah, they were like $500 at first and I kept buying albums. Okay, let's try again, C B as in BITCH. Oh, THOSE. Yes, those. Then yes he knew what I was talking about. And I added I think CDs first came out in the mid to late 80s.

Okay, few past 11pm. Don't really feel tired. Maybe a little. If I have access to cash I will go out tomorrow and pay a bill that is due Friday. Can only pay in cash or check. Have access to nada. Will take land of misfit toy wind damage pix too. Nothing major, thankfully.

Oh, one last tidbit, it wasn't a city or county truck I saw on Columbia at 7am but it was some big work truck. Not east ohio gas or electric either as I could recognize those logos. Anyway, the start jack hammering at 7:15am. DAFUQ?!? Unless it's an emergency, and it didn't seem to be from later neighbor reports, they're suppose to wait til 8am. It woke Eddie up. Yes, if they were jackhammering on Robinette in front of my house THAT would wake me up and damn straight I'd go out there, especially if it was before 8am.

Tomorrow night they say we're to get 1-2" of snow. Believe it when I see it. Off to get ready for bed.

Today turned out to be a good day. I can even find humor in CB GUY. I shall try to maintain the same level of medication letting the day flow tomorrow. If not, oh well. Everything gets dealt with anyway. Eventually. This lifetime or later. I wonder how coherent this post is. Not gonna proof it. There's a severe drought in my field of fucks and I've been up 19 hours.


I was reading til 12:30am and I woke up at 4am. Knew I wasn't going back to sleep but didn't get out of bed til 4:30am. Why was my sleep fuckered up? Oh no, not due to bank cunt, due to KENALOG!! Yes, one of the side effects that are temporarily annoying but so so soooooooo worth it!!

My jaw still hurts, though bonus kenalog effect is that that'll help it, but I am feeling LESS space cadet like! YEAH!!!!!!

I could/should get shopping early but I want to wait for the mail, watch it be her day off, to see if I get my ATM card from my new bank. Should be arriving any day. I would think. I hope. If I got it today I could run all my errands today and be in for the rest of the week, which I would prefer, since yet another kenalog effect is weakening my immune system. Side effects are so so soooooooooo worth it!!! I will wear one of my masks today and non latex gloves.

Deplete my bones, eat my muscles--temporarily, weaken my immune system, mess up my sleep for a few nights, and I don't give one fuck because kenalog is the ONLY thing that keeps my allergies at bay!! TAKE THAT ALLERGIES!!!

Yes, if you are reading this on a PC I changed my layout. Yes, it is rather drab and plain. I got sick of seeing a winter theme when we haven't HAD winter!!

There's a high wind warning today. Starting around 10am and getting worse this afternoon. Well, I'll hopefully be leaving around 8:30am after mail arrives. Just have 4 stops since I'm waiting for ATM card. My vmac stop is curtailed and I'm not stopping at BJ's, because yes, waiting for ATM card. Yes, logic would say to go to a branch and get cash but alas that would be a long journey as my new bank is no where near me. File that under 'nonsensical things tia does'. That is a huge ass file.

I know I might be too tired, so I might not make it today; BUT sometime this week I want to make lasagna. I have left over spaghetti sauce and I found a vegan ricotta cheese recipe that sounds good and got good reviews. Wondering if I should get some fresh basil. Hmmmm.....Oh wait, when I make lasagna I want to have garlic bread. I think I saved a recipe for 1 hour garlic rolls, which were from scratch. Have no idea about the science there. Should check that recipe out before I go shopping. Hey, see, I'm making sense! PRAISE KENALOG!!! Hold on, I'll check it now.

Okay, glad I checked that recipe. That one isn't gonna work as substitutes I read in the comments made them fail. Dammit. Obviously not a vegan recipe. Hmmmm....if I feel coherent enough around noon/1pm today, odds say no; but one never knows, I'll just make the bread recipe I really like. I make the dough in the bread machine and then get it out and do the second rise, after rolling the dough out and forming two loaves, in the oven that is turned off for about 45 minutes and then bake about 25 minutes. Vegan recipe. Well it wasn't one, but substitutions work jim dandy in it. Takes about 4 hours total, including baking. Fresh bread and lasagna sounds really really good.

I think I'll go start my bath water, feed the cats, let the dogs out, and make today much much better than yesterday. Bank cunt has no hold on me today, aside from tmj flare up which I will try to disperse expediently, cuz sealed letter is going to go in outgoing mail when I go let the dogs out. Not taking her call, not listening to a voicemail--which honestly wouldn't be more than to call her. Nope. Done. When I am done, I am DONE. I'm not one to toss out that I was "disrespected"; but um, in this case? Yes, I will toss that out and it sticks.
...so i went to place my regular doctor is at now for first time today and was live blogging it via keeping the lj app open...i SAVED IT as a private entry....the fucking app has eaten it and it can't be found on the pc either....fuck you lj app! i'll just use the web browser for such endeavors in the future--bonus there, there's spell check, which the app doesn't have...actually i'm gonna delete the lj app from my phone....then i would have no temptation to use it...

so i'm gonna redo it....sure why not...

appointment at 9:15...figured i'd get there early cuz i had no idea how much paper work i'd have to fill out....also, i wanted to try to scope out a parking spot because this place only has ONE free parking lot that is a building, a parking deck, and open space away which would be fine BUT it was raining heavily....found a parking spot on the street...wanted to park close to the curb and yes yes i did as i went up on the curb...did i mention i'm space cadet level 5---probably higher?

[side note, while typing this later in the day, i might confuse tenses, also i am beyond angry at my former bank---i am feeling numb, and have been seeing flashes of white, those are GET THE FUCK AWAY, or start your cameras, SHE IS GOING TO BLOW signs....this bank cunt is suppose to call me back, though the issue was suppose to be resolved last week and it didn't involve her....never mind, i have a letter almost finished to the CEO...will finish after this bank cunt calls me back....my tmj HAD gotten better but gee, now it's back to FUCK!!! of course i don't call her a bank cunt in the letter to the ceo....i feel the urge to smash something with the 10# sledgehammer repeatedly until it's thoroughly pulverized, then pour acid on the remains--ensuring no bugs or other outside inhabitants would be injured--then go in search of more things to DESTROY or see if someone would be outside that totally pisses me off anyway--joyce...but it's raining and i'll melt in the rain....]

alright....so i park by a meter but fuck putting any money in it....oh hell no!! fuck that....NOT PAYING FOR PARKING TO SEE A DOCTOR!! [you know what---yes thinking while blogging while spaced out and VERY VERY ANGRY, BEYOND VERY VERY ANGRY....i'm not going to talk to that bank cunt again.....no, fuck her...it only took her 3 weeks to call about the issue anyway....she just further pissed me off and was trying to imply i'd have to pay fees for HER inability to contact me promptly.....nope, not happening bank cunt i'm gonna passive aggressively block your number, oh yes i can, and the whole bank's exchange while i'm at it---gosh maybe in 3 weeks i'll get back to her....i'm just gonna finish up the letter to the CEO and print/seal and off it'll go tomorrow...as soon as it's sealed though, out of my mind....i don't need this shit and the fact it took her that long to call me shows BANK CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

ah....there was an interlude you were unaware of where i ate something, no i wasn't hangry, i was FUCKING INFURIATED, and took a muscle relaxer, tramadol, and now that i think of it, i should take a valium, hold on....okay, fortified further with valium....didn't want to take the muscle relaxer for my tmj until i ate something....i did eat lunch, had a slight agenda today til it got thrown off.....

anybankcunt....parked and discovered there was a back entrance to the building and i was like 40 feet from it....bonus!! on the website it only shows a front entrance so i thought i'd have to traverse around the block....almost getting wet AVOIDED!! i did have my umbrella with me, but i have to fix it, so it just half works....

the waiting room is VERY small...i foresee myself wearing a mask during flu season....then it's weird, you sign in--which is normal....but then they call you over an intercom to go into either one of 2 doors....go back and there wasn't much paperwork to fill out as i was listed as a patient of my doctor [duh] and she had already entered some of my information...just a couple forms to sign and fill out....i actually, for once, put an ER contact because eddie left his cell phone at the eye doctor once and they called me as i was his emergency contact, so that is a good reason to have one....other than that, i never saw a reason for one because what the fuck are they gonna do to me in there?? they need to call 911 or a good attorney if there's a ER with me!

one form asked my sex at birth....my current sex...and then there was a blank for me to put what gender i wanted to be identified by....i told the lady i wanted to put alien, could i put alien? she laughed and said "do it"....please don't encourage me, i really want to put alien...someone else said do it, it might confuse their system....no, i did not....but i might change it in the future....i have to be an alien and if not, i wanna be....

go back out to the waiting room....then get called back...i gained THREE POUNDS since 2/17 when i was last weighed and i was weighing the same clothes i was on that day....YEAH!! i'm up to 104 and that's with me not even having much of an appetite the past few days with my allergies....

back to a room....the bp cuff was remote controlled....that was weird....she put it on then went across the room to the computer and it tightened....

then i was waiting in a room of maroon for the resident, since my doctor wasn't seeing patients full time yet....though she had said she'd be around...



there was current reading material while i waited too....and yes even the counters were maroon....no i wasn't in the kids room as i didn't get kids band aids... :(



resident doctor comes in and he said my doctor selected him for me cuz he was told i had a "different" sense of humor....ah, good, she's looking out!! i had thought there might be a problem with my refill requests, but no....though he did say someone might contact me about my tramadol for their 'opiate program'...seriously, i cannot believe tramadol is considered an opiate....i got a refill on it today cuz it was already in my chart, he had talked to my regular doctor, and i had a 1 year + of patient summaries showing all my meds...i also brought in my tramadol bottle showing it was filled january 14 and i just needed a refill now, i have like, hold on, i have 12 left right now out of 90 so i don't nibble on 'em or anything...

he was going thru my list of ailments....he denoted he had been told i had quite a few and some weird ones, ie: rib cage dysfunctions in different spots...i mean people get rib cage dysfunctions, but different spots? starting all of a sudden and now apparently a permanent feature in the carnival that is my life? weird as fuck....but i love that icd-10 code and "rib cage dysfunction" will never fail to amuse me--no matter how much they hurt, seeing that is funny....well to me it is...

my regular doctor stopped in while he went out to get the kenalog....i explained biceptual cum gutters to him when i said i got 1/2 of the dose in each arm...i asked if he knew what bingo wings were and YES!!! and i showed him my current biceptual cum gutters....the one on my right arm that was DEEP is much much better....they get better!!! fuck it, kenalog works!! PRAISE IT!

anyway, my regular doctor will be seeing patients full time by the time of my second shot and we went over my clock work appointments....60 days from now back for more kenalog, mid-june antibiotics, end of june prolia shot....i had brought in my RX for blood work to get redone so the results went there instead of the old place but he said i could 'em done today there, even though i ate....mentioned it to my regular doctor and she said it should be fine and we would find out....true....she had to stay in the room when he gave me my kenalog as apparently he had to be supervised for that....i will say he did a fine job with his injecting and i told him that too...my doctor said i wouldn't lie about that and if it was a bad job i would have told him....indeed!!

the resident and the assistant who took me back were quite inquisitive about my snatch....don't have those pieces!! what about your cervix? don't have that either! all gone! the surgeon took photos and i have the report from the lab of my mass of hundreds of fibroids, ovarian cysts, and stage 1 cervical cancer, you want me to bring that in? the photos are great!!! sadly he didn't want to see the photos....i did have to denote they took lymph nodes, and my appendix as that was inflamed and enlarged, and everything was fine---well aside from the issues aforementioned....

i think the resident was shocked i had never went to a ob/gyn....nope....no doctor ever stuck there hand up there, fuck that...unless there's sex involved, um, no thank you....no, not even before my surgery---i mean, obviously, a doctor....they thought it was an abdominal mass at the time and i had told the surgeon to take my parts PLEASE and he was going to at my request but he HAD to anyway, so that worked out just fine and i have a nifty scar where you can still see the staple spots....

i didn't have to leave the room to get my blood taken! that was nice! she did a really good job, which i told her....

leaving i tried to schedule my next kenalog shot but the scheduler didn't have my doctor opened up yet....that's fine....i'd have no problem seeing the resident again, though he had that i should get my next shot in 3 months....no dude, not in the spring, then it's 60 days....my medical records will show years worth of that pattern! and my regular doctor will vouch for it!! don't deprive me of kenalog!! PRAISE IT!!

was in there a good 2 hours, got out, still pouring, and no ticket on my car!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! hopefully next time it won't be raining and i can park in the free lot....

oh, bonus of the new place----BLIMP SIGHTINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!! i did tell the resident they might wanna put in my chart that i will automatically just yell out BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i see it, it's a reflex and i can't control it....told him this while he was listening to my lungs....if it was a nice day i could have had prime viewing of the blimp......

no, no i don't say where i go....i know there's HIPPA in place now...but when you have someone who makes [insert craziest person you can think of] look sane calling your doctors' offices at the turn of the century from across the country, trying to get your records, harassing them, etc....nope....just not gonna change that policy....and this person did this to numerous people, i wasn't the only 'lucky' one....but considering i was in akron, i could see the blimp....well there's several options there not just one....duh....or i wouldn't have said i could see the blimp some time from there....

got home and was eating something and eddie called, then i was starting something else and the bank cunt called.....grrrrrrrrrr.....we know how that affected me......but gosh, i have a sealed letter to go in the mail tomorrow....yes, i have in the midst of typing this printed that, signed it, and sealed it....and of course put a stamp on it....ceo is not in this city or i would've went to that office!

i didn't have much of an agenda today---allergies, space cadet levels and all that, but fuck! anyway....i've made my grocery list as tomorrow is food stamp day....ah, already listed my 'troll' food....actually i have a couple troll items....honey, you should have realized i'd eventually realize who and what you were and i don't go quietly....even when i try too....

every time i try to leave quietly it's like i'm not allowed too and i end up leaving louder than if you stood directly under big ben when he rang....i guess i need to STOP trying to leave quietly cuz it never happens....ah, but i'd like to be able to do that....what was that?? i think i just heard the universe telling me DENIED!!!!!!!!

aside from the bank cunt, my day was a-okay....she utterly ruined it....cunt....but hey! KENALOG!!!!!!! PRAISE IT!!!!!!!! my ears are already starting to feel less itchy!! alas, i still feel bitchy....but the I WILL SNAP is dissipating....that's good cuz it's not close to july and that's my usual 'snap' month...i need to keep blowing my top to schedule i suppose....sigh....

i'll try again tomorrow....post lady take that letter away and BEGONE bank cunt!! think i'll fill out some forms i need too....mail them tomorrow too....or i'll go grab the patti smith book i started last night....decisions decisions....book it is!! listening to depeche mode....wait i'm about to go off on a totally different tangent so i'll stop....one of my fuck friends from college....and no, i don't recall ever writing about such things, but why the fuck not?

some day....


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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