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Viral lazycunt cashier cloud face

It would have been convenient if I had been sick Friday when I had a doctor appointment to get my prolia injection. Oh hell no! Can't have that now! Had to go in today and obviously see another doctor, since my doctor left. Feels like a snake is wrapped around rib cage and is squeezing, best way to describe it. Along with sore throat, hurts to swallow, shortness of breath even after just talking, no appetite, major lethargy, etc. It is apparently something viral and I blame some fucktard at vmac friday for it. Vmac was INSANE last friday!!

What made it insane was the lack of cashiers and then the self check out supervisor who is SUPPOSE to check people out if there is a huge ass long line for the 4 self check out registers did jack fucking shit. She took her sweet ass time going to registers where people needed help. When I finally got to a self check out register, it was close to her register. For some reason, the screen still said "Please remove your purchase from bagging area". I couldn't start scanning. I turned to Ms. Lazycunt and said "Could you please clear this?" She looked and SAW THE SCREEN, then said, "Your light isn't flashing for help." Now, I was already pissed about her not wanting to do jack shit and the line being insane [the line for registers with cashiers were even worse], so I hit the button and then said "You fucking think you can do something now?" "I needed the light on before I can do something." "No you don't, you just don't want to work, instead of being passive aggressive with customers you should just fucking quit cuz your ass is gonna get fired." Then someone at another register called out "Ma'am can you help me?" She looked over, no light. I yelled over "She won't do jack shit unless you put on the light and even then she won't do much." A lady at another self check out said "Tell me about it." Ms. Lazycunt had no shame.

But oh gee, look who's coming down aisle behind the registers, the store manager! Suddenly she was Ms. Busycunt!! Oh hell no!! I was almost done and I called his ass over and relayed about her, and a few others piped in and he SAW the self check out line snaking thru woman's clothes. She tried to claim she had been checking people out; but oh gee, he checked her register and she hadn't checked anyone out her whole shift!! Ms. Introublecunt!!

I really try to be understanding of cashiers and I know especially at vmac they're treated like shit. But she wasn't doing fuck all. FUCK THAT!!

Anyway, back to my viral illness, since I am paranoid about coughing and I've started to cough a bit---coughing can cause a rib cage dysfunction----I got some cough medicine. He was looking for something to help temporarily with my congestion and was amazed at all the stuff I couldn't take.

When I pulled into the doctor's parking lot Edward called and he was being a chatty Cathy. He always does that when I either I only have a few minutes or I feel like shit and in this instance it was both. He also needed some of my dramamine cuz he was having vertigo again. I'm sure he has BPVV, I think that's the initials. Only happens when he wakes up. Then he had wanted me to call my eye doctor to see what days she's in. How about this, I'll email you the # and YOU call and find out! Why the fuck am I calling? HE can call! He's got plenty of time!

Walking out of the doctor's office a guy walking in kindly held the door and said, "You look sick yet very comfy." I am both! I was in my fleece lounge pants and heavy fleece top. Polar fleece ftw!!

Going thru photos to insert in my 2016 round up posts, yes, working on them but I've felt like shit and right now Mortimore and Minnow are having issues in the hallway and I've gotten up 3 times and next time I'm chasing them both downstairs. Sick of listening to them bicker. Oh now Poli barked and I had to get up to see why. No reason, as I saw no one outside when I opened the stairwell window. Oh wait, I think I might know. Eddie gave them each a rawhide with filling. I bet Pan took Poli's. I'll get Poli's back when I go do some dishes and figure what I want to eat for dinner. Uh, nothing sounds good. Not a damn thing.

Anyway, going thru photos I noticed these. Both taken July 15 at 9:37pm from in front of my house. Uh, dafuq?!?! No flash used. I've never ever seen anything like this before. I made them clickable so you can enlarge them.



RX Hell Obama's Fault

so my rx plan won't cover nexium in brand, or generic form, next year....i contacted nexium's manufacturer, as they have a program for low income peoples on medicare plan d, who if their plan doesn't cover it, can get it free...well gee...they no longer have that...when i asked why, they lady said "it's because of obamacare"....can you really say that with a straight face? a billion dollar company probably paying you minimum wage wanting you to tell people it's obama's fault?...."that's what we're suppose to say".....well that's fucked and not true...."i know"....

do they have any alternatives?....well, they have a plan where you can get 3 months worth for $30....okay, that's doable....well that's not available to medicare part d patients....wait, don't tell me, obama's fault?....she laughed....

now why the fuck insurance companies---it's not just mine---aren't really covering nexium and many other similar meds any more i have no idea....oh wait, sure i do....obama's fault....

since nexium is something i don't care if i substitute something else for it---and i don't take it for acid reflux, i have acidic sinus drainage, yes, i'm truly acidic---i call my prescription plan cuz i couldn't find my formula book and trying to look at it online is a PITA....the guy could only find ONE other medication and it was mail order only....you have got to be fucking kidding me....nope....i wrote down the name of it and figured i'd ask my doctor today about it....he did tell me i could get a refill on my generic nexium in january as they were allowing that to give people time to find something else...well isn't that kind of them?

i found my formula book yesterday while continuing cleaning up around my desk---unearthed a few treasures too! now nexium and the like were usually listed under proton pump inhibitors--something like that, stupid sounding.....nothing under that heading....look thru book and they have gastrointestinal agents as a header....ah, there we go....well there's 3 different options available and none are mail order only!!! i'll take the book in today and see what one my doctor thinks i should switch too....

technically i COULD go without nexium or whatever but it's made a HUGE difference and i can eat certain food without it upsetting my stomach....

have a list for my doctor today...provided nothing has changed and she can still see patients where she is going, it will be a few months before she'll be able to see them....so i'll go over my list and of course in the interim see one of the other doctors there....i have a feeling she'll be running behind today as it's her last day there....

we did get some snow last night....probably barely an inch....they say we're going to get more....

my requested from ohio link book still shows 'in transit', so i don't believe i'll be going to kent today....just as well, as i can finish taking notes from a few crow books i have checked out and add them to my 'return' pile....i'll just go to the doctor and then vmac to get like 2 things....

Snow Outlook

Soooooo much snow fell overnight!! Amazingly incredible amounts! Absolutely no snow fell.

Eddie didn't let me know how things turned out yesterday cuz he tried again to get logged on and he couldn't, so he shut his laptop off. Tried again this morning and yes, ended up calling me to reset his outlook password so he could get on his laptop. I said 50 cents but he said he'd give me a $1 if I could get it to work. Not even a minute. Then there was confusion re: yahoo and outlook. No, I dunno why. Outlook is to sign on to the computer, then you forget about it. Yahoo is your email.

He was happy to get back online, I got a bonus $1 and a bag of cat treats and a bag of dog treats!! He said he didn't realize how much he does online until he can't get on it. That is true.

Really cold out. FUCK!! Think I will continue cleaning desk area endeavors intersped with working on blog posts.

THEY say we're gonna get a couple of inches of snow tonight. Gosh, add to that to what we got last night and we'll have a snow emergency!


check the weather before i shut off computer for the night and it says "heavy snow for the next 120 minutes"....o rly? it's not even a snow sky out there....weird....suppose to snow tomorrow and friday also....

have doctor's appointment friday for my painful prolia shot--expensive too, $2500....when i get the statement i'll take a pix of that, cuz it's just like DAFUQ?!?! and i get a RX to schedule a bone density scan to see if this shit is working as it's been 2 years.....fucking painful shots....if you don't have bingo wings IT HURTS LIKE A MOFO!!! burns for a day or so afterwards too.....why you can't get it in your muscle i have no idea....also hope my doctor can still see patients where she's going....cuz if not, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really like my doctor....

i'll write about RX fun tomorrow....spent several hours yesterday trying to get a prescription dealt with....it was not a success and i will have to discuss that with my doctor too...grrrr fucking prescription fucks....

requested a book from ohio link that is 'in transit'....fingers crossed it's in friday when i'm out and i can just go to kent then and get it....will be taking back books too and of course will still have some here to read....

nope....still no snow outside....nor rain....weather people can consistently be wrong in their jobs and still stay employed in their positions...

hi ho hi ho, off to bed i go....after of course, critter bed time feedings, snacks, and treats....

yahoo! email outlook is bleak

no dryer yesterday...will be arriving next thursday....started being productive in here---puter room....thought i would finally go thru papers, piles, etc...then the bedroom...amazing concepts i know....but i usually end up devoting quite a bit of time/effort helping others....know what? i'm gonna help myself and there's nothing selfish about that....

have a minor headache from edward....oh dear jack lord....for some reason the fucking job center makes people keep their resume in their personal email accounts....that entails him not remembering his email password and it having to be reset again and again....well today he needed a verification key that was sent to ME but alas he didn't have his cell phone to call and ask me for it....

he calls me when he gets home saying he needs his yahoo email password reset....fine....i tell him it'll be 50 cents and that brings his total up to $1 and he tries to say he paid me for giving him his gmail password and no, no he did not....so i get into my email where the verification key was sent, write it down and go to log into his yahoo email...he starts telling me he can't log into his email....dude, i'm CHANGING THE PASSWORD of course not!!!...but his computer knows the password....


i painfully explain how he requested it be reset and it doesn't matter if his computer knows it or not he requested it be reset and i was doing that....he then tells me that he got locked out, he tried too much....well that happens, fucking stop....he shut the computer....i reset his password...he reopens his computer....

it won't let me log on to yahoo
you put in the new password right?
yes [and he repeats it back to me]
that's right and i was in it just fine, go to yahoo.com and click on the email icon
i can't get to yahoo
what do you mean?
i'm trying to log into my laptop
oh, that's not yahoo, that's outlook
[i just started to laugh]
you can laugh at me
well duh, yeah
what's my outlook password
in all sincerity and no joking, i have no idea, i know when you had me log on once it wasn't like your usual though
why is it outlook and not yahoo?
cuz you need outlook to log into the computer though you could have used yahoo but they would've wanted your yahoo password, hence my email with outlook is passwordtheivingdicks [it really is, the password is a doozy too but i'll never check it, actually i think i removed outlook from it, yeah, pretty sure i did]
it says i can go to a website to reset it
go to it
it won't let me cuz i'm locked out
go to it on your smart phone
i'm getting pissed off
my 10# sledgehammer is free to use!!
i'll go walk the dogs and let you know what happens

i heard his dogs awhile ago but no call yet....if he would write DOWN passwords....maybe he remembered his outlook password on his walk....

FUCK YOU EATON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU BILL CLINTON FOR SIGNING NAFTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dark fuck all....

yes, if you're on a pc i did change my layout....this one will say a few months since it's winter themed....

did fuck all yesterday....need to clear basement stairs and area around dryer this morning because i'm getting a new dryer delivered sometime tomorrow....should get an email with ETA sometime today....wanna do that before i take a bath as it's always best to do grubby work before you bathe.....

didn't get much sleep and bonus! have a rib cage dysfunction....in a spot i can't do anything to help it....i really wish i could get my rib cage removed....

STILL no completed police report for the shooting.....you look up akron police reports, put in robinette--now you have to go past 30 days instead of past 7---and the one for 568, didn't happen AT that address, well actually it sort of did.....outside and of course didn't involve the people who live there....but you see the pdf and you click on it and it's not completed and it says they're usually completed within 24 hours to 3 days.....um???? DAFUQ?!?!?!?!?

little after 7am and still dark out....matches my mood.....

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! George Michael!!!

I seriously think 2016 should just kill us all instead of slowly chipping away at our souls like this. FUCK!!!

Of course I was a WHAM! fan. Have all their 45s, imported 12" singles, cassettes--that of course no longer play, even some clippings---though not as many as my Duran Duran clipping collection. For some reason I shunned things written about Prince, probably cuz they were usually wrong. He kept a lot of his life private so some places would just make shit up based on his songs. Anyway, back to George Michael. FUCK!!! Yes, immediate just finding out response is FUCK!!!

And when he went solo of course I got all those releases too. His 'faith' is the only faith I possess. Though that is very very broken and barely existent anymore.

When you had an abusive childhood with 'parents' who didn't love you, nor even like you, and made every day hell, I think it's probably natural to find non-harmful humans to place in your life. I did that via TV, books, and the radio. Learned about 'normal' life that way too. So for my favorite musical artists, when they pass, it's truly like I've lost someone who was there for me when I had no one. Bowie and Prince, especially Prince, I still just can't. Duran Duran and George Michael.

His version of this always brought me to tears. More so today.

I dunno why, but this has always been my favorite solo George Michael song---if I had to pick just one. I was singing WHAM! Rap the other day in the bath tub--sorry for the frightening image.

Celebrating an important birth today....

December 25th, is of course, the memorable birth date of Panacea!!

Took her outside, solo, so she could get one treat for every year old she is. Can't believe she's nine!!

Yeah, cross stitch arrived!!

Since it's arrived, I can post it here now! Made a friend a Prince symbol ornament. On 22 count. Never did anything on 22 count before and it wasn't as hard as I thought, though I was just using one color--and one thread of course. I rarely make myself anything but I'm making myself one these!!!


In just the past few hours Doze has gotten festive on my cell phone. It's a battery saver program. I think it does help with that, dunno, still am smart phone dumb.



The night before bunker reflections....

'twas the night before Christmas
I sit and reflect
Upon a group I left this year
Wondering if I'm a reject

The more I think about it
I realize I am not
It took 3 years to wake up
But at least I got out

Much like the Church of Scientology
With which they are obsessed
They've become very similar
Totally possessed

You end up participating
Endeavors not done on your own
It's for the greater good they say
You're out of your moral comfort zone

You feel like you belong
Are working to help others
The truth is that you're not
You've lost all your druthers

The group is in a bunker
That is underground
I use to wonder why that was
But that's where trolls abound

Attacking those who disagree
Who dare to think for themselves
Just like Scientology
You're put on treason shelves

Good people caught up in a cult
They must wake up on their own
Some day hopefully they will
From the group they'll be blown

I still feel guilt for taking part
For getting caught up in such a morass
How many apologies how much atonement
Til I'm free from this at last?

When you lose your free will
To the power of group think
You don't realize it's happening
It's gone in a blink

Though one person caused me hell
And made me quite physically sick
I'm ultimately thankful to them
As it made things click

Detaching myself I saw things anew
Seeing the reality and was quite shocked
Why was I a part of this?
I felt punched, cold-cocked

I tried to leave quietly
Wanting to fade away
That wasn't allowed
Fine then, have an essay, okay?

How dare I do that
I was suppose to be quiet
Words misconstrued
Mini online riot

If you have another view
Or dare to speak the truth
You'll be bullied and harassed
Treated most uncouth

Following the playbook
Of the church they claim to hate
They've become what they're against
Was that always to be their fate?

I wish them no ill will
Nothing but the best
Some day they might see the truth
Until then, they can't rest

May the new year bring peace
Even if it's just in your heart
It needs to spread worldwide
But from within is a good start

Let me exclaim
Before I go look at Christmas lights
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night

Christmas Wrapping

My favorite Christmas song! Can't believe she's been gone 20 years.


Fuck yeah!!!

Staying in tomorrow---with just a couple forays in the neighborhood, Eddie's to drop off his & his critter's gifts, and to check on the ratmas 'gift'. Can all be done on foot, no driving!! :D

Dare I plan anything? Eh, fuck it. Gotta do some dishes, want to make Roberta's Good Soup since I feel a chest cold coming on, finally oatmeal cookies---side note, i found what I thought was a good sounding lemon cake recipe in a vegan cookbook, um, no. It wasn't dry, it was moist; but the taste wasn't right. I questioned one ingredient but made it as the recipe said. Horrid!! Since I still have Myer lemons to use, I'm gonna make the cake recipe I usually use and add lemon juice to that---decreasing the water/soy milk a bit. I know this one will be edible. The other one was not. I think oatmeal cookies and lemon cake can coexist in the oven and my tummy simultaneously.

Think I'll work in the kitchen tomorrow. I've yet to really use my Taj Mahal pantry and I need to finally do that since I have ladders set up and 50#s of calcium chloride for the delicate roof. grumble grumble fucking roof grumble Need to put appliances I don't use often in the pantry and some canned goods. Since I lost a lot of food when I had that huge honkin' ice dam, I'm now sort of paranoid---despite the ladders up for salting---and plan on putting a sheet of plastic over the shelves in there. Ridiculous, I admit. Rather be paranoidly safe than sorry!! Need to scrub out my cupboards and rearrange them better. NOT a one day job; but if I do one side of the sink---with 2 up, 2 down cupboards and the 2 drawers and counter that would be fanfuckingtastic.

Then I need to figure out where to put my loaner monitor. Think I have a place, if the cord reaches. I named the new PC 'UNPC'. Only amusing to me, but whatever. I am indeed UN-PC though. Hard drive is named Melon.

In other news, I did end up at the neighbor's I cat sit for. They gave me homemade vegan truffles and I think like a dozen homemade black bean burgers, even a package of buns!! Black bean burgers for lunch!! Feel almost tempted to go get french fries, but uh, no. I'll survive just fine having some carrots and an orange with burgers. Then truffles!! No, haven't tried one yet, don't want a sugar high before I go to bed!

I'm gonna slather myself with vicks, start some clothes washing, and go to bed.

merry ratmas...

STILL no completed police report for the shooting across from me. DAFUQ?! Ready to send the APD an email asking that. Yes, DAFUQ?!

Yesterday I had to venture back to vmac as I had forgotten a box of cereal. It was relatively safe there and I had no thoughts of wanting to shank anyone. Shanking with a sharpened candy cane of course. 'tis the season!

I did get my cross stitch in the mail. Didn't go to the post office and thank fuck for that as Eddie said so many cars were trying to get in there they were waiting on Cuyahoga Falls Avenue! I weighed it and put the appropriate postage on it and got up early enough to put it on my door. I would put something out at night with full trust in my neighbors not to do anything to it, but in the middle of the night heinous fuckery most foul by those who aren't regulars here transpires. When the recipient receives it I'll post a pix of it. I rarely cross stitch myself anything but I'm making one of these. Don't know why I hadn't before. Oh I know, cuz I hadn't thought of it til a few weeks ago!!

Since my big project still has about, oh maybe 300 hours left, so no, not a Christmas gift, I'm setting it aside and well, trying to do some things around here, yet life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Today I had to go up to a Cleveland suburb to pick up a computer monitor and got some cat flea treatment too. Monitor is a loaner. It will assist greatly when I'm setting up new desktop, which is actually really small. Yeah, I have it already. I haven't done much with it, beside remove the big blocks, stop the ads, make the menu streamlined, etc. I was playing musical monitor with mine and that was a PITA. So I just started organizing my files on this computer before I transfer them. Windows 10 is not bad at all.

When I got home, well, I can't post the photo here, as that would reveal the location. But remember the rat that was murdered? Well, it had been taped into a rubbermaid container---since it had 'returned from the dead' once before, plus the individual wanted to give it to their slumlord as a present. It was obviously outside. So I am driving home and I see that someone had opened the container and obviously freaked the fuck out because the pieces were about 10 feet apart and the dead rat was about 8 feet away from that. It was a clear container too, so they could have SEEN what was in there! Dumb fucks. Would have loved to have seen and/or heard that though!! It's been reassembled. With a bow. Merry Ratmas!!!

Have done pretty much fuck all this afternoon when I got back, aside from dealing with a dead rat for continued mirth and merriment that I hope I can hear if someone is dumb enough to get into it again. Suppose to go to the neighbor's I cat sit for, uh, whenever they get home. I think she said they were having food, so I didn't eat a mid-afternoon huge ass lunch as I had planned and have been nibbling crackers. I'd hate to have eaten and be full. And I didn't want to start cleaning in the kitchen and get all grubby. Ugh.

I'd like to say I'm going no where tomorrow, but I know I shouldn't. That would jinx it. Am getting chest congestion and my neck hurts. I wanted to slather on vicks when I got home but if I'm wandering the neighborhood that wouldn't be polite.

I doubt that rat had any bubonic plague to spread. NO! Not to others, for me! Sure, why not? Not to mention I had a face mask and non-latex gloves and had zero contact with it. That's what shovels are for. I dunno why I can't believe some dumb fuck opened that. This IS the land of misfit toys!!

Traffic, fortunately, wasn't bad today on the highways. I'm sure tomorrow will be a nightmare. Forgot to bring my tablet with me to listen to Prince, so I had to first world problem it and listen to the radio. Didn't see any cops out, which is good, cuz I looked at my speed on 271N and I was going 90mph. OOPS!!! Think the speed limit is 65 so that's not THAT over. Penchance for speed. No road raging today either. Think I'm currently getting hangry though.

Working on my draft posts still and started a year end one. Probably maybe I'm sure a few inneresting things that have transpired this year in my life that I will write about. Though the world seems to have feel apart after David Bowie left this existence and Prince followed. I still just can't.

Alright, 7pm, I'm making a damn sandwich.

sheet of vmac insanity ice

well, vmac was totally fucking insane....that was even prior to me entering the building so hardy har har....had to park in the boon docks....then it was crowded as fuck....considering i got thrilling items such as dog food and cat litter, you'd think i wouldn't encounter crowded areas....au contraire! some people went to the pet department to hold shopping discussions and did not want to move their carts when i said "excuse me please", even though they were totally blocking the aisle....i mean, how DARE someone want them to move while they were discussing whether to get jim a hooded sweatshirt or sweater!!! yes, that was the discussion....i muttered, loudly enough for them to hear, as i'm a passive aggressive helpful person "best gift for jim would be time away from you two"....

then we have the fucking fucktards who think that the person with 200#s of dog food and cat litter should move around THEM as they mosey down the middle of the main aisle with nothing in their cart....do NOT play chicken with me....you will lose and it'll probably hurt....oh i'm so not sorry i bumped into your cart, it's a shame you couldn't see me while you were looking right at me....

come home and stopped at eddie's to thank him for the vmac gift card....luedella is a sheet of ice....total fucking sheet of ice....didn't take a pix as i didn't want to slip on it...robinette is a sheet of ice too....though luedella is a smoother sheet of ice than robinette...land of misfit toys street hockey anyone??

get inside and try to sit here a few minutes to relax....ah, but skittle's water dish is 1/2" low so she's yelling about that...fill that up...oh gee, she took a bite of food and her food isn't level with the dish now and she started yelling about that....yes, i topped it off....then i figured i'd put my clothes in the wash and oh, there's melon waiting for her afternoon can....NOW i finally got back up here....ffs....

need to finish this cross stitch project and get it in the mail tomorrow!!! it'll be close....needed to vent and now i'll open the bathroom door as i'm sure melon is done and will get to stitching til it's dinner time.....

obviously nothing about the shooting yet....

blah blah bah.....

so even eddie heard the gunshots and yelling in the middle of saturday night---or should i say early sunday morning? considering he's around the corner and his house is very well insulated and he has double pane windows that denotes how loud it was....he also heard the sirens, then they shut off---as they do---close by, which would be them shutting the sirens off before they came down robinette....he said he heard quite a few sirens coming down tallmadge then shutting off....

since i was operating on 3 hours sleep yesterday i slept in til 10 today....i really hate sleeping that late, but i obviously needed to 'catch up' on sleep....this strange bright orb is out in the sky today...i vaguely recall it's known as the sun....it's been so long since it's been seen...it's bitter cold out so it's only giving the allusion of warmth....going to go out and about running a few errands today cuz hey, sun is out!!!

nothing in the news about the shooting, yet....cuz duh, i'd link to it here....the police report is also not completed cuz duh, i'd transcribe it here....as soon as that's available i will do so....it might not make a news blurb until the report is done...

when i ran errands when it was so fucking cold out last week the stores were realy empty....which was AWESOME!!! today is NOT as cold, but it's still pretty chilly out...plus it's monday so people might not be out in droves....

best get my ass in gear, get out, about, and back home! have to finish a project to get in the mail tomorrow....
woke up around 3:45am look at the phone to see the time and assumed i'd roll back over and go to sleep....but wait, what this?! i had a missed call and 3 text messages....and obviously i removed their name, #, and the name of who thought someone got shot in the leg....


um, DAFUQ?!?!?!?!? i looked out and cars had creatively gone thru the lot across the street....yep....i slept thru screams and gun shots about 20 feet away....not to mention also my phone ringing....i'm a pretty sound sleeper but i usually wake up if fuckery is afoot....my sound machine was extra loud last night though and i had the 2nd fan on as it was too warm in my bedroom....

couldn't get back to sleep....wasn't fearful of said situation at all but it fucking pisses me off....i saw foot prints of someone who had climbed the retaining wall and went thru that yard the other day....we never had that happen even when the house was vacant for years....i see more footprints along the same trail, so they're climbing the retaining wall at one particularly point....guess what mother fuckers?? next time you climb the wall and step into that lot you're gonna be stepping into dog shit!!!

the other night i was the neighborhood arms' dealer....golf clubs and a baseball bat....yes, those are weapons....and yes, they were used in a murder, so i was an accessory....a rat met it's end....don't think that's really a crime though.....not saying where this was, but it wasn't eddie's....

how/why the neighborhood has a rat problem is perplexing....i can't even pin this on joyce....rats were first seen a few months ago around a house where they were killing chickens in the backyard....but did THAT attract them?? i have no idea....these are fucking HUGE ones....cat sized....the appropriate county department has been notified to come out and bait the whole neighborhood.....much easier than putting on a rain coat and asking rats if they like huey lewis...

speaking of rats....a 2-legged variety named rocky went way too far in one of her, i don't even know what to call it, one of her trouble causing servings of bullshit....not going to relay what she did....but she did something horrible last month, then told everyone it was ME who did it....i have yet to encounter the thing, but when i do, it will be told that until it apologizes to me what it did they need to not speak to me and i'm not gonna argue with them....i know damn well she'll start sputtering 'my dad' 'my uncle' 'my brothers' and i'll just walk/drive away....yes, i will record that....

suppose to be icy out today...might be fun trying to get trash can up front....if it's too icy, i'll ask a neighbor....now to try to function with 3 hours sleep....should be okay....i hope....maybe....probably....dunno....

ETA: 8:15am there's a thin layer of ice outside...had a hard time opening storm door and the handle is still sort of frozen shut....had to pry open trash can lid....whereas i can ask a neighbor to take it up, i really wanna go look across the street....damn you ice!!!! doesn't appear that it'll go away anytime soon either....bugger!!

ETA: 12:15pm they had crime scene tape!!



and where they drove thru the lot and neighbor's yard...


looked and there's a police report online but it's still being processed....no blood seen in the snow....which is good....fucking crime scene tape!! must not have been bullet holes or casings OR maybe? and they processed things before 3:45am? cuz i looked out and saw nada at that time....


ETA: 12:45pm okay, texting doesn't give the full story. Neighbor who texted me just phoned me gave me more info on the incident. Man was shot and was screaming "my leg" "i've been shot in the leg" "i'm going to bleed to death". The ambulance took him to the hospital. Until she told me this, I was assuming the gun shot victim had run off---you read about that happening a lot. I hope he recovers quickly and is able to identify the shooters.

Also, an amusing aside. Neighbor was looking for news on this shooting and googled akron news and this entry came up 7th. She said she already knew what her text said. No other news on this yet! I told her had I woke up I would have been out in my bathrobe videotaping. True facts. Provided it wasn't a fatality--cuz that's just disrespectful and bad karma.

Will there be more updates?! Dunno!!


Weather DAFUQ?!

So we've had a wind chill advisory for last night thru tomorrow AM. Temps to -15. Get up and see we concurrently have a lake effect one thru tomorrow. How the FUCK can it snow when it's so fucking cold out?!?!? It's spitting snow right now, yet it's -12. DAFUQ?!

Yes, I thought we could be too cold to snow. No, I didn't immediately think of the south pole cuz I just finished one cup of coffee and it took too long to get to that cuz Mortimore came up to partake of canned food----think he must have a dental issue and since he and I end up both having asthma attacks when I try to get him to the vet, I'll take the watch and see attitude right now, but he's hydrated, good color, etc---and he's never been up in the morning so that threw Gypsy off, Mortimore refused to get on the 2nd shelf, but Gypsy was fine sharing her shelf with him, then he HAD to run downstairs immediately even though the dogs were there and Panacea chased him. Yes, Pan got a light swat for that. We'll iron out his dining in the bathroom after a few more times.

So yeah, I was thinking too cold to snow. Or I could have been mixing up the words to the Dead Kennedys song Too Drunk to Fuck. I have no idea.

I HAD considered going out and about today to just get it out of the way and NOT have to go out tomorrow, as any Friday in December before Christmas would be busy as fuck. Still debating that. Have a horrible sore throat today, why not freeze?! YEAH!!! Well, I would warm up my vehicle, obviously. Yeah, I think I will, fuck it. I have disposable face masks now to add to my non-latex gloves for store shopping in disease ridden weather. IDGAF what people think. Wait, I'm sick, so I shouldn't use that. I should spread the joy eh? No, wait, I'd be apt to get something else and it'd become some super bug. Dammit.

One cup of coffee blatherings!!!!

Final solution frankenrobe leak

Alas, JT DID make it over Monday!! As is usual with fix its here, it took far longer than it should have. His hands were frostbit as he couldn't really wear gloves and my feet didn't really warm up til yesterday when I took a bath. So that gutter and the metal piece behind it are properly put back in place. Gutter is cleaned out too.

What happened yesterday afternoon when the snow started to melt a bit? Uh huh. Little bit of a leak. You didn't hear me scream? I get up on the back porch roof, yes, ON the back porch roof that was sort of slippery with my ghettoized selfie stick---4' tripod. Filmed up around chimney since now we KNOW it's not coming from that gutter area above the window next to me in here. I saw that the only area on the roof where snow was melting was within 3" of the chimney base. So it's in THAT area. Which takes me back to the very beginning of the leak, when I told J Russell it was leaking EXACTLY as it was when the old flashing was cracked. Now, do I believe they did a good job replacing the flashing? Yes. But could something be wrong now with it? Yes, I think so. JT was saying sometimes when flashing is redone they don't seal far enough out and over time that can cause a problem. Could that be? I have no idea. But right now the general location of issue is found. And yet AGAIN, I climbed into the attic crawl space and there's zero leaking in there.

There is a final solution for this--knock on wood. JT told me of this magical stuff all weather roof sealant. Can be put on in the cold, well down to 5 degrees. Can be put on in the rain even. Doesn't matter!!! FUCK YES!!!!! So 2 gallons of this shall be procured and next week when it's in the 40s and the rest of the snow is melted from the top roof JT is gonna coat within 3-4" of the chimney base and about an inch up the chimney too. TAKE THAT LEAK!!!!!

Still have some Christmas cards to mail out. Have yet to make oatmeal cookies but I believe today is the day. Don't plan on going anywhere, knock on wood, for a few days.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a balmy -10 out during the day, then -15 overnight.

Eddie is going to the job center today to get help doing a resume and signing up for unemployment, cuz someone he knows wouldn't do his resume for him. Gee, who could that be? I'm not the job center and they're there to help people with those things. He can also apply for jobs there too---duh, job center. I would love to watch though, as he's never used any kind of word processing program.

Want to go look to see if there's Christmas lights out some evening, but not when it's so cold out. Yes, vehicle does have heat; but still. Might be one of those years there's no many lights.

Almost 7am and still dark. Hate that. I do love sitting here though in frankenrobe with the hood up. Nice warm frankenrobe!!

One project done & delivered!!

Well, JT did NOT come over yesterday. It was too cold. It might rain soon. We have about an inch of snow that is slowly melting into that really slippery slush. It was VERY cold yesterday morning, as I went out in frankenrobe to give Wendy a couple things. He said he'll be over today after work. Should I hold my breath?? Probably not. Didn't make oatmeal cookies either. Shall try that again today. I did get some sleep last night. I worked on my big cross stitch project yesterday.

And also yesterday, small projects assembled and delivered!! Made ornaments for the neighbor's I cat sit for.

They go for bike rides---well not in the snow; went to Kent; have cats, duh...


Happily ever after was their wedding theme; I also did it in Spanish, as they speak that; yep, a volleyball, he plays it; she volunteers with horses; special cross stitch note: the star was done on 18 ct with 2 strands gold metallic thread, took about 10 hours---I should have done it on at least 16 ct for ease of stitching!


Uh, should be self-explanatory...


Then I put them on a little lighted tree. They never got a tree cuz they usually travel; but this year, I found out today, they'll be around. So that worked out well! And yes, these ARE too big for a little tree, but through the years they might get a bigger tree and they'll be more to size.




Also got them a copy of The Breaking Cat News book. BCN should have another book with MORE of the cartoons! They're being syndicated starting next spring, which is awesome! The BCN site where all the cartoons are there--including probably 100+ more that's not in the book.

Of course the kitties I sit, got freeze dried shrimp, cat nip, and a cat grass kit.

Got up late today, which I suppose balances out since I got up so early yesterday. This sleep fuckery needs to stop though. After my bath I plan on sitting here and working on big cross stitch project. Yeah, I said I'd put that off, but now I'm wondering if I can get done before Christmas---I don't think so, as it IS a big project.

It also takes some time when I switch thread colors, as whoever made this pattern is obviously NOT a cross stitcher! You do NOT use similar symbols in a pattern!!! There's just 10 thread colors in this, so that's not even an excuse! There are two different downward arrows which are hard to differentiate from! Then two different squares!! Yes, I sent them a pithy message. The pattern is very cool though; but FUCK!!! I did consider regraphing it changing the symbols but it's too a large a project not to mention that would take a few days.


early rising sash and slash....

my sleep is fuckered and i don't think i can blame kenalog anymore for it....i've been awake since 4am, got out of bed around 4:30....just got like 3 hours sleep....it's like every other night i get 3 hours sleep, then i'll sleep like 8 or so the next....makes no sense and is getting annoying...

didn't change my sheets before i went to bed cuz i got to reading a long article online....i'll do that this morning....i've done my morning 'internets', which hey, take like 15 minutes tops now since i no longer read gossip sites and limit myself to 2 news sites and i'd like to cut down to just one news site and maybe just read the news every other day or something.....best to just not know what's going on in the world anymore....

found the missing piece of my frankenrobe sash before i went to bed....sewed that together while waiting for hot pot to boil for first cup of coffee....it's a shame terry cloth/cotton robes are so hard to find now a days....and it's my own fault this one got holey....if you have a heavy robe, do NOT pull it out of the dryer when it's entangled in something or under other clothes....you will cause rips at the seams....

it is snowing lightly out....just a very light coating out...i think i'll take pix of small cross stitch items then go work on assembling them----it'll make sense when i can explain/show what it is....

there was a phone call with edward last evening...he wanted to know about 'slashes' in email addresses....i had no idea what he was talking about, which i said, then instead of explaining why, he just repeated "can there be slashes in email addresses?"....i just started laughing....i then asked okay, what's the email you're asking about, let's start there....he then explains WHO it is and why....no dude, your email is ishouldremainaluddite@bannedfrominternet.com what is the email in question??....he tells me....there were NO slashes, where did that come from?....cuz web addresses have http://....stop!!!!....the only thing wrong with that email addy is they forgot the @ sign.....but wait! they don't have the same dot com as me for email....um, there are thousands of different sites for email....you yourself have 3, one at yahoo, one at gmail, and one at att.....

i should have posted that last night, but my head still hurt from that...not as bad as the smart phone though....

ah, this is nice being able to sit here in frankenrobe with the hood up....it's the simple things.....peace and quite....warm robe....now i've jinxed it and gypsy will probably start screaming....

best go start my day....maybe i'll start going thru cemetery photos again when i start to run out of steam....'twould be nice....


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!!

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