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Back you go

I'll go to the ends of the earth--so it seems--to get charges pressed against that thief Robert D. Peters. Today's route, and yeah, day 3 with no major homework completion cuz of that mother fucking piece of shit.


WHY? Did I have to go to all those places? Basically the APD officer I spoke to on the phone was a fuck up. I respect the police but they fucked up and THEY should have investigated it. Instead they referred me to the Akron prosecutor who only takes reports on Wednesdays 1-4 [and Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-11:30], so I was there a little before 1 today. See a prosecutor and um, well one, the charges to your account were done in Canton, I think you need to go there, I will check for you. AND if we took this, as long as you get your money back from Huntington we wouldn't prosecute this, the lead prosecutor wouldn't do it. THE PIECE OF SHIT COMMITTED A CRIME!!! But...but...I got my money back. When I told Eddie this he said that's a reason not to vote for that fuckhead the next election. Yeah, steal someone's bank card info, go party and stay at a hotel, and hey, Akron won't prosecute if the bank gives the person their money back! DAFUQ?!?!?! So he checks with Canton, and yeah, I have to go there.

Off I go to Canton cuz I wanted to accomplish SOMETHING. Have to file a police report first there. Well, I learned that the hotel was in Jackson Township but the bar was in Canton. So they did a report on that and sent me upstairs to the prosecutor. The prosecutor wasn't sure THAT Jerzees was in Canton and he thought it might be in Jackson Township also cuz there was one next to that Hyatt Place. So he verifies which one and yeah, that was in Jackson Township. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!? ::headdesk::

THAT prosecutor's office only does things via appointment. I go back to my car and call them. He wanted to know why the Akron police didn't investigate. I have no fucking clue dude, and I told him where I'd been. "You want this guy charged don't you?" FUCK YES!!!! He told me to go to the Jackson Township police and file a police and THEY would investigate it and refer it to the prosecutor. So I go to that police department next.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I get a report taken!!!! THANK YOU JACKSON TOWNSHIP POLICE!!! I was told Akron should have done it though. The officer said, what if he took your card and used it in California, would they send you there? The officer patrols the area with those 2 places and will stop in soon to get the surveillance footage of that mofo, and the things he signed at the bar and hotel, cuz he had to sign there too. I really felt a sense of relief to FINALLY get something going against this infected anal wart.

So this is yesterday's route. Yeah. ETA: google stalker got the mileage wrong, it was over 200 miles. Time is right though, so?


I picked up Mackenzie from her safe and secure location and took her to school with me. She's leaving for California, to return here in an year or so. When she returns she will live with me and if she still wants me too, I'll adopt her. Yes, you can adopt adults. Someone--certainly not I cuz my account is in the negative--got her a ticket flying out a Pittsburgh as it was really cheap. And obviously I'm the only one who's responsible enough to do anything for her so I took her to the airport. It saved time leaving from Kent.

After my classes, she sat in on one and slept in the hall during the other; we went to the student center to get something to eat. I had put some money on my flashcard at the beginning of the semester for eating or getting copies purposes. Hadn't used it yet, so fortunately it let us get a meal. I saw my first furry in person while we waited for our bagel sandwiches to toast. And Mackenzie got to learn about furries, having never heard of them before. Disappointingly? The bunny didn't get a salad, they got a pizza bagel. Certainly not rabbit food, but I held my tongue.

And obviously, I'll go to the ends of the earth for Mackenzie, including the Pittsburgh Airport. Pennsylvania has a fucked up toll road. You "prepay" $7.45 and no refund for you if you get off like 2 exits later. Um?? Fuck you. Didn't have to pay on the way back, thankfully. But that's fucked. Took the toll road as it saved 30 minutes each way.

We were having fun with the city names. Why all the Beavers?? There's a Moon too. There was a sign for Community College of Beaver County and we found that hilarious. I seriously want a shirt from there. Mackenzie can't believe anyone would want to go there. I do!!! What's the school mascot's name? Nibbler? Yes, yes I am a 13 year old boy with my humor sometimes.


And REALLY Pennsylvania?? You couldn't have Beaver be on highway 69?!?! Yeah, I'll drive 80mph and video. One hand was on the wheel, so have a nice day.

Current total ear worm. LOVE this song!!! It can burrow away!!!

I have 3 chapters to read for labor, and 3 lectures to listen too; plus a learning module to complete for that class. Have a brief due Sunday and have a sample complaint due probably Friday or Saturday--she's assigning that tomorrow. Those are for my 2 in-class classes. Then I'm getting my midterms next week so I need to be all caught up. I will be. It's just frustrating as I would have those 3 chapters done, were it not for that fucktard stealing my bank digits.

I feel much better having a report filed against that mofo. Hopefully Huntington will give me my money back sooner rather than later, instead of sending me 2 or 3 emails a day telling me my account is overdrawn, NO SHIT IT'S CUZ OF THEFT AND YOU HAVE A DISPUTE OPEN ABOUT IT! I sent off a letter to the regional president of Huntington suggesting if there's an open dispute they shouldn't compound an anxious situation by sending overdraw notices, when the account went into overdraft because of a theft.

Will make a couple stops on way to school tomorrow and be IN this weekend. Oh, I have to get gas. HAHA. I've had to borrow money for that, I'm paying at the window. I can never foresee myself paying at a gas pump again, since we suspect this happened at the gas pump. Car gets great gas mileage. Which is awesome.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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