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Cleveland Zoo Trip 7/17/2016

Eddie's company picnic was this past Sunday at the Cleveland Zoo, which I consider my NE Ohio #1 happy place (yes over the BLIMP!!! hanger cuz the true joy with the BLIMP!!!!! is seeing it in the air spreading it's magic, especially right over Robinette! :) A friend and her husband were joining us around noon there.

Since we're creatures of habit we went to the Rain Forest first. If you're facebook friends with Eddie and have seen his zoo photos (that I had to upload for him btw) I am indeed playing PokemonGo. Unfortunately the servers were overloaded and I could only infrequently connect so I eventually just shut my phone off. There were A LOT of PokemonGo players there.

Alright I'll put sections under cuts cuz I have quite a few photos. Mostly photos but two videos. First up, Rain Forest and I took video of a bat washing it's wings. I found that fascinating to watch. Especially when they started stretching them out. Rain ForestCollapse )

Then we went thru most of Australia, though I'll include them all here, as we went up front to meet my friend and her husband. Later we finished Australia and I'm including the big birds by Waterfowl Lake and within Australia is the petting zoo. AustraliaCollapse )

Met up at the entrance. My friend and I got wraps at the food court to take up to the Eaton picnic as previous times at the zoo they gave out wrist bands and only if you had one could you eat at the buffay. There were no wrist bands but the zoo tickets said 'Eaton' on them, so we assumed those would have to be shown. We get up to where the picnic was (side note, when we first got there and Eddie got the envelope with tickets and there was no info on picnic location I asked him where it was. He wasn't sure!!! I said "waterfowl pavilion?" No. Eye roll. Eventually he recalled it had an animal name in it (because waterfowl aren't animals?) and we determined it was the primate pavilion.)

Get up there and NO CHECKING ANYTHING!!! Dafuq?!? Now, the wrap was really good and I had the chips later and they were good too; but um, it wasn't necessary to get them as anyone could have eaten anything!!! Eaton also shelled out for more than just the hot dogs/hamburgers with baked beans and cookies. They did have those things but also chicken, sausage, fresh fruit, and pasta salad. Also a huge array of beverages. I didn't think of it til later, but I should have tweeted 'free food primate pavilion' cuz fuck Eaton!! NO big wigs there as previous years, no holding employees hostage for giveaways--cuz they gave no prizes this year, just gave their jobs away.

Since we were up there, we went thru that area next. And thanks to that stupid ass woman who was holding, then dropped her son over the cheetah enclosure, that now has pexiglas, AND another fence around it. There are also signs EVERYWHERE around the zoo (90% more than previously) about staying within designated areas, don't climb, watch your children, etc. Cuz of that stupid ass woman. Who probably still works in a daycare. Other places in the zoo that use to be open are now blocked off. Yep, cuz of that stupid ass woman.

Primates, big cats, and aquaticsCollapse )

I don't really have any pix to post from wildness trek except two. My second favorite zoo animal the Persian Onagers are there. The bears are there, there's a new tiger exhibit but only one was out and asleep cuz it was hot.

Bald eagle in the wolf lodge.


I dunno where the other camel was, but these 2 Dromedary camels were there now. Never saw a white camel, nor 2 camels walking in sync!


African SavannaCollapse )

ElephantsCollapse )

Edward"s Favorite Animal SightingCollapse )

VERY pleasant day!!! We were there the WHOLE day 10am til 7pm.


thought i heard fireworks downtown as the AC was on in here...go to check the weather before i get the dogs ready for bed and shit!! not fireworks, thunder rumbles....hold on trees!!!!!!! bow don't break!! out with camera to see if i can see lightening like last week...before it rains...


went out and watched the storm roll in...when it got closer and started to rain a bit, the wind picked up A LOT....it keeps getting really humid then like a cold chill....no tornado watch or warning though but damn if that isn't iowa storm weather....

there's a storm [no tornado] warning now....i've told the trees AGAIN to hold on!! i went out on the back porch and they were gyrating...i couldn't watch....the window is now open in here, but i have the curtain closed....can't see much in the dark, but i can see during lightening flashes....do NOT want to watch!! raining harder now....and rolling thunder overhead....

ah, i'll just go to bed....fuck it....

FUCK EATON!!!!!!!!!



Edward is unemployed on or before September 24, 2016. He just got his 60 day notice. Fuck Eaton--did I say that already?? Well let me say it again:



Fuck Bill Clinton for signing NAFTA as all these jobs are going to Mexico. Where gee, they get like $2 an hour and the product is so poorly made the companies send it to the AMERICAN plants to be fixed/redone. Eaton doesn't give a fuck though. I have no doubt the big wigs will get nice bonuses for closing 2 plants in NE Ohio this year unemploying hundreds of people. They don't give a fuck. Yes, I already said that; but it's true and bares repeating. Eaton does not give a fuck!!

Fuck Hillary Clinton for supporting the TPP which will send MORE jobs overseas. They're making similar claims about that like they did NAFTA. Politicians don't give a fuck. They don't care if more people lose their jobs.

Now, Eddie will get unemployment, extended thanks to NAFTA---and I can hear some politician saying that's a great thing. NO IT IS NOT!!! People would rather have their jobs!!! He gets severance pay too. His main concern is his health care. Eaton's current plan is basically where he pays everything out of pocket---cuz they're fucks. Yes, they blamed Obama-care for that. So he's cut back his doctor visits. He's gotten discounts on prescriptions though. So that's a huge thing there. He's requested paperwork from the VA to see if he can get medical or even prescriptions from them. His medical coverage will last for 6 months after his last day.

Now, he HAS said he's going to go to take some of those educational classes available. Then he doesn't have to go thru the charade of filling out applications--who would hire a 60 year old man? He's said he will take computer classes. I so want to watch that. Though he might call me during it to have me translate his computer speak to the instructor. I'll laugh. About the only laughable thing here.

And yes, my grey hair watch starts September 24 too. No, I still don't have any. My doctor looks about every other visit 'grey hair check'. Nope, none.

Now Eddie might bitch about his job; but he's liked working. He's been there 20 years and he, and everyone else there, and those from the Berea plant they closed early this year, will be tossed away. Some people have worked there 30-40 years. Such loyalty is no longer valued in companies. Eaton doesn't have an union. They moved their 'headquarters' to Ireland for tax purposes; but have a brand new $100 million headquarters built outside Cleveland to celebrate their 100th anniversary a few years ago. It's over half empty now. It's when they started doing that that they started having financial problems cuz gee, ya think?? So who pays for big wigs mistakes?? THE EMPLOYEES!

Who encouraged companies to get cheap labor? NAFTA!!! Who signed NAFTA? Bill Clinton, who's wife is just awaiting to be coronated sworn in as president and she supports the TPP too. The Clintons, though, are elitists, the 1%, and who cares about the unemployed people? The people that a policy they signed/are supporting has decimated the middle to lower class of blue collar worker? They don't give a fuck. Oh, for a photo op, campaign stop, sure. Other than that? They don't give a fuck.

FUCK 2016. Just fuck this fucking year.

pan vs. baby raccon round 2 DENIED!!!

i saw the strangest scariest looking bug today EVER....i was gonna post pix/blog about it but alas, it's now a hour later and i need to change my sheets before i go to bed so i'll write about what transpired to take up an hour.....

i thought i'd let the dogs out a little past 8:30pm because it was still light out and i figured it'd be before the raccoons were in the yard....hahahahaha....pan went back to the ghetto patio area where she usually goes but then suddenly CHARGE!!!!!!!!! poli right behind her with her 'what can i do? put me in coach!' attitude....

2 raccoons ran up the locust tree they're usually hanging out in....i start yelling PAN PANACEA PAN COME NOW PAN PANACEA GET BACK HERE....no barking by her---i guess she was going for a deadly silent attack? i had my camera in my hand as i had went up front to see if that bug was still there---before i knew what it was i dubbed it a stephen king bug as it was like something from one of his stories---but i didn't turn my camera on, as i needed to get PAN STAT as i knew there were at least 3 other baby raccoons and MAMA....suddenly this little raccoon ran right past me and was in the patio area--i had started going to the side yard to get pan---and the poor fellow was basically having a panic attack....the little guy/girl didn't know what to do and was just starting to go one way, then turned and started the other way and repeat....i ran over to them and they didn't run from me, they were in a total panic and i swear their face said "help!!!" ....i told them as i sort of scooted them "get up the tree, get up the tree, get up there now!!!" and they went to the locust by the garage---the other 2 were in the other one---and they climbed up about 3 feet and then froze....they needed to get higher than that as pan could reach them...."get up, GET UP THERE!! she can get you dude!!" they went up and then i went to go to the side yard....

i heard no 'shake shake shake'....which was good...i started yelling PAN PANACEA GET BACK HERE NOW again and i saw poli hopping around looking all over and before i got around the cherry bushes PAN WAS COMING BACK!!!!!! holy shit!!!!! AMAZING!!! obviously only because she didn't get a raccoon....got them in the house and then i did a head count....knew there were 3 in the locust trees, so i knew there was 2 other babies and possibly mama around....i found the other 2 and mom in the mulberry tree....thank the stars pan did NOT get a hold of one of those babies as it would have been a repeat from a few years ago where that mom scratched her up (that baby was fine, shook up--pun intended--but fine, as was pan)....

the other 3 eventually joined 'em in the mulberry tree....it was difficult to take pix in the mulberry tree as it was after 9pm now and there was a lot of branches in the way, plus the little ones were running all over playing....

quintuplet mom was taking a well deserved break...


then a baby came to bother her....probably telling her "the dog was 20 feet high but i didn't run and stood up to her"....


after they played for a bit, mom led them down the tree, thru the yard, over the fence and golly gee whiz, right to joyce birr's house to eat at the 24/7 buffet she has out for cats and wildlife.....

now i wouldn't want any harm to come to any critter, but joyce is not doing anyone any favors--including the critters---by having that out....i think my raccoon traffic thru my yard would drop 75% if she didn't have all that food out....and now i have to go out around 8pm and ensure there's no raccoons in my yard before i let my dogs out---ridiculous....and yes, i will, if need be, continue to ensure the baby raccoon's safety....that poor little fellow....basically frozen in fear....yes, i washed my hands when i got in...i think pan got a whiff of raccoon but i wouldn't let her sniff my hands as she doesn't need that scent in her little mind!!!

now i gotta change my sheets and go to bed....i'll post the stephen king bug tomorrow...::shudder:: weirdest fucking bug i've ever seen....oh wait....this is the perfect neighborhood for it!
damn dog....not just pred but she's on antibiotics AND yeast infection pills too....one good thing is that the ketoconazole is no longer in a 'shortage' and 30 pills cost $40...a few years ago my vet wouldn't even sell them to clients as even selling them at THEIR cost it would have been $125 for a month's supply! they gave out written prescriptions and online fosters & smith had them for like $1.50/pill....i did get a written RX for the antibiotic to drop off at giant eagle cuz it'll be $8....i picked that up friday as Pan and i dropped it off on the way home thursday after the vet....they have a drive thru...i'd never leave a furbaby in the car in hot weather....unless i kept it running with the AC on....

phone call with edward this morning:

when does our bjs membership end?
at the end of the month
so you don't know?
but when does it end
you should have said that

FFS....just listened to persephone bark on and off---mostly on---for almost 2 hours....she just runs her mouth for no reason...it's maddening....you think the nightmare is over (meaning she went in) but then she starts again....edward doesn't think it's a problem---CUZ HE CAN'T HEAR HER....i have plans....some day he will only be able to hear dog barks...phone ring? dog bark....music on laptop? dog barks....sirius radio? masked to a dog barking file.....digital recorders set to play with voice activation, with yes, dog barks, hidden....oh yes....and yes, i am making the evil little pyramid with my hands right now relishing that....i can already foresee myself not home and/or available that day.....HAHAHAHAHA.....

i really can't do much when she's running her mouth for that long...you start to do a project and BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK infinity bark.....i think the nightmare is over now....well FOR now...she'll be back within 30 minutes i have no doubt....

now eddie has every other monday off as they're messing with their schedules AGAIN....next weekend is company picnic....the last one for this plant....cleveland zoo....so yes, i'm going....also coming with us is a friend of mine and her husband (no, not the new neighbors)...amazing i actually know people....huh....who'd have thunk that? the weekend after THAT is a blimpologist get together picnic at where else? wingfoot park....gosh, again, i know people....

wingfoot two SHOULD be christened soon....hope wingfoot one is still around for that....

i had other things to blog about but um, my mind got sort of fried with the bark bark bark bark....nothing like having to try to adjust what you do around a barking dog!! i like to work on my ads community, reply to emails, etc in the evening....i just stop when she barks for 30+ minutes...anything i wrote would be 'bark bark bark bark' or i'd sign it 'daughter of sam'.....

i'll try again tomorrow....

revisit 2012 high maintenance bitch

it is REALLY humid today....bah....i have gatorade and the AC will be on in here....THEY say strong storms tomorrow with high damaging winds and hail....HOLD ON TREES!!!! also rain this afternoon supposedly hitting around the time i have to take high maintenance bitch panacea to the vet....cuz of course....pan has her chronic skin allergies going on....i think she needs pred...she doesn't appear to need antibiotics, nor seems to have a yeast infection....think it's just her flea allergy....she has, of course, been flea treated and has been getting baths but she is extremely skin sensitive and probably writing about this has caused her to break out in hives or something....i tried to give her benadryl as around her eyes is red but it didn't do squat, so off to the vet we shall go....

i went to the doctor yesterday and my pressure sore is healing nicely and i got my painful prolia injection....my upper left arm is STILL burning from that shot....i get another january 4th and then i can get a bone density scan and we'll see if it's made any difference....if it has not, then 2 years has been wasted, and there'll be something else i'll have to take....i hope it's not the daily injections cuz i think i would suck at doing that....

apparently there was a low cloud system from northeast ohio all the way to washington dc that buggered up a lot of firework shows on the 4th....as i mentioned before i couldn't publicly list my videos of this years newton falls fireworks as that would be a disservice to them....i have reuploaded the 2012 fireworks though....since it was a video i already had on youtube, i had to add a title screen so it wouldn't tell me 'that video already exists'....

i missed a few seconds of the beginning of these as they started 20 minutes early....there was a very bad storm approaching that night....you could see the black clouds and lightening coming down from the northwest....the show is 24 minutes long but they shot off all the fireworks that would have taken at least 35-40 minutes to shoot off....after they finished and we started to pack up, the deluge commenced and we were thoroughly soaked, as was everyone else...

4th of July in the mist....

we went to newton falls for the fire works last night....the new neighbor lady (yes, they could live here 10 years and i'll always call them the new neighbors here) rode with us there and her husband joined us there when he got off from work....i made pasta salad, she made quinoa salad, and she also brought: cherries, strawberries, lemon roll cake, hummus, and chips....eddie said she knows how to pack food well....we had some adult beverages too....

i had brought a huge sheet of plastic, well actually a roll, which was good cuz it was misting out, then a light steady rain....it did stop around 9pm.....but it started to mist again a little before 10pm...

found this today...news article about the fireworks and it says it was a $28,000 display and took 8 hours to set up....the fireworks lasted 45 minutes....amazing right?

here's a 12 minute clip, with no commentary from me, yet...please denote now though:

at 20 seconds in you hear a guy yell "shoot 'em all"
this video is unlisted
i have not put a title or tagged this video
now enjoy 12 minutes of a $28,000 display

amazingly unbelievable, right? you can see some of the final 5 minutes

commentary now....WHAT THE GODDAMN FUCK?!?!?!?!?!??!!? we are assuming because of the high humidity that cloud was low and then that also 'trapped' the firework smoke....we apologized to the new neighbors cuz we had told them how awesome the fireworks were and then we sat there and watched the cloud change colors...though we could see the low ones right in front of us very clearly....and SOME of the tall ones that were 'low'....

then that mist started to cover the ball field and it always makes me think of the stephen king short story "the mist"....i dunno how i'd combat a dinosaur type creature....perhaps i should think about that sometime....

i am NOT titling or tagging the videos cuz that would be a huge disservice to newton falls....it's not their fault and they have to be a combo of pissed and devastated....

here's some photos of the colorful clouds we saw last night...

Red Skies at Night


The Sun Burns in the Sky


...like a mist of sulfur... [and damn, i haven't listened to Sepultura in far too long!]


Behind the Sun there's a really bright firework going off


4th of July....

...some holiday or something here...so i made a 'america' playlist....

I got myself a watch so I don't always have to have my phone on me and/or want to dig it out of my pocket. I got a kid's watch as I've always had small wrists but damn, this is ridiculous.

Timex, cuz it'll take a licking and keep on ticking! (Also water proof).


When I was putting it on, I almost thought I'd have to fasten it on the last hole, but no, next to last, cuz apparently I have the wrist of a 5 year old?


Nice watch though. I like it and that's all that matters.


Now, here's is the mentioned yet never posted about Pan and the possum.

I can't recall exactly what night it was and even if I hadn't deleted my disqus account, you couldn't search your disqus comments so I'd never be able to find it (they use to let you search, then removed that very useful function, cuz ??) so sometime early in May or at the end of April, we had Pan and the possum. An aside, yes, I deleted my disqus account. Poof, gone. I no longer read any online news sites, and I no longer even read dlisted. Of course it should go without saying I avoid scientology watching like the plague. Well perhaps it needs to be said. Let me write about Pan and the possum first though.

Went to bed late that night, so I didn't let the dogs out until around midnight---whatever night this was. I heard Pan give a 'I got something bark' and I fly out the back door, as I had just let them out and shut the door behind me to get their bedtime treats ready, and I immediately call Poli. Heard her snorting along, then I start yelling for Pan. Got Poli in the house, as I did not need her hopping around 'what do I do? what do I do?' and then am faced with entering a pitch black yard. The neighbor behind me have one of those big lights--like a streetlight--on their garage; but the elderberry tree blocks it in the area Pan was in, cuz OF COURSE!!

Pan is letting out short little barks, I hear nothing from whatever she had cornered/trapped. I grabbed a furthing strip and head over there. Within like the 90 seconds (MAX) this has taken (getting Poli, grabbing furthing strip) Pan now has whatever in her mouth as she was growling and I could hear the cherry bush branches move as she was shaking it. Since I had a general idea of where she was, and knew to stay away so as to not get bit or attacked, I get over there---all the while yelling for Pan to come NOW. I hit the cherry bushes with the furthing strip---I didn't want to hurt Pan nor whatever she had, I wanted her to DROP IT. Shake shake shake. I toss over a plastic lawn chair. Shake shake shake. Flower pots. Shake shake shake. I'm now SCREAMING at her to fucking drop it. Shake shake shake. I'm screaming "WHATEVER IT IS IT'S DEAD ALREADY!!! FUCKING DROP IT YOU FUCKING FUCKTARD." Shake shake shake. Mind you, it's now after midnight and probably about 10 minutes of this. I do not give a fuck. I scream "I'M GETTING A GOLF CLUB!!" and some guy on Dayton Place yelled back "Shit just got real". An hour later I found that really funny, at the time it hardly registered.

Got a golf club, got closer to her and WHACKED the ground within a few feet of her---I could make out the area she was sort of in. SHE DROPPED WHATEVER!!! I got closer and could make her out now and used the golf club as a 'bar' to push her back away from whatever. I didn't even look at what it was at this point, my focus was on getting HER away. I got her about 6' away and there was actually some dim light here and kept the golf club in front of her. She was FIXATED on that spot. I started to talk to her---normal voice---using her name a lot, she wasn't in trouble for going after an intruder in the yard; but she needed to listen better. It took a few minutes but her 'hunt/kill' mode broke and I saw her tail wag. I put my hands on her shoulders and tried to direct her to the back door; but she started to immediately veer towards her 'prey' so I said "STOP" and she did.

I had to fucking carry her ass into the house, underneath cherry bushes and the wild rose bush as I had no way of seeing what she had had at that point and the direct path was in the area of where it was and I wasn't even sure where it had landed when she dropped it. Get her into the house and fully examine her. No blood in her mouth, no scratches, nada. She's UTD on her shots; but still, I didn't want her to have a cut/wound/etc.

Get the tablet and put it on the light box mode and go back out. I figured I'd see what it was and since I was now WIDE AWAKE I'd bury it as I couldn't imagine it surviving all that shake shake shaking. It was a possum. She had not broken the skin around the neck, just had grabbed it and was shaking, as dogs do, to 'kill'. I turn to go back to get the shovel and what?! It was breathing. Normally. Laying on it's side, 4 limbs straight out, I didn't look at it's face but I saw it's mouth was open; but the breathing was NORMAL. I told them I was sorry they had had that happen to them but Pan was acting on instinct when she found someone in her yard. I hoped they weren't in pain and I'd check on them in the morning. Nothing else I could really do. I did NOT yell a "sorry" to the neighbors, as I will do on the rare occasions when Pan has a critter encounter cuz this was the absolute worst---even worse than when the mother raccoon scratched her all up when she had one of her chirruns in her mouth; and I also did not give a fuck.

Next morning I go out and it was gone! When I let the dogs out, Pan, of course, went to that spot IMMEDIATELY and had her nose in the ground and then peed on where her 'conquest' had been. Damn dog. I called the trainer at the vet and she said next time throw a bucket of water on her to get her to drop it; but other than that, I did right by keeping my distance and then getting her 'hunt/kill' spell broke. Yes, there's now an 'Pan vs. Critters' emergency bucket of water ready to go in the kitchen at all times now. BE PREPARED!!!! And there's always golf clubs for when shit needs to get real!!

fuck imposters!!!

no, of course they [you can't see it, but it's metlife] couldn't see me giving the finger but i don't give a fuck!!! IMPOSTER on north hill!!! there is only one company that has BLIMPS and that is Goodyear!!!


if that imposter is in the area for a few days, it might come overhead and then i know they can see me give 'em the finger....don't give a fuck....fuck imposters!!! ONLY Goodyear!!!!

WHACK!! Gone!

I'm sort of ghetto posting this....typed hours ago but lj is having issues so i copy/pasted it an email draft and am posting from my device....

went to the valium doctor today....he asked if i had had any stress since i was last there and i laughed....i told him about the convention nightmare...he did laugh when i told him about the most reasonable request i got--someone needing a local pot dealer.....yes, some day i am gonna write about the convention nightmare...doctor denoted my weight loss too...leftover vestige from the convention nightmare....which also exacerbated other physical issues...but i am slowly but surely getting better....

it rained sunday night so i did not try to cut up the trees i had cut down in the side yard sunday as i knew they'd be too wet and i didn't want to be standing on wet slippery ground with a power tool....visions of slipping danced in my head....today when i got home and ate lunch i decided to let the side yard dry out another day--well it'll be a few more actually---and i started finding my front yard....i'll post photos when i'm done....but i did find the center of it today and let me just say the mock orange bush has A LOT of bare branches underneath the green growing ones and then there was wisteria and honeysuckle vines all inter sped within that....

say hello to my little friend....serrated edge for sawing and then a sharp (very, i sliced my leg) smooth edge for true machete action....

filled a trash can with branches...i think it's 300 gallons....packed it down too and kept adding more, packed it down, added more, packed it down, and then it was full....have another trash can i can't fill to the top, but i can almost fill it....

let me just say that macheting is VERY therapeutic!!!! VERY VERYtherapeutic!!!  i was thinking of some individuals and WHACK! gone....oh wait, one is still there...WHACK! WHACK! gone....

seriously, get a machete to work thru issues....i don't recommend using the handy loop for your wrist though....you might forget it's on your wrist, set the machete down and go to grab something and it'll get you!!! that's not how i sliced my leg.....sliced my leg with an extremely vigorous WHACK!!....ah, but it was worth it....

i almost felt like i could put my contacts in today BUT i knew i was gonna be doing yard work so i didn't think that would be a wise idea.....sometimes i think....not often....

Tia's forest is no more....

Stupidly I forgot to take some photos of my side yard 'before'. It was very hot yesterday and I got too much heat so I sort felt on the verge of heat sickness. So to keep me from sitting in my chair in the sick--the pull is strong no matter how I feel---I decided to enter what use to be a jungle but had since became a forest. There was total shade in the section of my side yard aside my house. I only worked in that area, not behind my house, nor the back part of the side yard. Just the area next to my house. I took my new fiskars' 13" pruning saw (link is amazon but i got it in a store) and let me say this saw is AWESOME!!!!!!! I'm 5'2 1/2" and currently 94#s and I cut down over 20 trees with that!! The largest tree circumference was probably 7" round. I just let them 'timber!' as I cut from the bottom but I have borrowed eddie's electric branch cutter to cut them up to properly throw them out once the leaves die off. When I finished THERE WAS SUN IN THE SIDE YARD!!!!!! That saw didn't make my arms hurt, nor my back. If it's not too wet out tomorrow I'll start chopping them up with the electric cutter, as I didn't start that today. I figured tree sawing was enough.

There was one locust sucker tree growing that I won't cut until I know for sure that other birds haven't taken over a robin's nest. I didn't see/hear any birds around it, but I want to make sure first. I left a tree to grow---not sure what kind it is, it's not a locust, nor maple, nor a sumac---sort of between the front of the side yard and the back of the side yard. It'll nicely grow in the center there and the center of the side yard can remain sunny and with the other trees growing around the edges of the side yard it'll be totally private---weed tree maples that are too large to cut now along the fence line behind the houses abutting from dayton place, my hawthorne trees--one in front of my dining room windows and the other in the far corner, and the japanese crab apple. I learned today that butterfly bush wood is the hardest to cut thru.

Also used my branch cutters--also fiskars, i love their stuff---to trim back some hawthorn branches i kept getting snagged on.

i am starting to feel TIRED! dunno why!! HAH! gotta go change my sheets and then my day is d-o-n-e!

THEY say it might rain. I see a line of storms coming this way with red in the center but no notice/warning/nada. That's rather unusual. Before I go to bed I'll give the huge locust trees a pep talk. I can't believe there's no storm watch right now. Considering how over saturated those watches are, here comes a line of storms towards us, about an hour or so away and not a peep.

it's someone's birthday....

....so here's some videos for you and you do love morrissey...yep...unhappy birthday for you...

sorry, not sorry for such a greeting...

one day goodbye will be farewell....today's a good day for that....buh bye...

Even with GPS I still got lost. Um?? I had no idea Waterloo Rd turned off of 224 and thought 224 remained Waterloo. Nope, I got to 43 and was like dafuq?! Turned down 43, then saw Waterloo, turned on that, as going down 43 seems to take forever; but I couldn't find Mishler Rd easily to go in the back way. WithOUT having to figure out where the fuck I was, it took me 12-15 minutes to get there. It took 12 minutes to get home. I do have a penchance for speed.

Observation lot wasn't open yet when I got there. I parked on a gravel pull around area across the road.


TWO BLIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wouldn't it be awesome if one blimp had 2 gondolas?


Wingfoot One has been back to finally get the light display installed. She goes to Pittsburgh tomorrow and returns to Florida Monday.


I dunno if these were crew or mechanics (there's another guy seated, you can see him behind the open door). I was there around 10am. Wingfoot Two was out late last night, so I hope the crew got a rest.


I believe this is the light they use at night--not the display--but to help fly. It was on Wingfoot Two and she was out late last night.


Wingfoot Two was on a different kind of mast. For some reason it brought to mind the song and video 'Safety Dance'.


I gotta find out how this one works.


Wingfoot One had the mobile mast attached to a truck.


Like any true rock stars, the Goodyear Blimps not only have their own body guards; but also their own travel crew.







My fellow blimpologist lives sort of close to the base and just sent me this pix. What a beautiful site!!!! We were unsure if WF1 had gone home or not. Now we know!! They were suppose to leave June 20 but we knew there was a slight delay.

Any guesses where I'll be tomorrow morning?


dr. edward $5K+ bill pillow

so i got a seat cushion for back pain/tail bone pain....has a square cut out where your tail bone goes...it's AWESOME!! anyway, i'm coming home down the street and edward is walking up luedella cuz he had mowed a couple doors down from me---with his dogs---and he doesn't stop the dogs from jumping up on my vehicle....grrrrrr....

i told him about my tailbone sore and he said i only got that cuz i'm thin....wow, you should be a doctor or psychic cuz no shit! ...then i told him about my bizarre allergy test results (more on that in a bit)...he proclaimed i'm a hypochondriac....um...what? you wanna see my pressure sore? oh no he believed i had that....well what don't i have? well of course not any issues with humidity cuz he doesn't think that issue exists---never mind the countless people who die each year from that and my dr. sent me to the ER last year cuz i couldn't stop throwing up or get cooled off...(hey, if humidity succeeds in killing me some time, could someone ensure if edward is still around it's drilled into him it IS a real problem and i'm gonna haunt him?)...he doesn't think i have allergies....you hear me with barely any voice and swollen eyes, runny nose and oh no that's in my head....well yeah it is---that's where allergies affect me!.... i just had strep throat AGAIN and there's a test for that....he had no comment for that....i have high cholesterol....no comment there either....uh huh...i have a weakened immune system due to kenalog and that fucking prolia, well that's my fault--um cuz i don't want allergies and my dr. wants me to try prolia so my bones won't break?...um okay...i have spinal stenosis and herniated discs and senile osteoporosis all with actually scans, mris and xrays to prove it...no comment...of course i PTSD with plenty of documentation there...apparently if you haven't had quintuple bypass you have nothing wrong with you....oh, he knows i was in the hospital a week in '03 with major surgery and my scar is longer than his....ah, not quintuple bypass....right....i also have something that doesn't have a ICD-10 code: EDWARD....there's also xrays of my rib cage dysfunctions....no comment there either....the cuts in my eye?....oh apparently i have those cuz i'm still wearing my glasses and he knows i hate that....and why does my doctor treat me for all these conditions that you don't think are real?....no comment....

my doctor, if something was nothing to worry about would tell me that! i am hyper-vigilant about lung issues with my asthma and being prone to pneumonia and now rib cage dysfunctions which apparently are something i need to watch for....i DO wait a bit with my allergies--until i get to about space cadet level 7....and thanks to my weight loss and all the stress that fucking convention---well particularly one person, let's call them, um, spike---that exacerbated all sorts of things....and my doctor told me to STOP the convention crap and i did....thank goodness!!!

i guess when i'm sick, except in a few rare instances, i am still 'functioning' to some extent....so he doesn't SEE me sick? i have no idea....he was working when i had heat sickness that sent me the er but i had it when we went to a flea market and the dick bitched about the car AC being on! grrrrr...i do NOT like to stay in bed....no no NO!!! i will always get up and try to accomplish SOMETHING....plus i have critters to take care of....he's also the one who said he didn't understand why i'd go to physical therapy for my spine and discs last summer...um, cuz my doctor thinks it will help me (and it did/has)....he thinks PT is stupid...well that's fine....i benefited from it....

anyway, i get home and get situated outside as it was a gorgeous rare cloudless day....was quite comfortable on my cushion---i really need to get another of these so i don't have to haul it around, i could keep one on my desk chair, then one in the vehicle for easy sun sitting access.... so i'm reading, relaxing....grinch ring tone of doom....

edward has had a bee in his bonnet about getting a new camera for awhile....he has fucked up all the cameras he has....did he want a cheap model so it wouldn't matter if he fell or got mud in it? nope....got an expensive one....i have no idea why he was calling me about this--as i've been hearing this for weeks--- and i was ready to throw the phone at several points....i did tell him i was NOT learning his camera and he was not to ask me questions....he said "we'll see" and i said we'll see me take the my 10# sledgehammer to it!!! LEARN YOUR OWN CAMERA I AM NOT DOING IT!!!!!! "we'll see"....we'll see that he's probably messed something up within 6 months via falling or dropping it....i want NO PART OF IT!!! i get one question about it i'm gonna say i'll be right over with my sledgehammer or if we're somewhere i'll start doing the 'burbs chant 'i want to kill everyone satan is good satan is our pal'....in my mind it's 'fuck you eaton for sending jobs to mexico fuck you fuck you fuck you to bankruptcy and no golden parachutes and fuck you bill clinton for signing nafta!'

got back to reading....then got a water refill and when i came back up front and there's a friend's only entry about that....unless i know you personally don't even ask to see it....

okay, bizarre allergy test results....when i was there last week for my mid-june strange allergic reaction---that only responds to antibiotics---my doctor said why don't we redo the allergy testing i did like 4 years ago, via a blood test cuz fuck that barbaric pin pricks in skins....so i went and got the blood work and the guy is really nice there and he was telling me it was strange that the medicare billing was saying i could get that test done up to 30 times a year (remember this) and we both wondered DAFUQ? about that....i could see having it done perhaps twice, but THIRTY?!

anyway, when i went in for the pressure sore, she had just got the results....says i have no allergies...uh, what? she said it made no sense to her cuz she knew i had allergies and she was comparing the 2 and both had the same trees listed that i'm allergic too and cow's milk...i asked how that's possible and she had no idea as she knew my allergies were active and she said in med school they learned to go by what you observe if a test says otherwise....she could hear the wheezing in my lungs, etc and knew i had 'em....she suggested i redo it in september when fall allergies kick in as i'd be a mess and something should show physically.....so i'll get the blood drawn before i get my kenalog shot....she was gonna look to see if long term kenalog usage could change test results as that HELPS my allergies, but she didn't think so---but she wanted to rule it out....

i'll find out what she finds out when i go get my painful prolia injection in a couple weeks....fuck those shots!!! then i might call them (allergy testing company, already called prolia and bitched) and be like dafuq?! how/why is this possible? and yeah, i called prolia....think i blogged about it...sure i did....they need to get a shot that goes into muscle, not where fat SHOULD be...i have a negative bingo wing situation going on!

the day after that doctor visit i got a copy of the bill---they always send a copy though medicare pays it---and you know how much that place charges for the allergy test??? $5535! Though I hope, relooking at it, that that is the total....i don't get a 'total'...it says immunology qty 41 amount 5535.00 ...they had BEST not charge 41 x 5535 or i'm gonna raise hell!!! i remember the bill from the LAST test and that one was $1800....eddie pointed out they'd probably blame the increase on obama-care and i believe he's right about that....

i think the price is outrageous but it won't prohibit me from getting it done again in september, cuz i think of my long term troll and fuck you....just like when i get some non-dairy ice cream with food stamps---fuck you troll!!! the non-dairy chunky monkey is really good.....i've said it before but it bares repeating....

i might be bitching but i'm in a good mood!! Ah, blogging helps....

Election 2016

After much thought and thoroughly reading about all the candidates for president, I have finally decided who I can vote for without it affecting my conscience in the slightest (yes voting for any of those 3 would go against my conscience, 2 of them VERY severely so). I'll put it behind a cut so as to not to offend some, as I know how delicate supporters of all candidates are.

The BEST candidate, who outweighs all the others...Collapse )
Amazingly I've gained 3# since Friday! YEAH!!! The one 'I don't think they got any kind of training' assistant was GONE but there was another floatee training assistant there. Alas, she was doing a GREAT JOB!! I told her she needed to use the kid's BP cuff and she got it on with zero problem and didn't have to have me put my arm in a variety of positions either. She also used a watch with a second hand for my heart rate. I mentioned the finger thingie the other one had used and her eyes got wide and she said "You're suppose to use a watch's second hand" Uh huh. So today my heart rate was 63 or something like that instead of 103 that the finger thingie denoted wrongly on Friday. I told this one she was doing a great job cuz she was! SHE obviously has had schooling and training.

The doctor told me, when I said the one this week was great, that she had to give feedback on the last one and she used my BP cuff debacle and improper heart rate testing in her feedback, along with other patient's complaints as I wasn't the only one. I had said I'm sure she's a very nice person, she wasn't rude or anything like that. Just totally medically incompetent.

Because I've lost so much weight I'm getting a pressure sore on my tailbone. Nice eh? There's some schadenfreude for ya. So I have ointment and am getting a seat cushion with a square cut out in the tailbone area. Insert eye roll. Suppose to get up every 15 minutes too. But hey, I've gained 3# so I need to keep that up!! That will obviously help me not be so bony. DUH!

Went to get ointment and then went to a store to get some bread and bananas and some guy came up to me and asked where I got my shirt. I had no idea what shirt I was wearing and had to have given him a blank look or a dafuq? look cuz he then said, without me saying anything, that there was sometimes a seller at a flea market who made retro shirts and there was a store downtown that made retro shirts but he never saw one like mine before. I look at my shirt and see that I'm wearing my Red Hot Chili Pepper concert shirt. "I don't think a store making a shirt could be considered retro; but, I got this shirt at the actual concert the last Saturday in October 1991 when they played Public Hall with Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam." "I wasn't even born then." "That explains a lot, but yeah, this shirt is an original and could probably be considered antique." "It doesn't look that worn." "Nope, I didn't wear it for a long time and only just started to again, now my Beastie Boys Ill Communication shirt finally tore it was so thread bare and that was just a few weeks ago." "You wanna sell that shirt?" "NO! Dafuq?! I gotta go."

DAFUQ?!?!? I know that concert was the last Saturday in October (of '91) cuz Jen the Jew drove and she dropped me off downtown afterwards and it was Kent Halloweenie and I met the guy I was seeing at The Venice. My costume that year was 'Chili Pepper concert goer', via wearing the shirt that I was wearing today.

Akron, might have got a clue, cuz now starting at 5pm tomorrow all buses are free. I think LeBronfest is going to be WAY more crowded than they ever could imagine. People from Cleveland might even come down. There was 1.3 million people in Cleveland for their little parade. Since this is an event in Lock 3 downtown tomorrow, no way it could hold more than a few thousand. No clue it's capacity but it's not THAT big. They'd be better off having it at the baseball stadium downtown. They say Lock 3 will open at 7pm but I'm thinking they might open it before and I'm guessing now that people will be lining at LEAST by noon. Hell there might be some people down there camping out right now.

Where I saw on the news that Wingfoot One was in Cleveland today was apparently wrong according to my fellow blimpologist. He said it was WF2. He thought WF1 was still here though. Original return date was yesterday. Could 2 blimps fly together tomorrow? My fellow blimpologist will keep me posted about that. No way in HELL I'd even TRY to drive downtown. BUT I could go to the park across from St. Thomas (can't think of it's name) and that's up on a hill so I could see the downtown skies very nicely and be safe on this side of the Y-Bridge. Of course traffic might be backed up on the y-bridge trying to GET downtown! I'd avoid main street and would take the back way to that park if 2 blimps are out. I heard 77N to Cleveland was pretty much at a standstill at one point this morning from Cleveland all the way to Akron. Oh HELL NO!!

Just asked mr. google about Lock 3's capacity. 7000!!! Aw, bless their hearts. Let's see, I'm seeing that Akron hasn't thought of changing the location, uh huh. And 7000 can fit in Lock 3, 4000 can fit outside of it and then they'll have jumbotrons along Main Street. Apparently on FB 8500 have said they plan to go and 6300 have said they WILL go. They did at least a clue and will be closing streets earlier than planned. So hey, a bit of a clue. Doors still open at 7 for a 8pm start. I hope no one is hurt.

I'm gonna see if I can hear--does that make sense?--the noise from here. It should be very loud. I know there'll be fireworks, and I'll be able to hear them just fine.

Someone at the doctor's office asked me why I hadn't gone to Cleveland. I gave them a blank look. "For the parade!!!" Parade for what? "THE CAVS!!!!" That got a scrunched up dafuq look and "I don't really like sports, I really hate Cleveland teams and the thought of that alone is torture." "I wish I could have been that, it's just so awesome" The parade? "No their win! You don't like sports so you don't understand that." I cannot grasp the concept of fans who think this has affected their lives some how, it hasn't, as you're at work and not there, you get no bonus, no ring, nada, just increased prices probably next year that you'll pay. Then I smiled. Cynical cuntiness is an art! I do it well. I do it so it feels like hell. Anyway, that shut them up.

A friend denoted the other day that apparently all major sports' seasons last longer now than they did a few decades ago. True facts. Basically there's no time without a sport going on. We were discussing how it might be a diversion for people. Yes, of course, a diversion for people to not think about their troubles, etc; but we were thinking along the lines of a diversion for people to not have time to think much about the world around them. Keep the people occupied with balls being tossed, hit with a stick or racket, kicked, or a puck hit. Get 'em all caught up in the player's lives, rivalries, etc and they won't have to time to notice what's going on in the world around them. The crime out of control in many cities and police officers are viewed as criminals for trying to do their jobs; the fiscal problems facing many cities--many with large football stadiums that cities and citizens financed; more and more jobs going overseas; people unable to look up from their phones to say hi to a neighbor or notice they're gonna walk in traffic. It's like sports are some mass hypnosis on a large portion of society. I've thought this decades.

So yeah, I've always had this thought about sports. Even while watching, and enjoying Cubs' games in the 80s (Harry Carey was awesome to listen to!). I never got caught up in though. I think of the people who are so preoccupied during sports' seasons and if they spent 1/2 that time with their partner, children, etc I bet their home life would improve. Yes of course, there's people who are jim dandy who go to every game, I'm sure; but that would be a small small percent.

I'm such a happy little camper!! Actually I do feel rather happy.

I need to post the songs that get stuck in my head---what is that? a brain burr? Well whatever it is, after I posted that OMD song, it was gone! So this was in head this morning and all day. Let's see if this will disperse it.

Oh damn, listening to Peaches, made me think of Armageddon Dildos, yes that's a bad, I've got a couple tapes of theirs.

Ooooo suggested on the side of Armageddon Dildos was Leather Strip!! Damn....haven't heard them forever.

The raccoons are back!! I did go out last night, for a minute, and discovered they were in the OTHER locust tree. Let me go see where they are tonight. Hold on. They're in the locust tree closest to the garage. I saw 2, but heard more than that. Has to be the quintuplets. No, no ammonia paper towels this evening. It's suppose to rain overnight. Ah, they say rain starting in 99 minutes.

Boots parade

When I got up around 5:30am this morning THE BOOTS was back upstairs! YEAH!!!! Such a relief!

On twitter I saw that some people had camped out overnight for that ball bouncer/tosser parade and that areas are already filling up. Almost all RTA parking lots are full too. Where people will park to take RTA downtown after the parking lots are all filled is anyone's guess. Today will probably be a good test for the PD and city before the RNC. Though the crowds then might not be so friendly.

I'm sure LeBronfest tomorrow evening in Akron will attract a huge honkin' crowd too. There was no mention of parking elsewhere and bus service being provided. They might wanna rethink that as the downtown Akron lots will get filled fast.

Need to water in front of the fence this morning and then putter around. Back to the doctor later today. Wheee!!! Maybe I can get the person who took me back last week again! I hope to fuck not!!!! I'll be upfront and tell them not to use the finger thing for my heart rate and if they struggle with my BP I'll just tell them to skip it. I won't go over my medical history and meds again either. Not being cantankerous or uncooperative, just not gonna deal with bullshit and tomfoolery. If someone wants to play medical assistant they should do so in imagination land, not with real patients!!

Native Gypsy of the Hidey Hole

Yesterday was most certainly 'the longest day'. Would have seemed like that even without that official moniker. So my errands yesterday. First couple stops I'm not, at this time, going to say exactly where I was. But here we go:

Stop #1 & 3 (yes, had to go back): One of the employees was saying to a customer they loved seeing LeBron cry. Dafuq? They went on and on how they loved that so much. Dafuq?!

Stop #2 I was NOT a happy camper to start with when I got here. [I will reveal, eventually, why.] Fortunately there was no basketball talk. The woman there though, who I think would have been a bitch no matter my demeanor, had an interesting lipstick situation going on. Remember the little pink lipsticks you'd get as a kid? The BRIGHT pink lipstick? She was wearing that. She also put it on with the competency of a 4 year old little girl too. Or maybe she'd been giving celebratory bj's in the office. No idea. But it was spread far from her lips and was quite garish.

Stop #4 No issues

On way to next stop I got 'grinch ring tone of dome'.

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Rocky is on a rampage today. She was telling me about ...[he went on for like 5 minutes, and her rampage was the garden variety Rocky sort so no need to rebroadcast that, without even expecting a response from me, when he finally finished this long slowly spit out soliloquy...]
I suppose you didn't look out to see I wasn't home?
Uh huh, let me tell you in a faster way why I'm fucking annoyed this morning [I got it out within 60 seconds] Did you even hear the ding dongs shooting off guns and fireworks when millionaires who bounce balls won a game?
I slept thru the game but I heard gunshots later when I went out looking for Black Jack.
So no, you didn't hear it immediately afterwards.
This was a few hours later.
Uh, those might not have been for the game you know.
I didn't hear any screams.
Unless the gun shots silenced them.

Stop #5 No issues

Stop #6 No issues

Stop #7 There was a woman directing her daughters to get at least 3 Plain Dealers each. "They're all gone." "Get the Beacon" "They're all gone." You need 6 of them?

Go to the alternative check out by the exit doors and the cashier is talking to another employee and as I get there with my cart, the cashier is saying "When they won I started shaking really bad." I had most of the stuff out of my cart by then, and they were more interested in discussing that than ringing items up. I interjected "You had some blood sugar problems or something?" "No! The Cavs won and it really affected me." "Hmmmm....yet you're back today at your job, so how did it affect your life?" The look on their face as they really pondered that and the dawning realization that it had NO impact on their life almost made me start to shake.

Stop #8 I was at the bank. After a 20 minute wait, as there was only one teller, and the line was getting longer and longer I finally get to the window. "How about that game last night?" was the greeting I got. "What game?" Cuz dafuq people should assume everyone knows and/or likes that. "The Cavs, they won the championship!" "That affects me how?" "LeBron is from Akron." "Uh huh, is everyone gonna get $2.16 deposited to their account?" "Well no." "Okay, then it doesn't affect me at all and I don't care." And I smiled oh so nicely.

I wanted to take a pix of the full moon last night. I saw the glow thru the trees and thought I could walk up to Columbia to take a pix. Oh no, blocked by trees there too. I had to go up to Marview. No, I didn't HAVE to; but I wanted a pix of the full moon dammit! By the time it'd be clear of my trees I'd have been in bed. So I went on a moon march.


Only snapped a couple photos, instead of the usual several dozen cuz, well, that's not a particularly good spot to be at 10pm. Took my couple pix, figured one would turn out and turned around and marched home. Yes, of course I was barefoot.


The raccoon quintuplets were back last night. I did not see their mother in the tree. So apparently that mother thinks my one locust tree is a raccoon baby sitter? It's not. Even if she paid me, which she doesn't obviously. I wanted to put some ammonia paper towels around both locust trees before it got dark but Piney (squirrel who lives in the pine tree) is in the raccoon babysitting locust tree still and the idiot squirrel brothers are being idiotic in the other. No ammonia tonight it seems. I'll let the dogs out around 9:10 or so.

Last night though--once in a full strawberry moon on the summer solstice!!--when I let the dogs out at bedtime, as I no longer saw the raccoon quintuplets in the tree then and had sent Poli out first to patrol the perimeter; Pan started to go after something!! She let out her 'I got something bark' and I heard the wild rose bush rustle from her going under it. Flashbacks of the possum encounter from a few months ago flashed before my eyes and I yelled "PANACEA COME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" and she DID!!!! Maybe she remembered the possum encounter too? I was very very happy (and surprised!) she came that quickly!! And that she even responded at all!

TODAY for unknown reasons, though I'm giving a side eye to Windsor, Gypsy Boots was downstairs. She wasn't upstairs this morning and I went looking for her. When I found her, we both were surprised. She didn't even hiss! She ran straight though instead of back upstairs and that took her to the basement. Windsor of course was following. She ended up in her original basement hidey hole. I gave her her breakfast there and checked back later and she had eaten most of it.

A bit ago I let the dogs out with the goal of "Get the kitty". You should see how they both look, but especially Pan, when I say "Get the kitty". Pan has a mission!!!! Poli follows along hoping coach Pan will put her in the game. I then put Windsor in a crate so he couldn't 'help' and I TRIED to get Gypsy out of the basement. That did not go very well. At all. She's back in her original hidey hole but VERY pissed off. I'll take her her bedtime meal, obviously, tonight. She missed out on mid-afternoon snack not being upstairs. HOPEFULLY she will decide to come back up on her own, though I know Windsor isn't gonna help with that. Windsor can be a dick.

I'm getting fed the fuck up still wearing my glasses!!! I think, knock on wood, I should be able to try contacts in a week or so. The eye doctor said at least a couple weeks when I went for a follow up. I'll wait for the Chinese sumac to finish dropping it's flowers. But eyes have NOT been as dry as they were, so that is good! I hate hate HATE fucking absolutely ABHOR wearing my glasses!!! I have to move them up or down so I can look at the camera screen directly when taking pix as I have 20/20 vision within like 18 inches and looking at stuff thru my glasses of course is possible, but it's not as 'clear' and 'crisp' as it is without them. When I sit out reading I put my glasses on my head. HATE WEARING GLASSES!!! Except of course sun glasses!

Oooo almost 9:10 time to let the dogs out. Okay out and back in. Windsor came up from the basement. Dick. Poor Gypsy. There's nothing you can do to 'change' a feral cat and she most certainly is. I know she's lived far far longer with me than outside though. She has a home, food, water, friends---aside from Windsor she has friends, and she hates me but I love her. Damn cat.

I'm wondering if there'll be a blimp spotting tomorrow. I dunno if Wingfoot Two is 'fixed' yet and/or if Wingfoot One is still in the area. Gotta find out from my fellow blimpologist. The basketball players get a parade in Cleveland so the blimp might fly over on their way there but they don't usually come this way on their route to Cleveland.

Thursday is a better blimp sighting opportunity as Akron is having a LeBronfest (I'm calling it that) downtown. Of course LeBron's foundation is paying for some of it with other sponsors, including Goodyear. Also Children's Hospital. Um, Children's Hospital has their hand out all the time wanting donations, especially at grocery store checkouts. But they have enough money to help fund things??

I saw that they're going to include kids involved with LeBron's foundation. I would give LeBron a MVP award for his work with Akron kids. He created the foundation to give back and he truly does. He's personally involved as much as time allows and I think he is one of the few famous types who has a foundation/charity/etc where they are hands on and don't just show up once or twice for a photo op and then use it as a hash tag. There's been hood kids involved in a couple different things they do with Akron school kids and it really made a huge difference in their lives. No snark when it comes to his foundation and his work with it.

BUT...there should be a blimp downtown for that. They could make a wide circle including North Hill. I better get that suggestion in now! :) No WAY I would even TRY to drive downtown Thursday. No way no how. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Listening for the scurrying of little raccoons climbing my alleged babysitting tree. None yet. Actually I think most times they climb up pretty stealth like. I only hear them once they start running around up there and goofing off. I checked today and of course Joyce's garage window is open. I bet ONE of those families of raccoons stays in there. I'm thinking perhaps the quintuplets, cuz I know the triplets when I was out the other day and heard them chattering on their way thru the yard, came from sort of behind me (I mean, the back of the side yard).

My yard is hard to describe at times. I do realize that. I'm at a dead end (literally and figuratively) and I have a double lot. I call the extra lot my side yard, cuz well, it IS my side yard. 2 (formerly 3) houses that front Dayton Place abut my side yard. Then I have a neighbor's back yard behind my yard (behind my house). Joyce doesn't abut my yard (Thank the Lord, Jack!) but she's next door to a house that does and Joyce's house backyard is basically THE dead end of Robinette. Okay, I'll make a map.


So the raccoons the other afternoon were coming from the area of the blue outline and where the X is next to 1. And I don't think my house is THAT crookedly placed on the property.

I first heard the pitter patter of little paws around 9:38pm. I'm not even going out tonight. I'm tired and I have extra cat duty with Gypsy in the basement. Need to cater her meals now. Poor girl. Least Windsor won't get up to her hidey hole.

I get the weirdest fucking songs stuck in my head. For the past few days I've had OMD's Native Daughters of the Golden West in my head. Haven't heard that song in years. Dafuq?! Listening now on youtube though. How/why that entered my mind I have no idea. Haha, might be tied to my very dark twisted subconscious. I have something that happened a few weeks ago to blog about. But not now as I'm off to bed.


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