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5 years...

...today, since Eddie lost Layla, Luci-fur, Grape Juice, and Loner in the house fire. [A tragedy that could have been averted had the slumlord fixed something instead of ignoring his requests.]

In Loving Memory of Layla, Luci-fur, Grape Juice and Loner from miss tia on Vimeo.

Fa la la la la la free form thoughts....

I have things to post, duh. Quick free flow thoughts in the interim. This could be frightening, or fun. I have no fucks to give either way.

I use to think Mother Nature was menopausal. Now I truly believe she's bipolar and off her meds. No, no that's not PC. Sorry, not sorry. It's suppose to be SEVENTY TWO Friday! We keep going from one extreme to another. This is seriously fucked up! I have a winter LJ theme and I feel I should change it. Same with the theme on my phone. Dammit.

I'm debating whether to send the red cross a note or not. As far as I'm aware they did not take advantage of the Muslim travel ban as a fund raiser. They ALWAYS have their hand out any time they can sort of justify it. Yes, it'd be pithy. "Gee, you didn't take advantage of a situation to get money. Impressive!" Ever since that red cross woman was making jokes the night of Eddie's house fire they can go fuck themselves as far I'm concerned. At that time he only thought one cat survived, and the house was STILL ON FIRE. Yeah, make jokes you fucking cunt.

This is the only red ckross I like.

I'm acquiring flooring materials. They were on my list of things to procure thru the year, so score!! Yes, I'm going to do some home improvements. I think the only thing I will need someone to help me with is when I put drywall over the living room ceiling. My ceiling is FINE now; but it's the original lathe and plaster. There's a few lines, but per 'this old houses' website I felt those areas and they did not give way. BUT it's preventative maintenance, because eventually that will happen. That's what happened with Wendy's ceiling. Especially when there were crews digging up the street outside her place. Everything I read said to put dry wall over the lathe and plaster--cuz really, who the hell wants to remove that if you don't have too?? But yeah, someone will have to help me with that, as I can't hold it up and screw it into place by myself. Yes, when I finish a room, I'll break one of my self-imposed rules, and I will post a pix of it.

Need rain boots again---last pair got wore out. Yes, it's on a list. I've been doing some yard work, in the warm weather. I've wore shorts the past 2 days. Mother Nature needs to be taken in on a 51/50 call cuz she needs her meds stabilized!

Next month I can see my regular doctor again! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I'm gonna send the former place's headquarter's a pithy letter which, yes, I will post here. I never post where I go or doctor's names, due to someone in the long long long ago actually phoning places and harassing them, so I just make that a general rule now. But I won't be there again!! The doctors and staff are fine there, it's the upper management and IT department that has issues. I will post a doctor's name if they're a quack. Such as Khalil. Dr. Khalil, in my opinion, is a QUACK when it comes to vestibular issues. He might be fine for ENT issues, but NOT vestibular ones. He's the ding dong who dismissively said I had meinierre's, there was nothing to be done, then billed medicare way way too much money for his quackery. Oh yeah, he ordered a MRI [note about them next paragraph or the next] and his staff INSISTED it HAD to be done at western reserve hospital or he wouldn't get the results. Oh fuck you, I ain't going there. IT HAS TO BE THERE. NO IT DOES NOT! I didn't go there, cuz fuck that. Summa is suing western reserve and that's one of the things---forcing people to go ONLY their location for tests. Yep Khalil's staff did that!

Just like his staff made the first appointment for 1pm and said to get there 20 minute for paperwork. Fine. Get there, no one there. They were at lunch til 1pm. They got all pissy with me about that saying I shouldn't have scheduled a new patient appointment at 1pm. I knew your lunch times how? That's on you, not me. Khalil, the ENT, is, in my opinion and personal experience a QUACK when it comes to vestibular problems and his staff are rude ass fucks.

Ah, I'm so nice. Though my regular doctor's office staff likes me and gets excited when I come in. Oh, MRIs. You know how rich/famous people will take advantage of doctors to prescribe them pain meds and other meds they don't really need? If I ever got rich you know what I'd be inclined to do? Find a doctor who'd prescribe me a brain MRI twice a year. I LOVE THEM!!!!! They are so so soooooooooo fucking awesome. I have no idea what exactly they do, but any anxiety/stress, is G-O-N-E for a few months afterwards. Poof, gone! So calming. I feel peaceful after one. I've had MRIs at different places, so I know it wasn't just at one place I got lucky once. I LOVE THEM!!! Though if I found a doctor that would prescribe them twice a year, and even if I paid cash for it, that's wrong, and fuck, I hate having ethics. I wonder if it could count as PTSD help though? Hmmmm....it really does help. I gotta look into that. If someone isn't researching that, they need to and I'll be test subject A!!

I have a phone call with Edward to post about and today a LIVE interaction. I was on the phone with Senior Detective Rice so she heard it too as I walked over there. We both were speechless. And that's how I shall end this...

Night goblin nature crime

Here's some schadenfreude for you: the night goblin got me again. Same eye. At least? It wasn't July 26. In '15 it was March 26 with one cut, '16 May 26 with two cuts, so we were expecting July 26 with three. Have appointment tomorrow AM and will find out how many cuts. I know it's a cut because no matter how many dry eye drops I put in, there's zero improvement with my vision. It's like there's no lens on the left side of my glasses and without my glasses, well it's annoying---annoying with them on too. I've ghettoized myself a patch with a disposable face mask for the day. Fucking night goblin.

Yesterday I was woke up a little before 4am by a VERY low flying helicopter. Yep, I'll sleep thru gun shots, screaming, 20 cops in my driveway, dogs barking their heads off downstairs, crime scene unit across the street; but low flying helicopter? Wide awake. Bolted up thinking they were going to crash it was so low. No idea what kind of copter it was, but life flights don't fly that low.

Since livejournal mobile sticks a photo above an entry, here's a pix I took of the half moon. Putting this here, cuz I have some nature crime scene photos in this post.


Wednesday I watched the crows mob a big hawk out of their clock out tree. I didn't go out to take pix or vid, as I knew there were too many branches in the way. Took quite awhile before the hawk took off with the crows on his tail. I then made a call to worst energy to get my bill figured out and got someone actually very helpful. So I turn around in my chair to look out and at eye level I see a huge hawk. I exclaimed "HOLY SHIT! I think there's a red tail hawk in my tree!!" She said that was cool, they're beautiful. I grab my camera and stand up and oh no!!!! They have a squirrel :( I think they landed there with the squirrel, as I had looked out like 2 minutes before I got on the phone and no squirrels nor birds were out.


He kept looking around for quite a bit. Probably looking/listening for the crows. North Hill Crow Crew failed this squirrel. I was on the phone, giving her the play by play---I asked if she minded and no, she said she loved nature, even if it was sad, though that was truly nature. True. So I'm taking pix, giving a play by play and she's properly sorting out what worst energy had buggered up on my bill. I decided on posting these as they give different angles of the hawk. I have, if you know how I am with photo taking, dozens more.



Look at the size of his claws. Damn!




Got off the phone, then went out the side door and went in front of my car to take some more pix, but then the crows started cawing and the hawk took off, with the squirrel. As the crows flew overhead to go after the hawk I yelled "Little late guys!!!"

Moondog Tickets Procured!

For some reason WMJI only got 3 bands and all 3 have played before. We've seen 3 Dog Night, I think about 3 times, Grand Funk has played just once, and Tommy James, we've seen at least 4 times.

They always prolong this song so Tommy James can walk along the front row and shake people's hands and tell them "thank you". That's really fucking awesome. We've never been in the front row the other years he's played. We were in the 3rd row last time he played and I did get up to the first row aisle while he was doing it, despite security, and it's totally sincere. But it'd be nice to not have to dodge security. No worries this year cuz we're in the FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found and shockingly impressed!

I FOUND MY LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!! My back was saying "fuck you" Sunday and especially Monday and seemed to be about ready to say it yesterday too. I'm sitting here listening to drip drip drip into the trash bag via the sheet I have set up. Okay back, we're going to crawl into the crawl space AGAIN, cuz I can say "fuck you" too. Since the leak has been playing hide and go fuck yourself, I didn't hold out hope of seeing anything again on this trip. Ah, I was happily wrong!!

Had tablet and cell phone for ghetto flashlights and camera, yes, there's video of my wonderful discovery. And I'm crawling towards leak ground zero, as the roof is sloping downward. What's that? Was that a drip? Did I just see a drip? I FUCKING SAW A DRIP!!!!! Then I saw drip drip drip drip.

Here a pix with an arrow pointing to where the drip is coming from.


That insulation isn't moldy, it's gotten dirty, as I checked it out. I also checked the insulation in front of that beam it's dripping on and it wasn't wet. So, the chimney is DRY. Problem with mortar and/or chimney is ruled out. The wood roof planks in the attic are dry. Problem with shingles ruled out. I had taken my multi-purpose tool golf club up with me and used it to try to 'feel' above the area of the drip, as I couldn't really crawl that far to look under it. That area is 'solid', not a cavity.

What's directly above that area? THE FLASHING!!!!!!!!!! Which is what I said all along!! I sent the above pix in an email to Senior Detective Rice and she suggested it might be an old nail hole that wasn't plugged correctly. Could also be a new nail hole that came undone. If there wasn't a wee bit of snow on the roofs I WOULD actually get on the top roof and examine this myself because I know EXACTLY where it's dripping from!! Fuck these fuckers saying the flashing is fine. Something in the milk is not clean about the flashing and I will continue to believe that until proven wrong.

Have to go get a RX today and I'll stop at Home Depot AGAIN and ask someone there if it could be a nail hole situation. That makes sense, as it's drip drip drip drip and not a stream.

Having positively found the origin, I'm half way there!!!

In shocking developments, during a phone call with Eddie last night, it came out that he actually created his own twitter account in August!! ON HIS OWN!!! Yes, this is shocking and impressive. He started to talk about something else and I was like "dude, you did that without calling me, I can't get over this". No, he's never used it, but he created the account ON HIS OWN!!!! Yes, I'm still in shock.

LJ is starting to act really weird, I best post this and get about my day.
THEY have a severe weather advisory out. Allegedly claiming we are to get 3-6" of snow overnight. I'll believe it when I see it. Also, why the hell does that require an advisory? We're in NE Ohio in the winter, not Alabama.

IF we get that much snow I'll have to get up on the ladders and put out the calcium chloride on my delicate new back porch roof. Cuz J Russell failed to tell me that ice dams would continue to form when they did all that work. Had they told me that BEFORE, instead of the year AFTER when another one formed and started to leak into the expensively redone pantry, I would have discussed options to prevent it. Steeper incline on roof? Tear the pantry off? Reroute gutters? It irks my ire I have to do this whenever we get more than like 3" of snow. I shouldn't have too. Grrr.... And no, J Russell is NOT on 'kill the fucking leak' duty. Another company is.

Eddie will be VERY happy if we get over 3" of snow because he got a snowblower in December and hasn't been able to use it yet. If we get about 6" I know he'll come over and do my driveway. Hell, he'll probably snow blow the whole neighborhood he'll be so happy to finally be able to use it.

Making much progress in here. Didn't get much done today though cuz my back started to hurt almost immediately. I dunno why as, 1. I took a muscle relaxer this morning and 2. I ensured I was squatting and not bent over. My back just wanted to say "FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!" So fine. Hauled out about 6 grocery bags of things to the trash and a box full. Yesterday I did much much more, and my back didn't really hurt, so I guess it decided it needed a break.

In the midst of my short mission today I found an amazon box with stuff I ordered from 2012. I knew it was knocking around here somewhere and that there was a new mouse in it and I thought just one book. Well there were 3 books in it. YEAH!! Including a book that I've had on my 'list' to request from Ohio Link sometime. HAH!!! I got the mouse then, as I knew eventually I would need a new one. I'm about at that point. In 2012 I got it for $13.99 and now it's 22.99 on amazon. This is the mouse I use, that befuddles anyone who tries to use it. I get befuddled trying to use a 'regular' mouse. Anyway, this is a reassuring purchase. Buy something you know you'll need eventually, provided the item would expire/go bad, when you have extra money. And yes, to some people $8 is a lot of money.

Skittles is happy she has more room in here and has decided to christen the areas with projectile vomit. That's a Skittles thing and if she didn't projectile vomit at least once every couple days, I'd think something was wrong with her, as that's her 'normal'. The vet said that has to be her 'normal' too, as she checks out as fine. Her kids, excluding Melon, projectile vomit too.

I'd post pix of this room, but it's a general rule I don't do that. I started that because of 'someone' and I still just continue that. Once the leak is conquered I will post pix of the before/after and that's just one area of a wall/ceiling. Oh you can see the crawl space too. Wood and insulation and a bouquet of plastic flowers. Flowers in the attic. Someone, some day MIGHT get it and they'll hear me laughing from beyond.

Two Birthdays Today!!!

Yes, I was a fucktard using my cell phone camera in the wrong position. I'm not use to using a cell phone for photo/video purposes. Yet. Still. Never will be. As with Pan, Poli got a treat for every year she is old.

This was the quickest to find photo of Eddie and I [I've got photos on about 4 different external hard drives now in the midst of moving them to my new computer]. Photo taken a few years back by Senior Detective Rice.


This is the birthday card I got Eddie Happy Fucking Birthday. That site has awesome cards for all occasions. I found it at Christmas time, as that's where I got his Christmas Grinch card. And gift wise, he got a Grinch snow globe, Grinch ornament [this past year's one from Target], and Grinch stickers.


Birth certificate FOUND!!!!!!!!! Not in this room, oh no, of course not! It was in the pantry. I was in the tub and the thought of looking in there hit me. Yep, there it was and here it is. Since this IS a public record, and I ♥ them, I didn't block anything out.


Here's up close where you can see the modification at the top, which makes it more expensive. And um, yeah, I changed a couple things here, cuz, well fuck them, that's why. I tried to use text in paint and photoshop and it was too small and I couldn't figure it out, so fuck it, I just used the pencil tool.


Got up horribly late yesterday, 10:30 and I have no reason for that either. Frustrating. Was in tub around 1pm and of course Edward wanted to bring me his tax forms. Uh, no, I'll get them Sunday when I bring over your birthday gifts. But the more I think about it, no. I'll get them Wednesday and if he wants to pout or what have you, he can sit there and figure them out himself as he has plenty of time to do so now. Wonder if that could get live streamed? I have things to do so this leak can be DESTROYED properly!!! He obviously doesn't understand, or care, about that. I'll tell him I'll put those forms under the leak if I take them then. That'll work, he'll hold on to them. Actually I had to change the bag. Got a heavy duty one now. There was like an inch or so of water in there. Sprayed everything with bleach and everything is covered in plastic. Duct taped at the top. I can reinforce and put on new duct with a golf club. I should have filmed that. I'm handy with a golf club. They're definitely multi-purpose items.

Did lots of work in here yesterday and got my back hurting bad. Took a muscle relaxer at 6pm so I wouldn't sleep late. I didn't take one Friday night so who the fuck knows why I slept so late.

And YES!!! Got my phone call Friday!! YEAH!!!! Some good news!!! I've had quite a few FML moments lately---not involving the leak and no, I shan't share that schadenfreude with you. If you want some of that, um, gosh, dunno what to tell ya. Have a wank or something.
FFS, I keep missing calls from someone. I was sitting here Wednesday, right by the phone, going through papers. Was also in an active text conversation with my blimpologist friend. They HAD the same notification tone as my ringtone, so when it went off I figured they were replying. Looked a few minutes later, nope. They said they'd try back Thursday or Friday. No call yesterday. This morning I wake up a little before 9am and they had called about 10 minutes before. Left a message saying they'd try again this afternoon. I hope so!! They should know I'm not really a morning person though.

Realized last night from my bedroom window I can see the corner of Dayton and Tallmadge. Uh, I don't particularly care for that long range of openness. Wasn't sure if that was it, so I took the screen out and stuck my head out and yep, that was indeed the traffic light reflecting off the auto detail shop at the corner of Dayton and Tallmadge. Obviously that's my one bedroom window without plastic over it. Gotta be able to stick my head out of one in the winter.

I guess winter is sort of here? Spitting snow and there's a very light covering out. Not removing my 'missing' sign from my side door. If we get over 6" I will put FOUND in big read letters over it. I can't really foresee that happening though.

Still no police report on last month's shooting. A neighbor sent an email to the APD asking what was taking so long and BCC'd me on that. Yeah, what IS taking so long? If it involved a juvenile or was a domestic violence case there'd be a message saying something like 'due to sensitive information this report won't be publicly available' but no, it doesn't say that. Just says it's not completed and it usually takes 1-3 days. Well it's been like 40 days.

I slept thru more than I realized that night. Learned more about the incident from another neighbor. There were 3 gunshots, then yelling and screaming. The car got stuck in the mud and was trying to get out. Someone was standing over the shot guy, another person ran between houses, then the car got out of the mud and everyone took off leaving the shot guy there screaming that he'd been shot in the leg, was going to bleed to death, etc. He then crawled across the street into my driveway. That's when the police arrived. There were about 20 officers in my driveway at one point. Ambulance took shooting victim away. About 7 APD cars, crime scene unit, and several detective cars. All neighbors were interviewed. Except for the chick at 571 who was sound asleep, though both my dogs were barking their heads off. Several people said they expected me to come out at any moment with my camera around my neck. Well, if I hadn't been dead to the world, I most certainly would have been out there with my camera. No, the cops didn't knock on my door as several different neighbors said if I wasn't outside I had to have been asleep.

But NO BLOOD in the snow. It's been surmised he could have just been bleeding internally. Not one damn drop of blood out there the next day though. I will, of course, share any answer my neighbor gets and the police report if/when it ever posts. Really weird. Wait, that's par for the course here, though we don't usually have violence like that.

Alright, back to going thru stuff in here and waiting for a call. Have found a variety of treasures; though my birth certificate is still MIA. I had it last June when I got plates for my car. No, I don't quite understand why I needed my birth certificate for that either, but I had to come home and get it which really pissed me off. But not as much as having to go do ECHECK!! Uh, why? Oh it's required when titles are transferred. It's from a dealer! Doesn't matter. Oh fuck that fucking echeck. That was the day after the ball dribblers won. I went to a oil change place and the woman there looked like she had been giving celebratory blow jobs in the back. Why would I say that? Because her lip stick looked like it had been applied by a 4 year old OR she had been giving celebratory blow jobs in the back. Is that not PC? IDGAF. I also bet you perfectly pictured what her lipstick looked like too.

Anyway, those oil change places have those fucking pits you have to drive over. I hate driving into those places, plus I was pissed about having to do fucking echeck, cuz FUCK ECHECK!!!, and I was out the day after the ball dribblers won and FUCK CLEVELAND TEAMS!!! The woman was badly directing me over the pit and I finally put the car in park and got out and said YOU DRIVE IT IN. She tried to say she couldn't. Fine, I'll stand here, I'm not trying anymore cuz you almost had me go into that. A guy got in and pulled it in. I GLARED at that woman the whole time. I knew the car would pass, cuz duh, came from a dealer; but fuck. Then I had to go back to get my plates. But I had my birth certificate then. I KNOW I brought it in the house that day. I found the extra bullshit echeck paperwork that I put in the trash, cuz fuck recycling, and um, my birth certificate is still MIA. I thought for sure it'd be on the left side of my desk but no, I hit ground zero and not there. Revenge of echeck demon made it disappear? That is possible. I won't rule that out until I am done going thru things. Last time I got a copy of it, it was $35. Cuz I'm a special snowflake and Iowa charges that much for modified birth certificates. Modified meaning that on the top of mine it states that I legally changed my name to 'Miss Tia' and gives the date and court file #. If/when I find it, I'll post a pix of it.

Happy little camper aren't I? Gotta change the bag under the sheet, it's rather full. I just realized that I should get a small package of diapers to put in the bottom of the trash bag. I have newspapers now. THOSE would be absorbent!! Aw, yes, my leak. Real quick, roofing guy was out. Spent quite a bit of time on the roof. Found nothing that could be causing it. It wasn't raining when he was here. He has to come back when it's leaking and get up in the crawl space. So we play tag and it'll be a bit before the planets align. I do realize he can't drop everything and get here when it's leaking. The leak WILL be found and eradicated though. He has to see it in action and that makes total sense. He had a suggestion for caulking up I think he said the fascia on the one side of the chimney and I said "yes please!!" but he said that might not resolve the problem despite my immediate willingness to write him a check!! I would have.

That leak WILL FUCKING DIE!!! Then the wall will die and part of the ceiling. Oh, thank fuck I changed ringtones for my blimpologist cuz he just texted me. DAMN!!!

SS Tooth Decay

So Minnow, sibling of Melon, spawn of Skittles, has some dental issues. He's been eating mostly canned food and sometimes would bat at the right side of his mouth. He's sort of 'skittish' [no, I did not name Skittles, Tammy's chirruns did and I got Skittles, Chocolate, and Oreo when they moved to California because they made no effort to find them homes, I could make a further side note but I'll save that pithiness for another day. I did name Minnow and Melon, as I took them.] Anyway, he's difficult to handle and I called the vet last week to see if an antibiotic shot would do any good for dental issues, as clindamycin [sic] is the regular treatment but there was no way in hell that was happening as that's twice a day orally. Yes, a shot is possible. Okay, I'll work on being able to touch him for longer periods of time, as I didn't want to just chase him thru the house and totally traumatize him.

Made appointment for today and brought the carrier upstairs to put in bathroom. He was even in it last night awhile. Before I got dressed and started the car, I shut the bathroom door and got him in it with surprisingly minimum stress. I took the carrier downstairs, went out to start the car, came inside and he has the carrier ROLLING on the kitchen floor. Oh fuck, dude!!! Secure the carrier so it won't roll and race up to get dressed. He was pretty quiet on the ride there. No attempts at rolling the carrier either.

They give cats towels with calming spray. Once he got taken out of the carrier and was waiting for the doctor he sort of 'hid' inside his.


Peak a boo!


I could never really look inside his mouth. He wouldn't let me. I had felt around to ensure there was no abscess, there wasn't. Of course the doctor had an assistant and he was in 'vet stress shock'. Oh fuck. He's got A LOT of tartar on his back upper teeth and then on the lower right where he'd be batting sometimes she saw was really loose. She got hemostats and it pulled out easy peasy. Yes, I kept the tooth. All that in the back is tartar. I just realized it sort of looks like a heart.


He of course got the antibiotic shot and will be getting a dental to basically remove a lot of teeth. I dunno when he'll let me touch him again though. Might be a bit! Damn cat.

Ooooo crows cawing in my trees!! Gotta go see what they're crowing about!
i've actually written some damn good blog entries the past couple weeks....in my head....they will go thru my brain again, becoming standard blatherings, and get posted here...eventually....sometime....i have no fucking clue when....

winter has left us....rain rain rain....50s, 60s out....and yes....leak leak leak...let's just say for now, the leak has won a few battles, but I SHALL WIN THE WAR!!!! and if i had no, CURRENT soon to be eradicated leak, this weather isn't natural for january! it fucks up the plants and even the birds....there's a couple crowmances going on and they don't mate until march---and i've learned crows mate for life but he's gotta woo her every spring, damn straight girl!---...so it seems mother nature is messing with the north hill crow crew!! oh hell no!! where's that bitch live?? or maybe it's manbearpig? better check with al gore before i go kick mother nature's ass...

since winter is missing and i didn't know what to replace my 1 minute xmas door sign with, this idea came to mind this morning...i made a 5 minute door sign this morning....FIVE WHOLE MINUTES!! fucking quality work...


Rain rain go away
I can't stand this for one more day
I'll close my eyes
I'll shut my brain
I can't stand this fucking rain

my current play on repeat song---thus not making it an ear worm....

So um yeah, as per my early 'leak letter' post might have hinted at, uh, yeah, with a fucking vengeance. Fed the fuck up with this shit, having roofing company come out to FIX IT RIGHT. I swear to fuck if it's the flashing----that all signs point to---I'll do my utmost to direct people to construction companies that will FIX THINGS PROPERLY!

Had my bone density scan this morning---2 year redo after 2 years of those painful prolia injections---and had other errands to run. Well gosh, I was running late cuz I had to deal with the fucking leak that decided to break on thru to the other side. Yeah, enjoy yourself leak for now. Tick tock. JT is on call for drywall duty. The wall will have to be removed---SLEDGEHAMMER TIME!!! FUCK YES!!!!!!!!! Yes, I know to avoid the chimney, but SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will go that sledgehammer into the wall. FUCK YES!! There's drywall over the lathe and plaster. We'll need those white jump suits, googles, and respirators. It will be a fucking mess. But far cheaper than having a company do it. I'll have to empty this room probably. Yeah. Skittles will have to go, um, I guess she can go to the little room, as I can't have another kitty in my bedroom or Mikasa would bitch slap me from beyond. Little room is fine and has a closet the size of the room---which isn't really little. Largest closet in the house. My bedroom is 12 x 18 but I have a small closet.

Maple stayed in the little room when her arm was broke and in a cast and then when it was amputated. She was happy in there as the side window gets afternoon sun. Skittles should like that. Skittles isn't out with the others---who basically are all her kids now, damn, cuz she got picked on mostly by Windsor--who's not her child. Windsor is the spawn of Satan. Pretty sure he is. I bet if he got shaved behind his ear there'd be a 666.

Anyfuckthisleaktohellway, I get my bone density done and the tech can't tell you anything, of course. But I asked if I could see my hip image, as 2 years ago my pelvis image was ALL red with big red boxes around it and that's when I got diagnosed with senile osteoporosis and started the painful prolia injections. Well golly gee whiz. No red at all. Yellow, and on the side I saw I was 'mid-yellow'. That's osteopenia territory, the precursor to senile osteoporosis. Of course I'll have to get the call from my doctor's office but I think these are good results. I told the lady how last time everything was red and she gave me a 'oh shit' look and said the lady tech, as I was putting on my shoes last time, was telling me to be careful going to my vehicle. She said today "Oh yes, that was bad but we can't ever say anything to patients." "Yeah, I totally understand that and my doctor told me when I got the results that IF I fell I would be getting a hip or knee replacement, as any break would never heal." I wonder about now though. Hmmm....still don't wanna fall though---who does? Besides Jerry Lewis 60 years ago in attempts to be funny--and I never found that funny.

Roads were fine this morning but some sidewalks were totally sheets of ice. Got my valium filled at Klein's, went to vmac, and bj's for a few supplies---mostly cat stuff. Then home depot to show them photos of the FUCKING LEAK THAT WILL SOON DIE!!!!!!!! He was certain it was the flashing. I really have no idea how I will contain my anger if the roofers come out and tell me it's the flashing. Cuz I said that when it first happened but oh no, it's not the flashing said the guy from the company who replaced the flashing 2 years ago. It has cost time, money, and I had to toss 7 bags of stuff the leak destroyed. I think if I'm found to be right, I should send out a Land of Misfit Toys alert that I'll be ready to blow, so approach with extreme caution or avoid at all costs.

Winds, knock on wood, haven't been that bad though the warning was extended to 2am now. Then rain rain and more rain. Fucking leak. Yes, I just took a whole valium with my bedtime pills instead of a 1/2. 3 benadryl, muscle relaxer, and valium. Then in a bit, liquid benadryl--for my teeth--, and melatonin. I dunno how I could have slept thru the shooting happening 20 feet away from me---and STILL NO POLICE REPORT!! Still shows 'processing'. Dammit!!

We had a shotgun blast awhile ago. No yelling, screaming, nada. Just some asshat. Wendy texted me "Shotgun?" Yep. She's learning!!

So I had plans once I got home today but they were thrown out the window because of yes, the fucking leak. Leak is a four letter word. Fucking piece of shit cunt whore leak.

Oh, to basically piss off my troll, I had gotten what they call an 'obama phone' [that's not my samsung galaxy, duh, hell no]. I qualify for one, and it's good to have a back up phone. Well when the leak soaked 7 bags of stuff that cell phone must have been in with it--I didn't go thru stuff I was so fucking pissed I just bagged. I called for a replacement phone. Well after an hour of being transferred all over---and none of them spoke English, even as a second language, maybe a 5th or 6th language cuz it was really bad but I was getting pissed I didn't think of recording. I get to the LAST person who spoke english more clearly--points there---that I have to buy a tracfone and use that. Uh, what? My lifeline plan isn't associated with tracfone, what are you talking about?? She repeated that. I repeated what I said. That went back and forth awhile and I finally just got fed up and said I'm just gonna transfer my lifeline plan elsewhere thanks. "WAIT! Just buy a tracfone!" No, we've done this bit and it wasn't funny the first time, have a good day.

Found another lifeline plan online and signed up. Gotta keep pissing off my troll----that's what you get for fucking with me for YEARS, some of those years pretending to be my friend too! Ah, but your chickens have come home to roost. Or at least some of them, you've got a lot of chickens out there. And re: the lifeline phone, it's good to have a spare around, especially to take when I go out and about and don't take my galaxy. If you qualify, look into the lifeline plan---they do home phone lines too. You can only have wireless OR a landline, can't have both. The cell doesn't have data---as it shouldn't, and they're usually just flip phones, which are fine. They do the job!!

This is the ONLY metallica song i like. Applicable here as the leak shall be sought and destroyed!!

Now I need to try to chill the fuck out a bit. I would LIKE to do some things tomorrow--such as continue working on 'year in review' posts---one part has parts a & b, working on that currently and part a deals with some disturbing things---so um yeah, that should give away what that's about if you know me!! Wanna work in the kitchen too. I'll be damned I do a thing with that leak besides change the plastic and papers it's dripping into. I have a blanket up against the wall now. If I got on the top roof I'd take the pick ax to it. When I told that to the roofing guy today he laughed. So at least I know they have a sense of humor---though um, I don't think I was joking. HAH!

Damn, Dr. Robert was SUAVE!!!

Leak Letter

Dear Leak,

You have been the bane of my existence for far too long. Whereas the rustic look of seeing the back of the chimney could be rather charming, how it came to be so, is not. You went too far and I've fucked around with you for too long, so you've incurred my wrath. Prepare to die.

A roofing company will be here soon to not only find you, but to permanently seal you up. You shall leak no more and I shall be victorious over you. Leak while you can, as it's your final drips.

Unsincerely yours,
Miss Tia

Bowie, One Year Later

I had had an ongoing existential crisis for a few years about the eventuality of David Bowie, the artist--not his art, as that lives forever, no longer being on this plain of existence. Of all the things to have an existential crisis over, I realize it's a weird one, but I am an odd ball. That that genius wasn't going to create something new again, to challenge us again, to encourage us to embrace change, to try something new, to think about things in a different way, to enforce the message that you should embrace WHO you are, to live your life how it pleases you, etc. Just to know he was amongst us, in some way, was an almost comforting thought. 'The world will be okay, David Bowie is still amongst us.' Simplified thought, but that's what it pretty much boiled down to. I think part of me remains in the state of shock I entered when I saw the news last year and the other part just doesn't want to process it. To sort of 'cope' I thought to myself, well Prince is still with us. We know that didn't work out well.

A lot of people don't understand people's emotional attachment to some artists, or how/why people whom you never met can have such an impact on your life. To the point you genuinely grieve and mourn. I can only speak for myself; but as an abused child I had no 'nice' adults in my life and my escapes were books, tv, and the radio. David Bowie taught me in 1973 that it didn't matter if a guy wore a dress or makeup. I liked his music, those things didn't matter. He was one of the few 'nice' adults I had in my life as a small child. And of course I continued being a fan onward.

Weather la ti da

it appears we won't be inhibiting siberia anymore....which is good....but.....they are saying we're going to get an inch of snow tonight....that's fine, though that's not enough for eddie to play with his new toy snow blower....but then........we're going to get a coating of ICE......that's NOT fine....fuck that!! give me 2 feet of snow over any ice!!! but wait!! that's more!! there's also a high wind warning from 10am tomorrow til 1am wednesday....gust around 50mph....oh fuck a doodle do....HOLD ON TREES!!!!!!!!!

then wednesday and thursday we get rain...which means.....anyone? bueller? yeah, leak-o-rama...can't have that all weather sealer put on when you're in siberia....nor would i want jt on the top roof while we were in siberia either....sometimes it doesn't leak though....it's weird...i have access to a pick ax...that might teach it a lesson....nah, i've never been on the top roof and can't see that ever happening....

checking precipitation for tomorrow, it appears when i have to go out it won't be raining....i hope that stays like that...have a bone density scan tomorrow to see if those prolia shots have helped my bone mass....hopefully i can get a glance at the screen as i remember 2 years ago there were red outlines and boxes all over....which got me my 'you're too young for that!' diagnosis of senile osteoporosis....i asked my doctor the last time i saw her what would be my option if there was no improvement and she said to give up the kenalog....no, that's NOT an option, cuz you're not taking that from my dead cold hands!! so then, i'd just have to continue the prolia injections....it'd be great if there was an allergy med i could take THAT WORKED like kenalog! until then kenalog it is!!!

gonna drop off valium rx at klein's beforehand so i can pick it up after....then stop at pet supplies + for a bag of cat food and poli's free toy or rawride for her birthday....she has no idea what to do with toys---since pan takes them from her, then her 'play' is to try to get it, pan will eventually let her have it for a few minutes and she struts around 'i got the toy i got the toy' then pan takes it back and repeat....so i'll get her treat....which um, i dunno how she can have it to herself...shit....i'll figure it out...then vmac for cat litter as i didn't want to get it sunday while i was shopping---just wanted to get in/out and i didn't want to lift anything heavy in siberia as it would have aggravated my asthma....then to bj's to get a case of cat food....thrilling outing i know....

and now to start laundry and get everyone, including myself, ready for bed...

ETA Tuesday morning: Well, the freezing rain is happening NOW, commencing at 8am lasting til about 10am. Then switching to just rain. FUCK!! We did get about an inch of snow. Should be inneresting going out and about.

Special Schadenfreude Dedication Post

Don't care to get into who this is for and/or why. If you know me personally, email me and I'll tell you. Otherwise, just enjoy the tunes, and Senior Detective Rice and I will have a side order of schadenfreude with our listening pleasure. And seriously, the Hall & Oates video is one of the most bizarre videos ever made. I know it was the 70s but DAMN!

She's gone

Alone again, naturally

Gotta get a[nother] meal ticket

Find another way to 'do it again'?

New toy....I mean dryer...

wanted to get up early today and um, that led to me getting up at 10....alrightie then!

so last thursday was dryer delivery day....got a call from a texas phone # and it was the delivery guy saying they'd be here in about 20 minutes....that was at 3:15....4, and still waiting....wendy was out and about and it was LIGHTLY snowing out, so i texted her asking her if the roads were bad or something and she said people were having snow amnesia and there were countless people who had slid off the road....okay, if you've lived in areas with snow longer than 5 years continuously, and you get 'snow amnesia' you need your license revoked....this happens EVERY FUCKING YEAR....it's insane!!!

delivery truck arrives at 4:30....they try to back into the driveway....there is a VERY slight slope in the driveway apron....it's a very big delivery truck....he really guns the gas and the truck slides towards my house....the guy directing him had him brake just in time, or the area where the dryer was going would have been filled with rubble....then he tries to back in again and almost takes out my maple tree....i come out into the siberia we now inhibit and suggest they just park it on the street...they're getting the dryer out of the box and putting the cord on and i'm talking to the driver saying i thought they were in an accident or something and he said they're from texas and they've never driven in the snow before....

why in the fuck is home depot having people from texas delivering in this area? i understand the appliances aren't from the store's stock; but if someone isn't from this area, or driven in snow, won't the delays--and possible insurance claims if they take out part of a house---wipe out any alleged profit from that? if the appliances are coming from texas---i dunno where they're coming from---up to here, why not have a local person driving at least? or that might make too much sense....

it was about 4:45 when they were done, which was very quick, and they had 12 more stops....they should have gotten off work around 7pm but they figured it'd be around 10pm...they then tried to turn around in the lot across the street and almost got stuck....the ruts the shooters left had become filled with ice and they were sliding, then were spraying dirt everywhere...they ended up just backing down the street to Luedella....

the new vent was a pain in the ass to hook up....it was like 2' and you had to stretch it out to 8'....it wasn't aluminum foilish, it's pretty solid metal....i heard carnival music playing faintly in the background.....ended up cutting my hands on it too fastening it to the outside vent and to the dryer vent....

pix taken with cell phone so i have no idea why top part is sort of blurry.....i don't intend to become a cell phone camera expert so i'm not going to bother to care....

dryer has amazingly more capacity than my old one....i washed clothes and sheets and all fit in the dryer and it wasn't even filled half way!!! all dried within about an hour too! now i wanna wash like everything just to play with the dryer....yeah, like a kid with a new toy...

eddie has a new toy he's yet been able to play with....he got a snowblower and we've yet to have enough snow for him to blow....

okay....new toy dryer report....more later....

Sick delivery toast

FFS, Home Depot delivery is weird as fuck. I get an automated call from DENVER COLORADO telling me my delivery time tomorrow is between 3pm and 7pm. Oh isn't that a convenient time. Though better than say 8am, but still. So until I got that call I had no idea when they were delivering tomorrow. Got the call after 6pm. Uh? What if I had to schedule something for tomorrow? Weird as fuck delivery system. I know, I said that all ready. Bares repeating.

No, I have nothing scheduled tomorrow, aside from removing old dryer cord, and cat sitting for neighbors. Book has arrived at Kent State. YEAH!! I won't get my notes finished from the crow books I checked out before I go get that. But I have a huge honkin' pile to return. There's a couple upstairs at the library I might get and I'll peruse the best sellers on the 1st floor while there too. Will go Friday methinks before or after valium doctor. Or I might just go tomorrow. Though I'd like to curtail going out and about. Way out of the way from valium doctor as that's up in the evil city of Garfield Hts. Yep, it's evil. I always get lost and it's either the methane or other heinous fuckery most foul.

Still feel like shit. But this one med he gave me to stop my sinuses is fucking awesome!!! When I go back for a follow up in 2 weeks, I'm gonna request that for March thru May!! FUCK YES!!! No idea if you can be on it long term, but 3 months isn't long term. Nah. Did eat toast today, so hey, making some progress.

Now to sit here and read til bedtime, when I'll read some more! Could work on part 2 of year in review but um, no. Don't feel like it cuz I'm sick and cranky [cranky might be 'normal' for me.]

2016 In Review Pt. 1

[Whilst waiting for it to get light out---6:50 and still pitch black, ugh---I'll finish up the part of my 'year in review' I almost had done.]

In no particular order at all, cuz fuck that, year in review part 1. It was gonna be in a few parts anyway, as one situation will get it's own entry.

Had been thinkering for a few years to 'find' my front yard. The honeysuckle basically took over which is/was fine and smelled heavenly when blooming. But I decided to focus on my side yard since last year, '15, I was in physical therapy and was unable to do anything there. Cut down a couple dozen weed trees--some were 20'+ tall, got them cut to 4' lengths, and had started to bundle them up to put them in the trash weekly. Was cutting back wisteria that spread along the side yard and moving some of the raspberry plants that had spread all over, when...

Oh, what's this? I get a notice in the mail from the city that I have tall grass and have 5 days to cut it or they'll do it for me for $200. Um, what? I looked up front and along the front fence and what little grass there was up there was all trimmed. I called the woman in the city department who sent it and asked DAFUQ, there's no tall grass in my front yard. Well no, my front yard was fine [mind you this is when my front yard was totally covered with honeysuckle] it was my BACK yard. DAFUQ?! I relayed the trees I had cut down, cut back wisteria, moved raspberry bushes, but WHERE was the tall grass because I was unaware there was any. She was sort of snippy and told me I knew where it was. No, I do not, and if you tell me, I'll deal with it immediately and btw, how did you see this?. Again she said I knew where it was and she had looked thru my fence! Yet you claim you can't look thru or over Joyce Birr's fence to see her 24/7 food buffet?. We've cleared that complaint. There's no fucking way you could have because the buffet is still out there 24/7, raccoons are still living in the garage, the back porch awning is covered in raccoon shit and you can smell her house from 40' away. It's not cleared, you choose to ignore it and this is unequal enforcement of the law and since you won't tell me WHERE this alleged tall grass is, good luck having someone getting into my locked fenced back yard! [seriously there no grass in my backyard!! raspberries, trumpet vine, wisteria, valerian, forsythia, ivy, NO GRASS]

I then contacted our council person---who, unlike HURLey, previous one---is actually responsive. Thank fuck HURLey was voted out!! Anyway, he intervened with the city and talked to the woman I had talked too and he said I was just to continue working in my side yard over the summer.

Well, being the contrarian I am, and wanting to give a FUCK YOU to the complainer---i know who did it. I did not do one more thing in my side yard the rest of the summer. Nope. You see someone cutting down trees, etc and then you bitch about imaginary grass? Oh fuck you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. I found my front yard instead. Since the city considered my front yard fine as it was, well I'll just work up there. Cuz yeah, fuck y'all. When I went in the back I laid on the swing and read a book or took a nap.

Honeysuckle is a tedious bitch to get out once you get to the ground level of it. Prior to getting to ground level, it was rather therapeutic taking the machete through it. There was also wisteria intersped with the honeysuckle.

May 28


August 27. I left a 'bush' of honeysuckle on the photo's right side of the steps. I was truly amazed when I cleared the little hill by the driveway and saw that the eunymus was still alive underneath all the honeysuckle!! Was doing quite well actually. On the right side of the photo is my mock orange bush. I did cut some of it back, but not much.


This area had also been covered with honeysuckle, it had started to spread up the maple tree.


Read 40 books this year. I'll try again in '17 to get to 52. I cannot pick just one as a favorite. So my favorites of what I read in no particular order: The Rainbow Comes and Goes because I greatly admire Gloria Vanderbilt and can relate to how she views things in life. Hard Times by Studs Terkel because I never knew such a book existed! I've checked out a couple more of his books to read. It's a true companion for learning about history. Rosemary, as it not only gave insight into her life; but it showed how she impacted her Kennedy siblings perhaps even more than they realized. The American Axis because FUCK!!! Henry Ford's antisemitism directly influenced many leading Nazis. Charles Lindbergh, they like to claim was naive, and on some things he was; but he also had an impact on WWII. And, End of Watch, as it completed Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes trilogy. What a fantastic trilogy that is!!

I got a 'real' cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy. I can internets on my phone now!! Amazing!!

I also got a new car. Yep. Nissan Altima. Unlike Eddie's car, I can change radio stations on my steering wheel--and volume; and my side view mirrors are heated. No, no we're not competitive AT ALL. Never play miniature golf with us, unless you want to see 2 'non' competitive people redo holes until we get a better score than the other or tie. I think our record is 12 times at one hole. No, we don't follow the rules that you can't redo shots again and again; but we do, of course, let others play thru.



The pentagram USE to be an air freshener years ago, now it's just nifty to have. And yes, those are Mardi Gras beads, no tit showing required.


And thus concludes part one of 2016 in review. It's 7:20am and STILL pitch black. Doesn't even look like it's getting light out AT ALL! Damn.


....i was right...when i went down to do a few dishes and have a fabulous dinner of instant mashed potatoes--made with soymilk thankyouverymuch---and a river of melted earth balance [vegan butter]....pan had taken poli's bone....pan didn't growl at me, but she had both between her arms which were braced and then put her head on top of them....nice try....i'm the head bitch here...poli got her bone back and she hopped around 'i got my bone i got my bone' with it before laying down and getting back to work on it....pan sat there glaring daggers at both of us and i could tell she was plotting on how to get it back....i bet when i go back downstairs she'll have it again....

forgot to say earlier that my wonderful leak was/is back with a vengeance....more all weather sealer is needed....it's rained a few times and nada....come in here this morning and "fuck you!!! i'm baaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkk!!!"....i'm ready to go up there with the 10# sledgehammer....but this proves without a doubt i was right all along....it was coming from around the flashing....i do know the flashing was put in correctly.....but i don't think when the shingles was put over it, it was sealed properly or perhaps a nail nicked it.....something happened to the area of the flashing that extends from the chimney...i want to email j russell "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" but i shan't.....

new dryer will be here who the fuck knows when thursday....apparently they'll call me tomorrow to let me know when....i gotta clean that area a little bit but i can sort of guarantee it'll be a "little" cuz i feel like shit....i'm keeping the cord from the old dryer too, as they're removing the old dryer and the cord is detachable....though i'm getting a new cord, fuck sending off an expensive power cord...they're like $25....someone i know might need one and i can give it to them and save 'em some cash.....

my book from ohio link still shows 'in transit'....hope it's there by friday as i'm going to the valium doctor and i can go there after....i'd go sunday on food stamp day---less of a drive, but they don't open til noon on sundays between semesters and fuck going to stores after noon on sundays!!! especially this time of year with germs!! face mask and non-latex gloves aren't 100% protection [exhibit A of that today] but they help....avoiding busy times---and long ass lines---are the best preventatives....PEOPLE MAKE YOU SICK!!!!!!!! in more ways than one....

hope i don't sleep 12 hours again tonight....got up at 10:30 today....alright....gonna sit here and read as the past few nights trying to read in bed i read 2 pages and am ready to zonk out....should get quite a few pages read before it's bed time.....reading 'no ordinary time' by doris kearns goodwin....


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!!

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