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Now, I'm not particularly into sports; but I grew up watching the Cubs on WGN, most times to listen to Harry Carrey go off topic or trying to say player's names backwards. Somewhere he's shouting "CUBS WIN!!! CUBS WIN!!! HOLY COW!!!!" Attending games at Wrigley Field you could watch him getting a fresh beer every inning. That would explain a lot of broadcasts. But hey, who wants a boring commentator just discussing the game?

Of course they'll probably blow it in the world series, I sure hope not though. If they win the series, I'll be a party of one yelling out my window and honking my car horn, as apparently that's what Cleveland fans do, as when the basketball team won. I don't have a gun to shoot off though. Huh. Cuz you're suppose to do that too. I'll just yell louder. That's if they win the series. I gotta get Eddie's log in for his new cable so IF it looks like the Cubs are gonna win the series, I can watch it. Otherwise, I don't want to watch it, as I don't like Cleveland teams. Yes, if the Cubs win, I'll go to stores and be like people were about the Cavs. "Great game huh?" "Wasn't that amazing?" HAHAHA GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the Cubs win the World Series, then ONE good thing would have happened in 2016!!

Gypsy Screams Corner Religion

Haven't had a Gypsy scream in awhile. So, of course, while I was sitting here concentrating on something suddenly there was a Gypsy scream. Imagine nails on a chalk board at 130 decibels. That's what it's like. I yell out "WINDSOR!!!!" because I know Windsor has gotten within 6' of her. She screams AGAIN. "GYPSY!!!!" Another scream. "DON'T MAKE ME GET UP!!!" Loudest scream yet. I get up, go to the hallway and Windsor was on the landing and Gypsy was about 10' away down the hallway. Uh???

Windsor looked at me with a 'no clue what her malfunction is' look. Gypsy, once I got within 8' of her, flew off to parts unknown. Ah, feral cats. No screams since then, thankfully.

Up since 4am. Couldn't get back to sleep so I got out of bed a little before 5. I'm blaming that on the full moon.

Did a metro park yesterday for the hiking spree. One down, 7 to go. Beautiful gorgeous day out. Suppose to be like that today but with some wind. Dunno if I'll go to a park or not. I got to make a ghettoized shoe stretcher for my new tennis shoes I got a couple years ago, and finally just started wearing. They're too tight on the left side of my left foot. So my bunionette there is hurting. When I spent 4 hours at Glendale Sunday I was wearing my old shoes. If I go to a park today I'll definitely wear my old shoes. They're very holey, and yes stretched out.

I did NOT go around the block to get a pix of this, and I shall regret not doing so for quite some time. On my way home from my hike on the corner of Blaine and Tallmadge were 2 Jehovah Witnesses. Yes, set up on a street corner. Now one block down you'll get other types of 'business' on the corner. But here were 2 Jehovah Witness ladies with a wheelie suitcase with JW.org in big letters on it and each had armfuls of WatchTowers to hand out to all the high school and junior high kids going west and to all the grade school kids going east. I'm sure the kids appreciated that. I really should've went around the block, went down Blaine and I could have got a pix while at the stop sign at Blaine.

I always thought it weird you had to peddle your religion door to door; but working it on a street corner?!

Since I got up so early I doubt I'll get much done today. I already feel tired. Dafuq I couldn't feel tired at 4am and go back to sleep?! I'll try to work thru it and have a productive day.

Super moon cemetery

Doesn't there seem to be a 'super moon' like every other month now? Well here's October's.


Spent this weekend, especially today, in a very relaxing manner. Cemetery. Glendale. 90 minutes Saturday, 4 hours today. Uh huh, I have some pix. I'll start to go through them, um, soonish.

A Kent Halloween Primer for Wendy....

....and obviously anyone else reading this....

I didn't start making composite videos til 2009, but you don't wanna miss great creative fun stuff do ya?! of course not! All photos thru out the years with DATES are Edward's!! He would want that known--I also don't like the date to show on my pix.

Post, with a few video snippets 2007

2008 some short vid clips and Nosferatu pix!

2009, I started making vids with the pix and some video snips included. Black squirrels are a thing in Kent.

2010, has the Thriller dancers--before the Sea Queen, my 'best' costume was Antoine Dodson! I dragged Eddie around downtown about 3 extra times cuz I knew there'd be an Antoine down there and YEAH!!! There was! Hide yo kids, hide yo wives!

2011, has the Godzilla I was telling you about.....they were running around downtown with that whole set up, then stopping for a bit, then running off again, trying to shoot down Godzilla...AND this year has the Heaven's Gate cult member! RANDOM!!!


Gonna Raise Hell

Phone turned off, head phones on, diving into research project despite not knowing how to swim.

Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?

The sanest days are mad
Why don't you find out for yourself?
Then you'll see the price
Very closely
Some men here
They have a special interest
In your career
They want to help you to grow
And then siphon all your dough
Why don't you find out for yourself?
Then you'll see the glass
Hidden in the grass
You'll never believe me, so
Why don't you find out for yourself?
Sick down to my heart
That's just the way it goes
Some men here
They know the full extent of
Your distress
They kneel and pray
And they say
Long may it last
Why don't you find out for yourself?
Then you'll see the glass
Hidden in the grass
Bad scenes come and go
For which you must allow
Sick down to my heart
That's just the way it goes
Don't rake up my mistakes
I know exactly what they are
And what do you do?
Well you just sit there
I've been stabbed in the back
So many many times
I don't have any skin
But that's just the way it goes

procrastination level: expert

started a new tag, scheduled posts....for, um, yeah, scheduled posts that i do, then schedule for another day/time, etc....

yes, i have emails to get too but i have a project i HAVE to work on today....i simply must....i started it about a month or so ago....

ran errands yesterday....couple inneresting things, will write about later...

chimney issue is close to being resolved...

i think i'm procrastinating writing this....i best take a bath, do some housework then get to work....


Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away;
Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air.
You better watch out,
There may be dogs about
I've looked over Jordan, and I have seen
Things are not what they seem.

What do you get for pretending the danger's not real.
Meek and obedient you follow the leader
Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel.
What a surprise!
A look of terminal shock in your eyes.
Now things are really what they seem.
No, this is no bad dream.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
He makes me down to lie
Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by.
With bright knives He releaseth my soul.
He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
He converteth me to lamb cutlets,
For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger.
When cometh the day we lowly ones,
Through quiet reflection, and great dedication
Master the art of karate,
Lo, we shall rise up,
And then we'll make the bugger's eyes water.

Bleating and babbling I fell on his neck with a scream.
Wave upon wave of demented avengers
March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream.

Have you heard the news?
The dogs are dead!
You better stay home
And do as you're told.
Get out of the road if you want to grow old

Baking blimp burn

Clocked in for the last assured beach day at noon. As with yesterday i'll be here til past 4. Saw blimp twice yesterday, just a glimpse. Just saw it now, and it approachec from the west, so much longer view!!! Hope they come back. Nepalese are having a funeral pyre or something. Huge flames, smells horrible. Vertigo is improving though the funeral pyre isn't helping. Yes, have emails to get to. Things to post here too. But i'm posting this from the app while, um, exactly as pictured. Blissfully baking, listening for the blimp, and smelling burning human flesh--i'm half joking there, this isn't a bonfire or cookout. Best not to know and hope that charlotte calls the fire dept on them. Surprised she hasn't already. Okay, now they're burning incense and chanting. Well the land of misfit toys is ending summer weather in typical fashion: atypical.  For the inquiry about the back of my legs, they're literacy white like my neck.

Continued summer reprise

Clocked in at the Robinette Ct beach at 1pm. Weedwhacked my side yard beforehand. Bonus vertigo!! I'm sit here, work on my skin cancer, and work on a writing project. Should have great warm sun til 4:10pm.

Summer Reprise

Yeah, that chair needs painted, but important things first!! Robinette ct. beach was open today. Bliss!!! Did not even read, nope, just enjoying the warm sun.

GOT 3 blimps pix!! THANK YOU!!!! It's interesting that the bottom one is different from the other two. What a wonderful uplifting site though---BLIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy gave me a captive fairy light from Scary Larry Monsters. Nice warm glow in this past week's dreary grey raining gloom.


She also gave me this magnet, from the same place. I don't think the camera quite catches how expressive the face is; but the face is very expressive.


After the last summer sun day--previously blogged about, I swear that seasonal affective disorder jumped out the very next day and attached itself to me. Nice warm sunny day, then cold, damp, grey, dreary, and raining ALL WEEK. SAD can fuck the fuckity fuck right off; but it seems to like me. I'm gonna have to get me one of those light boxes cuz every year, usually not til January though, I know I get this. If it's starting THIS early though, oh hell no! I'll fight back!!

Recall a couple years ago, actually 2 years ago in August if you wish to be exact, my chimney flashing was old and cracked and I had a minor wall leak in here? You don't? Well now you're up to speed. Flashing was replaced, duh, by J Russell as this was when they were still working on my pantry and had replaced the back porch roof. It's been raining all week long. For some reason Thursday, after 5pm, I have a minor wall leak again in the same damn spot. I did immediately notify J Russell. Since it's not a major leak, they'll be out Monday. I can't foresee it being a flashing problem since it's new.

Since I have insatiable curiosity, I crawled up into the attic crawl space---have you ever crawled over insulation? It's fun [no it's not]. Nothing amiss in the attic, thank goodness. The bouquet of plastic flowers I tossed up there when I moved in here are still in fine shape. Yes, I tossed flowers in attic. Some day someone else will live here, they'll look up there and see flowers in the attic. Will they get the reference? No idea. They're apt to hear me laughing from somewhere though!!

Went out, in the rain, to look at the chimney. I am thinkering some of the mortar needs replaced. Saw a couple fine cracks--as in minutely small, not 'fine' as in 'oooo he's so fine'. That could very well be it. Didn't rain overnight, and the wall is dry now.

Waiting for daylight. Oh yeah, so a month from now when it gets to be getting bright around this time, we'll 'turn back' the clocks so we can get up in the dark for a few more weeks again. Fucking ridiculous.

Since I have no idea when J Russell is coming Monday, and I don't even need to be home, though I most certainly will be, I rescheduled Baby's follow up appointment that was, obviously, for Monday. I dunno if the doctor will want to keep her on antibiotics longer or not, hence why she's going for a follow up as we have no idea what happened to her. Her walking was improved within 24 hours and I've tried to see if her pupils are still D shaped but playfully bops me on the nose when I do that.

Have yet to get my tires rechecked, as I've yet to return to Kent. I really think the tire light just needs reset. Debating if I wanna go today, as the books I requested from Ohio Link have all arrived. I have 5 to return, still 10 to read; but one of the Ohio Link books I really want to read NOW. Bee in bonnet type situation. I think we know where I'll be going later this morning.

Set aside the research project that was really doing my head in. Need some time to detach from that, then I'll return to it. I also want to finish the bigger project I've been working on.

Ah, 7:15am and the crows are clocking in for a day of crowing! I jotted down what day, but can't be bothered to look in my notebook right next to me, they started to use the clock in/out tree again. So amazing how with the seasonal change they change their commute--or should that be crowmute?--patterns. They always patrol this area though, no matter the season. I'm thinking that perhaps in fall/winter this is a shorter commute route for them, thereby helping to conserve their energy.

Found a journal style I like and might change to, BUT, whereas all the other style types have a list of features of what you can/cannot edit, this style does NOT. Weird. This style also has some you can buy, so you'd think they'd have a list of features. Not buying one, the one I like is free. So if you see this in a different style/color scheme, it might be temporary, as I might have to just change it to that to see what I can/cannot edit. That's even annoying to think about, but alas, curiosity will more than likely drive me to do that.

Best go start my day.

draining sun....

probably THE last day to sit in the street in the sun...looked at upcoming forecasts and rain, then in the 60s....and i did NOT get enough sun this summer! i made today count!!


little before 5 as the sun was getting out of street range and it was getting chilling....bye summer sun!!! you will be truly missed!!!


i could find the cult's video for 'sun king', they have an actually video for it but it's on the tubes of you....and one MUST watch ian astbury, oh yes...fire woman will suffice.....

started another book today....oh wait, i've read like 3 others in between the last i mentioned....maybe i didn't even mention the last one....no idea...i'll figure that out when i post them to my pinterest 'books read 2016' board....no, not quite capable of doing that now....

the smaller research project has really done a number on me....everything compiled but it's mentally and emotionally draining to even to begin to cohesively put all the parts together....i know i need to do that before i get back to the other one....that one isn't draining at all....rather invigorating....i think i'm going to have to go talk to someone about the first one---how to deal with the emotional draining aspects of it because mr. google is not being my friend when i try to ask/find answers how to deal with this....no, that's not being made public.....if i KNOW you and trust you, you will be able to read it all when i'm finished with that....the other one will be totally public....some people are waiting for it already.....

ugh, it's depressing to think that soon---a month or so---i won't be able to be barefoot outside....why i don't live somewhere where it's warmly sunny year round i have no idea....oh wait, yeah i do....i'm a misfit toy and this is the land of....i'm in my place....

best go medicate baby and pan and go to bed and read....

too much black mold....

to the person who had lost my email, THANK YOU for commenting---i'm not making that comment public---and i emailed you at the email addy you left me....the other commenter, i replied, but i'll post it here too: TRIPLET BLIMPS?!?!?! NO!!! i got the one i posted a thank you here....but TRIPLETS?!? missing triplet blimps!!!!

very slow going today....could have been out in the sun or even doing yard work---haha, yeah i even find that funny at this point....got up really late as i was up late out in the hood talking to neighbors, plus i was exposed to black mold for a little too long yesterday.....Wendy messaged me that a door was missing from a vacant house---that is filled with black mold....uh WHAT?!?! yep....hood rats took the damn door right off!


so....after looking around all over for some plywood, another neighbor and myself got it sealed up the best we could....we expect them to come back to get the copper pipes and appliances for scrap....now this pix isn't very focused as i was using the flash and was sniffling up a storm; but i'm okay with that, as you can't CLEARLY identify my neighbor who helped....though yes, he posed and he suggested i post it....


it's booby trapped on the inside too....cuz, well, gee, i'm known for my hood rat booby traps.....we obviously left the house in a different manner....booby trapped that too....city and police notified of the missing door....gotta get the top portion covered as the black mold smell just wafts for a hundred feet or so depending on the wind's direction....

fucking DOOR just GONE!!! DAFUQ?!?! what a weird ass week around here! furniture dumped in Wendy's back yard by movers in the middle of the night, door stolen....oh wait, this is the land of misfit toys....okay, never mind.....

didn't go to kent....also learned yesterday that the blue line marathon is no longer the roadrunner marathon, now it's first energy and children's hospital....uh WHAT?!?! first energy who keeps changing their story with PUCO as to why they need to increase rates or they'll close their akron headquarters and lay off all the workers here---yet they're sponsoring a marathon?? like eaton was a cleveland art museum sponsor!! then what the fuck is children's hospital doing sponsoring anything??? they have their hand out for any/every dollar they can get!! they got the city to give them a steam plant, they just got them to give them, IIRC, $9 million building----wouldn't even tell them what it was going to be for....give us give us give us....then they sponsor stuff? WHY?!?! they have a total monopoly!! parents have no choice but to take their kids there!!! grrrrrrrr......

alright, it's 4:30 and aside from going to da store i've done diddly.....need to do some dishes, get some laundry going, and i guess dive back into my research project....ah, but which one? well, one i've completed the research, i need to compile it in a dossier---cuz that sounds cloak and dagger like---and only a few people will receive that....nope, it'll never EVER be made public....don't even ask.....that's the one that is making me thinker though....the other one, i'm still compiling and yes, it'll be public...yet another miss tia public service project....

my mind, currently....too much information, driving me insane(r)

blah blah bah.....

someone left me a comment the other day saying they had lost my email....i replied to the comment....i have no idea who it is though, so if you could give me a clue--i won't unscreen that comment---i'll find your email and contact you if you wish...

so yesterday i truly was determined to do some yard work....alas, i got into a very pleasant conversation for about an hour with a neighbor's visiting dad....and then? well gee, i thought it just best i sit in the street....

aside from THEY saying it's gonna be partly cloudy today, i just see the sun a shining....haven't even taken a bath yet as i slept late...to avoid distractions and diversions i think i'll stay in the backyard til i accomplish some work....

gotta look up tomorrow's road closings as it's the 'blue line' AKA roadrunner marathon....i call it the blue line marathon as, yep, there are blue lines painted along the side of the roads that they run on....they close intersections and streets for IIRC 30 minute periods...they come thru north hill, last year down gorge which entails closing tallmadge over rte. 8 for a bit, then cuyahoga falls avenue....since i wanna go to kent to finally get my tire situation sorted, i need to know 'safe' times to leave...

best go start my day....have my one big research project i'm working on, but have since got diverted with another research project....i obviously don't research while sitting in the sun, though i will outline the info i've gotten so far, for a bit, and start to put puzzle pieces to together...."stat jockey", ffs, that still just flummoxes me....

thinkering furniture moving is tiring....

new neighbor mentioned in this morning's post is a-okay with being called Wendy....so from now on, Wendy, is the new neighbor....

she got there around 9:15am and i got down there a few minutes later and by 1pm we had it ALL in by ourselves!! some of it was heavy ass furniture too as it's solidly built....of course it's all on the 1st floor for now but it's not IN THE BACK YARD!!! i told her she added to the land of misfit toys' lore today with the furniture dumped in her backyard in the middle of the night....

went to watch the crows, as their traffic crowtrollers were ensuring the homeward bound crows started to take the fall path home, and they were directing them to the clock out tree and a tree by Wendy....i'll go out tomorrow around the same time and be where i am NOT treed in, to try to video that as it's really fascinating to watch....saw Wendy outside and she's obviously exhausted, having drove all night, then moving furniture, and only getting a few hours sleep....i hope she gets a good night's rest tonight....those ding dong movers...

i came home after helping and then sat my ass outside in the sun....mused about statistically odds with a friend on the phone....i agree, that's an odd thing to talk about....but it was very relevant to something....

tomorrow partly sunny and very warm....should i plan on doing some yard work?? best not....the only thing that aches after all the furniture moving is my right shoulder and arm....that's not bad actually, considering all the lifting of heavy stuff...if it's achy tomorrow i might try to do some left handed yard work....if it's not too cloudy, then we know where i'll end...six letter word, starts with s and ends in a t....STREET....

alright, gotta give baby her antibiotic--she's really fighting getting her meds now, that is good in a way, but also bad cuz she needs 'em....and give pan her meds...

have lots to thinker about, in a couple different areas....in one case my mind is totally made up about something and i know what to do....in another case, it's beyond a DAFUQ and i think it's gonna to be awhile before i can process it all, think it through, get feedback from a friend or two, and then thinker more....bugger! thinking too much is something i can't turn off....i wish i could...then trying to see the other side impartially....oh for an off button....or perhaps to be like a lot of people and never think things through thoroughly, never consider everything, never try to rationalize things, never reflect on things....to just sort of shrug over something and then go about your merry way to dump furniture in people's back yards in the middle of the night.....i sometimes think i'd prefer that....ultimately i know i wouldn't....

"won't get fooled again"

"history never repeats, i tell myself before i go to sleep"

"happens all the time"

things that just make you go DAFUQ?!

got up really early 5:30--which is early if you were reading til 12:30 or so...but sometimes you wake up and know you aren't gonna get back to sleep....looked at the phone and saw i had a text from the new neighbor---i'm gonna have to ask her what name she'd like to known as here....i'll suggest perhaps wendy, a la wendy testaburger from south park....anyway, still for now 'new neighbor' had texted me around 3:30am asking if i could check to see if her furniture had been delivered as the movers were being dicks and she was on her way here....she said they had threatened to leave it outside instead of waiting til she got there and/or when someone else could be there to take it inside....

hadn't wandered the land of misfit toys in my bathrobe in quite awhile, so i went to look around 6am, after i got one cup of coffee in me, and holy fucking shit, they left it all outside!!!! i'm still just dumbstruck by that....i took a couple pix and texted back and she phoned me....i walked around and told her what all i saw....from the condensation on it, compared to the condensation on the ground, i'd say it'd been there probably most of the night....she said she knew it hadn't been there at 10pm when someone went to check....i know it wasn't being dropped off at 11:30 as i heard nada when i let the dogs out at bedtime....

they left no paperwork that i could see either....they barely left a path to the door....i had to go sideways to get around there...

so i said i'd be 'on call' for when they got here and wanted to start hauling stuff in....i think we two can get most of it inside....a couple things will require assistance, i think, yeah, pretty sure....we can round someone up around here to help....

i had already thought of not doing yard work today--as it's suppose to be sunny today and party cloudy tomorrow....so hey , that works out....after moving stuff, i can rest from that in the street in the sun....wanna finish the book i'm reading....also working on a research project...as in real research and not being a "stat jockey" for someone....i really gotta write about the convention hell experience...

i had mentioned to the person who caused me the most problems i loved to research, so gee, they made me an incredible offer based on that: they'd send me website links and i could take statistic numbers from the sites for them being a "stat jockey" and they'd publicly thank me as payment....when i replied, aside from pointing out that by the time they linked all the sites, they could just get the stats themselves, i made clear the type of research i do....in depth research, analysis, cross referencing of things, etc mostly with public records of government employees...though i've researched other things, i always try to be thorough no matter what the project is, ensure i have primary sources, etc....fucking "stat jockey"? dafuq?! of course they then backtracked....eye roll....really gotta write about that....probably would also be therapeutic too....should write about some of my previous research too....the government dox work....i did that for free, as i consider/ed it a public service....i know what i can and can't publicly say there...

ah, the new neighbor had to confirm the name of the movers....just got a text with that--they're still on their way here....JJS transportation are the fucktards who dicked her around, fucked her over, then dumped her stuff outside....their motto: Our Reputation is Your Guarantee! ...well their reputation is total shit, so their guarantee is total shit....JJS must stand for Joker Jerk Shitheads....

now off to check clothes in the dryer, feed the dogs, take a bath and be 'on call'....

the quest for an accurate tire read....

....went to the tire place...this is pathetically funny....their NEW gauge wasn't working today! they checked with the 'old' one and the one guy who might have a side hobby of playing banjo in the woods, filled them, actually over filled them....sigh....

got home and called vet to request a refill of pan's pred....now i figured the doctor would give her one, since he'd seen her a few weeks ago for her shots, she was on pred in july, and this is her 'thing'--chronic skin infections that obviously i can't stave off or i'd do whatever...the lady said they'd call back if it was ready, or he wanted to see her...that was 'normal'....

then i went into the yard and picked up some dog shit, then, fuck it....ah yes, the street was calling....yeah, sure, the street calls 'tia, tia, bring the chair out and sit on me'....if it DID call that, that's certainly reasonable and so i got in a nice 4 hours of sun time....no call from the vet...huh....was gonna call around 4, but figured i'd wait til around 5....called a little before 5 and gee, it was up front ready for me for a few hours....i knew this how?...well, they admitted there was no note to call me back, so their mistake....

i could have waited til tomorrow but, but, i could go to the same tire place i went to friday to get the pressure checked!! now yes, i could have done that tomorrow too, and perhaps this is anxiety based, though it might be 'normal' to want to determine IF you have a tire leaking air so you can get it FIXED and not worry about it being a problem when going somewhere....i have read that the light might need reset and that's fine but i wanted a VALID READING before i reset the light...and when it comes to SOME things trying to determine if they're anxiety based---due to my PTSD---or 'normal' worries....sometimes i have no idea...does anyone know what 'normal' really is? if it's not outrageous, i'll file it under 'reasonably normal' anxiety and act accordingly, such as today....just go today, get the tire pressure checked, get pan's pills, be done with it!!

wanted to make dinner, it was 5, but nah, i'll go and eat when i get back....i had a tallmadge police officer behind me for a bit and i swear i have NOT gone that slow---the speed limit---in a long long time!! happy when he turned the other way....

go to the tire place first....well, gee, every tire was different....and really really overfilled....40# was too much---they should be 32#....but one was 50#....they said the pressure can increase 3-4 or so pounds when driving a distance and the roads/day is hot....today was pleasantly hot---baking quite nice out front today!....so with their DIGITAL reader, no dueling banjos, every tire was lowered to 36#....he thought the tires were fine and i'd probably have to have the light reset...yes, i have to go back....not tomorrow....hell no....fingers crossed, knocked on wood, and all that, i said saturday would work for me....i don't have anywhere to go until then, unless something happens and most certainly hope not! i can take a couple books back to the library....i have one read and will finish another probably tomorrow and i have a short one i should have done by saturday...i like to take back more than just 3 to the library, but hey, that will be my 'mission'...ones i'd like to get aren't available via ohio link--yet---though there's a couple i could get now in lieu of the ones i REALLY want and they wouldn't arrive til monday anyway....oooo maybe i can do that....yes, thinkering while i blog....yeah, i'll do that....plus i told a friend i'd get them a book from ohio link as it's in limited release and they can't get it around here....yep....plan....

anyway, get pan's pills....wait, how much were they? where the receipt...$16....no i didn't even look, just handed 'em a card....high maintenance bitch!

yard work tomorrow? 'twould be nice....especially if i do it in the morning, so i can answer the call of the street....must savor that while i can!

think i might get another layout for here....feel like a change....and since it came up twice with 2 different friends, i think i might reminisce sometime soon about a vacation i took....the location came up in conversation....sort of strange too, cuz it's not a real popular destination....THAT was fucking bliss laying on a beach for 5 hours a day watching surfers and listening to this skrew tape....yes, tape...way in the long ago before even cells phones---well non-brick cell phones....

evil eye does not compute....

waiting for bath water to cool off a bit....yes, that's weird....but um, that's par for my course....once i get dressed, off i go to the tire place and hope to fuck they have the same tire gauge! then yard work for a bit....lunch....maybe some more yard work and then street sitting! and since i have a 'plan' that means it more than likely will get blown to hell...."you get nothing done by planning" ~karl pilkington....

current ear worm...

pan's skin allergy is flaring up....sigh....she's on yeast pills...but she needs some pred now, cuz of course....she got her shots the beginning of the month....gotta keep her utd in case she grabs a trespassing critter in the yard....i'll call the vet and see if i just the rx without bringing her ass in since she was there a couple weeks ago....of course that'll entail a trip to the vet....maybe my tire situation will be sorted by then? nah, that sounds logical and that doesn't compute around here...


arty me
Miss Tia


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